Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haitin’ 2

More info on Haiti Relief & Development Fund Here.

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  1. I think he did that on purpose. Everyone knows the other meaning for LOL.

  2. good save, but he had to know that most people would see LOL and think “laugh out loud”.

  3. Columbus…fitting name for someone harshing out the Caribbean.

  4. Guys…this is COLUMBUS OHIO’S Fan Page. Go look at it, it’s a shitstorm now.

  5. Thank you, Bucky Fellini. Lol.


  7. You’re right, they’re still going on about it on that page.

  8. This has been catching people out for years. Solution….SPEAK ENGLISH!

  9. OMG, it’s got 72 comments thus far.

  10. #4, aladyknows, is right!

    The comments are just piling in, many of them hilarious and probably lamebook worthy.


  11. God damn it my resident state just had to embarrass itself.

  12. I agree that it was done intentionally because yes, everyone considers LOL as laughing, not love!! The 12th response to that is awesome:

    “Dana Gillispie: U got me good Columbus haha”

  13. I like how they blurred out Columbus’s cityscape. Columbus probably does look better drunk.


  14. oh man, this chick Kalee is getting the brunt of it! hilarious! best line, “Don’t Hait the player, Hait the game.”

    i hait myself for laughing at that :-(

  15. this seems really fake. all the replies were within seconds of each other.

  16. “Colleen Christensen u like haiti so much MOVE there, LOZER! lmao lylas g2g l8er tehe”

  17. It is also worth noting that Columbus way too quickly figured out people didn’t get the acronym and explained itself to its residents. It knew what it was doing. Columbus is a very insensitive city.

  18. I wonder how the four people who liked this post interpreted it…

  19. Columbus added this post in his links section. He was totally doing it just to get the attention. Columbus sucks.

  20. I want to punch Kalee in the face.

  21. That Kalee kept on showing how much of an ignorant and dumb bitch she is. Her comments were the funniest part of the drama, in my humble opinion.

  22. Obvious troll is obvious.

  23. I think we should all list off the best “Haiti” joke that they’ve heard in the past few days.

    You all go first though, as I don’t want to go to Hell. :)

  24. @ Bec, Columbus didn’t post it, Sarah (a fan) posted it to thier wall.
    @ slowmo, ditto.

  25. She gets mad at someone for spelling her name wrong. I think she was more concerned with someone not paying proper attention to the spelling of her name than people calling her dumb and insensitive. There’s her problem: she’s self centered! Oh the adolescents of America…only thinking of themselves.

  26. Clearly from 4chan. There were a few threads of post ending in ## has to set their fb status to that.

  27. Whats 3 feet tall and has a thousand arms and legs?


  28. Columbus is obviously not a real fan page. Some status updates are: I love Michigan, woohoo we’re the 5th fattest city and other stuff like that.

  29. I want to punch Kalee in the face.

  30. The page is actually pretty funny. The comments not shown on lamebook are way better than this post. It’s hard to believe people take that page seriously when they are commending the city for being the 5th fattest in the nation.

    Go check it out, though, and love to hate Kalee.

  31. It is very much a fake fan page. “Columbus Ohio” is the real fan page. The lamest (of the plethora of lameness) part is that they likely submitted it here themselves.

  32. Kalee made me LOL…which does not mean “Lots of Love” in this case. Someone please tell her why Haiti is and never was in any condition to help us…

  33. I absolutely love the fact that Mallory apologised for calling the status messed up, when Columbus was clearly bullshitting, everyone knows LOL means laugh out loud. OK, everyone apart from my mum.

  34. Up until a few months ago, my husband thought LOL was lots of love. He was texting back and forth with a friend of mine and asked my why she kept texting “lots of love” to him. Poor bastard thought he was the man and she was flirting.

    We still give him shit for it.

  35. I’d like to give Kalee LOL. Lots of Literacy.

  36. who thinks LOL stand for lots of love?

  37. “Rebecca Haninger Man, are people smug. Folks just loooooove to stare in the mirror and see how philanthropic they look (without actually doing much to help). Freaking out at jokes like this is a grand way to feel a lot better about your smug, greedy, spoiled American selves who think having the rival Presidential candidate in office qualifies as a “tragedy”. There’s nothing that irks me more than when people use disasters like what happened in Haiti as an excuse to take a dig at the political party they hate. Left, Right, I don’t care what you are…turn off your stupid Dem/Repub faucet for once and think with your brain, not with your party. [/rant]”

    “You forgot to open with a [rant] tag, so none of that formatted properly.”

    That’s hilarious.

  38. I loled more at the previous post:

    Columbus ♥ RIP Steve Jobs ♥

  39. You know what annoys me here? The “I think these are fake/staged the responses are seconds apart? Oh really? It must be fake! Duh, do you have any idea how many NOT staged conversations take place on my facebook with comments seconds a part? It’s called lots of people being on at the same time…. So here’s the new list of the top 3 internet douches….

    1. Shopped! Look at the pixels! It’s totally shopped!
    2. First! Omg I’m first! I’m so cool I’m commenting first!
    3. These responses are only seconds a part, it must be STAGED FOR LAMEBOOK BY GOD!

    Anyway, everyone knows LOL means Lots Of Love, where have all you people been?

  40. Haha my mom thought LOL stood for lots of love for the longest time, I finally corrected her last year

  41. ohio is slow

  42. Kalee has taken a reality pill fuck the fake sympathy that comes out after a bit of abuse


    laughing out loud towards people in Haiti.

  44. Yep, that’s what my mom thought it stood for too.
    I was determined not to correct her, but my best friend went and told her.

  45. Are you guys donating to Haiti too?

  46. It seems to have disappeared. The Columbus, Ohio fan page currently has no posts :-(

  47. I’ve read some pretty stupid comments in my day, but Kalee’s has got to be up there with the worst. I mean, why does she care so much about what happened during Katrina? It stands to reason she’s not from New Orleans if she’s on a Columbus fan page. And really, Haiti sending them aid because of a Hurricane? Maybe they didn’t send aid because being in Haiti under normal circumstances is about as bad as being in NEw Orleans during Katrina.

  48. I don’t see how people can find thousands of people dying funny.

  49. Retart.

  50. insert clever name here

    Shit for brians.

  51. @ JDPower: The page is simply “Columbus” not “Columbus, Ohio”. Search it that way, it’s still there.

  52. Cheers TT, very chucklesome. Especially Kalee bitchin at people for picking on her spelling and following up with “You spelt my name wrong douche” :-D

  53. I love this quote from said Columbus fan page, by Masha Madievsky, “Maybe they shouldn’t have overthrown the French who actually had a nice economy going there.”

    An economy based on slavery! Nice one Masha, you peanut.

  54. Just read the Columbus page and was going to comment on how ignorant some of these people are who think that having debt makes you a poor country. Having to pay the debt back with no means would make you a poor country, but debt and movement of money is an essential part of the economy of the modern world, and so long as you are rich enough to pay the interest or installments as agreed, you’re ok so to speak.

    But instead I’m going to go & donate ‘cos I’ve not done so yet.

  55. It would be nice if France just paid back all the billions of dollars they scammed off Haiti when slavery was abolished.

  56. Kalee = FAIL

  57. I remember reading about someone’s little sister who just KNEW that WTF meant “wow that’s funny” and used it in most of her texts and internet chats so I can believe that people don’t know that LOL does not mean Lot of Love, but I agree that this was done on purpose to illicit reactions

  58. FUCKING MORONS why don’t you look into something before blindly accepting it? ADD much? Just take a fucking look at the Columbus page and you’ll see it WAS A JOKE; THE WHOLE PAGE IS A JOKE, and a funny one at that. I grew up in Columbus and this page made me proud.

    @txikiwi, what the fuck are you babbling about? Columbus posted it. YOU ALL ANNOY ME TO DEATH WITH YOUR INCESSANT BABBLING STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID!

  59. Wow dude, issues much?

  60. @ spinach dip

    I reckon most people who have gone to the Columbus fan page looking for the thread would understand that the comment was a joke, made to elicit reactions, but the idiocy of at least half of the comments made in response are absolutely mind-blowing in their ignorance and self-centeredness.

    Looking further into it turned it from a bad taste one-liner into something a whole lot sadder, and my opinion of Americans has dropped again.

  61. *deskface*

  62. Such a shame. If only spinach dip had posted that little rant on Facebook we’d have had a brand new Lamebook entry.

  63. Awful, why are you insulting legumes by calling that Masha person one?

  64. i call fake

  65. That is hilarious. I dont care if it was fake or not or whatever the fuck all you people are talking about.

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