Friday, January 7, 2011

Say “Uncle!”

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  1. Ummm…there are no words…

  2. Can’t see file… is it from YouTube??

  3. holy shit.

  4. I know a lot of little punks who need a good ass whipping like that!

  5. What. The. Fuck?

  6. belle, try:

  7. I don’t even know anymore…

  8. I’m assuming the teen was out playing gangster the night before, most likely on face book. Uncle caught him and set him straight, good for the uncle. If that kid got caught up in gangs the least of his worries would be his uncle kicking his ass for the internet to see.

  9. Wow, I’m near speechless!

  10. Only encourages the kid to join a gang to find a supportive family and become the one doing the beatings.

  11. Wow… just wow.

    That’s the way my parents (both of them) would have done to me if I had have pulled shit like that. Bravo for that uncle, and I wish every kid had a parental figure like that.

    Oh, yeah, I joined just to comment on this.

  12. Fucken hell….I would go out and join a gang just so I could get a gun, go home and shoot that motherfucker!!!


  14. +100 for the uncle.

  15. wilsonson – if you pay attention to the video, that kid respects (and fears) his uncle. Unc was doing it right, setting him straight. I took a few good beatings for being a shit when I was a teenager. More kids these days should.

  16. You’re showing a great example for him. Pull your fucking pants up. And how about grounding the kid or deleting his facebook account instead of kicking his ass? If my brother laid a hand on my son, I’d use the video to throw his ass in jail.

  17. @Spanka

    That mentality and thought process is exactly what is wrong with young people today…That kid is lucky he has parents or relatives who give a shit about what he does. Some people aren’t so fortunate.

  18. What language is that, anybody?

  19. Some of you guys think belting this kid is the way to set his ass straight? Sorry, but using violent measures to prevent other potential violence/bad behaviour ain’t the answer. It’d more likely encourage it. I’m not sure what it would take in this instance, but surely not this. Shameful. But hey, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

  20. I’m going to have to agree with word on this one… there are alot of ways to discipline your kids… publicly beating them is probably not the best choice.. You hurt and embarrass teenagers enough and they’ll usually retaliate irrationally. Let’s just hope that for his uncles sake he doesn’t feel so wronged that he does join a gang, or shoot up a school.. yikes… take away his computer and give him a curfew or something..

  21. Wordpervert, will you marry me?

  22. Anders, like I said to mass on the previous post, marriage causes libido to drop, so it’s not a great idea. Living in sin, however…

  23. @asdf2011- How many people do you know that say ‘my parents loved my therefore they beat the shit out of me with a belt or what ever else was handy, then furthered my humiliation by posting it on the internet’. Maybe my parents taught me to stand tall and not let anyone use or bully me (all the time NOT hitting me with a belt).


  25. i was not expecting this

  26. Anders – back off.

  27. The “to beat the shit out of your kids or not to beat the shit out of your kids” great debate has begun! Ding ding ding, FIGHT!

  28. I vehemently oppose the death penalty, too, but I’m very pro-choice. Let’s really get things going in here, haha…

  29. @Spanka Since when is getting some smacks from a belt “beating the shit out of”? Everyone these days is babied to the extreme. I have met more assholes out there that were never disciplined than I have that were. Sometimes kids need to be set straight. Sorry if you think a belt is going to emotionally bruise his sensitive little heart. If your kid is out trying to “rep” a gang, then there isn’t anything but an ignorant fool in there. If you can’t tell you can see that this kid respects his uncle and doesn’t want to cross him again. lol Although the uncle needs to pull his pants up and work on his pronunciations.

  30. omg this is hilarious beyond words

  31. bollywood_rocks83

    I think I’m on the fence about this. I grew up like this kid. I was born mid 80s,so no mouthing off about a different time or whatever. This was the norm for me. Lose a book at school? get whipped. Be found with a boy on the streets that your parents don’t know by sight? This in the video is not “kicking his ass” trust me. Try being kicked out of the house and told not to come back home until you found a book you misplaced at school.

    So for all the people bitching about this being violent, this would be heaven for me growing up. It only got worse once I went to boarding school. Whipped for missing mass on a weekday, washing all the dishes used by 15000 students if it was on a Sunday/I missed morning bell. It’s a way of life for some people.

    I don’t think I’ll lay a hand on my kids,but at the same time that whole “curfew/ground them” shit DOES NOT WORK. If it did,my cousins wouldn’t be such fucking screw ups who expect i-phones at the age of 9 and 12 and who won’t do chores unless they were paid for it. Might explain why some kids are horrible human beings who think this is child abuse.

  32. Hope you found your book … wow.

  33. It’s illegal to hit minors in the country I live in, especially with a weapon. None my friends or myself were ever beaten, neither did we ever pretend to be in a gang or anything similar. Maybe the kids desire to look dangerous comes from being raised in a violent environment.

  34. There are many ways to harm a child other than physically, but generally, violence begets more violence. Fact. Also, that belting was a bit more than just “getting some smacks”. Please.

    bollywood, sorry about your experience.

  35. Got me, word..

  36. @nena- Have you seen the video above? That is way more than just a some smacks! Anything more than 3 smacks is abuse.

  37. dude. the kid looks 16 and is wearing clothes. i will almost guarantee that he is not getting hurt one bit. mow if it were a ten year old or a girl, i could understand, but come on, hes not getting hurt. or he would be showing it. mainly its just hurting his pride, which is ok every once in a while

  38. I would like to start this by saying that I am totally against corporal punishment. I have been whipped to the point where I had open sores on my arms and could barely walk straight from listening to non-Christian music so I know the damage these that can be done from discipline.

    This, however, is not the same thing. His uncle isn’t beating him near senseless. His uncle is embarrassing him in two ways: letting his friends know he’s not too old to be spanked and making him post it on FB. It looks like something that rarely happens and is most likely enough to keep him from doing it again. The only thing wounded is this kid’s ego.

    Don’t get me wrong. I, myself, will not discipline my kids in this way because I don’t believe in it but what this guy has done isn’t terrible.

  39. The uncle wouldn’t need to pull his pants up if he was using his belt for its intended purpose.

  40. @happyunicornjoy

    i totally agree with you and im sorry for your experience :(

  41. I was disciplined as a kid and honestly, the older I got, the more I see that it was the most effective form of discipline for the age. I shaped up to be a decent kid, and if this kid was running around doing stupid shit, and the uncle had to step in, well I say way to go uncle. Family should be there to kick your shit when it’s necessary.

  42. @candidcamera

    Eh. It’s okay, really. I’ve moved past it and this kid will, too. I would rather see him disciplined by his uncle than become a statistic.

  43. Ida whooped that fat uncle’s ass and shoved that belt right down his throat!!

  44. @41 … yeah but did anyone capture it on video?


  45. I saw this posted by several different people on my face book. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. It makes me sick and brings back scary memories of my own. Discipline is discipline, I used to believe a ‘few smacks’ never hurt anyone…and now I believe that thought process is totally insane. I don’t like kids but if i ever have any I would never beat them. And I certainly wouldn’t publish that on the internet. That uncle deserves to be in jail, and he probably will be since this has gone viral and someone will report his ass to social services.

    I will leave you with this thought…some of the best children and young adults I know, and some of my own peers too were never hurt as a child. It is not necessary to hurt and humiliate to make a child obey, there are better and more effective ways.

  46. idk you guys every person’s experience is different. grounding me didn’t work after a while because i was a little shit. i was hit with a belt when i did something stupid and i turned out well. my mom and i have a very good relationship. i never looked at it as abuse either.

  47. ps i agree with happyunicornjoy

  48. Holy fuck ……. pull your jeans up dude.

  49. @word (no bold this time!) I’m with you on this one. Violence leads to violence. How on earth can you teach someone not to be in a gang and be violent by being violent with them? I do have to agree with candid though that thankfully this young fella wasn’t physically hurt really … just his pride.

  50. curly, it looked like it would’ve hurt from where I’m sitting, but as always, people will see the exact same thing differently. It’s what makes life interesting.

  51. wordpervert, you’re name doesn’t happen to be Daniel, does it?

  52. I hate to, but I gotta get in on this. I know what physical abuse is and what discipline is and the line between the two isn’t very fine. I was abused physically(not sexually,but my sister was). That abuse was well beyond what most people can fathom. Violence does lead to violence. However so does a lack of known boundaries, and not knowing the results of your actions. If a person doesn’t know what pain is they have no concerns on afflicting it on others. If it is only shown to you out of hate or indifference you have no concern of inflicting it on others. If a moderate amount is shown to you out of love(teaching you that violence has effects). It will lead to understanding not violence.

    I agree the uncle went a little overboard, but he did it to teach and protect his nephew, and I see nothing wrong with that.

  53. Ok so I was about to be smart and write how if I could handle that, and enjoy it, then that boy could. But now I wont.

  54. A little light (consensual) slapping in the heat of a sexual encounter is an entirely different animal, curly, haha. Grrr…

  55. Ooohhh grrrr yourself word ;)

  56. I’m with you on that one word. there are people who do a lot worse to each other than the vid for the same purpose.

  57. I’m actually really disturbed by that, it’s not even funny :/
    I’ve never complained about lamebook before but I realllyyyyyyy didn’t like this one.

  58. I first saw this video yesterday, and I love it. Discipline and abuse are two different things. This is discipline. More than likely, this kid probably hasn’t been whipped in a long time, if ever. It was a few strikes to his ass and the kid was fully clothed and, physically, he’s developed enough to take it. This was more about bruising his ego and putting him in line than hurting him physically.

    I don’t necessarily agree with physical punishment, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Most kids are out of control these days and they pretty much own their own parents…I wish we had more people like this who won’t just let kids do whatever they want without consequence. For all of you saying this was excessive, please offer a better alternative that will give a similar result? And don’t say time outs/grounding, because that shit doesn’t work and it never has.

    P.S. His pants are probably so low because he took his belt off to whip his nephew…duh.

  59. Sorry nsucking but if my brother or my husband’s brothers ever decided to take it upon himself to “whip” my child, there’d be hell to pay.

  60. has this site turned into an abuse victims support group? if you feel the need to go on lamebook and complain about how your daddy hit you then you probably deserved it, you attention-seeking crybabies. also, big thumbs down for those of you trying to make
    a moral issue out of corporal punishment. it’s gay and sexy, a bit like christmas, pedicures and barbra streisand.

    as for the video, i think it’s really hot. seriously though, black people – what are they like, eh?

  61. Even if the belting didn’t hurt the kid, humiliating a loved one in such a public way is very cruel and unusual. I dislike that aspect of it even more than the belting. Some of you agree what has been done to this kid is an effective form of discipline – I don’t.

    vincent, pedicures are not gay.

  62. … but they are sexy.

  63. i bet you ten dorothy dollars that the kid in the video ends up batting for the home team. that is exactly the kind of sexy gay-making experience that every young man should have at some stage in his life.

    wordpervert, pedicures are as gay as christmas. trust me on this one.

  64. Get real, all you liberal, child-centered, Freud/Jung followers.

    The reason kids today have zero respect for anyone in authority, incuding police, teachers, employers, AND their parents, is because you idiots talk to your children like you’re talking to your boss. They need discipline, structure, and guidance – not pleading, begging, and politeness! I’m not saying beat them on a daily basis, but children have to learn respect from somewhere!

    I run a retail store, and I have thrown kids (and their parents) out for not respecting either me, my staff, my product, or other customers. Every time, the parents coddled their kids on the way out the door. If the parents would instill a sense of discpline from the beginning, they wouldn’t need a good kick in the ass by the time they’re 10.

    I weep for the future, I really do.

  65. Bravo Oopik. Bravo.

  66. I can’t believe all the comments on this one.

    Beating your kids to teach them a lesson is an issue on it’s own, but I don’t see how publicly humiliating your kid on the internet FOR LIFE is moral or proper on any level.

    No, I’m not a liberal… Just a guy with common sense.

  67. candidcamera… You look like a 12 year old chick that likes to act big on man talk. I’m sure you’ve never been smacked anywhere near as hard as that, it definitely hurt.

    Also, talking about it being necessary to hurt someone’s pride every once in a while (complete BS btw), way to do one on yourself and link your name to “love the way you lie” Rihanna. Lame.

  68. @bollywood_rocks83

    I’m sorry about your experience. However I would like to point out that the whole “grounding/curfew” thing has worked great with my son, starting with time-outs from the beginning!

  69. @dtronol how old is your son? If he hasn’t hit his adolescent years then hold off on that argument and get back to me.

    Yes, kids who are excessively beaten are gonna be prone to violence, and I agree that excessive force is wrong and ineffective. It’s about doing it JUST enough and in a way that instills that mindset in a kid that, as a parent, you’re not one to be messed with, and you’re the one in charge. The problem with most households these days is the parents worship their kids way too much and let them run the house, and then kids go out thinking the world is theirs for the taking……..and then we get shows like Jersey Shore….’nuff said.

  70. Wow. This was over the top, I agree gangbanging is like so 1999 BUT to beat the boy with a belt and post it on facebook??? How IGNROANT is he? Now the boy will surely go out and do somethign out of anger or just to prove himself to other ppl…. BLACK PPL (im biracial so i can say this) GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!! there are more logical and acceptable ways to get through to your kids especially teenagers.. smh. im so embarassed and disgusted.

  71. im not saying a little pop or smack here and there doesnt work.. because i know it helped me stay on track but that was jsut over the top and publicly humiliating someone will scar him far worse mentally.

  72. what???????? what the hell just happened there?

  73. I wonder why he wants to join a gang. I’m sure he gets enough family and support at home…

  74. Yeah, being an apologist for such kind of “discipline” is probably a psychologically easier way of saying, “God I love beating the shit out of my children/pets/anything weaker than me to feel better.”

    Instead of hurting your children because it feels good, maybe one has to use ones’ brain and do things that actually make sense to the child (which does not mean never punishing them).

    If you beat someone, oopik or whomever, and the child is smart enough to know you’re not in the right or behaving correctly yourself, you are indeed teaching a lesson to your kids, but absolutely NOT the lesson you think you’re teaching. I’m sure, however, that you don’t care, because this involves words and thoughts, and not objects that are blunt or cause lacerations, which for you must be so much easier to comprehend.

  75. I think most of the people saying “it’s the only way the kid will understand and behave himself” confuse discipline with fear…

  76. To all those crying because it is his uncle discpilining him instead of his Dad, did you ever think his Dad might not be around and this is his male role model. Whether you agree with his disciplinary skills or not at least he is doing somehting. (and no this is not considered beating the shit out of…it is a plain ol whoopin’) I hope he learns his lesson and stays the hell away from gangs!

  77. whoopin’, shit-beating, whatever…

    Abuse is abuse, physical or emotional or mental.

    ‘At least he is doing something’?

    I think you should rethink what you’re endorsing with that statement.

    That man is doing something to that kid. He’s hitting him with a belt and showcasing humilation on the internet. Maybe the kid has learned that it will only be in a gang where he will find kinship and respect and love. At the very least, the uncle is reinforcing his own image as someone not worthy of admiration or emulation. That uncle is indeed ‘doing something’.

  78. Ehhh. I think discipline should be suited to the child. Some children you might not be able to “spare the rod” on. NOW… it should be controlled, it should not be excessive, it should not be done without a full explanation, a heart to heart afterward and a talk about what better choices could be made. It should also be thought out, not an impulse reaction because you’re angry. If parents would stop and think, they’d probably be able to find different approaches many times and stop the bad behavior before it got out of hand. That being said, I pray that I never have to spank my children. With my toddler, so far the best reaction when he is showing his age is to pull him close, kneel down to his level, wrap my arms around him, kiss the top of his head, and quietly (so that he has to stop and listen)tell him that I love him and I really need him listen and stop doing whatever it is that is the issue at the time. It’s never not worked. My heart would break if I ever got to the point when he was a teenager that things were so severe that a whipping and video documentation seemed like the winning solution. Not that my approach would be the same for a teenager, but I would hope to be able to pull them aside and find a more loving approach.

  79. You should hit your children who are much smaller and completely defenseless against a full-grown adult. If they continue to misbehave, try hitting them harder. This is called good parenting.

  80. So, moral of all of this, no beatings, no embarrassing…sooo, am I at all allowed to choose how I will discipline my kids or are all of you going to band together and tell me “BEAT THEM!!!!” “WAIT NO!! DON’T BEAT THEM!!!” “Fuck you for embarrassing your kid!”. Thanks for the parenting tips lame book, but uh, if embarrassing the hell out of your kid is soooo terrible my kids are fucked. And as for slapping them to teach them a lesson, I’ll judge it based on the situation. Judge me. Do it.

  81. I find this punishment completely appropriate. Clearly, this nephew posted on his facebook about ‘killings and gang s^&$’, and the uncle is trying to teach him about the consequences of presenting himself online in this way and lying about his activities to look like a gangster. The punishment definitely fits the crime – you brag about false exploits like killings (how horrible to even pretend that you would do that) and other criminal activity to make yourself look cool online, and the truth will come back and slap you in the ass.

    That kid is lucky.

  82. Why is this on here? I was expecting a funny video and instead got to watch a teenager being physically abused. I hope he doesn’t have to live with his uncle. You can see the fear on his face. Domestic violence isn’t funny. I think this should be removed and that man should be reported.

  83. Pep, Padme, hemperor…

    Weak-hearted people like you is what make life in this world worse than it actually is. ONE THING is physical abuse, OTOH, this is not exactly an intended way of physical abuse as so many people said over and over again.

    Pep, stop trying to be a pollitically correct smart-ass, that makes you look like an idiot. Anger is usually NOT rational and many times anger does not relate with loving to beat someone, love and hate can be many times more rational, than anger. Generally physical and sexual abusers tend to be more cold-minded and have more rationale in their intentions, wont make too much noise, just go there and abuse whenever they wish with no apparent reason.

    Hemperor, you’re just a freakin whimp, grow up. Discipline is discipline, remember that many child really comprehend when beating is discipline and when beating is abuse, and I agree totally that this uncle went a little too far with anger, but with a very good reason.

    Padme, please don’t think about that… you can always go away and ignore if you don’t like, that’s life, I’ve got smacked by my parents, but they are really supportive with me in my adulthood.

  84. I really did not like this post. I don’t find it funny, and, to be honest, I’m shocked that so many people think that violence really is the answer.

  85. i’ve got to agree with yonose here. all of you liberal, politically correct smart-asses are just whimps. like all of life’s pleasures, beating your kids can be harmful if taken to extremes. however, a dosage of say one ass-whupping a day can form an integral part of a healthy childhood. it’s a good way of showing your kids that you love them, not to mention the physical exercise involved. wholesome family fun, i say.

    i was lucky enough to benefit from regular thrashings throughout my childhood, and i’ve turned out just fine. as an openly gay man with an irrational fear of vaginas, i obviously don’t have any kids of my own. however, my 89 year old life partner and i are hoping to adopt an orphan from mozambiquistan, and i am currently practicing my whupping techniques on my friends’ offspring. i find that throwing a crying baby down the stairs is a particularly effective way of getting it to shut up.

  86. If parents were still allowed to dispense this kind of discipline, then kids wouldn’t be so fucking out of control as they are these days. I got belted across the arse with a belt or wooden spoon as a kid when I’d been especially naughty, but it didn’t scar me physically nor emotionally – what it did is teach me that there were consequences for my actions.

    And that’s the whole problem these days – kids aren’t made to realise the consequences of their actions. A time-out, detention or any other such ineffectual “punishment” is not a fucking consequence – all that does is tell the kid that they can do whatever they fucking want without the fear of any real repercussions. I have no doubt whatsoever that the sure and steady increase of violence and ill-behaviour in recent years can be substantially contributed to the lack of corporal punishment.

    So in summation: BRING BACK THE SMACK!!!

  87. To beat, or not to beat– that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous children nonviolently,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
    And, by the whooping, end them.

  88. I don’t agree with putting it on facebook, but I do agree that smacking a teenager’s or child’s behind is not beating. I used to get the belt when I was younger, and I never grew up to be violent because of it. When my parents got divorced and I became an adolescent my mother wouldn’t discipline us this way. I had curfews and got grounded. Did it work? nope not at all, not until I was put into placement did I straighten my sh*t up. My sister has NEVER hit her children and now one of them is 11 years old steals money from her, jumps out her window, runs away. She is currently grounded and couldn’t care less. She still acts like a little brat.

    So believe me, my son is only 2 right now, but when he gets older I will be smacking his butt. For right now it’s time-outs and he gets sent to his room.

    Although I wont post it on Facebook. I don’t need to publicly humiliate my child in order to get my point across.

  89. and those of you who are saying he is going to run and join a gang because of this, that’s is ridiculous. Look at the fear he has just for lying about gang activity, you think he is really gonna make it worse for himself?

  90. @pep

    I never HAD to beat my kids, that’s my point – they knew who the boss was in my house because I instilled a sense of respect in them from day one. They weren’t snotty, arrogant, foul-mouthed little brats, which is what I mostly see on a daily basis.

    And faye, kids SHOULD have a healthy fear of their parents when it comes to discipline; I know when I was a kid, that fear kept me away from trouble plenty…because I knew if I got caught doing some of the things other kids did – drugs, skipping school, breaking curfew – I would get my ass tanned, and rightfully so. There are lots of kids I went to school with, back at the nadir of the whole “child-centered” method of parenting, who could get away with anything without fear of consequences (“now Bobby, let’s sit down and discuss why that was wrong”…”Fuck you Mom!! Where’s my Goddamn dinner!”…”oh my, maybe we need to pay more attention to him…”).

    Quite a few of them finally received some discipline at last – from a judge and the prison system. Lots more continue to go on thinking the world should roll over for them, like their parents did, and everything they want should be handed to them on a plate – a bunch of spoiled adults who mostly sit on their asses on welfare.

    And kids today are a whole lot more spoiled than we were – can you imagine the adults they will turn into? The mind boggles.

  91. I’m not sure that the discipline in the video is abuse… – try getting kicked in the face and ending up in the emergency room with broken bones.. or being repetitively sexually assaulted by your perverted neighbor.. That’s the type of abuse that needs to be reported and stopped… This kid is not physically hurt, probably just embarrassed as hell.
    My dad used to pinch behind my arms and holy shit, if i saw that coming I knew to smarten the hell up. I don’t agree with posting it on the internet, but that’s just my personal opinion. I hope for the kids sake that this worked and that he doesn’t end up in a body bag, and if that takes a couple rounds with a belt, I’m sure that that’s better than a couple rounds from a handgun.

  92. Hey everyone! I’ve got sweet tits! :D

    Furthermore, with respect to this post, to each his own I guess. It’s hard for us to all speculate on the inner workings of this kid’s life based on 30 seconds of video. All I have to say though is, we all regularly visit a website focused around how stupid some people really are… I can honestly say that I doubt that half of the people who get outted on Lamebook have any sort of stability in their lives, or any sort of consequences to their actions. Maybe by smacking some sense into this kid, we’ve managed to avoid having someone else use the number 3 as the letter E, or tYpE lIkE tHiS, or rant on their FB profile about how many friends will kick so and so’s ass if they screw with them… just saying…

    Oh, and who cares if it’s the kid’s uncle doing the damage? The black community (and the spanish community) are often very close with their extended family – one’s aunt or uncle is respected just as much as one’s mum or dad – that’s just a cultural thing…

  93. First, has anyone stopped to think about the fact that his uncle disiplined him because his parents are not in the picture?
    Second, violence does not beget violence. This isn’t violence anyway, this is disipline. Violence would be this child bleeding and broken. He isn’t either. He’s more embarrassed than anything.
    I wasn’t abused as a child but you can bet that I had my butt spanked more than once and using a belt as well as a hand, on my bare butt I might add. I also got grounded and you can bet that the spankings did more to remind me not to break the rules again than any grounding ever did. I learned very quickly that when my parents told me not to do something , I darn well didn’t do it. I grew up perfectly fine. My parents both love me and I know it.
    Maybe if more bad assed kids got disiplined from family members who care about what happens to them then this society would not be as messed up as it is.

  94. Children learn their behaviors from their parents, role models, community, etc. and often imitate what they have observed growing up. It’s that fucking simple and I never claimed it was rational.

    yonose, I don’t care how rational you think any particular emotion is or what cold vs. warm-blooded abuse is, or whether you think bile or phlegm and the humors cause unhappiness in your magic fantasy land (seriously, what is you source for that drivel, Descartes?)

    I’d go on but just look just at this:
    “Generally physical and sexual abusers tend to be more cold-minded and have more rationale in their intentions, wont make too much noise, just go there and abuse whenever they wish with no apparent reason.”

    You just plain don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and are spouting incoherent gobbledigook. I’m not going to go into personal anecdotes about abuse because it is not public business and changes nothing, but it is obvious you have no experience with abuse yourself, yonose.

    I am saying that it is a fine line between “discipline” and abuse and an abuser will use every argument under the sun to not acknowledge his/her own abusiveness. For the same reasons that most people who break the law or do anything even they themselves would abstractly define as immoral do not get up in the morning and rub their own titties and say, “God, being immoral and hateful and monstrous feels SO GOOD.”

    Real life is not like that.

  95. Oh, and I don’t know what you mean by political correctness. Forgive me if my English is a bit stilted and I don’t know as much slang as yourself. Do I have to talk like I’m on cable TV to have street cred in your eyes?

  96. Hi jellica .. awesome to hear your comments!

  97. See…

  98. I’m not even going to touch the discipline argument on this one.

    My one thing is this: Why in the world is this up? It’s not funny, it’s not lame, it’s obviously a serious issue for a lot of people on and offline. I don’t understand Lamebook’s reasoning on this one…

  99. I’m against disciplining kids with violence for one reason: it turns them into liars. They’re not dumb, they learn very quickly that if they do something wrong, they should lie about it to avoid an ass-whooping. Every person I know that was disciplined like this as a kid is a shameless liar today.

    Feeling my father’s cold disappoint when I did something wrong worked fine for me. My own guilt would make me confess and accept my punishment. Today, I consider myself a much better person than pussy liars who can’t take responsibility for their shit.

  100. I’m not against physical discipline. People today confuse it with abuse. I think of abuse as a punishment that is undeserved and over the top. As well as a physical punishment made out of anger (taking your anger out on the kid). I myself was physically disciplined as a kid and it made me learn pretty quick the things I shouldn’t be doing. It’s called classical conditioning: if you don’t want to feel the pain, don’t do the act associated with pain. At that point I learned to respect my parents and their wishes. And now at the age of 22, I still obey my parents, no longer because of the “threat” of discipline, but because I truly respect their wishes. Grounding and time-outs only work if you’re consistent with them and as I’ve seen, most parents nowadays are too soft hearted to “punish” their children at all. Sometimes a few good spanks will do a kid wonders. Ever listened to Russell Peters’ argument? LOL

    And as for the kid in this video, all he got hurt was his pride =P

  101. @dasher

    as for the lying, a kid who is physically disciplined also learns that if they hide what they’ve done, the outcome is much worse than if they just own up to it in the first place

  102. This video is horrible, and the boy is clearly suffering.

    ‘I deserved the beating and it made me a better person- it was for my own good, by people/person who loves me’ is the classic abused person statement. It’s what many abused children, wives, husbands say. It’s a psychological reaction akin to Stockholm Syndrome. It’s untrustworthy testimony in favour of corporal punishment. And let’s face it, if the bible didn’t have the bit about the rod and the child, beating kids wouldn’t be as popular, would it?

    Violence works physically and mentally. A recent study I read suggests that there is a physical difference in the development of the brain in people who experience agression regularly during formative years- especially verbal agression. Something to do with the interaction between the two sides of the brain. I’d look it up and post it for all you keensters ‘cept my brain already hurts from drinking on codeine last night. Now that’ll really f you up, even more than the sight of a belt and your uncle’s muffintops comin at you.

    One more thing- people on here saying ‘Oh well, he won’t be gangbanging (love how Americans use that term- means something entirely different in the UK) because his uncle straightened him out so it’s good cos he won’t end up shot’. Isn’t that an argument against everyone having guns, rather than in favour of whoopin’s?

  103. ahahahahahaha no fucking way. lamebook you’ve been redeeming yourself lately, post more shit like this instead of stupid jokes.

  104. Really people if you are so small minded and unimaginative that you can’t think of any other punishment than “whooping his ass” then maybe I need to slap you around so you become better people. Oh wait that sounds stupid, huh?

  105. The comments on this post are very boring. Go start a blog or something… this is lamebook, it’s supposed to be funny, not miserable.

  106. Sometimes, arguing with strangers on the internet can be fun and funny.

    But seriously, all blogs are boring and miserable. Serious opinions are what newspapers are (were) for.

  107. This page:
    … is less annoying than the comments on this post.

  108. Most of you people have NO clue what your talking about. First off, you need to realize that all homes/families have different situations. Not all kids are the same, therefor not all “punishments” are going to create the same outcome. Maybe giving your child a good “talking to” or grounding them has worked for you (or you just think that because your too blind to see what your child is doing/acting when your not around), but for a lot of kids they mean shit. If getting to, say, sneak out to go to a party and drink and do whatever means that you have to spend a day or so in your room then by all means it was probably worth it. All of you people going “omg this is terrible” “You can see the fear in his poor eyes, he is clearing suffering” get the fuck outta here. For starters, fear is HEALTHY. living things feel pain and have the emotion of fear specifically to learn and protect themselves. If the kid just put his hand on the stove you’d all be saying,”look at the fear in his eyes, you can tell his hand hurts..he’ll never do that again”. These days you look at your child the wrong way and your a child abuser. I had parents who used these techniques to punish me, as well as another family member who physically abused me. There was an ENORMOUS difference between the two. If you’v ever been abused then you know the two are separate, if you havent then maybe you should take it from all the people who have already stated they were. Their word is probably better equipped to make the statement then your own. Basic instinct has given us the ability to learn right from wrong for survival reasons by having our actions result in pain/fear, now that the world basically revolves around social situations, why is it so hard to believe that these same tactics can be useful?

  109. This will be an evil but illustrative question: You say you were raised this way. What is your profession today?

    Do you not think that different cultures, different mindsets, emphasized in different socio-economic classes, perpetuate different life outcomes?

    “Basic instinct has given us the ability to learn right from wrong for survival reasons…”
    You’re funny! So, I’m sure you don’t have a language, nationality, ethnicity, birthplace, religion, political opinions, customs, or anything of such sort, right?

  110. The comment above goes down as the single most f-ing confuing thing i’ve ever read. Including Finnegan’s Wake.

    So you were abused yourself, and your conclusion is that sh*t in the video above is ok cos he’ not having cigs put out on him or whatever?

    There’s a big difference between being exposed to fear, and feeling the kind of pain provoked by abuse from a loved one. There’s also this key on your keyboard marked ‘enter’ with this little arrow on that you can use to break up what you are saying.

    And when you are saying something, you change it to you’re, not your. The iony is that your doing it, at the same tiem as telling every1 els that their dont know what there talking aboot…

  111. eep, mine was to number 106, not 107.

    The one with the tedious one-sentence moral relativism…

  112. Since I am white, I have no opinion on this wonderful video. I would like to hear Bill Cosby weigh in on this situation. Mainly because I love pudding, but also because he is my Rosetta Stone to the black community.

  113. Props to the uncle for stepping up to set the kid straight. This type of discipline might be the difference between the kid being alive and well, or the kid ending up in a gang, in jail, addicted, or dead. Old-skool punishment that worked fine in prior generations still can work for this one. Most parents of kids this age and younger are timid pussy doormats afraid of their kids, who then turn out to be uncontrollable, disrespectful, entitled assholes.

    For those of you saying you’d be pissed off at your brother for treating your kid this way: realize the uncle might be the only father or parent figure this kid has got.

  114. And I also have sweet tits. (@)(@)

  115. i love it. “you can see the fear in his eyes! oohhh noooo! save this poor kid who pretends he’s in a gang and kills people and is actually taller than his uncle!”

    actually i think public humiliation is one of the most motivating factors to NOT be a dumbass and do stupid shit, for the majority of people. that’ll learn him.

  116. dina, your nips are HUGE! Tell the truth, are you a black woman?

  117. All these people spouting shit about ‘in my day, you would get a belting for this or that, and it never did us any harm’. Well guess what fucktard it was your generation that started all this gang shit. These kids are living in a world that you created, and now it their fault?

  118. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Okay I got back from a club with some friends and we are playing videogames and I lost a round so it’s not my turn anymore. So I think I wonder what lamebook is up to and wow you guys don’t disappoint.
    Why did I tell that whole story? Because now nobody is playing games anymore we are just reading this comments thread on the TV and laughing our asses off. Haven’t gotten to the bottom yet but hats off to you motherfuckers.

    Ps. I remember Curly requested a controversial post for the weekend. You certainly got that didn’t you.

  119. Whatever the motivation, that kind of violence is just going to engender more violence down the road. It actually made me feel sick to see that. Beatings like that are administered by people with no communication skills, who never realized there are other ways to guide a young person. Terrorizing and hurting them will not have good long term consequences. If the only way you can “control” a child is by hurting and threatening them, be prepared to have it visited upon you down the road.

  120. Hmm…Being humiliated in a video and beaten up a bit versus joining a gang, killing people with guns, potentially doing/selling drugs…

    This isn’t exactly a “lol I said a swear and my parents nailed me to a cross.”

    The methods might be harsh but honestly, real legit hardcore gangs don’t wander down back alleys clicking their fingers and singing (Guys and Dolls, in case you were wondering.) Good for his uncle.

  121. @Dukey – Yeah, I think they listened to me. Well this was better than sitting down to read a newspaper on a Sunday afternoon!

  122. Pussies!
    Man up, this is LAMEBOOK, not the Dr. Phil fanpage! He got a few cracks with the belt, hopefully enough to teach him that he ain’t a “gangbanger”!
    For those complaining that the uncle needs to pull his pants up, his pants are fallin down because he had to take his belt off to whip his nephew!
    Moral of the story?
    Don’t gangbang (unless it involves some bitches) and if you are an uncle, buy a “designated” whipping belt, so you don’t end up with your pants on the ground

  123. Ethnocentric bunch of pussies. Get over yourselves.

    P.S. well said #51

  124. @hemperor. no.i was spanked BARE BOTTOM with a belt as a child because i deserved it. this did not hurt him! and as far as public humiliation goes, im all for it. you know why? because for example….if passed notes in school and were caught, we had to read the note over the intercom to THE WHOLE SCHOOL. And you know what happened? people stopped passing notes. I have a son. im not 12.

    and i linked the song because i like eminem. its been likned on my name for months. not everything has a hidden meaning.

  125. why is it so necessary for everyone to be such dicks about the way other people discipline their kids? YES kids need discipline but every kid doesn’t respond to the same thing. All kids are different, and the methods of discipline should be suited to fit the child. quit your bellyaching!

  126. To a lot of people on here: if you feel the need to talk about your “abusive” past and how it fucked you up/made you a really good person instead of a spoiled brat, please go see a psychologist instead of posting it on here. To total strangers. Who you don’t know. And won’t ever be able to “help” you. :\ What is it with people and opening up about their own lives the moment some debat like this happens, am I the only one on here WHO DOES NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENED IN YOUR PAST? :\

  127. I work for a company building test equipment for the government, NASA etc. I’m not quite sure where that comes into play but there you go.

    And what my point was, that i have been on both sides. There is a huge difference between the two and with all people being different, sometimes you have to adjust your disciplining ways in order to get the desired outcome. What works for your “little angle” isn’t going to work for some punk ass kid. His ass may sting for a couple minutes but he clearly respects his Uncle, and not in an “I’m scared to be around this guy”, kind of way.

  128. P.S. #51 was well said.

  129. haha…good for him.. This should be done by most parents when their kids are out of line, It is what happened to me when I was young..

  130. That video is NOTHING compared to the comments…

    Why so serious?

    Now I’m glad I didn’t wait til Monday.

  131. Nevermind the fact that what he did may be illegal in certain states (I don’t know, I’m not American), and once again I will state that I am not interested in the “child abuse” debate, it is illegal solely to humiliate someone by video to the masses on many levels…Never mind immoral.

    I can understand the uncle’s anger, I cannot understand his method of solving his nephew’s apparent problem (keep in mind, we have no idea about it), even less can I understand the wild applause on the internet for seeing a black kid belted.

    @candid; I never mentioned a hidden meaning, I said you were lame. –pride for you.

  132. And before some smartass tries to think “i dun got him”:

    Without the kid’s CONSENT, which clearly is absent from this whole scene, it is most certainly illegal to make and then publicise this video for millions to see.

  133. Kudos to the uncle. Too many commenters on this page sound like liberal pussies whining about some asshole being “abused”. My old man was in the marine corps. He gave us a lot of leeway growing up but once you crossed him, God help you, and we were better people for it. Too many kids grow up without consequences these days. Its good to see someone that doesnt walk on eggshells around a loudmouthed punk ass leach.

  134. I second that kudos.

  135. “Time outs” only work in white suburban neighborhoods. At least this guy cares about his family. He could of done what most shitty parents do and do nothing.

    Kids who live in gang infested neighborhoods, need a tad more incentative. Gang bangers rarely got any displine from their parents and family. They usually had no family hence why they joined a gang in the first place. To be a part of something.

    A belt to the ass is better than a bullet in the head.

    Their are two worlds. The one where people sip lattes in a strip mall coffee house and then their is the street.

    The uncle is probably the parent because his mother and father are out of the picture.

    What you saw is a guy who loves and cares about his nephew.

  136. This looks like a good place to debate the merits of physical punishment in the home.

    I’m actually extremely succesful, handsome too. Not really sure where all this comes into play, but I think you should all know that before we really get into the heart of this thing.

  137. @123
    I would but last time I went and saw a psychologist about opening up to strangers online, I had a really traumatic experience involving abuse and it ended up making me a really shitty person.

  138. @JonJones, they asked lol but hey good to know ;-)

  139. This is illegal. Just saying.

  140. jonjones, it sounds like you didn’t uphold your end of our bargain from what you say in 133 :(

  141. I didn’t listen to this educational video with the sound up therefore I am unable to enter a serious debate with regards to it’s contents…

    But what I will say is this…. This is not the first outburst of unrestrained nephew bumming that has arisen due to the misplacement of a giant red Japanese fan… bad feng shui man.

  142. I also just made an account for this one video. I can’t decide whether it really is the right thing to do, but seriously, some people do just need some actual arse kicking.
    I could go on rambling about the youth of today being lazy shits getting everything for nothing but I won’t. Long live free thinking and rational belt usage.

  143. Well, you know what the Good Books says: Use the rod, beat the child. You wouldn’t argue with GOD now, would you?

    Seriously, though – disagreements about methods aside, having a family that cares enough to get all up in arms, er, belts, to do something corrective is getting all too rare.

  144. I can’t believe some of you think of this as abuse. I’d rather my loved one be embarrassed than to end up dead in a gutter somewhere.

  145. Actually, statistics tend to prove that argument that spankings keep people out of jail to be untrue. But hey, I could care less what you do with your kids. The fact that you spank them to assuage your own anger doesn’t have anything to do with me. If my kid was a bad ass, I’d probably want to take the stress out of being an absolute shit parent on them too.

  146. @137
    Sorry, I tried to be fat, ugly and unemployed but I guess some people are just born into it…if only they knew how lucky they are..

  147. @happyunicornjoy
    I agree with you.

    Honestly, I’d rather see this than most of what I see going on with kids who like to act gangster.
    I get to kick 8 year olds out of my store at 4 am for threatening to shoot me because I won’t sell the cigarellos. And when the parents do come in with them they are no better.

  148. God, I love not living the USA. I love it so much, I just wanna go outside and scream it at the bus station over the road.

    Do you reckon that kid that killed that congress-lady did it because he wasn’t hit with a belt hard enough?

    Also, am I the only one who thinks that if everyone at that safeway had had rocket launchers, and the ailes between the chairs had been lined with anti-personnel mines, then this would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED? Omg I can’t believe these leftwingsocialist gun-haters. Get some serious ordinance at these meet-and-greets ffs.

    If I was dr. Dre I’d shoot them gun-haters all in the face. What you think he sold all his guns? I bet he didn’t. I’ve studied his lyric.

  149. Sorry, when I said ‘killed’ I meant ‘fcked up for life’. I understand she’s not dead. Yet.

    I’ll hold my hands up to that one. But not cos anyone’s pointing a gun at me…

  150. I’ve had a belt taken to me three times when I was growing up. And my mom hit me with so many damn spoons it was not funny.
    I probably needed it.

    Parents are not supposed to be your best friend. You are supposed to respect your mom and dad. And possibly fear them.
    I was terrified of “Wait til your father gets home!”

    I do not hit my daughter but she’s three.
    If she needs it later in life, I will give it to her.

  151. I don’t know what some of y’all mean by “getting spanked causes violence.” I got spanked and beaten when I was kid, as well as all of my family. Not one of us has been violent as adults, not one of us. I think it all comes down to the morals that are instilled in the person by the parents. Whether or not they get spanked they are going to be violent because they were not taught morals. I’m not saying “go beat your kids”, i’m saying spanking your kids isn’t going to make them gang members but make them think twice about doing what they did wrong. Basic Psycology.

  152. I am, in general, not in favor of the idea of using violence to get a child in line, but am not exactly against a minor session of spanking. This, however, was difficult to watch. The psyche of a teenager is sensitive enough to have an event like this, a flogging video taped and posted for all the world to see, affect them for the rest of their life. I can’t condone this kind of humiliation as punishment.

    I have to make one observation from reading these comments though: generally speaking the comments against using physical violence as punishment have some thought and even studies & data to back up their opinions. On the other hand, the comments condoning the video and behavior are mainly just calling people names – arg, you dang nabbit liberals commie socialist pig pussies, arg!

    Not much of an argument.

  153. sillyrabbittrix is a pussy. Some one probably should have spanked you…

  154. dtronol – “You’re showing a great example for him. Pull your fucking pants up. And how about grounding the kid or deleting his facebook account instead of kicking his ass? If my brother laid a hand on my son, I’d use the video to throw his ass in jail.”

    His pants were down because he took his belt off, dipshit.

    Grounding kids and “deleting their facebooks” turns them into pussies and doesn’t teach them anything, nor does it make them respect you. I got my ass whooped as a kid, and I turned out to be a respectful, functioning member of society. Not like these ignorant kids nowadays. Because that kid has an uncle that actually CARES enough to whoop his ass instead of not spending the time to punish him, he will grow up the proper way!

  155. hey guys ive gotten my butt beaten and I’ve gotten grounded ….and honestly what being grounded taught me how to get out of the house without my parents knowing.
    this kid obviously has had his father killed/put in jail so his mom (struggling to pay for the other children) shipped him off to the good brother as to not get him on a path of lawlessness!
    His uncle has his pants so low because he was checking up on his nephews facebook,saw this and ripped it out in fury ,therefore not having his belt on to secure his pants. The uncle obviously knows what kind of dad his father was and knows that he was never punished as a kid and got into the gangs and probly in jail! All this to say I’m pretty sure that the kid deserved this and it only hurt for,…. two seconds.
    I bet he’s never joined a gang since …I’ll put money on it.

  156. by the way raping and murder and most of what gangs do are illegal so i really could care less about the legal boundaries of the punishment….all i have to say is that that was downright entertaining!

  157. Some of you people are fucking retarded. You’re pussies and you don’t understand the point of what happened in this video. The kid was bragging it up on Facebook, talking about how he runs with a gang and how he kills people and shit. His uncle, who probably raised him, whipped him with his belt and filmed it to hurt his pride and prove to all his little “friends” that he isn’t some gangster, he’s just a young kid living at home with his uncle.

    Seriously, you people are gonna sit here and say this uncle deserves to go to fucking JAIL for hitting a 16+ year old kid with a small belt? Trying getting beat with a hot curling iron. Or a beer bottle. Or have your father choke you and lift your feet off the ground. How about having your mother coming at you with a knife? Those things are child abuse. I know some kids who were disciplined that way. This isn’t fucking child abuse, the uncle is completely in the right here, and public humiliation shows the world a few things… First off, it’s a warning. This kid wants to act hood and lie about murking people and shit? He’s gonna get whipped. His uncle is setting an example, and I want some of you people to REALLY FUCKING READ THIS.


    You all can sit there and say that spanking a child is wrong, and I’ll call you a pussy. If being hit a couple times with a belt hurt that kid, he’s a pussy. You want an example of a child that WASN’T spanked? A child who was “grounded” and had things taken off of him instead of getting slapped? Me. I was a bad kid. I would go to kindergarten singing, “There’s A Skeeter On My Peter,” telling my teacher that, “I’m bad to the bone and I don’t take shit off of anyone.” My mom took my Nintendo away, and sent me to my room. I was never hit, but I should have been, because up until a few years ago, I was a fucking loser. I was addicted to oxycodone and heroin, drinking almost every single day, using women left and right, getting into fights almost every day, getting into trouble with the law… It wasn’t until my dad got so pissed that he threw a couple punches at me (and I was so high that I tried to fight back) that I straightened up. I needed that ass beating to realize what a fucking mess I was. So, I went to rehab, made amends with everyone, and now I’m a pretty decent, well adjusted adult.

    So don’t tell me that this dude belongs in jail for humiliating some kid who thought it would be cool to pretend he was in a gang. That kid’s lucky he didn’t go to jail for associating himself with a gang. Quit being a bunch of whiny fucking pussies and grow a pair.

  158. All of what the uncle did to embarrass the kid could have been done without the violence. It was perfect without the violence. With the violence, it borders on hypocritical. And yes, it is abuse, and yes, he should be charged with some sort of child abuse. He needs to learn a lesson too. Also he needs to pull his goddamn pants up, fer cryin’ out loud.

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