Friday, November 19, 2010


Ba-doom chhh!!  Hey guys, just a reminder that we have been completely blocked from Facebook.  They don’t take kindly to others using the word “book.”  Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest website and general updates!

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  1. Yawn…

  2. Alright, I smiled at this. I am still amazed the FB is so damned buttsore about Lamebook or any other books out there. It’s like a five-year-old throwing a tantrum.

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I have a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat in my hand. I am currently dipping it in a vat red hot sauce. The first person who says “Fake” on this post is going to get ass raped.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Brutally too, so you don’t get to enjoy it.

  5. I wonder what would happen if I spam shit about books and LB on my FB. Would they go so far as to ban someone for it?
    WWAFYOD What would a five year old do?

  6. You have a ‘vat’ of red hot sauce.


  7. Nope, CostCo. Right Dukey?

  8. Hahaha this is right up my street. Did go join twitter to get updates! Dukey ffs it’s Friday night, let me enjoy something!

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    mass What kind of person doesn’t have a vat of hot sauce? What the hell do you use when you need to ass rape someone?

    fleurdeleslie Costco or Sam’s Club usually. They have a good deal if you buy a 3-pack of hot sauce vats.

  10. Fake.

    I don’t mind a bit of brutality, Dukey.

  11. Um, what? I have never seen facebook comment on someone’s status before.

    Now please tell me, Lamebook. Please explain to me why you are in trouble but f a i l b o o k is not. PLEASE.

  12. @11 they are trouble because facebook has any anger problem, but according to facebook lamebooks logo looks similar to facebook, also the people’s comments and facebook post’s are owned by facebook, also this is fake tried it didn’t work.

  13. ^^, yeah but that still doesn’t explain why fa il bo ok isn’t in trouble too. Seeing as how, many days they have the same posts, posted.

  14. Things Facebook’s lawyer apparently didn’t learn that I was taught in middle school: Parody is protected. It’s why Weird Al doesn’t need to ask to write his music.

    I don’t see where there is any semblance of question about this situation at all.

  15. Fake!

    Well… apparently, there’s a free butt-fucking available. I’m waiting!

  16. Alict, things aren’t that simple. If they were Lamebook would be hiring you, and not a trained lawyer who can explain why Lamebook is reproducing images which violate people’s privacy settings for the amusement of the general populace. Legality is, in all honesty, very simple, and in this case Lamebook is very well named: they don’t have a leg to stand on…

  17. @Keona, glad we agree they have the mental status of a 5 year old.

  18. @ Brandy

    I could easily be wrong, but the article they link to up top made it sound like the lawsuit was entirely over the name and logo being similar to Facebook’s. In that case, I don’t think Facebook has any legal ground.

    If they’re also going after privacy violations, that may be a bit harder to argue…

  19. This whole thing is funnier than anything ever posted on this site. Lamebook was served with a cease and desist. A threat, no doubt, but not a lawsuit. Cease and desist letters, in reality, rarely lead to lawsuits. Lamebook’s response was to…sue Facebook first? Wow, how stupid can you be? I mean, Lamebook’s logo is the same color, shape, same font, and the EXACT “like” button, just flipped upside down. AND THAT was the content of the cease and desist. Yeah, big companies like to throw their weight around, and perhaps Lamebook is right in this case. But say you go to a party. At said party is a guy 20 times your size, drunk off his ass and gunning for a fight, and he’s singled you out cuz you showed up in a shirt that is nearly identical to the one he is wearing. Yeah, its kind of a stupid thing to kick up a fuss about, but the smart and safe bet is to ignore it. Just stay on the other side of the party, avoid making eye contact, hell, maybe even change shirts. Like most bullies, you ignore them, they move on. What you DON’T do is tell the guy he’s being an idiot for getting mad over something so small, and you REALLY don’t go and preemptively punch him in the face. I believe the phrase is “choose your battles”. Its better to be smart than to be right.

  20. hootie the blowfish

    Alict, in comment 14, said:

    “Things Facebook’s lawyer apparently didn’t learn that I was taught in middle school: Parody is protected. It’s why Weird Al doesn’t need to ask to write his music.”

    Apparently, while they taught you that parody is protected, they didn’t actually bother to tell you what parody IS.

    Lamebook is not a parody of facebook.

  21. @spidey1112: I created an account here simply to tell you how mind-numbingly stupid you are.

    First, Facebook is flat-out wrong. When you want to criticize a company, you can use their logo, straight out. You don’t even have to modify it. You can of course modify it too. Let’s say you didn’t like BP. You could start and use their colour scheme, their logo and put an international NO symbol over it. It is completely legal both using colours, names and logos. This is not just legal, it’s common.

    Second, a preemptive lawsuit is also perfectly reasonable. Your bar-room brawl analogy is, well fucking stupid. Let’s say this was a bar, in the situation you describe. It goes more like this Big guy: don’t wear that shirt in here again. Little guy: hey bar keep, tell big guy I’m allowed to wear this shirt.

    Anyway, you go keep being a fucking moron.

  22. unless facebook’s page recently changed their allowance for external comments, i call fake on this.

  23. I’m glad you guys are smart enough to blur out the names and profile pics on this site, so thats one technicality that should help you out. I’m surprised isn’t going through crazy legal trouble for not protecting people’s identities yet. This is my favorite site of this nature, and I would be devistated to see it go. You put a smile on my face just about every day. I love you Lameb**k! lol

  24. I thought this was funny. A nice goof on a stupid situation.

    Between Lamebook and Fail, I like this one better. Content may be about the same, but the comment layout there sucks. Looks like eighties graphics.

    Not only am I not a lawyer, I have absolutely no experience with anything legal. So let me tell you what I think of this whole lawsuit:

  25. This is just as silly as OOH, EEH, OOH AH AH, TING TANG, WALLA WALLA, BING BANG. Just as silly.

  26. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg’s mommy told him to ignore Lamebook and maybe it would just go away. Then she wiped away his tears and sent him off to bed, the little pussy.

  27. Yes this is fake. That’s the whole point. They made this post to bring attention to it, not because it’s real -.-

  28. I’m waiting to hear the announcement that they’re suing the Phone Book of every country, town, etc. Facebook clearly came first.

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Judging by the number of people calling fake,I have seriously underestimated the popularity of brutal ass rape.

  30. Despite all the shenanigans about copyright, satire and/or parody or who’s suing whom first, FaceBook are being a bunch of stuck up, mirthless twats, there’s simply not getting around that. Zuckerberg has clearly forgotten that he rose from nothing to the lofty, dizzying heights of being the #1 social network on the interbutts today, and in doing so, he’s obviouly fogotten how to laugh at himself (and others), instead walowing in an inflated ego and brimming with unwarranted self-importance.

    This,of course, has led to the monolithic shit fit, resulting in the rattling of sabers as he attempts to “protect” his fiefdom from the nasty people of Lamebook who *obviously* threaten not only his huge financial influx, but that of his Zynga Overlord butt-buddies… Sure, why not?

    Sooner or later, FaceBook, if they continue being litigious net.bullies, are going to be seen as ogres of the same stripe as Microsoft, and it’ll serve them right.

  31. tl;dr

  32. one article i read has speculated that lamebook sued facebook to keep the case in texas(?) where the laws are a bit different and would more likely turn out in their favor. good job on their part, facebook already made another -book site change their “pronunciation”

    @mamabun- hahahaha yess someone tell facebook to sue the phone books. please.

  33. My understanding is that Lamebook is suing FB for the same thing that FB threatened them, because their suit will LOSE. The idea is to set a precedent in which the judge says ‘You can’t copyright or trademark the word “book,” jerkwads!’ So LB loses, but now if FB tries to sue, they’re already covered by the precedent.

  34. The best part of this whole thing is the new message at the top “help save lamebook” donate to our legal fund…more like donate to our legal fund, help us fail at getting facebook to give us money.

  35. I like the word ‘fiefdom’. I will try to incorporate that into conversation tonight at the rippers…thanks aku.

  36. @dibarnu has it right. Lamebook didn’t “sue” Facebook as most people have come to associate the word sue. Although most articles on the issue don’t get into this, the issue is quite simple. Lamebook filed a declaratory-judgment suit against Facebook. The purpose of the suit isn’t to get money from Facebook, but simply to be allowed to remain doing businesses as they currently are.

    In the analogy, it is just like saying “hey bartender.” However, I think @dibarnu is a little harsh in his opinion of the analogy. He seems to forget the very real possibility that the Bartender could look over at you, see that the first guy has more money* and say “ya buddy you gotta change your shirt.” If there was a chance that simply ignoring the issue would make it eventually go away, why press it?

    *Disclaimer, by pointing out the money I simply meant Facebook is able to afford better lawyers, not that the judge will be bribed.

  37. @33
    except, that ‘precedent’ has already been set hundreds of times and still has little to no bearing in the court room ,facebook was founded and trademarked (is lamebook even trademarked?) prior to the creation of lamebook and lamebook was given a cease and desist. This means nothing, I piss cease and desist orders and chances are nothing would’ve come of it. At most, lamebook would’ve just settled and agreed to change the logo because it would’ve been a tremendous and highly expensive endeavor to convince a court that lamebook owed facebook any financial compensation and lamebook is poor as shit so it wouldn’t matter anyway. Instead lamebook decided to sue facebook first, now my best guess is that they did this for one of two reasons:
    1- they are completely stupid, figured that a lawsuit was imminent and wanted to delay the procedings by making a mess of the whole situation by making two lawsuits out of one. (facebook can still counter-sue, this would be a clusterfuck of a mess though)
    2- They are hoping that facebook will decide to grant mercy on there little organization and toss them a loaf of bread rather then waste any time defending a lawsuit which would be more expensive to do rather then just give them a little money.

    Chances are zuckerberg had little to nothing to do with a cease and desist order, the head of legal probably just did it with the approval of one of the facebook execs.

  38. @36
    Oh, they aren’t suing facebook? This explains a lot, I probably should’ve read the article before I just listened to all the comments being posted…

  39. Read this:

  40. A VERY GOOD set-up status! Love it! :D

  41. I don’t see what all the hub-bub is all about. You near-sighted buffoons obviously can’t see the forest through the trees. You’re way too pessimistic. You need to look at the bright side.

    No more lamebook = all the people who complain about the suck posts will be happy.

    No more Lamebook = all the people who complain about the suck comments will be happy (including me).

    In fact, my main purpose in life over the last 6 months has been to chase away all of you crap, negativity-centric commenters one at a time. It would be awesome if Facebook did it for me. I <4 Facebook!

  42. you can still post links on facebook if you shorten it by using

  43. Uber Username man Strikes again!

  44. Knock Knock.
    Who’s there?
    Law who?
    Lawlz at your impending judgment.

  45. tairi: Sadly, no. Any URL that points to Lamebook is out. MiniURL,, everything.

  46. If only this happened sooner, they could’ve added it to the movie Social Network.

  47. last time i tried to link lamebook, FB told me i was linking “offensive content”… lol…

  48. Did I just imagine comments 48-52 or did they just disapear? LAAAMMEEBOOOK!! (said in 1990′s college dean voice)

  49. I literally have nothing to add, anything remotely humorous or vitriolic.

    As you were.

  50. @43 Frickin balls.

  51. Nope, still nothing.

  52. Blah… But Dukey made me lol
    Would have called it a fake for the hell of it if it hadn’t been done already

  53. Facefuck picking on Lamebook is like me screwing the noisy next door neighbours’ teenage daughter.

    Incredibly satisfying but it ultimately makes you look a little bit petty and vindictive.

  54. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Okay, so Lamebook is also blocking Facebook links for some fucken reason. I tried to post a link to facebook but I am awaiting moderation. I cleaned the language up and still another awaiting moderation. Anyway Facebook has an official page, so this post might not be all that fake.

  55. Just a heads up, facebook just showed me that a friend liked a lamebook post, she was also able to link it to us. ^^

  56. Yeah, I noticed they mentioned that on Twitter. They’ve said they don’t know how long it will last so make the most of it.

    a community page for Lamebook, surprisingly not blocked by face book… a chink in the armour?

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