Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh! Snap!

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  1. First?

  2. BOOM!

  3. Gays. Erected. Cumming.

    What’s supposed to be funny about #3? I don’t get it…

  4. That first one looks photoshopped? Anyone concur?

  5. Agree that #1 is probably photoshopped.

  6. It’s not phothoshopped. License plates are reflective, so if you take a picture of it close up at night, with the flash on, it’s going to “glow” like that. And besides, it stands for “Teach Kids”. Oh god, she’s a teacher!

  7. ha. the fact shes a teacher only increases the hilarity.

  8. No if you look closely you can tell it is not photoshopped it is a reflective plate in one of those dealer frames taken at night. Besides why on earth would anyone photoshop something that dumb?

  9. Well whether or not it was actually photoshopped (admittedly probably not based on the good argument made) there are people out there with so little else to do that they do in fact go around photoshopping stupid things like that.

  10. My first thought wasn’t ‘touch kids’ it was ‘tch, kids’, as in ‘I despise kids and absolutely everything about them’.

    And sit, 2, at least spell her name right…

  11. sit, 2?

  12. In #2 defense he said he was a bartender so the person was obviously so wasted the could not walk let alone spell and if you look closely you can tell that it was a totally different person that wrote “Frank” then the one who wrote “Ann”

  13. i agree with you, hobo, on both counts. :-)

  14. Do the posts usually start this early?

  15. Actually @Username_Login, I don’t think it looks like a different person wrote it but just that the surface they were pressing on was different. Ann was written on a crappy soft surface and Frank on a hard surface.

  16. Emkitteh’s theory is quite plausible as the letter ‘n’ is very alike in both words.

  17. *Sigh*… I wish I could get wasted on only $11.50.

  18. It is quite the fuckin’ achievement alright!!

  19. @throwingtofu – me too I am going to choose to believe it was 1$ beer night LOL

  20. i dont have anything constructive, positive or interesting to add, but it would be cool if you all would bold, italicise, and underline your comments for me. thanks

  21. Last picture’s from failblog.

    -”That guy”

  22. I really want to meet James.

  23. Ingrown nose hair cramping my style.

  24. Either I’m really hungover, or a few of us are in italics! Walter, this is all for you.

  25. I guess Walter figured out what caused the Miss Shegas comments wreck last night and he figures he can now exploit it.

  26. where’s your underline walt?

    the words abject and failure come to mind.

    (no amount of after th’event underscoring can spare your blushes now!)

  27. Guess I’ve been schooled then. Yeah, reflective licence plates make sense, how would police read them at night otherwise. Still, there are people lame enough to photoshop that just to get on lamebook.

  28. it seems lamebook snips out underline tags :(

    i am sad

  29. agnes has been dead for 18 years. walt got his friend sebastian, a taxidermist, to stuff her and give her a good formaldehyde bath.

    walt wheels out the corpse whenever he has a visit (not often) from a myopic friend, and props her up on the settee. he had a hinge fitted in her mouth so she can ‘eat’ muffins in company.

    he took her in the bath once too to play tug boats, but she got all soggy.

    his old ginger tom, foghorn, who has since sadly passed away, has chewed three of her toes off, two of her fingers and an earlobe.

    he falls asleep at night stroking her white, desiccated hair.

  30. HAHAHA That plaque for Gay’s Arcade is here in Adelaide, South Australia!! About 15 mins from my house :P

  31. bollywood_rocks83

    Lamebook is wonky today. I actually like the bold italicised writing.

    I actually trundled by to point out something. The license plate from today and the one from the other day can both be traced to their owners. So if Lamebook wants to keep with the whole blurring out names and stuff, they shouldn’t be putting plates up here.

  32. Good point… However it’d have to be a seriously nutty person who would go to the trouble of researching who that car belonged to… I am not even sure that is possible unless you worked at the Motor registration place in North Olmstead? Totally different to a person you can just fb search..

    Btw bollywood is so 2007..

  33. Bollywood, you are right. This one even says birthplace of aviation. I wonder what state in America houses the first flight by the Wright brothers and also has a relatively disproportionate amount of astronauts who wont be going into space on America’s dime anymore since Obama canceled NASA manned space flight.

  34. Dukey, that would be Ohio.

  35. Someone give the lady her prize.

  36. Oh goody! What do I win?

  37. You get to sit on Santa’s lap and make a wish. Guess who has smooth buns and a Santa hat tucked in his pocket for some fucken reason.

  38. MsBuzzkillington

    I reach teach kids.. and then tech kids…

    Touch kids never entered my mind.

  39. Let me guess, that would be you!

  40. Oy, WTF!?

    You had to one-up my chaos from last night by bolding AND italicizing the page?

  41. What the holy shit happened here?

  42. There.

  43. I like the first post because it is from North Olmsted, and you can’t spell “molest” without Olmsted.

  44. Alright Walter, you wanna play? Time to really get up to some mischief…

  45. EmKitt, what are you up to, you crazy kid?

  46. Oh, nothing…

  47. Excellent, Em.

  48. Now I wanna be scrubbed out. Boo! I don’t have your powers, Em.

  49. Bugger. Why aren’t I causing trouble? I assure you it was my intention. I didn’t close the tag.

  50. Am I defaced now?

  51. Bummer.

  52. :’(

  53. It seems to be only for your good self at this point, Em – unless you can screw with it a little more…

  54. No fair. I thought it would work. Ah well, I give up.

  55. Holy fuck what happened to the comments? I leave for a day and you guys go all bolded on me. Jesus, people.

  56. what the s-hit happened? why the shit is my comment erased… .heads will roll

  57. anyone else in the cincinnati area might be able to back me up on this one, but “TCH” to me stands for “the christ hospital”, therefore i took the plate as meaning they’re like, an pediatric nurse or some shit. this is how mah brain works at 7am on a saturday. :(

  58. I regularly enter Gays Arcade

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