Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday PhoDOHs!

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  1. Nice sox.


  2. Lame is not a mother having a beer while holding her child. Lame is a mother passed out drunk in a bathtub while holding her child.
    Let’s get with reality, folks.

  3. Lame is the fact that she finds it ok to post a pic of her downing a beer while holding her baby like a rag doll on facebook…

  4. The pic does have a trashy look to it. Though I’m totally in support of moms having a beer.

    The first pic is all kinds of troubling. He’s going to regret that in a few years. Or maybe he’s regretting it right about now.

  5. Uhhh, I’m sorry, but is Connie Billy’s daughter??

  6. Charles sucks at life

  7. Based on the bedroom, I’m assuming that Connie is about 8 years old. Billy only likes her because her tiny hands make his dick look huge.

  8. ..and his feeble attempt at that moustache more manly?

  9. I don’t get #3 and #4 is disgusting. What does that say on the wall?

  10. Maybe I’m stupid but what does it say on that wall? S-T-E-U-R?

    hahahaha “cums up to my lips” wow…but more importantly, she says he reaches her lips but she has heels on in this pic…the top of his head is like 6 inches from her lips. What fucking heels is she wearing?? maybe she did mean it in a dirty way… :O

  11. aaaghhh jesus

  12. i dont get whats wrong with charles in picture 3. or the brother/sister (mother/son?) in the last picture (other than her bad spelling)

  13. These are shit. The defense rests.

  14. @rosinbackrider: I think it’s because she put “cums up to my lips”. That or I’m just a huge perv.

    That first pic is just wrong. lol.

  15. #1 – thats fucking weird and screams pedo to me. Plus the wood cladding makes the whole thing look like a bedroom set in a sex dungeon – he was probably doing a lighting test before bringing on the star.
    #3 – brilliant
    #4 – impressive, I managed a great snow piss recently but don’t have the stream control for walls, my letters bleed to much and are illegible

  16. Pic #4 says Steve.

    Massive amount of urine in that man’s bladder… about 2 minutes before it hit the wall, that is.

  17. Number 4 clearly says “Steve.” I’m guessing that is Steve in the photo with the beer in his hand. I’m assuming he is proudly posing beside his name written on the wall in urine.

  18. Pic #1 is the inside of a trailer. Some delusion woman still has Barbie sheets either because her family is too poor to buy new sheets, or because she’s one of those ridiculous trashy high school girls that dress up in pajamas with tinkerbell on them for halloween. Grow up! And take your socks off dude, if you’re trying to seduce her! Unless you’re afraid of the cochroaches.

    #2 is fine, drink all you want… just don’t post it on FB

    #3 I’m thinking the lameness is because it’s not lame, yet he calls out anyway.

    #4 Lots of urine… plus I bet your friends all saw your junk, with the jumping and turning needed to pull that off.

    #5 I really don’t understand why anyone spells “come” as “cum”. I did it when I was 14 as an obvious sex joke… but some people do it fo realz.

  19. I’m going to have nightmares about Billy.

    Much as I don’t want to be, I’m kind of impressed with Steve’s efforts.

  20. #1 Sooooo creepy. Where’s the eye bleach when you need it??
    #5 Wow. Just, wow…..

  21. Wait, maybe he’s her midget boyfriend!! That would explain everything.

  22. dcrearview, you put the “lame” in lamebook.


  23. Gross.
    It is so bad when someone spells “come” as “cum”. So disgusting, but I assume it is all she knows…

  24. The most lame thing about this post is the fact that I saw the first picture weeks ago on another website. It is gross that he is posing in a child’s bed but for all we know, it could be an adult’s bed(ever seen a college dorm with sponge bob sheets?)There is nothing surprising/lame or funny about any of these shots. Who cares about a chick holding a baby drinking a beer. It’s probably not even her child. Other than the mentioning of lamebook I don’t see what’s wrong with Charlie’s bike shot. As for Steve, if he’s drunk he still can spell his name. Good for him. The bottom pic she just needs to learn how to spell. I can’t stand when people write CUM when they mean come. How do you not know the difference. WTF.

  25. I wonder if Billy brought the play pony (behind him) for Valentine’s Day. Scary scary scary!

  26. Seen #1 on the web waaaay before this. It was on MDS a year or so ago on WTF looking people.

  27. Isn’t that a sign that some pedophile scary stuff are going through his head?!

  28. Steve is a legend. And in my humble opinion, undeniably Australian.

  29. the one with charles wouldve been a lot better if he hadn´t called out lamebook, or if someone else had called it out

  30. Steve is cool.

  31. Hurting: you put the “a” in “hole.”

  32. That first picture makes me so uncomfortable. It screams PEDOPHILE. Why on Earth would anyone think a photo like that is okay?

  33. I don’t know how she even has a kid with a mustache like that.

  34. The thing I love about the first one is that he’s gotten naked for Connie, who’s presumably his girlfriend/fiancee/wife, but there’s another girl, a toally different girl, taking the picture :S

  35. krasivaya_devushka

    The first two pictures are truly disturbing.

  36. Wow. I’ll be having nightmares about Billy and his apparent half ‘tash for years to come now i think…

  37. The first picture is probably someone who tagged their friend in it as a joke, which would explain why people have seen it online before. The person who sent it in (or lamebook) probably didn’t include the tags so people would think it was real.


  38. I think I’m turned on by Billy and Barbie.

  39. He’s got the pedosmile alright…

  40. It is not lame for a mother to hold a beer while holding her baby.. it’s trashy.

  41. Socks on huh? This guy knows all the tricks. What a master of seduction. Come get me papi. I’ll be waiting for you with nothing but my gloves on.

  42. @Gaybriel – I can just imagine the rug burn that will ensue in certain key areas.

    Sexy. :]

  43. The socks! OH MY GOD! THE SOCKS!!!

  44. If Steve actually spelled that with his pee, then I’m impressed. Seriously, I’ve been trying to do that for all my life.

  45. Charles is totally lame.

  46. nothing wrong with a mother having a beer. lame are the ones who have an ussie with that.

    and that guy who peed on the wall, wow my respect!

  47. *issue

  48. I would throw the pillow out or disinfect the hell out of it – blech!!!

  49. Top picture – someone needs to alert social services, or child services as I believe you call it in the US.

    Georgia – forget the baby and the bottle, work on waxing that horrendous moustache you’ve grown yourself.

    Steve – top work there!

  50. Charles’ one is fake.

  51. Wow, Billy’s socks are SEXY!

  52. hahah @whatnot, the socks were the very first thing I noticed….

  53. My ex wore tube socks the first time we had sex…it was the first time for both of us. Needless to say, the sex was TERRIBLE…worse than normal first time sex. PE problems, anyone?

  54. @J: Wait how would you know what normal first time sex is if it’s “first time” ??

  55. georgia, classy.

  56. I hope if I have a son it will be like Charles lol

  57. Dear Lamebook,

    Just because someone mentions lamebook on facebook does not mean you are required to post it here – because 90% of the time it’s neither lame nor funny, just stupid.

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