Monday, June 28, 2010


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  1. Ha!~ Yeah Real mature coming from the Xbox Live. lol

  2. Careful, Dusty, they say these things come in groups of three.

  3. Coming from a xbox addict who is mega excited for the new console… I don’t really see anything wrong with any of these.

  4. OMG OMG! I had no idea there was an Xbox slim coming?!

    That first one belongs on STFU Parents. Why do they always have to make everything about kids? Let the dude be excited about the damn Xbox Jeez.

  5. krasivaya_devushka

    I looooved seeing my boyfriend’s reaction when his Xbox 360 died not too long ago! :D

  6. omg… how cruel can you be Krasivaya….

  7. Personally, I would wait to see if the new ones have a host of issues like the older ones do, before buying one. I already had one RROD on me, and my newer one had the HDD die over the weekend. Yay Microsoft.

  8. I don’t see the problem with the first one either. 26 days till his baby, then four days later he gets his Xbox slim… then four days later he can move on to a THIRD fad.

    Jokes I failed to include in this comment:
    …summat about an Xbox being for life not just for Christmas?
    He’s gonna have a baby and the other fella’s nan died. Some shit like the Red…Circle of… Life? Fuck it, I don’t know. Don’t look at me, I’m hideous.

  9. Red Ring of Life? That sounds less shit.

  10. Or something a crap Doctor Who villain might create to destroy the world.

    Back to the post?

  11. First his grandma and then his xBox? God must hate that kid.

  12. he’s had eight months to be excited for his baby, he can be excited for xbox now :]

  13. lol Dusty…

  14. lol @ hobo!

    i have nothing against computer games, but can’t help having a certain amount of disdain for whom it constitutes 50% of their waking lives. i suspect this pertains to all three of our posters, therefore in my opinion very lame.

    anyway, i think everything went downhill after katamari damacy…

  15. for people for whom* for which the one what did the thing which what i was talking about.

    hobo, you’re beautiful. not on the inside though.

  16. i do like it that the lamebook guys have referenced a fantastic ishiguro book with this post, though. whether purposely or accidentally.

  17. @alordslums: Katamari Damacy is awesome.

  18. XBox slim out in 30 days? Guess that gives me 30 days to start giving a rat’s ass. Or not…

  19. video games are fun

  20. so is swimming with dolphins. and playing with your genitalia.

  21. @alordslums
    - I’m excited for the new xbox slim coming out.
    - If I didn’t already have my laptop on my knee when I play xbox I would probably have made a couple of status updates on fb via my xbox.
    - And my xbox dying does make my week pretty shitty. (I don’t think it’s on a par with a family member dying though)

    However – I don’t spend 50% of my time on the xbox… probably more like a couple of hours every week. So I don’t think we can judge quite how lame these lamebook posts are :(

  22. i just had to say that… those obsessed with the xbox thing is obviously not getting enough sex in their life… that is all.

  23. @alordslums

    i dunno about swimming with dolphins specifically, but the other activity you mentioned is also fun
    i hear if you catch dolphins at the right time of the year, you can play with theirs

  24. @Pouty_Lips

    that’s the way i feel about those obsessed with cat macros

  25. Frankenstein Girl

    Lmao I love you, Hobs.

  26. PS3 is better… Dun dun dunnnnnn…..

  27. @Shipoopi

    and you don’t feel that way about those obsessed with their video came consoles? hmmmmm

  28. Hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha, he thinks he’s going to play with an XBox right after his baby is born! Yeah, right.

  29. @ravendawn

    why not? he has a wife, right?

  30. So … how does Walter do that. Just testing.

  31. fgbv

  32. Okay. And how to turn it off?

  33. test

  34. Off

  35. off?

  36. off?

  37. off

  38. maybe

  39. no

  40. argh

  41. try again

  42. result?

  43. df

  44. what about it

  45. b/>desperate

  46. nog niets? nee

  47. en dit?

  48. gg jjj

  49. test 123

  50. en nu?

  51. wat zou er nu gebeurenik heb geen idee

  52. nee?

  53. alleen erger

  54. strike through?

  55. jhh

  56. Now I’M the last comment. HAHAHAHAH!! Like crack? Try MY rock! I mean, try my crack.

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