Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Background Checks

More Background Checks from vault here!

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  1. That last photo is so full of various types of fail to start with, let alone the background action!

  2. number 1 is a super-rare BC.

    here little girl, take 10 points, with my compliments!

  3. i agree with 1

  4. I agree with 1 and 3… but thats only because this is my very VERY first comment, and I don’t really know what to say…

  5. I don’t get what’s wrong with number three,
    but the giraffe one’s a repost.

  6. The 4th one, what a kid would walk around with that on his back? At a dress-up event?

  7. @briechez – Actually, I don’t think this is a “dress-up event”. To me, it looks like the final day of a secondary school in the UK.

    The kids are in their school uniform but, as it’s the last day (they’ll be in Year 11 so they’ll be 15/16 and leaving secondary school) they’re going crazy and signing each other’s shirts.

    Someone’s decided to try and be funny and draw a massive cock on someone’s back.

  8. I’m guessing it’s the last day of school in the 4th one. We got everyone to sign our uniforms and such.

  9. @talkischeapxo–Picture #3 has a casket in the background

  10. you can put a pig in a frock…

  11. Oh no #2… that is NO place for your friend to be tossed. It’s not a dirty sock. At the very least stuff it under the mattress for godssakes.

  12. Number 2 = dildo.

  13. Definitely last day of school. Still got my graffiti laden shirt from my last day, insults, drawings and all!

  14. pic #3 has a coffin in the background…

  15. katy, where’ve you been hiding…?

    i love how it took a dildo to smoke you out of cover! :-D

  16. That’s really small for a dildo … or is it just me that thinks that?

  17. I always think it’s cute when animals try to hug each other with their awkward leg-like arms.

    Reminds of the time I fell down some stairs and broke both my forearms. I was high on painkillers at the hospital and tried to hug the nurse from behind with my casts on. I also had an erection like that giraffe. Well, not exactly like that giraffe. More like the erection I saw once on a goat that was trying to hug a donkey.

  18. I think I see a tampon string in number 5.

  19. walter, you just see what you want to see, you bloodthirsty scoundrel!

  20. If that were true I would have said number 2.

  21. i do like that we commented on the same picture though, walt.

    it makes me feel like one of the gang. :-)

  22. alordlsums the only gang youre part of is the shitty band gang, who just so happen to be the faggots with no friends gang

  23. What’s funny about 4 is it’s like a double whammy. Look at the girl bent over. It looks suspiciously like she’s giving the girl in the foreground some romance where the sun don’t shine.

  24. Picture 4 just looks like a typical last day at school photo – I have a few of them. People always signed each others shirts and drew rude things all over them. It’s just a tradition that probably gets worse and worse with each set of year 11s.
    I had hand prints drawn all over mine!

  25. @talkischeapxo that would be a open casket in the background….

  26. 1 – Giraffes hugging.
    2 – Dildo
    3 – Casket
    4 – Last day of school shirt drawings
    5 – I don’t really understand

  27. @lexiibenavides:

    5 – phoDOH in the front, blowDoh in the back

  28. Ah, #4 brings back memories of my shirt signing day. Someone had “Lucy soandso sucked my dick”, so I wrote underneath “Yes I did.” pretending to be her. One of our teachers saw and said “Did she really?” Was class. The joys of immature humour.

  29. One of my friends had that written on his shirt I should say.

  30. in number three a funeral is going on in the background…

  31. IndieSinger: Thanks!! Crazy Brits!! :)

  32. I realize the last one should be the background being mocked, but really… I can’t understand why someone even made that pink and black lace dress, much less why someone would buy it and worst of all, wear it.

  33. Number 1 is from… my friend honestly just linked me to that exact picture like a week ago. So I don’t know if Facebook is where the picture on that site came from, or if someone took the picture from that site and tried to pass it off as their own on Facebook, and whatnot.

  34. Hey alord! I’ve been so busy at work I’ve had no time to play :( how have you been? How’s the band? And yeah, it took me a toy to come out of hiding LOL

  35. no3 ain’t that bad… I remember when I was in school half of the student had the names of various teachers that they don’t like having gay sex with each other on the back of their shirts…

    (some had little illustration’s on how had it looked like also) which the others teachers found amusing, but funny enough there was one teacher who enjoyed the gay pic of him sop much he signed it….. scary now I think about!

  36. LOL no i mean no4… jeez I need more coffee!

  37. Fucking Giraffes.

    Also, now I’m going to wonder where a girls dildo has been other than her snatch. I thought it was just extra friction, but it’s really just dirt from the floor.

    Glad to see your back Katy! The parties haven’t been the same without you!

  38. hilarious !!

  39. Come one, people!
    That is fucking NOT a dildo. It’s a vibrator.
    It’s only a dildo if it looks like a real penis and doesn’t vibrate.
    You’re all fucking retarded.

  40. @spiderkane

    So what do you call it when it looks like a real penis and vibrates? Vibrildo. Just need to know what to call this thing up my bum.

  41. Those giraffes are an appealing example of wild animals at play, however, the girls in the last picture are distinctly unappealing examples.

  42. dirtylittlepretty

    i seriously doubt the two in that last picture would have minded what was going on in the back ground. probs just waiting their turn.

  43. Nuff! You’ve been having street drug random stranger anal sex parties without me? :( I am deeply saddened.

  44. I couldn’t figure out what was going on in the last one, then I realized the guy was sitting down and not standing up and it made all sorts of sense!

  45. My first comment! So I see the bj looking fun going on in the background of the last picture..but it also looks to me like miss pink and black outfit has tissue or something stuffed into her boob/boobs.Maybe its just part of a built in bra that turned itself outways but sure looks tissue-y.

  46. I think its a phone in her top, this generation cant go to the crapper without their phones

  47. The two ginormous pink things look like ten pounds of shit in five pound bags.

  48. The chick in #5 also appears to have spilled her drink on her chest.

  49. typewritermachine

    As per #2 = Yes we can see the dildo, but what do you expect? Did anyone notice that the shoe in the picture is a standard issue Army boot? What the hell are you expecting us women to do when our men are gone? *giggle*

    I thought this one was especially funny. Thanks Lamebook. :)

  50. typewritermachine

    Oh wait just reread the comments and had to post a second comment. I just want to add:
    Vibrator…dildo. Stop with the semantics. If it fits up your vagina, what does it matter what you call it? I think the word “banana” might work as well.

  51. Quite by coincidence the last time i got myself sucked off in the ladies, I also had an audience of flabby chubsters dressed up as Ribena berries.

  52. Ummm…I saw the giraffe one on like 3 weeks ago. I’m thinking it’s a fake FB post.

  53. I agree with #50… I’m pretty sure we all knew it was a sex toy. who cares what we call it?

  54. @lexiibenavides # 26: I’m pretty sure the giraffes are doing more than just hugging ;)

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