Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Primal Needs

Primal Needs

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  1. gits? what in the hell does that mean?

  2. You think Jonathan?

  3. I have only had positive experiences when King Kong’s wong was involved.

  4. Im calling BS on this one.

    Looks like a bad fake.

  5. A git is a British insult.

    This does seem quite fake. They need to be more ridiculous for me to believe this argument.

  6. I’d say fake too. Unless this guy really can’t handle the fact his girl didn’t want to wear a tutu and is throwing a tantrum over it.

  7. I call BS.

  8. sorry chris and jan, you were looking for

  9. I agree, fake as hell.

  10. Not fake, they were clearly just joking around. Fake implies that they had intended to wind up on a site like this, shocking our delicate sensibilities. In reality it seems far more likely that Jan was just winding Chris up, and then Chris decided to play along.

  11. This reminds me of the time when Uncle Lou asked me to put on my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume in August. I thought it was weird because it wasn’t Halloween. But since I was six, I loved putting the costume on because I could pretend I was Leonardo. Uncle Lou played Master Splinter and he told me that to defeat Shredder, I had to rub the Shaft of Destiny until the Fluid of Naijizu was released, vanquishing Shredder and his evil minions for good.

  12. I say fake as in it isn’t real, not that they were trying to trick people to get on a website like this. I have friends who think they are doing some kind of strange performance pieces on Facebook with this kind of crap.

  13. Yeah, this is just weak. People putting on a show like this shouldn’t be counted among these hallowed ranks.

  14. i actually posted this, cause i saw it on facebook thankyou ladies not fake (:

  15. Lame and totally fake. Sorry ME. Your friends were putting on a show for you.

  16. @Scott seems to be correct. Either that or it’s the worst recovery in the history of recoveries.

  17. they were joking around sorry canaduck, but i do believe your sense of humour has failed you once again.

  18. wow lots of fakes today

  19. OH MY it’s not fake. stfu


  21. Staged

  22. King kong’s big Wong.. Lol forever!

  23. yeah just joking around. But even if they are just joking around, it is lame, attention seeking joking around of the “look at us, we are dating, we are so sophisticated talking about our kinky sex lives, we have in-jokes” kind of BS. So in that respect it IS lame. It’s just not funny.

  24. Im not sure what to say so I won’t say it

  25. Why are all you idiots saying it’s fake!

    Yeh they’re prob not serious, but has anyone ever heard of a thing called scarcasm? Yeh they were prob just fucking around, but I doubt they were lame enough to do it with the sole intent of getting on a site like this.

    Lighten up people!!!!

  26. While I have never heard of it, I really like the sound of this “scarcasm” Owen. Please teach me of its ways.

  27. It’s pretty complicated miette, I dont think you’d be able to handle it.

  28. they arn’t dating btw :/


  30. Tutu’s are the SHIT.

  31. Not that I think of myself as an award show host (although I would secretly quite fancy such a role), but posts number 11 and 26 tickled me the most. Go on, scroll up and check if they were yours.

  32. Na, for me to believe this was fake they’d need to post intimate details of their personal lives to ridiculous to believe… oh wait…

  33. Fake or not, I love that he calls this girl REALLY vulgar names, because she won’t wear a tutu. What a c*nt!!

  34. is this the same chris as the post above? cuz this guy is a rapist too. she MADE him act like an animal!

    chris is a little bitch.

  35. Definitely fake… the spelling is to good.

  36. Fake.

  37. I cast my vote for fucking around. I have serious doubts that it’s a fake.

  38. geez, lighten up people obviously not fake, maybe some people have a sense of humour you know twats ;)

  39. it’s king kong’s big dong!

  40. I’m with #37 Spanky & #38 HA on this one.

  41. Welcome to the FAKE CLUB!

    And for the mentally impaired, this FAKE mean they posted it just for fun! Not like most of the morons here who actually mean what they post.

  42. keep this guy away from recitals!

  43. I wrote this. It’s fake.

  44. ‘King kongs big wong’

    Fucking. Awesome.

  45. jan probably isn’t even the girlfriend sounds like they are just playing around and continuing the sarcasm in the comments?

  46. Bahaha, wow.
    They’re playing around tho :P

  47. They’re arguing about a tutu?
    How long are they together?
    Four days?

  48. Um…if he just referred to you as a “cunt” and “life destroyer,” why the fuck are you calling him babes?

  49. So fake, not even funny

  50. It just a joke. I dont think it was intentionally fake. ‘Gits’ is a british word init, usually a word used for someone who is a complete and utter little shit.

  51. I’m certain this one is fake.

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