Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zero Miles to Nobody


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  1. Nerd.

  2. something is wrong here. had to of not sent out invites or said the wrong day

  3. not even the two people that ‘liked’ it?!? haha how sad!

  4. awwwwwwww :P

  5. This could only be better if MTV were filming some “Super Sweet 16″ variant, with Miles as the birthday boy.

  6. sad

  7. aww I feel really quite sorry for him!

  8. Holy crap! Not one? What’s his damage? Must be big

  9. He was right about the “funny” part at least.

  10. That sucks man. Poor fella. I bet he smells.

  11. wtf, you beat me to it. clap clap!

  12. I feel guilty for laughing now…poor boy!

  13. I demand photos of a lonely guy sitting at a table in the corner of the upstairs room of a pub. For added pathos, there should be a DJ playing somewhere “We’re gonna slow things down a little now…” Also, he should be sipping on a Coke with a straw.


  14. Ouch!

  15. awhh i would have went!… ate the food, drank the drink n then left.

  16. This guy should not be pissed that every single person he invited came to his party. At least, that’s what he is actually saying by basically stating “nobody never turned up for my 18th”. Just a thought.

  17. P.S. Miles – Your friends might show up at these events more frequently if you didn’t refer to them as odd people ;)

  18. While I don’t find this kind of situation laughable, I do have to give props to y’all for coming up with a rather clever title.

  19. Cake from bakery = $20.00
    Package of balloons = $3.00
    Two cases of “Keystone Light” = $30.00
    Paying off someone to buy crappy beer for you = $100.00
    Advertising on Facebook that no one bothered to show up = priceless

  20. ahh bless him, i bet his mum came on miles…he’s going to kill a whole bunch of people one day i can see it now.

  21. Mom yelled surprise?

    Also, define “highly pissed”.

  22. Dude, no one had to know you were alone on your b-day! Jesus!
    Take the hint and realize something is wrong with how you act that makes people not want to hang out.

  23. @ Candy Blackmail: Golden comment!

  24. This dude has clearly scaled new levels of lameness.

    You ‘da man Miles.

  25. Maybe everyone just felt the novelty had worn off after the previous 17 big parties.

  26. Wow, and one of his “friends” then submits his status updates to Lamebook. How awesome are his friends?!? lol

  27. This is rather sad

  28. Do I have odd friends? what’s an odd person? Am I odd?

  29. i giggled

  30. Can’t wait for his 21st

  31. Ok I actually feel sorry for him.

  32. You're not alone in your stupidity

    You guys are dumb asses, he is not calling his friends odd. He said he invited 60- odd people. That odd is being used to define the number in a “round about number” kind of like saying 60 people give or take a few.

    Anyway, that is sad.

  33. #32 I think we all knew that. They’re just joking.

  34. That’s so sad!

  35. @ 32 You’re not alone in your stupidity – DUDE C`MON ARE YOU MILES??? Cause you sound pretty damn stupid too!

  36. Maybe they’re planning a surprise party?

  37. It’s like there’s a party in Miles’ mouth, and everyone’s invited! But he has halitosis.

  38. drunk green hornet

    see if people didn’t turn up he wouldn’t be Highly pissed. I know id be highly pissed with all that booze just laying around with no one else to drink it with.

  39. drunk green hornet


  40. And besides, if you arrange 18 different parties in one day and only invite odd people, no wonder people isn’t showing up on the 18th.

  41. Awww : (

  42. Poor thing… I can’t help but feel sorry for him. Didn’t he ask his guests to rsvp?

  43. Wait

    He saying that *nobody* out of the 60 people *never* showed up? Double negative much?

  44. LOL @ Lisa P. I swear, some of you lamebook comment posters should be comedians. :)

    Mile’s situation is sad and funny. It can be both, right? Personally, I laughed really hard first, and then followed up with a lil sympathy.

  45. awwwwww :( feel really sorry for him

  46. Yeah, that’s funny alright. XD

  47. miles FTL

  48. That just sucks….

  49. i almost feel sorry 4 him

  50. lol @ Sydney

  51. AHHH at least his sister got the first dance …then Mom and the Dad ….HA HA!!

  52. HA!

  53. I feel sorry for him. He’ll always remember that. Should’ve asked for RSVP’s.

  54. This is so sad. :(

  55. That’s not funny, its kind of sad. Poor guy.

  56. Awww.

    I’ll come to your next birthday buddy.

  57. poor guy

  58. Ahhhh, bless, what a shame. Obviously you’re such a cunt not even your parents like you.

  59. :( ( aww yea that’s not funny, I feel bad for him :( (

  60. this is so sad, i feel sorry for him!

  61. I feel bad for him too, no lie, my best friend invited like 20 people to my bridal shower and nobody came =/ We had a good time out anyway but it sucked to be stood up by everyone I thought was my friend.

  62. He said that nobody out of the 60 people he invited never showed up. That means everyone he invited came to his party for at least a little while. He should be glad so many people came to his party!

  63. That’s funny in a disturbing way. lol

  64. I genuinely feel sorry for the guy =(

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