Monday, August 10, 2009

I Don’t Think It’s Going to Work Out…


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  1. Pffffff. Awesome.


  3. I wonder if she saw the message that night, or if she came into work the next morning and got bitch-slapped in person.

  4. This was on Digg earlier this past weekend.

  5. Damn…yeah, that’s all I got.

  6. haha, when keeping it real goes wrong.
    what a dumb ass! lol

  7. Saw this on 4chan

  8. OWNED! haha this retard got her ass handed to her!

  9. saw this on the internet.

    i win.

  10. [...] shared using Google Reader. All credit goes to the original author. The original entry can be found here. Shared by shay Brian the Boss FTW!!! Fired over [...]

  11. This one is popping up everywhere in the blogosphere.

    What an idiot.

  12. I think that calls for an OH! SNAP!

  13. oh ooops. she sounds like a clever lady.

  14. So she got turned down by a gay, cool.

  15. jb (:

  16. Lindsay = Moron of the Year!

  17. P.S.: Cool wand.

  18. Cosby: You saw this on the Internet? As opposed to Lamebook, which is on the… Internet?
    What is it you win, donkey?

  19. Lame how no one sees a problem with getting fired over something on FACEBOOK! Everyone is so used to living under an unlmiited amount of rules by their employeers/companies that things like this no longer phase you. What anyone says away from work shouldn’t be used against them at work.

    I’m sure a majority of you have told a friend “Damn I hate my fucking boss he/she pisses me off sometimes.” ect.

  20. i know people who have breached employment contracts and had facebook screenshots used as evidence against them. it happens, you just have to be conscious of what you are saying on a social networking site.

    i used to talk badly about my job and employers all the time. i just made sure i wasn’t telling the entire internet or any vague untrustworthy sources.

  21. p.s. i do agree with “what anyone says away from work shouldn’t be used against them at work”

    it’s genuinely an invasion of “privacy” on the one hand, but on the other hand, it begs the question “is it really private if i post it on the internet”?

  22. I agree with uhh. Talk about it with your friends *in person*. Don’t tell the world by posting it on a semi-public forum such as Facebook.

    Oh, and one more thing…


    That is all.

  23. That bitch is stupid!!!!

    invasion of privicy? bitch posted on her status on facebook and her boss is one of her friends… if you wanna cuss your boss do not do it where they can read!
    Bitch is stupid!

  24. A salutary lesson to us all – don’t post anything on the internet that can be traced to you.

  25. This is my new favorite thing on the internet.

  26. lmfao she got what she deserved

  27. NEVER add anyone in a position to fire you or influence someone else to as a FB friend! Idiot.

  28. omgomg that sucks so bad lol
    i will never add my boss to fb

  29. In an I-don’t-give-a-sh** moment I announced on my FB status that my organization (I used the full name) “sucks ass.” I guess I felt safe because I’d already given my two-week resignation. Well, I had enough co-workers as FB friends that word of my FB status reached HR. I was asked to go home and not return, even though I had 10 days to go. They were still going to give me my full pay plus a full week of accumulated vacation pay, but they felt I would be a negative influence on the dept. if I stayed. I got “punished” by being paid not to work. Brilliant management decision.

  30. hmm, I have to disagree with “What anyone says away from work shouldn’t be used against them at work.” If its publicised on the internet, and even moreso, if it’s a personal attack, it technically becomes slander.

    Im not saying everyone thats slandered their ex or something is totally in the wrong, just…be smart and don’t do it with someone in a position of power.

  31. why does everyone seem to hate their job.

  32. To “Lame”: I’m a teacher, so I REALLY have to watch what I post, which is why my facebook account is private — even my friends list (so that no one can hop to those pages and see anything I’ve posted there). It’s also why I will NEVER add my boss as a facebook friend (even though I’m friends with her in “real life”). Lindsay did this to her [stupid] self.

    It does kind of suck and it has tones of Big Brother (George Orwell’s, not CBS’s). But, as “uhh” pointed out above: Is it really private if you post it on the Internet?

  33. can you teach me geometry?

  34. Epic Fail.

  35. FUCK. YES.

  36. Teach FTW

  37. Come on people – she added her boss to her friend list. This is no more of an invasion of privacy than if he had heard her saying it directly to his face! It’s not like he went digging for something to use against her… She posted it right to his homepage!

  38. lol “invasion of privacy.” As if this was the equivalent of trash-talking your boss to your friends loudly at the top of your lungs while forgetting that your boss was not only still in the room but standing next to you. This whole site is proof that just because you can publicly announce every thought you have still doesn’t mean you should. Maybe if she was really good at her job, this would be going too far, but that’s not the impression I got.

    Also, dear Lame. It’s “faze,” not “phase.”

  39. I was fired for posting on a friend’s wall about how I enjoyed my work at a public relations firm, but was pretty sure McDonald’s employees were paid better than I. Of course, I wasn’t dumb enough to be “friends” with my boss on Facebook and she stalked me via another person’s account… But hey.

    Still a big advocate for the separation of job and social network.

  40. HAHAHHA, this made my day. Wanker?

  41. @Lame: “What anyone says away from work shouldn’t be used against them at work.” True that. In theory. But Lindsay broadcast her frustration on Facebook, instead of crying in her beer in the company of real (not online-avatar) friends. She is ridiculously lame for not properly blocking her boss on Facebook–you can set up limited-access view parameters whereby certain friends CANNOT see your wall, your updates, your photos, etc., etc. She insulted her boss in PUBLIC, and s/he retaliated. I would have done the same.

  42. And from the tone, she clearly came on to a gay guy and got shot down. Probably why she befriended him via facebook.


    total win.

  44. man, you youngsters are THICK as SHIT OMG LOL

  45. With everyone saying its private and all that, its no different then if your boss overhears you talking to your friends! If I told my mates (within earshot of my boss) that I think he’s a waste of space, that I hate my job blah blah, I’d be fired. I think the funniest though is that they were still in the “probationary” period of the job so he could fire her on the spot with no hassle!


  46. “Anon August 11th, 2009 at 3:38 am

    man, you youngsters are THICK as SHIT OMG LOL”

    And you retards who say “OMG LOL” are pretty fucking gay.

  47. stupid bitch is stupid.

  48. Why has no-one realised this is fake?

  49. @pleasant jones

    technically if its written its libel, not slander.

    still, hilarious, what a muppet!

  50. Don’t get me wrong its pretty damn funny and full of fail. I did LOL hard.

    My problem is just that we hold employers/companies at such a high magnitude we have to hide what we say about them. If they treat you bad you should be able to complain just as the customer has the right to. I’m sure things will never change; just my opinion.

  51. this has to be fake.

  52. stupid as stupid does…..Brian FTW

  53. Life 1, Lindsay -1

  54. [...] message on [...]

  55. Ann O. Nimus August 11th, 2009 at 9:13 am

    Why has no-one realised this is fake?

    Because no one has given any evidence to indicate that it’s fake?

  56. Canaduck August 12th, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    Ann O. Nimus August 11th, 2009 at 9:13 am

    “Why has no-one realised this is fake?”

    “Because no one has given any evidence to indicate that it’s fake?”

    Oh, do you mean against the “overwhelming evidence” that indicates that it’s not??

  57. Jan-Magnusson: “Oh, do you mean against the ‘overwhelming evidence’ that indicates that it’s not??”

    Yup. Generally speaking, fakes are found out and publicized rather vociferously. Haven’t heard a word about this one.

  58. @Lame

    I see this more as she got fired for being an idiot and posting this publicly, not realizing he could see it… not necessarily for talking crap on her boss. I’d fire her too, not for trashing me, but for being an r-tard

  59. LUElinks!

  60. Damn! I’d jump out the nearest window if this was me.



  62. 1. ANYone has a right to see anything you put on a social networking site. (Get a myspace if you want a slutty alter-ego)

    2. She friended her boss. BIGGEST NO-NO. If she did that, she should’ve been ultra-aware.

    3. Everyone talks some smack, but it should be done at the bar over beer. Not indirectly in what’s ultimately a message sharing network. Especially when you added that person into said network.

    4. Advice: Careful adding FAMILY & co-workers.

  63. all I have to say is : What a FAIL!!

  64. SUCK SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAHAHAHA DICKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Omg, this news was even printed in the London Lite today!!

  66. I would lol at that if I was her boss… then fire her ass!

  67. Arlene, who “got “punished” by being paid not to work”, yes that sounds counter-intuitive, but your employer probably couldn’t legally withhold your pay for the 10 days you had left to work, even though they had decided you were a liability. Most likely putting you on garden leave was the easiest way for them to deal with you: the hassle and cost of applying the disciplinary process probably wasn’t worth your 10 days’ pay + holiday money.

  68. I wrote: “the hassle and cost of applying the disciplinary process probably wasn’t worth your 10 days’ pay + holiday money.”

    Strike that. Reverse it.

  69. This is an online copy of the London Lite article about this, and I noticed some of you are quoted therein (and I am of the opinion that this was a totally stupid thing for Lindsay to do):

  70. lol i read this im the newspaper its such a fail

  71. This… this is beautiful.

  72. ^ That is all I have to add.

  73. ahahahaha this was in the newspaper (:

  74. wow, jonas. i didn’t think about it that way but if you’re right… oh man, lame city!

  75. awesome. thats the only word to describe this!

  76. bahahahahahahahaha
    so goddam good!!!!!
    oh my..

  77. awesome.

  78. While she is a complete idiot, I’m also bothered by the fact that her boss fired her not only over Facebook, but in a status update where everyone could see. Send a PM at least.

  79. @ Mimi – yeah pretty lame, but also smart because she would’ve been publicly humiliated by that

    What a legend boss

  80. I saw this last week in the London Lite and The London Paper, and I’m still laughing about it! It’s just too fucking funny! What kind of idiot slates their job on FB knowing they have colleagues on their friends list, let alone their boss?! God how stupid can some people be?!! lol

  81. Actually, I would have fired her too (not publicly) not because of what she said, but because she displayed a SERIOUS lack of judgment.

    What an idiot.

  82. Game. Set. Match.

  83. this is probably one of the biggest life-fails ever.

  84. fail fail fail

  85. there is this “little” site called…. its a place to add your professional contacts. For whatever reason. Its excellent.

  86. what a slave mentality you guys all have. when did it become okay for someone to take shit off their boss all day at work, then go home and be amongst friends and get judged for it. what you say and do outside of work [even if your boss is standing there] should not infringe on your job security. period. on the clock, he says what he wants. off the clock, you do and say what you want.

  87. reality check, are you retarded? As a boss, not only would I not tolerate an employee talking shit off or on the clock, but why the hell would I want to employ someone so stupid that she would write something like this after adding me on a social site?

    No chance in hell anyone in their normal mind would ignore something like this whether it was on or off the clock.

  88. twomummy'sdrinking


  89. Win.

  90. OMG win. this is FML worthy, but every1 would probably YDI her.

  91. U can say whatever you want outside work you are protected by labor laws and cannot lose your job but they can always find something else to actually fire you for so it really doesn’t matter

  92. [...] their boss on Facebook. The perils of friending one’s supervisor and forgetting about it are well known. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be like that. Friending coworkers can be an easy way to [...]

  93. Im a big fan of THIS, people fucking up via technology

  94. Well at least you don’t have to work for a gay pervy wanker anymore

  95. But to be serious, what if this girl was a great employee that was having a bad day and needed to let off some steam. The boss might be some PMSing queen on a power trip.

  96. Note to self: Don’t add my boss to my facebook friends, so I can bitch about how shit the job is.

  97. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    Today, I was fired over facebook by my gay boss who I didnt know was gay…Now im unemployed, half the World knows what sort of person I am now so I dont have much of a chance getting another job anytime soon and I am now the joke of FML

    :D D

  98. That bitch fucked up!

  99. you should be careful with what you write on facebook lindsay.
    that will make a good FML story

  100. I saw this on 4chan, it is one of the many Facebook accounts that 4chan broke into recently. Whoever broke into this one did an excellent job, fair play to them for making this look so believable, much better than most of the others I’ve seen from that raid.

  101. Oh how this made me smile, tehehehehehehe

  102. Ha! Love it!

  103. @ Dug, she wasn’t a great employee, he clearly states that she fucks up the simplest of tasks, which is probably why she hates it so much. He probably had been tossing around the idea of firing her before the 6 months anyway-given he knew exactly how far away it was. I think the dude is pure gold!! Totally Brian FTW!!

  104. She got what she deserved. She was stupid enough to add her boss as a friend on Facebook and let him see exactly what she had to say about her job. I just wonder how she reacted afterwards.

  105. hahaha sweet :) . . . PERVY W*NKER WINS I GUESS LOL :)

  106. ouch.. that’ll be the best day for her life . lol

  107. Wonderful.Full stop.


  109. HAHAHA best one on lamebook so far.

  110. ALWAYS but ALWAYS put everyone from your work to your limited profile, the moment you add them! It was so funny to read but to be honest , it s sad that one can get fired over facebook.

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  112. I’d wanna be her boss… will make her post a comment every morning… ‘MY BOSS IS THE BEST’… ‘MY BOSS IS THE SEXIEST’… ‘MY BOSS ROCKS’… that would driver her crazy soon enough…

  113. [...] never approach a child on the street (or even on the phone) with the same advances? Why do people post rants on their Facebook or Twitter pages when they would never put the same information into a newspaper [...]

  114. To anyone who says this is an invasion of privacy, try talking about having sex with people other than your girlfriend on FB. This is just about the same thing : /

    You don’t want your boss reading what you do at night, don’t make him your friend.

  115. I wonder if her surname is “Lohan”….?

  116. In your formal paperwork you sign something that specifically states you can NOT defame employers/associates or write derogatory things on the internet or anything public, or name your place of employment. You can write about it in your personal journals and what not, but nothing that can be seen publicly, by anyone.
    So, she’s a dumb ass and got what she deserved. BAW.

  117. What can I say? She definitely had it coming!

  118. LMFAO! This is the best.

  119. omg. that is like the funniest shit ever. First, what an idiot for adding her boss, more of an idiot for just being a failure at what seems to be life.

    Goes to show that only someone really retarded would post something like that, especially so everyone can see. It’s not quite the same as saying it to your boss. But, it’s more like projecting it out so everyone can see how unprofessional you are.

    Maybe she should go clean out portable toilets for construction workers, seems about her speed

  120. Hey, maybe she actually wanted to quit her job, so she wrote that on purpose?

  121. It’s people like this that prompt me to suggest we take all the safety labels off all hazardous products and services, and let natural selection take it’s course.

  122. fired over facebook…thank God for this website

  123. how fucking stupid must you be to add your boss on facebook and whinge about the prick. I would have loved to have seen her reaction when she read the boss’s reply.

  124. IT would be, “OMG!! he can’t fire me! I’ve never been fired before. I’ve never had to DO anything before, but come on, I’m cute. This is so UNFAIR!”
    “I can’t believe he didn’t LIKE me. I’m too cute for even a gay man to pass up. WTF?”

  125. Dumb bitch deserves to be shot. Woot.

  126. [...] open-settings, which will lead to privacy breaches of the socially-awkward variety, as users will accidentally post something that the wrong person can read. This will assuredly happen more frequently as a direct result of [...]

  127. LMAO

  128. simply brilliant, nothing left to say

  129. Hahaha epic Phail!

  130. haha they’re Irish – absolutely sickened!!

  131. lol!!! so stupid

  132. FAIL!!!!
    Thats the worst but unprofessional comment made by her boss.

  133. … and that’s why you don’t add co-workers on FB. Especially bosses.

  134. Bahahhaha! Love it!

  135. [...] company spokesperson — everything you do and say reflects on the business. Employers may be more notorious for complaining about their employers, but there are plenty of things higher-ups can do to cause [...]

  136. [...] company spokesperson — everything you do and say reflects on the business. Employers may be more notorious for complaining about their employers, but there are plenty of things higher-ups can do to cause [...]

  137. Hahahaha!!!!

  138. the lady actually worked? really? and she got paid? No.. Seriously? Wow.

  139. [...] distinct worlds of family, friends, and work suddenly colliding.  Sometimes with serious consequences.  When you are connected to hundreds (sometimes thousands?) of people on the social network, it [...]

  140. hahaha

  141. Why on earth would anyone add their boss on facebook :/

  142. I went to a course in my local area for jobseekers, and they gave us a presentation about being careful what you say on faceboook BECAUSE THIS LINDSAY PERSON USED TO BE ON THE SAME COURSE. I was like, omg I’ve seen that!! hahahaha I feel really sorry for her though.

    I had some of my blog on public, never thought anyone would every find it, but I mentioned how shit my workplace was and things customers had done to me and how much i hated this particular manager. What didn’t expect was that the twats at head office would have nothing better to do than go through the whole internet looking for mentions of this company. So i got hauled up into the general manager’s office and all the managers and a supervisor read my personal diary. They threatened a disciplinary but in the end i think they were too afraid to fire me for fear it might get out and make the company look bad. The hated manager threatened to sue me for libel, what a douche… still it was like constructive dismissal cos I had to leave after that as it was just too awful. I posted a very angry journal entry about it in defiance, insulting the very high up manager who reported me, and he got v pd off.

  143. never mess with your gay boss they sure know how to put you down

  144. #144

    Guru says: Very Real

    I’ll keep this short and sweet — this is the most excellent example of why it is important to chant the Lamester Guru mantra:

    “If you don’t want anyone to know, never tell anyone.
    If you don’t want everyone to know, never write it down.”

    I think the boss wins, that’s a no-brainer, but at what cost?

    She deserved to be sacked, she’s a whiney, pouty temp who has no sensibility. Yet, she is better-off not working for a pervvy wanker anyway. I- I hesitate to say this, but I truly hope she deleted him as a friend after this; in the Guru’s world, forgiveness only goes so far…

    The boss surely is a snide tool who most-likely does prance around like a queen when he’s off-duty and overcompensates at work by belittling his employees and sticking them with shit stuff to do just to piss them off and calling it their job while making it unbearable — Sure, a man might understandably feel emotional about her post and take it personally, but a better man whould have simply reminded her he was friended and is aware of her negative comments and would have left the firing to the private office scene. Terminations are best a private matter; it can get a wrongfully-sacked temp years upon years’ worth of payroll if messed-up by a pervvy wanker’s flippant put-downs and strong profanity. I would have had my boss or someone else do the firing and would have lost the f-word altogether. It’s about being cooler than that, or saying it with a better word, preferrably one she would have to look-up in a dictionary.

    He was too close, it reads like he could have screwed that up by associating his declaration of homosexuality and complicated it into a court case where he would have been sacked and she would have settled for a sum. How? Being “openly” gay doesn’t suddenly exempt you from sexual harassment charges from women — there’s plenty of bisexual pervvy bosses out there making ladies’ lives a living hell every day. Sure, his sacking her online is completely legal, but it doesn’t mean it’s appropriate, or in the best interests of the company’s image, nor does it mean he isn’t a pervvy wanker. If I were his boss, I would have suspended him for handling it at her level; outside the office, on facebook. He probably owns the business like he owned that exchange of text since he said “what I pay you to do” which is an owner-kind of boss thing to say.

    Sure, it makes a classic read for lamebook, but only a tool would put themselves and their employers and the company’s clients in such an unprofessional arena. Anonymity was not guaranteed when he wrote it, and personnel issues should be discreet, if not confidential.
    Ex. Just because you stole a stapler from the company doesn’t give me the right to break into your house to steal it back — just ask O.J. Simpson about that one…

    His candor was quite the sick burn, yet it could have backfired if she was a little more clever and cool-headed, or had a decent retort. Fortunately, she was not, and didn’t, which is why we get to read her classic rant in the first place.

    This, like all my other comments, is simply where I’m at now.
    Take all my musings with a grain of salt. That’s what this site is here for — so I can’t spew to all you lamesters what I dare not speak to my facebook associates.

    Be Here, Be Now. Be Cool.

    Never Be Lame. Deep down inside, where it really counts, you know I love each and every one of you.

    Peace Be To You All, My Fellow Lamesters.

  145. John Players Standard

    @guru. Hey brah this is hella old and been around for a long time. Try going outside facebook for once. Most of this shit on this site are old memes and shit. GG douchebag.

  146. @ John Players Standard — WTF? Didn’t they stop making John Player Cigarettes in 1983? What does that have to do with anything? What does the age of this post have to do with anything? So,hey brah, if you are on da kine webpage too does that make you a douchebag as well or just a PITA? PFO and MYOB if U can’t go w/o going OT and hitting me with ur lame abbreviated internet shit-hand — CYS, RTFA, & PO – I’m not here for your approval, so STFU & GAGF, flamer.

  147. Two words: “UNLAWFUL TERMINATION”

  148. @dandmart


    Aren’t “at will” employment laws fun?

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  151. Please, this wasn’t unlawful termination. She got what she deserved. And if he wasn’t exaggerating about her constantly making mistakes, he probably would have had grounds to fire her regardless of her probationary period or FB bashing.

  152. Too Much Free Time

    I don’t know where the idea came that anything on FB is confidential. Potential employers routinely scout the site for information about possible employees, so do background investigators. You want to bitch about your job, do it in person to a friend or in an email message or phone call, and not the company’s email or phone.

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  155. Girl Sperm Generally…

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