Tuesday, September 11, 2012


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  1. Nothing makes me feel more uncomfortable than watching someone try to fit their hand inside a Pringles can. I pour them out to avoid all of that silly awkwardness.

  2. I shake ’em up and pour.

  3. Will would have won if he had left off the extra “to.”

  4. I don’t know why people act like it’s a design flaw. Though my hands fit, I wait till the pringles are gone so I can feel what it’s like to not have hands. Try to do everyday things to pass the time.

  5. having a bit of trouble with the last one, is jamie uncomfortable because kelsea is a fat cunt, and jamie don’t like fat cunts?

    but jamie said very uncomfortable. which leads me to conclude that jamie must store pringles tubes in his/her ass.

    it’s the only logical conclusion here.

  6. Kelsea wants to fist Jamie.

  7. Dear Pringles,

    Ever since the enlargement procedure went wrong and left me with a cock like the Elephant Man’s face I can no longer squeeze into one of your tubes to make a Sour Cream deposit of my own… work on that.

  8. Eating Pringles is the reason why Kelsea can’t fit her hand in the can.

  9. ^ Say what? I’m not fat, nor can I fit my hands inside a pringles can. The only reason I can’t fit my hands in the can is because I don’t have ladies hands. irrelephant; you have feminine hands. If you are a woman, well done. If you are a man, be ashamed.

  10. What if Irrelephant is still a child?


  12. ^wtf happened to blocked? blocked was shit hot.

  13. Oh, fucking, SNAP Will.

    And ever since I fractured my hand, I can contort it to fit into a pringles can no problem.

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