Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Game Of Owns

I learned if you look in your couch cushions, sometimes you’ll find that you’re really dirty. So many crumbs. Please disable your adblocker on lamebook and follow @lamebook on instagram! I’m eating the couch crumbs and would love your support.

Bowl Of Hot Sick

Has anyone done more than one puzzle? We forgot there’s a reason we don’t do puzzles normally. Please follow @lamebook on instagram for more content! We’re the corner piece of content!

Show Your Boredom

Catholic churches are doing a drive-thru for confession right now. I hope priests are wearing those drive -thru cashier headsets too. Please support us by turning off your adblocker on our site (whitelist us) and follow @lamebook on instagram!

Meat And Greet

Isn’t it annoying when people post about exercising during the quarantine? Let’s focus on staying home and ice cream. Also, follow @lamebook on instagram! We’re the mint chocolate chip of jokes!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


It’s impressive how unproductive we can be with so much free time. At least we’re impressive. Please follow @lamebook on instagram for more content!

Emergency Services

Did you watch that Tiger documentary on Netflix?? IT’S NUTS. While watching, please disable your adblocker and follow @lamebook on instagram!

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