Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Logging Offspring

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  1. I think Paul needs to take some valium.

  2. lol, so awesome… Yea, Paul is a little high strung

  3. Paul’s capslock key seems to be stuck. I like Nick’s style.

  4. Okay I have to admit, I’d be pretty pissed at someone who did that to my kid… But I’d still lmao about it – Actually, this is something I’d probably do TO my kid :) minus the gay stuff… I’d probably throw some furrie stuff in there though XD


  6. i lol’d

  7. If this is real then I like Nick. Don’t think it is though

  8. You’re such a cynic, Pedantic. ;D

  9. 5 mins of laughter, thank you psuedo-Nick

  10. Don’t care if this is real or fake, it’s the funniest lamebook posting I’ve read in a while. Plus, everything is spelled correctly! My eye-stabbing fork can go back in the drawer… for now.

  11. Love it. Shit like this is exactly why I did not log in to ANYTHING when I was at the Apple store. Hells no I’m not going through this crap hahaha. Well played Nicky boy, well played.

  12. Saffer, that would be pseudo-nick
    Sorry, it’s the name. I have to.

  13. I’m curious about the two “friends” who liked this…


  14. Nick will someday look back and laugh at this

  15. Paul made this so much worse for his son then needed.

  16. This is gold! I wonder what Nick’s reaction would have been?

  17. i look for this stuff when i go to computer stores. fun times.

  18. It seems to me that Nick’s dad is just a pedantic old git.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “Hello 911? yes I would like report an emergency, someone on the internet thinks my son is gay.”

  20. And Nick (or his dad) didn’t just log into his account from another computer or the phone and delete the comment… why? Of course, Paul doesn’t seem like the most rational man.

    Assuming it is real, I’m a fan of AppleStoreNick.

  21. boomstick made me lol.
    nick dun goof’d

  22. Douchetastic, he could have changed Nick’s password.


  24. Hilarious.

  25. That might be my favorite Lamebook ever!

  26. ridiculously huge win
    such a win, in fact, it could even be considered a fail…

  27. ahhaha Nick is fucking brilliant

  28. nice….but coulnt paul just go onto nicks page and get all his info

  29. LOVE IT!! Doing that is going on my bucket list!

  30. fucking funny, thank you lamebook for finally putting something funny up, it’s been too long!

    I have actually done similar to this to my little brother on his facebook account. I did do the gay thing but didn’t take it quite so far, turns out he had a gay friend that was interested though!

  31. flowjo, you need the old password to change it to a new one. Or I need it when I change mine anyway.

    Um, whiteboy? The real Nick is Paul’s son, who left his Facebook account logged in on the Apple computer. Why would he need to go to Nick’s page and get the info? It’d just be his son’s stuff.

  32. @ pedantic – I heart your link :)

  33. LOUD NOISES!!!!!!

  34. To call that a Win would be a gross understatement. Bravo, Nick, bravo.

  35. I’m ROFL at the thought of Paul calling the police because his idiot son was too stupid to log off his account on a public computer. Good luck pursuing that one. I hope you keep a lawyer on retainer.

  36. Paul, you should have called the cyber police, not the regular police. This is outside of their jurisdiction.

  37. Mad2, I would challenge you to point out any pedantry in his statements
    Curlybap, thanks, I thought it appropriate given the circumstances

  38. I really want a facebook fan (or like or whatever) page called APPLESTORE NICK. It’d be damn awesome.

  39. “Haha, my son is such a dumbass” would have been so much more effective, Paul.

  40. LMAO. Please let this be real.

  41. This was actually pretty damn funny!

  42. Ahaha, this is great. Hope Nick isn’t actually gay, he’d never dare coming out after this.

  43. I’m not sure if you guys notice, but you guys shouldn’t worship Nick, we should worship an anon guy that went and found his account open.
    Anyways Lamebook, i thank you for this grammatically correct post.. Other posts are a pain in the ass to read

  44. Oh my God. This is the funniest thing I have read in months! I know so many people just like this, including myself :) Show yourself, Nick hacker!


  46. Dammit, Paul, only the cyberpolice can deal with situations like this. you dun goof’d.

  47. Paul made that a million times worse, had he just ignored it, the apple store imposter would have left it at the status- which he left obvious that someone else posted it, no one was going to take it seriously. INSTEAD HE DECIDED TO BE A BIG MAN AND PROVE HOW TOUGH HE IS BY PRESSING THE CAPS-LOCK. Apple store imposter was probably right, I bet paul is a little bitch. If he thinks he can sue or call the police over that then he is clearly a complete fool, there are no ‘facebook privacy laws’. No state has included a ‘farmville claus’ or any kind of law and there never will be one. This is like calling the cops over someone calling you a bad name, they aren’t there to be your parents and stop the big mean bullies- especially not cyber bullies.

  48. Pedantic, your link is excellent. And I admit Paul isn’t that pedantic, but he does like to say the same thing over and over again.
    I’d like to see if Paul was more like Hobo, and the Apple store dude used Nick’s account to say Nick liked Twilight (or Bieber), to watch the Hobo-style reaction. ‘YOU COME IN HERE AND HAVE THE CHANCE FOR SOME REAL HILARITY WITH MY SON’S ACCOUNT AND YOU POST FUCKING TWILIGHT JOKES? I AM CALLING THE JOKE POLICE!’

  49. I did this once.

    They were signed into Bebo though, so they deserve it. I am curious as to how their gf took to being dumped over Bebo though.

    I feel delightfully evil :D

  50. It’s not like Nick can’t go in and change all the stuff back. I mean, all the stuff Applestorenick put are so obviously done by a hacker — including the “and I forgot to log out of my facebook at the apple store” part — that no one’s going to think anything of it. They certainly won’t believe any of it. If it was more subtle and believable, maybe he could have soiled the kid’s reputation and made it worth his time, but he didn’t. So basically, I don’t understand the point of this type of hacking. It’s nothing more than a minor inconvenience to the original facebook user. Applestorenick is a terrible cyberbully.

  51. See, now THIS is the kind of shit we put up with TypOHs! (ugh) for.

  52. Hahahaha…damn. This was gold.

  53. After swimming in sea of mediocrity (with abundant turds) lamebook finally throws me a rubber hoop thingy to fish me out into a land of above mediocrity.

    Thanks lamebook, I almost <4 you again. Now pass me my rape juice.

  54. I agree with some other posters, Paul made it even worse. Those “I’m calling the police” threats are too old and don’t work with 21st century trolls, like that anon was.

    He could have ignored it or just laugh at the entire situation…seems to be the best option many times.

  55. Right, someone tell me why in the name of gods giant phallus – someone would log into Facebook in an Apple store…or any store for that matter.

    “Ooh, there’s a shop with electronic gadgets connected to the internet – I must go and view my facebook account post haste!”

    Mind you, looking at daddies replies..maybe the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

  56. No only that, but why in in the name of Eve’s everlasting incestuous vagina, would they log into FB in public anywhere, and not log out. That’s just asking for disaster, and LB.

  57. mad2, nice comment, you’ve pretty much got it :P I’d be more annoyed at my kid for being so addicted to Facebook he has to log on at the Apple store (and is too stupid to remember to log out) than at the guy posting on his wall.

    UNLESS, like you said, he’s posting a joke about liking Twilight, or Justin Bieber, or having sex with Michael Jackson. Then I’d just be pissed he’s not making enough of an effort.

    Just posting ‘I love having sex with other men!’ is getting pretty old now. Come on, people. You’ve got an opportunity, you’re on the account of someone who’s obsessed with this website, and all you can think to put is ‘oh, I’m gay and obviously somebody else fraping (ugh) this user!’?

  58. ‘on my knees to please’ should be a real religion.

  59. hahaha that is awesome. I think i saw something about this on http://www.srslysorry.com . I guess it’s making the rounds.

  60. Oh man, this post is on http://www.srslysorry.com? Man, you’ve fucking SOLD that website to me, I’d LOVE to see a post I’ve seen already, but on a different website!

  61. this was fucking epic…i died laughing…hahahaha

  62. Funny? Yes, particularly Paul’s over-the-top reaction. But this just smacks of troll to me. Are we supposed to believe that the apple store nick posted the update, the real Nick’s dad saw it immediately and replied, and the apple store guy was still on hand to engage in the ongoing debate? I find it unlikely, but well written, so it gets half a win.

  63. meh… I’m not buying it….

  64. Imagine the apple store and the police reaction ?!

    Imagine the lawyer’s reaction when he tries to file that massive lawsuit!!

    Priceless =]

  65. he be trolling, he be hatin, he be ownin. lalalala hacker owns

  66. I don’t care if this is real or not, it made me laugh after a hard days work.

  67. Um…how is this any better than what they usually post? I see stuff like this all the time on here. That is to say, how is what they usually post less funny than this? I don’t get it.


  69. littlemissgenius

    I don’t see how Paul thinks that posting on someone’s logged on FB account on a public computer in a public store is an arrestable offense. I could see if some kid hacked into his precious baby’s FB and posted this stuff but I highly doubt the cops would even concern themselves with that either.

  70. Don’t forget to use the “Save Password” and “Keep me logged in” options when using a public computer or someone else’s device to check your (Facebook) account

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