Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bigot ‘n Quit It

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  1. Someone needs to cockpunch Dan.

  2. Dan’s status has been going around. It doesn’t even make any sense! Then again right-winged bigots never make much sense.

  3. Press 1 if you J’aime Dan’s English.

    And the Natty lite lynchin’: Using ebonics to describe your fondness of a racially motivated hanging diorama is wrong on so many levels.

  4. And FFS, “off the hizzie” roughly translates to off the house. Kudos numb nuts.

  5. Dan looks like he’s more likely to eat an American soldier than to be one.

  6. Both of these

    So lame its not even funny

  7. If I knew any of those cockheads in the last post, Lamebook would fire up with that one status. Seriously, racist redneck assholes like that really make me want to kill the person who said that. I demand the full name of Dan!

  8. Dan needs to lay off the donuts

  9. NOT FUNNY AT ALL…assholes did that

  10. If Jesus died for my sins then i’m sorry he died in vain because I don’t believe in Christ.

  11. It’s fucking humor get over yourselves. If it had been a mexican that made the joke you would have pissed yourself laughing, if it had been a black man that took the pic you would have shit yourself. quit being so damn sensitive to race.

  12. Calm down super man…I would have been mad if anyone did it. There’s nothing humorous about this.

  13. It’s not humor; I’m pretty sure Craig was being serious.

  14. You’re wrong superman. I don’t find this kind of thing to be funny no matter who does it. People are free to make the jokes and I’m free to not laugh at it at all.

    I think racial insensitivity is the top of a dangerous slippery slope. There is no need to even tread on that ridge.

  15. @beanstalker your being racist for referring to a group of humans as redneck assholes. Your not much of one to be talking about racism!

  16. It’s clear that superman is probably Craig, or just another racist cunt.
    Racism is one of the world’s biggest problems, maybe even the biggest, and you say it’s humor? How the fuck is that humorous? Notice how nobody’s commented on the other pictures. Why? Because THEY’RE actually humorous. Not that racist asshole one you like.

  17. Redneck isn’t a racial term anymore, it’s a commentary on a chosen lifestyle. There is a rainbow of rednecks out there.

  18. It’s clear that superman is probably Craig, or just another racist.
    Racism is one of the world’s biggest problems, maybe even the biggest, and you say it’s humor? How the fuck is that humorous? Notice how nobody’s commented on the other pictures. Why? Because THEY’RE actually humorous. Not that racist asshole one you like.

  19. Matthew’s reply to Dan’s post should be under ‘Winsday’.

  20. I don’t want to be dramatic and I know this place is supposed to be teh funnayz and all that. But in all seriousness, even mild racism can have very serious consequences. People don’t set out to gas Jews by the millions from nothing. History tells us that these things happen slowly and begin with seemingly innocent intolerance and misinformation.

  21. I’m sorry can someone tell me the name on the bottle? I’m not familiar with it.

  22. Sure, the fridge lynching and Mac’s black fuck duck statuses were jokes.
    Dan and Craig, on the other hand, are 100% serious.
    Trust me, people like these fools run rampant in my ‘hood (Texas).

    Who calls someone a “beaner”? Come on. I bet that douche didn’t say anything. He just waited in line, silently angry, and rushed home to tell everyone on FB his win for America. You could it right? Ugh.

    And Dan, you sexy thing. It’s Soldier, not Solider. Fuckhead.

  23. What is annoying about Dan’s comments and others that hold that type of believe is that they fail to understand that acceptance of immigrants has a deep cultural history in America. It is part of who we are. Just in my family I have people from Norway, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Czech republic, native American, Vietnam, some where in Africa (Sorry uncle Arnie… I don’t know where you are from), etc… And that is just in my family… This country was built by immigrants and dumbasses like this forget that their family immigrated here at some point.

  24. @teeda I believe the beer being lynched is Negra Modelo, a mexican beer (although clearly intended to represent a black person). It’s a middle of the road dark lager, nothing special. I’m not a big fan, but I’m not a fan of most lagers.

    The first one seems to be more parodying racism more than anything else. Only the last one (Dan) strikes me as genuinely racist.

  25. Redneck is to those individuals what beaner is to Latin Americans.

  26. @teeda I believe it is Negra Modelo.

  27. Thanks for explaining that Sensible Madness. That is just disgusting. Now I know why there is so much outrage over this post.

  28. first picture:
    no, Maryanne!!!! you most definitely cannot!!!!!lol

    and shame on Benn for not getting the first comment. his dad would be disappointed.

    last picture:
    i would LOVE to see what kind of eloquent response Dan provided Matthew when he could no longer rely on his copy-and-paste bullshit. YOU COULD IT WRONG.

  29. My brother is all about insulting the “beaners”…what I don’t get is, why does he, or any of the other assholes like him, think they are better? What is it other than their brown skin? Willing to work hard? Willing to earn a bit less? Willing to be happy to even have a job? My brother is a total ass hole who bullies his children and cheats on his wife. Yet he thinks he’s better than any random Mexican in his neighborhood. Sorry but I doubt anyone like Dan or Craig is any better.

  30. There’s already a lamebook for right wing forwards, Dan’s status sounds verbatim like 75% of them.

  31. I like Matthew for his reply in Dan’s status.

    I know many Hispanics that are in the US military who would kick someone’s @$$ for calling them a beaner when they are just as American as the jerk calling them a beaner.

    And the cashier probably wanted to cry over Craig’s comments because she was ashamed to have to call him a fellow American. Not just immigrants use all change to pay for things.

  32. quite right slimjays.

    But Americans never fail to remember their “European” ancestry when they are trying to make themselves more cultured. It usually goes something like this …

    (Me) – I am from (Insert European country here). Where are you from?
    (American) – OMG Im from (that country) too.
    (Me) – Really? You don’t have even a slight twinge of the accent. In fact you sound american. Where were you born?
    (American) – In America. But what I mean is that my Great, great, great, great, great grandmothers second cousins dog was from (that country.)
    (Me) – Sooo .. your American then?

    Pisses . Me . Off.

  33. when there is a real history of white-capped souls lynching black people, it’s never funny, not even anthropomorphically. the racial symbolism is the cherry on top.

  34. Wow! I’m an immigrant but I blend in, so I often hear some shocking comments about immigrants which are just codes for “non white”, “people not like us”, etc…same as “my country” which means if you are different from me the country is “not yours”…and I don’t even want to get started on words like “beaner”. It’s just so ignorant.

  35. And by “blend in” I mean that people don’t often pick me out as an immigrant. There is no way I’m hiding it.

  36. I would never pretend to be European… I dont like taxes enough for that ;)

    I just tell people what I am… An american Mutt

  37. Sleepybear, I ALWAYS make sure I make it clear my ANCESTORS are from whatever European country…I notice most people fail to do so. I also don’t bother to bring it up unless it’s actually relevant. Someone talking about a European vacation isn’t an open invitation for me to bore them with my Euro-mutt family history.

  38. #32, I agree. Maybe I’m a bleeding heart liberal. That’s fine. But something that happened to real people 60 years ago isn’t funny to me at all.

  39. Most of my friends copy/pasted that automated message, so I created a rebuttal involving the 1st amendment. Didn’t quite catch on as popular as bigotry.

  40. I love the way lamebook left Dan’s double chins unblurred so he can be mocked for being fat – hey american stereotype.
    Alyssa spelt typo ‘type o’…ironic.

  41. Beaner is bad? Thought cheech made that would ok with his awesome song, Beaner… Honestly though, I like the culture mexicans are bringing to America… A lot of Americans have lost their sense of family… I myself am from a broken home. When I go to the parks around here in the summer I see huge gatherings of mexicans and the their families… They work hard and spend time with their families

    The average white american is not… Drugs, cheating, alcohol, unemployment, etc… are all problems facing white American families and we are not fairing well… Although we are ahead of African American culture where things like babies mama and babies daddy are ‘cool’ things to have… That culture needs to change as well.

    I think we can learn a lot from Beaners and I welcome them to America with open arms (Especially the women – love me some latina booty)

  42. @sleepybear

    Does it really piss you off? Most American families can be traced back to European countries. Now, if someone claims to be German because their Greatx4 Grandfather was German, that is different. I have never seen anyone claim something like that, because it is ridiculous. But, if you have, I’m sure it was irritating.

  43. Mexican culture brought us taco trucks. They should be given a goddamn medal for the best thing to happen to America cuisine since the hot wing, not yelled at for being “beaners”. I live in Texas, and most of the so-called Mexican food here is the watered-down crap they call “tex mex”. The taco trucks are where you go to get real authentic Mexican street food like I used to eat in Juarez all the time before that town went to hell with the drug wars.

    Pressing an extra button on your phone just to get to the automated customer service system that asks you to press 857 other buttons is a small price to pay for the miracle of taco trucks.

  44. I find it ironic that Dan’s status has “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” in all-caps, followed by “Press 1 for English” — as if “English” somehow originated in the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.

  45. @RangerBob

    American English is different than English English… Go smoke a fag in each country if you doubt me

  46. @Kenada

    “Off the hizzie” roughly translates to “off the hook”. Kudos, numb nuts.

  47. Ok, going to try one more time to post my comment… My last two say waiting moderation


    American English is different than English English… Go smoke a f*a*g in each country if you doubt me

  48. Todays Lamebook inspired rant is on the topic of racists: They’re all stupid fuck heads.

    Yeah, I’m tired.

    Annyway, don’t think I’m one of those ‘graaaah, all Americans suck cos i sure love to stereotype’ people, I’m engaged to a wonderful American girl. But, one pet hate of mine is… well, it’s not even just Americans. I see a lot of British people do it as well. The whole cocky, ‘this country belongs to us, and anyone who isn’t white, or doesn’t talk fluent English all the time can get the fuck out and go home’.
    Hmm, yeah, there was this guy that had that attitude before. He came up with a little solution, dunno if you’ve heard of it, it was called the FUCKING HOLOCAUST.

    Actually, I think my rant was going to be more on people that complain about people abusing ‘their language’ or whatever. This is the thing I always see in Britain, is people whining that Americans abuse our language. Uh, yeah, our language, with all those words derived from French and Latin, and so on. Yeah, that one.

    Wait, what the fuck am I talking about? Christ, I need sleep.
    Dan’s a twat. Dan’s Frodo.

  49. @ slimjayz-I understand what you’re getting at but, baby mamas and daddies are not “cool” in black culture. Unfortunately it is apart of the culture here in America and may be most commonly seen in black families because that’s what’s televised. Please be careful with what you say okay?

  50. So, in order to understand the last post, I had to google it and this is what I found:

    I have no idea who wrote it and I honestly wouldn’t want to know. I know I’m being embarrassingly naïve but I have a view of America as being the land of diversity and I always imagined that no matter who you are, no matter what your skin colour is and no matter what non-existing creature you believe to be your god, you would be able to make a life for yourself and your family. Free from mockery that is. It’s quite frankly depressing to see, that the level of ignorance we’ve been fighting for decades here in Europe is also very much real in the US. When people of a particular race, religion or nationality are generally attributed negative and threatening qualities, it becomes more acceptable that they should not be given the same rights as others in society and it legitimises discrimination and retaliation against them. And we’ve seen what that can lead to. Unfortunately no one takes me serious when I propose that there should be some sort of intelligence test one should be required to pass before being given the right to vote. With people like Dan and Craig – democracy will be the end of us all.

  51. THANK YOU BritishHobo for so many things in your post. I am an American and I do not fall into the stereotype of the ignorant-hated-moron that Europeans love. I get sick of being lumped in with evolution denying, racist, women hating, homophobic jerks who get a Jesus hard-ons.

    Secondly, your point about the Holocaust is a good one! I’ve been obsessed with this subject recently and people don’t believe that point A (mild racism and intolerance and ignorance) CAN in some instances go to point B (Genocide)…it doesn’t always but it starts SOMEWHERE. It doesn’t start from tolerance and equality, that’s for sure!

  52. Stephy-Lee, yeah, you should see the embarrassing family web I come from. Half siblings and step parents and fatherless children as far as the eye can see. And we are as white as white gets.

  53. I know a guy who had that as his status for a while…I think I responded with something along the lines of “If they are NEW to the country an American soldier probably didn’t die fighting for their freedom. He probably died fighting them”

  54. @Stephy-Lee

    I completely disagree… Because unless its football, I dont really watch TV… I’ve seen it with my own eyes… There are serious issues with black culture here in America. I’m not saying that to be mean or to hate. I stated it as the truth as I see it… I also pointed out problems in white culture… This is not racism and I dont care if you feel it is… I think maybe if I said subculture within the black community instead of black culture that would be more accurate… But you are just splitting hairs because you understand my point.

  55. @Penny Lane: Careful there, George “…segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Wallace was a leftwing Dem.

  56. Now, I’m from Canada and for the most part, I haven’t seen a lot of racism. Mostly stereotypical jokes/imitations of languages. But generally, most of the people that do joke about that, end up joking about themselves. Like how they “can’t dance because they’re too white” or something along those lines. I didn’t think racism was that big of an issue until I started working with one of my coworkers. He would be so racist that he’d say, “[insert Indian coworkers name] is such a fucking [racial term here] that she should get her throat slit.” Or recently, he made a comment that she should die during childbirth. After working with him, I feel uncomfortable listen to stereotypical jokes even if the person is making fun of themselves. Just anything racist, I find offensive now.

  57. Definitions change SeeBea. I think my point was clear.

  58. Just remembered Sarah Palin – kindly skip my remarks on you lot not having crazies in the US. And Penny Lane, “evolution denying, racist, women hating, homophobic jerks who get a Jesus hard-ons”…simply brilliant!

  59. Sorry for my typo there, I shouldn’t have added the ‘a’ to that sentence, I’m just furious for many reasons right now.

  60. Wow Erika… No wonder you Canadians have the stereotype of being oversensitive wusses, haha! Nah, I’m just saying that stereotypes can be fun and funny as long as you dont make judgements and choices on them… Because I hate to tell you all this… I have studied genetics and there ARE differences between the races :0 But we are all different even among our races… In the end we are all one species trying to live and work together on one planet… No getting your panties in a wrinkle because I can dance or jump and ‘happen’ to be white

  61. hahahahaha I have just noticed that on Dans post, the friend who is reading it is reading it in French Facebook.

    Do you think Dan realizes he has a french “friend?”

  62. Jesus hard ons?… Too bad his dad had problems with that and had to immaculate conceive Jesus

  63. hootie the blowfish

    @Kenada – not that I want to be defending this idiots, but “off the hizzie” I’m pretty sure would mean “off the hook.” “Hizzie” can be substituted for any word that starts with the letter “H.” If I’ve learned anything from Snoop Dogg, it’s that.

  64. I didn’t even notice the extra a…non English speaking and all…still brilliant though!

  65. @slimjayz

    Well, I think pretty much every Canadian’s favourite comedian is Russell Peters, seeing as how most of the people I know quote him on the daily. Haha. But that was just in my case. I just get uneasy when people who have a racist streak talk joke about stuff like that.

    If I highly respect a person, like my father (German immigrant FTW) jokes about stereotypes I laugh my ass off. ‘Cause it’s funny as hell. But when someone who has violent intentions behind their words does it, I just get queasy. Hahaha.

  66. It’s kind of funny today but in the 1830′s Santa Anna, ruler of Mexico, committed huge crimes against “anglo” settlers in Texas. One of my own ancestors was tossed into the prison at Perote for attending court in San Antonio.
    Not too many ethnic groups not guilty of some sort of racism…Glass houses and all. Pots calling kettles.

  67. The lynching picture was posted on Twitter over a week ago by some female w/ the caption “feet, snap”

    Can’t find it again but I saved it.

  68. @Penny Lane: Why are youn so full of hate?

  69. Slim I’m a part of the black community and I never said your comment was racist so calm down. I’m just saying make a more educated comment. The problems are American problems not JUST black. The white, black, indian, mexican, asian etc… problems are all shared. The whole proud to have a baby daddy or whatever thing, is an immaturity thing which can occur in any race.

    Basically, There are serious issues in America…and in the World also and really none of it is unique to one race, it may be PROMINENT or seen more in a particular race, but the issues we have as a HUMAN RACE are shared.

    @ Penny lane, thanks for agreeing

  70. @SeeBea
    “@Penny Lane: Careful there, George “…segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” Wallace was a leftwing Dem.”
    Lulz! Lemme guess, so was Hitler. Sure Wallace was a dixiecrat but certainly not left wing. That’s just fantastical RW delusion on par w/ them claiming that Nazis were left wing socialists.

  71. I’m not full of hate…?

    I am in a HORRIBLE mood because I live in a snotty town full of entitled assholes who produce entitled little brats and my daughter has to deal with this or have no one to play with.

    We are moving this summer.

    :o )

    Sorry if I come off as hateful. I’ve had a rough day.

  72. Oh my God, I don’t even have words for this one. I would like to state that Negra Modelo is my favorite beer. This upsets me that they hung it, it should be savored.

    Mac’s an ass with a duck.

    Dan, go fly your rebel flag somewhere else. Press 3 if your an ass!

  73. @hootie the blowfish
    “@Kenada – not that I want to be defending this idiots, but “off the hizzie” I’m pretty sure would mean “off the hook.” “Hizzie” can be substituted for any word that starts with the letter “H.” If I’ve learned anything from Snoop Dogg, it’s that.”

    PSA: Snoop didn’t invent that but borrowed it (he’s given full credit many times) from Frankie Smith who had one hit w/ “Double Dutch Bus.”

  74. huh. I can understand the typo, d and f being right next each other, but damn- douchebaggery is still rampant.

  75. Ugh, some dumb bitch I was friends with posted the last one on her status. I resisted the urge to tell her off, since she’s a friend of my mom’s, so instead I immediately deleted her.
    It’s Americans with those attitudes that make the rest of the world hate the US.

  76. I’m from Canada, and I kind of agree with Dan. I’m all for multi-culturalism, but it gets pretty annoying when you make a service call and can’t get anything fixed because you can’t understand what they’re saying, and they don’t understand you either. Then again everything is being outsourced anyways. It’s also very annoying when I’m trying to ask questions in the store and have to wait around for a saleperson who can communicate with me to come and help. I love the diversity here, being able to eat any food from any country I want, I love seeing the different cultural dress. But I often wonder, if I moved to any of these countries would they learn my language, or expect me to learn theirs? When in Rome….


  78. @slimjayz — I know, and you know, that there are huge differences between the Queen’s English and American English… but do you really think that ol’ Dan is educated enough to know that? LOL

    (BTW — I’ll pass on the smokin’ fags, in either country… lol)

  79. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, but I agree with not.dan. I don’t know how immagration laws work I. The states, but one of the things people must agree to when they immagrate to Canada is to learn one of the official languges. You’ve got two options. Pick one. If you can’t speak the languages you can’t partake in anything to do with our government. You can’t vote. It’s part of the package, technically. If you don’t want to partake, don’t come to our country. People might call me racist for saying this, but racist against what?

    I work for an optometrists office. It amazes me how many people walk in with government help to pay for things, but don’t speak a lick of either official language. You’re going to come to our country, use our money for your own gain, but contribute nothing? WTF.

  80. If you live in the US, and aren’t Native American, your family had to emigrate to the US at some point–so why do so many American bigots show hatred towards immigrants when they are more than likely an immigrant too?

    I am all for a more diverse America and I have no problem with legal immigrants in our country. The only issue I have is that there are a large number of people who live in the US and do not speak a word of English (which may not be “our” language, but it is the language of the country). I do not understand why people would move to a country and not learn to speak its language.

    Side note: I seriously hate to read posts from people who live in other countries who say that all Americans are bigots, or overweight, or abusers of the English language. Isn’t that also a form of stereotyping/bigotry?

  81. @AdmiralKnight

    Canada is stupid then. Just think of all the below min-wage workers you can get who have no means to improve their lot in life. And just think of how you can make all of the middle to lower class REAL Canadians blame them for their own short-comings. And you could then throw scraps to the REAL Canadians by once in a while raiding a company that hires these illegals, but instead of doing anything to the owner of the company they punish the immigrants working for less money and w/out protections REAL Canadians enjoy.

    To do anything less is Socialism.

  82. There are probarbly more people that speak English as a second language than there are people that speak English as their native language. I indeed agree with the fact that if you move to a country you should at least try to learn the language. It’s how I learned the languages I speak.

    That brings up the point of age. It is generally known that people of young age learn a language much more easily than a person of older age. In fact, the peak years to learn a language (mostly the syntaxis and morfology) are somewhere between the ages 6 to 14 (roughly). After that it starts to get harder and harder to comprehend the structure of a language by the years. If you start learning a language at an older age, you’re most likely to get stuck at a certain level of language acquisition (a proces called fossilization (I’m not sure whether that is spelled correctly, please correct if wrong)). Especially when a person has no specific lessons or programs to learn a language from, fossilization will occur quite rapidly, since your are not being introduced to the syntaxis and morfology, let alone the phonetics, of a language.

    Therefore saying a person should speak the language of the country he/she’s living in, is highly susceptible to integration. If certain ‘minorities’ do not speak the language of the country they’re living in, it’s most likely due to the bad integration proces of the government.

    I’m rather tipsy at the moment, so I’m pretty sure my rant wasn’t coherent. I will continue (if necesary) tommorow.

    Yours entirely,


  83. @scubasteph: I hate hearing from Americans that I should speak ‘American’ -when I adress them in the English language-, that the capital of Europe is Amsterdam and that European women are easily seduced.

    Are we even now?

  84. @scubateph

    The majority of immigrants who come here through the legal process do speak English. However, they usually are more comfortable speaking their own language and tend to find their countrymen while here… so they speak their own language a lot. The small company I worked for hired a bunch of Slovakians and some Czechs and they all spoke perfect English (while having trouble w/ slang) but they mainly spoke their own languages at work and outside of it unless they needed to speak English… which they were perfectly capable of (save slang as indicated above).

    They were awesome people, great workers, and great friends eventually. They threw some of the wildest parties ever and I was one of the few Americans partying w/ them. The parties were usually all Eastern Europeans (and Russians) and they all spoke English (w/ different accents) so I didn’t feel like an outsider while putting down pivo nad eating goulash

  85. @Penny Lane: Wait…are you saying Hitler was not cool?

  86. Well, looking 100 or so years back, when immigrants came in they attempted to integrate with society. Sure, in the cities they did tend to segregate into similar background neighborhoods hence the Irish section, or Italian section of the city and so on. But generally speaking, they be pretty much integrated into ‘American’ society within a generation. The problem now is we have a group of immigrants that tend to not only fail to integrate but actively resist integrating and make demands that we(The USA.) adapt to them. Now granted this is a minority of the immigrant population, but it’s a very vocal minority and it draws the publicity seeking media and politicians like sharks to chum. And that’s the only image of them a lot of the redneck types such as in the post have. Not saying it’s right, but there is a reason for it.

  87. @Denjiro

    It’s not that they don’t want to integrate, it’s that they are either not allowed to integrate or are discouragaged from integrating. Saying, “Beaner, speak English and stop stealing our jobs/ You should be deported spic” doesn’t really encourage them to “integrate”

    The Eastern Europeans I referenced above had no such problem despite preferring to speak their own languages. They were also white and didn’t get the same shit black or brown immigrants got.

    If an immigrant has no knowledge of English they’re most likely a product of crossing the border illegally (or in some cases, amnesty, which shouldn’t have this venom hurled on them). The people who should be demonized here are the scumbags who hire them so they don’t have to pay fair wages as well as taxes. They’re the ones who need to be vilified, put in jail, and have their sweat shops (catch all for landscapers, manufactures, et al) shut down.

  88. some srs bznss on lamebook tonight, huh?

  89. FYI: calling someone a “beaner” cannot be compared to calling someone a “redneck”. I know people who consider being a redneck a GOOD thing. I don’t know any Hispanic people who are cool with being called “beaners.”

    And yes I know that “beaner” is supposedly an insult specifically aimed towards Mexicans, but people who call other people “beaners” usually don’t know the difference between a Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc…they’re stupid like that. (People that say that, I mean. Not people who are called that.)

  90. @ 53. SeeBea: Wallace was hardly left wing. The Democratic Party of his time wasn’t the same party that exists now – most of the southern Democrats of Wallace’s time were hardline segregationist racists.

  91. oohhh tough issue huh, people generally have one side or the other on this one. All i’ll say is I definitely think immigration is needed, a good thing and can bring alot of good but it can also be negative if not controlled. In Aussie it seems that the government is so desperate to be seen as PC they will allow the immigrants to dictate anything, as long as they aren’t seen as racist. I do think if you move to a new country you should make the effort to learn the language, adopt some of the culture, while still keeping yours. But so many seem to move here and turn whole suburbs into replicas of their home country! Will probably get shot for saying this but the Muslims seem to be worst. All they do is criticise everything we do, alcohol is bad, your food is bad, christmas is bad it insults us. If I tried that in their country i would be dead! All for them coming, and bringing some of their culture but a balance needs to be found and I blame mainly the goverment to being to pussy to enforce it.

  92. And there is no excuse for not being able to learn english as there are free english lessons everywhere, even in illegal immigration detention centres!

  93. Last one I swear, @ sensible madness your comment # 5 was the funniest i have seen on here in a long time.

  94. No fun to be had on this thread, too hardcore for me

  95. Any comment can be racist depending on the connotation. If the connotation is offensive to any group because of their racial or social connotation, then it is racist. The connotation that you ALL are using for redneck in this thread is racist because it is offensive. It’s offensive to the class of people that you are referring too and it’s offensive to people that are related to that class. Sorry if you can’t handle the truth, but if you said that to a person you would consider a redneck, you’d get you ass whooped.

  96. @robotesque
    “@ 53. SeeBea: Wallace was hardly left wing. The Democratic Party of his time wasn’t the same party that exists now – most of the southern Democrats of Wallace’s time were hardline segregationist racists.”

    And many of the them that remained in congress actually became Republicans. Most Dixiecrats either switched parties, retired, or got voted out.

  97. @AdmiralKnight,

    Maybe you should try learning English as well, seeing as how you misspelled immigration, immigrate, and language. Good try though.

  98. The problem with stereotypes is that a few ruin it for the majority.
    I work in a restaurant in Rhode Island, and the majority of the kitchen staff are of Hispanic descent. The men I work with are hard working, kind, intelligent, and desperate to learn our language and customs. Many of the people I work with are first generation immigrants, and have just arrived in this country. I respect these men for having a dedicated work ethic and positive attitudes.
    Now, on the contrary, my sister in law, had a child with a second generation Hispanic. And he is the epitome of every “beaner” stereotype. He is lazy, does not work, does not pay any bills, is in trouble with the law, uses drugs and does not pay child support. My husband and I used to get really angry and say that it was “the Mexican’s” but I have now realized that it is NOT their fault. Her boyfriend’s parents are Mexican, and work so hard! But their son was born and raised in America, and simply has Mexican ancestry.

    So I guess my point is that most of the “beaners” I have met, are actually Americans. And the hard working people, well, they are actually really decent people.

  99. omg natral ice wearing little KKK hats… thats too intense for me lmao

  100. @scubasteve #77: That first point is like, one of the best points I’ve ever heard. If I ever happen to come across that ‘learn English or GTFO out of America’ post, may I have permission to use it? :D

  101. No, actually it is the exact same party. It is the same party that was protested in Chicago and had free speachers taken from the convention by their government stooges.
    Todays’ democrats try very hard to hide their truth under a veil of lies. As the Churchill noted, the truth comes with a bodyguard of lies.

  102. @KarlaEU:
    Most Americans are not bigots. Most are exactly what you thought. I work alongside Muslim, Jew, pagan and Christian, Mexicans, Poles, Hmong, Kenyans, Somalies and Iowans. Everyone gets along just fine. We eat together and drink together and shop together. My next door nieghbor is from Vietnam and a Korean and Pakistani live down the street. One block over is a Ukrainian married to an American.
    My church has Liberian members, Chinese members, Black members, white members, and democrats worship along side republicans.

    For some reason people would like others to believe it is worse than it is. I don’t know why. I’ve been all over the world. I love the United States and I can’t figure out why others don’t. People in Haiti get into cardboard boats and sail past Cuba to get here. People have been coming here in rickity old boats for years and they keep coming.
    I think that says something.

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  104. People hate America because for a while we’ve been top dog. Which means we’ve been used to doing whatever we want, instead of adapting a more global mindset. Eventually it will change, we just need more time. As far as racism, I live in Pennsylvania and there isn’t racism here. Coming from the younger generation, we’ve heard about racism historically, and as a result, it has almost become a joke. In a sort of parrot way, we repeat racist things because we know we aren’t supposed to, not because any one here actually harbors those feelings. It is impossible to convey how terrible racism actually is without forcing the experience on someone, and as a result, we are removed from it, just like I know we fought the British a couple of times historically, I have no hatred of the UK. I think that that is the mindset of the first two posts. I don’t think there is any point is freaking out about how racist those people are because they are even joking about such a thing, because, well, it is just a joke.
    Dan’s post on the other hand… Well The southern region of the eastern United States has had more trouble treating people equally. But you have to understand the poverty that is nearly ubiquitous in that region. When people are poor, they are more likely to be superstitious and cling to ideals like ‘coloreds’ are inferior. On the other hand, Dan is afraid of losing his culture (I know I know, what culture could Dan possibly have?). He is afraid of adapting to the change. English is what he’s known to speak for all his life, and when the world around him changes, he doesn’t like it. But, in nature, the animals that don’t adapt die out, and I think Dan’s breed will be no different.
    Me? I am a caucasian male, college age. If someone asked me where I am from, I say “America”. When people as me, what are you? I say “Native American- I was born in America, and this is my country” If you were born in America, then it doesn’t matter to me what color you are, you are American too.

  105. lostintranslation

    @MikeysRight: “I live in Pennsylvania and there isn’t racism here.” — That’s a very broad statement, and I’d have to say that after spending six years in your state (in Philadelphia), I can’t back you up on it at all. I think it’s dangerous ground to tread when you assume that something doesn’t exist just because you’ve never had any direct experience of it. And while it’s great that your experience in this regard has been positive, it doesn’t mean that the problem has gone away. Racism is still a very real issue for many people in your city, your state, your country, and the world as a whole.

  106. Dan looks latinamerican descendant for me. A very FAT one.
    Racism or discrimination? All the thread I can realize these two concepts were mixed. I am not going to explain these for you, google it!
    Inmigration always is a issue for the country that receive foreigners. It is not that simple to force these people to get use to the new culture, specially the older ones. The youngest have the way easy, depending the country/city they’ve arrived. So, even when you have the right to speak yourself and give your opinion, try not to be so arrogant and see the whole problem as it is. People not always choose to leave their country, they must do it to survive and have a better chance!
    And about that think of “I am American”: hey, America is the continent, why do you appropriate the noun? You might be North american as Mexico and Canada. Oh! dont you know that, do you? Mexico is North America as well… so you are beaners too!

  107. @SeeBea: Although I agree with you more or less, I find your use of the word pagan instead of atheist rather ridiculous. Just thought you should know.

  108. @lostintranslation: well done! I wonder if MikeysRight’s parents let him to go out far from his house’s door.

  109. AccraGreatOlympic

    Craig seems like a real tough guy that sure could tell it as it is. My problem is that I have no idea what his remarks were. I mean what does language skills have to do with change? And is Beaner really a word used to describe somebody? Come on. If some group of people is known to eat a lot of beans you could at least say something about farting.

    I wish he would come over here to darkest Africa and explain.

  110. I am also a Canadian, and I am embarrassed by my countrymen who have posted here before me.
    @not.ben… You AGREE with Dan? WTF? Why? Because sometimes you have to wait in line, or have a frustrating phone conversation? You are right, you’re not Ben. Ben is funny.
    @AdmiralKnight… No! It’s not a Canadian thing. And learn to spell!
    @Erika… You’re O.K., but your coworker needs psychiatric help.

  111. @lostintranslation You are correct, it was a broad statement, but it was meant to speak for the vast majority of the people I have encountered in PA (having lived here for 10 years). I have met racist people in Pennsylvania, but they tended to be from the much more rural communities. Living in Philadelphia, and having worked for the city of Philadelphia, I haven’t seen a shred of racism. Though, I am bound by my own experience, and if you have seen otherwise, who am I to say no. But I do say, I have met hundreds of people and I would say less than 3% of them have been seriously racist.

    @Madrid on fire That seems a little harsh to imply that because I have had a positive experience and that I haven’t met a majority of racists (PERHAPS PEOPLE ARE CHANGING?) that I must automatically be a pampered fool.

  112. nothin to see here, moving right along.

  113. Jeez…

  114. Same as yaya and eenerbl.

  115. lostintranslation

    @MikeysRight: 3% is not the same as “no racism in my state”, which is what I was getting at. It was more a word of warning than a criticism, and I didn’t mean to come across as if I think you’re sheltered in any way. I was simply pointing out that your belief that racism had somehow been conquered in your state is quite dangerous. At best, that attitude leads to complacency and acceptance of the status quo; at worst, complete denial of a problem that is very real and affects millions of people the world over.

  116. @SeeBea
    Just for clarification – I’m absolutely not against America or Americans. I would never use an unconditional generalisation like that. I disagree with your government from time to time but then again I hardly ever agree with my own.
    I’m Danish and we’ve had the most horrific tone of debate regarding Muslims and Islam for the past decade or more. And not just in Denmark but in many western European countries the tone has been close to the terminology once used by my southern neighbours. (Not to mention the situation in Eastern Europe where you literally risk your life in certain areas if you’re black, Jewish, gay, Muslim ect.) The things is, that I naively assumed, that since your country is founded by immigrants, you would be more inclined to a greater tolerance towards those who are different. Denmark in comparison is a tiny, homogenetic country where you really stick out in the crowd should you, god forbid it, wear a headscarf. I know that there are loads of Americans who get along just fine with people who look different or who believe in something different. And overall, I still believe that the level of tolerance is greater in most parts of the US (except maybe for wherever Palin is) than in Europe but maybe (and I’m not being condescending about America being a young country) America has reached a point where racism/discrimination is now towards immigrants rather than blacks. Maybe because you’ve been a multiethnic country for so long that being black or Jewish doesn’t quite hold the same level of “being-differentness”…

    hmm, I seem to be rambling. Amazing how I can convince myself that doing this is far more important than my paper…

  117. I just hate the crap about outsourcing. That’s a financial consideration made by a corporation and boo hoo you have to call another country and deal with someone with a different accent. Life is hard.

    Thank you eyeheartbrains.

  118. @KarlaEU

    as an American i am all for immigration… as long as it is done through legal channels. i don’t know anyone who is completely against anyone moving to America from another country.. people just want it done RIGHT.

    as far as the whole “LEARN ENGLISH” debate.. i understand that America does not have a national language, but i honestly can’t fathom moving to a country and Not even attempting to learn their language. would i still speak English to my friends and family? oh, sure.. but i would put forth the effort to communicate WELL with the natives of that country.

  119. @turrista #92: Shut up redneck. Are you offended?

  120. insert clever name here

    The beer lynching photo is hilarious. The way I see it, is that the crappy worthless beer is hanging the very good lager. It’s the equivalent of taking a photo of two pieces of shit with white hats on, hanging a bar of gold. To me, it’s not glorifying lynchings of blacks or Hispanics but showing how worthless the lynchers were.

  121. Dan’s post is so much better considering it was send in by someone that has a French facebook.

  122. @Anonanus:
    Thanks, actually I was referring to the many non-traditional forms (wiccans, nativist, voodoo cults and etc.) that seem to be very popular today. I do not feel that anbody is honestly an atheist anyway. My reasons are many a varied and this is so far off topic already.

  123. w0o0o0o0w.. that’s so not funny by any means… its 2010 people seriously needs to grow up.. and let that racism shit go..for real.

  124. Matthew owned Dan. Good job Matthew.

  125. @ dangit

    matthew isn’t talking to dan. dan never even mentions the word beaner.

    lulz @ the first pic. i don’t care what the meaning/symbolism behind it is. if i opened someone’s fridge to this, i would give them a hearty laugh and a high five.

    anyways, i doubt whoever created that pic is racist. hence their ability to laugh at it

  126. did anyone notice that his profile is set to a language other than English?

  127. C. Proseedcake KSC

    That adds another level of asskicking to the last picture, if my hunch is right and Matthew sent it in. Not only does he dick down on the other posters, he’s putting in the effort to learn another language.

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