Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday TypOHs!








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  1. first

  2. Gotta luv Toosdays

  3. It’s posts like these that make the Grammar Nazi in me sing.

  4. I iz not shur wat’s rong wit deez?

  5. So many jokes floating around this little cranium! Argh! I have to wait until tomorrow i guess when i have a little more focus.

    Before I go, just to answer the thought bubbles question, PUT THOSE PERFECT BLOWJOB LIPS TO GOOD USE!!! TWO DOLLAR SUCKY SUCKY?

  6. ♫♫la la diiiiii laadiii dahhhhh♫♫

    that’s my grammar nazi song

    I have to go to bed. Must. Sleep. Must. Resist. Urges…

  7. hitmewithyourrhythmvic


    Doug’s pretty funny.

    Allison’s pretty freaky. Raping presents, I ask you. I hope it was a dildo in a gift bag.

  8. I have never understood why people don’t just look up a word they’re having trouble with. I mean, usually if you type in the first few letters in Google the word will appear. It takes an extra 5 seconds. Another option is to learn the English language while in school.

  9. Doug i don’t think it’s facebook lol

  10. I’m just a present cuddler.

  11. Please make the stupid go away…

  12. Kids who think “badly failing” at school is funny make me angry and sad at the same time. We need to invent time travel so their future selves (the ones living in the trailer park with 4 kids, working two dead-end minimum wage jobs just to pay the rent) can come back and kick their stupid asses and tell them to stop treating school like it’s some kind of joke.

  13. Lmao @ Lamar!

  14. If only Allison yelled surprise first… It’s not rape if you yell surprise, it’s “Surprise sex”!

  15. My daughter spells better than these people and she’s five. How can people not care if their grammar and spelling is all fucked up? They look like complete morons. A couple of typos is understandable, but when you can’t even express yourself coherently, and totally butcher the English language…..shudder.
    Yes, I know that last sentence was technically grammatically incorrect….but, when in Rome….

  16. I are donut get y me need to spel wirds.. me speek smart in reel lyfe. At leest me popular at frat partee. Me reed at fif grade leval

  17. this is what jayrawz is doing lol http://i50.tinypic.com/1i2694.jpg

  18. i applaud the morons who get featured on lamebook.. it’s always good to know there will be someone working the night shift at white castle ready to serve me when i get the midnight munchies.

  19. @ Lorne… Dude.. Thats plaigirism… Grow up..

  20. LOL lorne!.. totally

  21. I love laughing at people who can’t spell, but then I realise they can’t spell because they are poor and their parents don’t care about their education.

    Then I feel a little bit bad for them …but then I look at that photo of that twat who wants to achive (sic) greatness and I start laughing again. Then a lovely feeling of superiority washes over me and I am suddenly much happier about my life sat in endless rounds of meetings discussing the inane.

    God I love this site.

  22. Hahaha… Lamar can’t spell “archive”.

  23. LMFAO pnkntndr! I have lots of feminazi friends who’ll go ballistic if I post that on FB! Should I?

  24. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ snip – hehehehehehe! :-)

  25. I love watching Jepardy while I’m raping my gifts.

    Doug’s update is hilarious. And sad.

  26. @12 (sensible madness)

    know wotcha mean there, but unfortunately, the sad truth is that these morons will prolly go on to do well in life, either by marrying a rich idiot, or making loadsa cash outta porn, big fuckin brother, or professional crime.

    i was always under the impression that good language skills were pretty essential, but judging by the appalling grammar and spelling seen in all walks of life, from shop notice boards to actual published works, it seems that my attention in school was diverted to the wrong places (ie in actually academia)

    and yes, all you pedantic fuckers out there – i can’t usually be bothered with capital leters in discussion boards like this. eat me..

  27. Somehow, a lime green t-shirt and “greatness” just doesn’t mix.

  28. Anyone else notice that the thought bubble in Lamar’s photo appears to be coming from a box, presumably takeout of some sort, on the table behind him?

  29. lostintranslation – It certainly makes more sense that the box rather than Lamar is wondering about ‘achiving’ greatness, doesn’t it?

  30. @Julie- … are you sure?

    @Allison- Wow… paper cuts in that region would totally suck…

    @Hanna- You HAVE to be blonde.

  31. Seebea,

    Wow, you post here a lot but I never realized you were one of those “first” retards. Thanks for letting us know about your deficiencies in being an intelligent human being. It takes a lot of courage and I admire that.

  32. The thing that bugs me the most in the last one is “act test”. Why my brain picked that one out to annoy me the most, I don’t know.

  33. u can achieve greatness by not getting featured on lamebook… for starts…

  34. Is that black guy thinking with his neck?

  35. @lostintranslation: perhaps we’ve all been concentrating on the wrong missing letter. Maybe the box is actually the one thinking that, and he’s actually trying to say “How do I archive greatness?”

    After all, what is a box for if not to store stuff? Perhaps the box believes itself inadequate to the task of storing (archiving) the brilliant works that will be produced by his owner, the gentleman in the foreground. Truly, the secret lives of boxes are richer than we ever suspected.

  36. damn sexy presents looking all rapie!

  37. @Sensible Madness
    I’m pretty sure that’s a napkin holder in Lamar’s picture, not a box.

    Also, Veronice FTW. But you have to love how Hanna knew she’d get shit for her post.

  38. *Veronica

  39. the “bord of dirrecters pressedent” need’nt bothered making up a test for our girl Hanna….I can cleary see what a moron she is without it.

    And Dougs status update….that was just priceless!

  40. Schitzofrantic (Shit So Frantic)- When a person has to take a major dump but is stuck in traffic, in line, or in an otherwise toilet-free environment. They are forced to clench their asscheeks together with as much force as they can muster while simultaneously dancing around like a fairy. In some cases, seepage may occur.

    On another note, Lamar is in a McDonalds, making it that much funnier. Also, where do I apply for the job of School Board of Directors President (and what exactly do I do)?

  41. 40: I never had the privilege of eating at such a homely McDonalds hovel before, with a fridge and a bicycle to look at.

  42. @Sensible Madness: There is a word for being sad and angry. It’s sangry!

    Allison: Can I be a present of yours to rape?

  43. WEll, Lamar, I just want to say that McDonald’s is BRAIN FOOD.

  44. Cox, well then I guess you haven’t lived. I’ve seen people bring their bikes into Mcdonald’s (they don’t last long on the street out there in the ghetto), and the chairs looked the same. I was mostly going off the cups on the table. I didn’t even know it was a fridge, just looked like the crappy McDonalds wallpaper. Good job EagleEye! Guess I better call my optometrist tomorrow and get these contacts changed. :P

  45. McDonalds is brian food? Hmm i am a little hungry. *goes offline*

  46. ^45 Meta-lame.

  47. Did somebody say gift rape ?! :D

  48. I’m badly failin at being comprehensible

  49. @46 bribribeerat: At least I am trying to contribute to the discussion with something remotely comical. What are you doing exactly??

  50. How big is a meta??

  51. Doug FTW.

  52. Those poor gifts. I’m sure there’s a helpline for Alison and her unnatural urges

  53. SeeBea,
    You have disappointed me. After all of our (our meaning you, myself, Svetlana, psycho ed etc) shenanigans last night with our little tadpole lorne, you reveal your secret identity to be one of a fool. I have to agree with Hurting on this one, you really let your immaturity and lack of sensibilities shine through and let your inner ‘FIRST!’ retard out.

    sigh, a little bit of respect for you died right here today

  54. You know, the more often I see these collections of horrible spelling (if you could even call it an attempt that is), the more I believe in the “conspiracy theories” that the fluoride in the water is dumbing us all down.

  55. I think that it’s sad that some people today can actually believe that speaking as though they have “twit-shortened” everything they say is an acceptable form of communication.

    If they ever read anything aloud without transliterating it, I believe that they’re heads would explode from the sheer insanity of the thing. Either that or they could stand next to the car window and take your order at McDonald’s without you knowing that they weren’t coming through the speaker.

  56. We need a ‘First!’ rehab page for those commenters who like to be first all of the time! Visit, type first and post, refresh page and repeat step two. Get it out of their systems.

  57. @Insane
    Honest, I will never ever do it again. Though I do think it’s kind of funny.

  58. It is a little known fact that Shakespeare, Tolstoy, JFK and Mother Theresa all found their inspiration while taking pictures of themselves and eating McDonalds.

  59. Lamar is Lamer.

  60. @SeeBea: It is kind of funny. I also thought that for those who sit in front of their computers hitting refresh in their internet browser every minute, waiting for that chance to get that sweet first post, I thought a ‘first rehab page’ would help them to get it out of their systems. I have seen you do the first comment once, so I wouldn’t say the rehab page would be compulsory for you.

  61. I just finished my raping gifts as well, I see them as a positive for the girls I meet.

    So yeah you got raped but here is bracelet…

  62. Adele just failed at owning Eryn. Lol

  63. i think Hanna didnt graduate high school and is bitter, doug’s post is actually kind of cute in an awkward way, and i want to be on the Adele side of a lamebook joke :p

  64. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Adele and Veronica pretty much summer it all up

  65. @FlapjacksAreAmazing:
    They are destined to achive greatness

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