Monday, November 1, 2010

Unborn Updates

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  1. LOL The Fetus arguments!

  2. Wow, April’s got quite the foul mouth for a fetus.

  3. @quest, she must have gotten it from her mother……

  4. That… just… hurt… my… brain.

  5. Oh no.

  6. Oh the language of youngsters today …..

  7. lol!

  8. This is actually creepier than people having sex dressed up as squirrels.

  9. whoa brad you just made my day :)
    I thought I would never hear anyone say that last comment.

    It makes me think of those crazy facebook apps that lets you know what the dead think of the living or some other likewise crap.

    I’m gonna make a app for “have a argument with your unborn child on facebook app”.

  10. Yeah, I’m sure Child Services will get right onto this one.

  11. Monique=OWNED

  12. And way to fail on blurring April’s picture Lamebook.

  13. facebook is hell and mark zuckenberg is the devil.

  14. @lexluther, they left it like that to show the sonogram of the baby, you dumbfuck.

  15. Matty is Wallace

  16. lather.rinse.repeat

    Is this the same baby that was swearing and yelling at their dad in a post a few weeks/ months ago? Meh. I can’t be bothered to look it up.

  17. Ooh, eeh, ooh ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang.


  18. and flip is dan fargis

  19. @14 you obviously failed to see the humor in lex’s comment Matty…

    I find this quite hilarious though, 4/5 on the fetus scale

  20. Matty is Wallace. And an asshole. And he doesn’t have a pool.

  21. The final comment is one of the greatest quotes I have ever read.

  22. Monique is such a fail, Matty/Wallace second behind her.

    I bet she trapped him.

  23. “You will be the best daughter if you are even mine…”

    So does April have multiple daddies friended on Facebook?

  24. I noticed that too Mitch, each “daddy” gets blocked until only one remains. After DNA testing of course.

  25. Why are we still letting moronic 15 year olds make babies?? What a bunch of cum tards!

  26. @mitcho8o
    No, he’s saying that if she’s his daughter, which is apparently in doubt because the mom is probably a whore as well as a bitch, she will no doubt be a shining example of love and admiration, a role model for all her friends, and damn good in the sack.

    ….OK he probably wouldn’t include the last part (hopefully), but whatever. You get the point. Monique is probably trying to trap him with a child.

  27. I’m pretty wary about comments like that…I think a lot of times the guy just doesn’t want to own up to being the father so they make a bunch of accusations that aren’t true.

    On the other hand…Brad sounds fairly rational. So this could be the exception.

    I’m curious as to why he accepted the friend request from his unborn daughter though since he’s obviously against it.

  28. Damn…Brad just got told by a fetus!

  29. I think everyone is missing the point here….

    The point is that she is a CRAZY ASS BITCH…WTF.
    She even speaks for the unborn baby as it is the baby’s own opinion. darn it I don’t care why the father joined the page (if he is the father) I only care about why this crazy woman (no offence to woman) is having a baby. jeez.

  30. Dont forget though that Brad started off by talking to the unborn baby’s facebook. His last comment makes up for it though.

  31. Too many thoughs there though ;)

  32. Umm, from my understanding, he does believe there is a possibility that the child is his, and he would love her, but she is a dirty trollop and just wants to argue via the fetus’ FB page? Am I right?

    Oh, and his last comment made my day.

  33. Lex, if I had a daughter I would damn well hope she’d be good in bed. Who wants a daughter who doesn’t know how to enjoy herself and be enjoyed?
    My wife says I’d make a terrible father.
    Slippy, I imagine he friended the fetus just to post that stuff. And given that the mother is obvious a complete nutcase, I wouldn’t be surprised if the kid wasn’t his. On the other hand I’m a bit surprised that she could get laid in the first place.

  34. I think Brad friended her because he can’t friend Monique, and maybe Monique doesn’t answer his phone calls etc.

    Yes, of course a father wishes his daughter will be good in bed, just like
    mad2physicist said.

  35. I can’t believe she argued back as the fetus. Jesus Christ.

  36. Thank you Brad for calling that bitch a psycho. People really need to stop with this Fetusbook shit.

  37. I don’t think calling people psychos will stop it..

  38. You’re right. Euthanasia is the only way.

  39. I bet that April’s Mum will give her Munchausen by Proxy for her 1st Birthday present.

  40. ^love.

    and I meant that in a “let’s not be creepy fathers” kind of way.

    @nuff #24
    You just figured out the next big reality show

  41. Way to go Brad! If she is yours, let’s pray that one day you get custody because that Monique is a crazy ass cunt! :/

    I….just don’t really know what else to think about this besides “insane,” but lamby’s and blonde’s comments work well for me.

  42. What exactly is Brad supposed to own up to at this point? The baby isn’t born yet. What is there to take responsibility for? Attending lamaze classes? Bringing Monique a bowl of watermelon and ketchup at 3 am? Posing for one of those obnoxious pregnant belly exploitation photos?

  43. When my girlfriend was preggers I used to chat to my unborn baby to stimulate it’s cognitive growth.

    To aid this I used to stick a loud hailer up her gaping meat locker, so ‘little un’ could hear me better.

  44. All I know is that kid has a foul mouth and as soon as she is born, should have a bar of soap stuck in it.

  45. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I’m on Brad’s side, but he still made friends with that foetus. And he still jumped Monique’s bones, so he’s not exactly blameless!

  46. Ethnic cleansing for the Moniques of this world sounds good to me.

  47. and by that I don’t mean pregnant women.

  48. Although, I kinda agree with April (a bit). If he created the goddamn child why can’t he take responsibility for it? Or why did he even fuck that mother up?

  49. maybe the crazy lady kept her crazy in check, until after they’d already done the deed, then it all came spilling out, and now that she’s pregnant and hormonal it’s unstoppable. it is possible brad didn’t know about the crazy until it was too late.

    what i’m concerned about is this crazy lady’s crazy friends who don’t seem to think an unborn baby on facebook is weird in the slightest.

  50. i agree with Rodo… poor little baby. -_-

  51. brad probably added the baby page as a friend for the sole purpose of speaking his mind. like shunsplints said, psycho bitch probably kept her psycho in check while she lured him in, then out of nothing, maybe even before she found out she was pregnant, she unleashed it. scary! at least as scary is the fact that this bitch has friends psycho enough to play along with this! and who says that a baby wants to party? wtf, booze or dxm in the baby bottle/sippy cup? i hope brad gets sole custody of this child so she will have a chance at a normal life.

  52. lol @ “the fetus arguements” comment

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