Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yum Yum


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  1. w.t.f

  2. :’(

  3. watno.

  4. No one wants to hear about placenta. Period. Why is that so hard to understand? I have 2 kids myself, but even I realize that you have to draw the line somewhere.

  5. Or, Kim D, “cut the cord” somewhere?

  6. wow – sick

  7. And suddenly I’m not hungry!

  8. “No one wants to hear about placenta. Period. ”


  9. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Placenta is choc full of B vitamins, and eating it is (allegedly) extremely good for the new mother. Supposed to be quite tasty fried with onions too.

    Posting about it on FB though?

    Ugh, tmi TMI!

  10. What is she, a cat? Even though cats don’t have opposable thumbs, so it might be kind of hard for them to fry their placentas before eating them.

  11. dirtbag

  12. wouldn’t a multi-vitamin do the trick without having to go all cat?

  13. This is the same person who will post pictures of said birth (and possibly the placenta) in all its gory detail on Facebook.

  14. “Placenta…quite tasty fried with onions too.”


  15. Years ago I saw a piece on TV about a woman who always saved the placenta from her births so that she could eat them. In what I considered the most surreal scene, the program’s host found a random vegetarian on the street and convinced her to eat some of the woman’s placenta since it did not come from an animal. It was absolutely disgusting.

  16. YIKES

  17. And there’s plenty more where this came from over on STFUParents.

  18. How do people discover these facts? Who was the first person to say, “Hey look, the baby is still attached, maybe that thing is good for you! Lets eat it and find out!” I mean…wtf….seriously? I’ll eat spinach first, and I never thought i would say that.

  19. The only thing I want to put in my mouth that’s been inside of me is penis.

  20. I know there are some cultures that do that. Whilst it does sound quite sickly I see no reason for people to mock her.

  21. Kate’s a keeper.


  23. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    I can see why it might seem gross, but it’s purely a matter of perspective. Consider it against what happens in slaughterhouses – to mammals with the same five senses and almost identical nervous systems to us – just to get that burger in your bun . . .

  24. Am I the only one who seems to think she meant this as a joke?

  25. At least she’s not turning it into a stitched up frankenteddy:

  26. Don’t be anxious to have your baby so you can love him and hold anxious because you cannot wait to devour the THAT’S a stellar mom-to-be!

  27. Wait – she convinced a homeless person to eat it because it didn’t come from an animal?? Uh…humans ARE animals! And sorry, when mammals in a slaughterhouse use their opposable thumbs to use a fork and knife to eat their OWN internal organs, I’ll do the same.

  28. I don’t know what they do in slaughterhouses Thesaurapist, but whatever it is, it’s delicious.

    Also, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve afterbirth.

  29. Her excessive use of exclaimation marks gives us a clue that she’s joking.

  30. Tom Cruise said that after his wife
    had given birth to their first child they intended to eat
    the placenta.


  31. Either that or she can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

    I like the way the reason she can’t wait for the baby is merely to eat part of herself and not to see her new baby

  32. Actually a few animals do that. From what I picked up these animals don’t want the scent of it lingering around attracting predators though.

  33. The Hmong tribe save it but don’t eat it. Yum.

  34. @Ms. Terri – A placenta isn’t an internal organ

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. I eat cow liver and I know people that eat cow tongue and cow brains. Chicken yolks are the equivalent to a placenta. Heck, some people eat duck eggs with baby ducks still in them.

    People eat things that others find disgusting. If we weren’t in such an affluent society, where we can just go to the store and buy dead animals, I bet this wouldn’t be such a big deal.

    I would honestly try a little piece, if someone offered it to me. It would probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity, how could you simply refuse it?

  35. The yolk is NOT a placenta, its the genetic information that becomes the chick. I suppose the egg shell would be the equivalent of the placenta in an egg.

  36. I think she was joking by all those exclamation marks.

  37. How is it NOT an internal organ. It IS indeed an internal organ. It’s a temporary internal organ.

  38. Egg whites is the closest equivalent to the placenta.

    The shell is the closest equivalent to the uterus itself.

  39. I feel quite sick

  40. Ew.

  41. Kate, will you marry me?

  42. At least toilet baby will have a sibling now.

  43. eating placenta = cannibalism for beginners

  44. @ charl.
    Yep. I just gagged.

  45. Yeah, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  46. Not my cup of tea, but whatever. There’s nothing wrong with it.

  47. I think i may have dated this girl, she asked me to sh*t on her stomach, i did, she loved it.

  48. I clearly think this girl is joking!

  49. Placenta: it’s what’s for dinner
    Placenta: the other white meat
    Behold the power of placenta

    so many choices

  50. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Errr, did no-one else followed RoaringSilence’s link but me?

    By. The. Fuck. And you thought *eating* it was a bit strange?
    At least when you eat the thing it won’t be hanging about in a jar on a shelf, creeping you out with it’s eyeless stare for the rest of your life.
    Whoever worked out how tan and prep human placenta for use in soft toy manufacture had way too much fucking time on their hands.

  51. Thank you Thesaurapist.
    Goodbye every meal I was supposed to enjoy.

  52. Can a vegetarian still eat their own placenta?
    Wrap your heads around that one folks.

  53. Ooo, there’s so many things you could add to that dish! Eggs, for example.

  54. Thesaurapist 13(F)


    Sorry for giving you that ‘naked lunch’ moment.
    I know some nice chickpea recipes if it helps.


    Can’t see why not – no animal had to be killed for it. You could easily force them to eat it; it’s not like they’ll be strong enough to stop you . . .

    Thank you, I’m here all week. Try the veal.

  55. Weeelllllll, a vagina is kind of like an animal…If you think about it…and I promise you that bitch DESTROYED that vagina like a cave man hunting a fucking Mastodon.

  56. I’d probably rather eat the placenta than chitlins.


  58. I think I may have just puked in my mouth a little

  59. You’re all overreacting.

    Eating a placenta is equivalent to masturbating. How many here think that’s “wrong”? pfft, pass the placenta and the ketchup, please.

    Wait… this isn’t ketchup.

  60. I’m not saying you shouldn’t. I just don’t want to know about it. Gross

  61. I saw my cat eat all four placentas (placentae?) after she had kittens.
    Not that I was considering it anyway, but not a chance I’m going there now.

  62. How can you possibly compare gratifying yourself to eating something that came out of you? A better comparison would be for a man to masturbate into his own mouth. I mean drinking your own piss wont kill you, but I would rather not and semen is full of protein but most dudes don’t jack off into their own mouths. Any picking your nose and eating is now not disgusting either?

    I’m not judging people who eat their own placenta becasue it’s obviously not the worst thing someone can do. However yes, in my and other peoples opinion, eating something that just came out of you is fucking disgusting. And no I don’t plan on laying a big deuce tonight and baking it the oven and calling it a meal. sorry.

  63. *AND picking…*

  64. I personally prefer a nice poached placenta with garlic aioli…

  65. ^ you do realise that aioli is garlic mayo don’t you? and that you just said “garlic garlic mayo”. hehe

  66. Touche’.. Redundant sentence fail for me.

  67. Sorry! I really can’t help myself sometimes :$

  68. Semen is not meant to be ingested. Placenta are eaten by a lot of animals. I just see it as another natural thing that mothers can do, but some don’t. It’s kinda like breast feeding and natural births.

  69. ^unacceptable! I’ve spent many hours convincing girls that semen IS in fact meant to be ingested. You come along and try to undo all my hard work? Well thank you VERY much. Good day to you sir.

  70. Really, K? Meant to be ingested? That’s great news, I think I just found my new alternative to taking my girlfriend out to dinner.

  71. So, Vincent, let me get this straight.

    You think eating the placenta is just “another natural thing mothers do”, yet you think having sex with a pregnant woman is disrespectful to the mother and baby. Oh, and you prefer girls who spit rather than swallow.

    Dude, your values system is seriously fucked up. I mean, a big tick to cannibalism, but a big thumbs down for really quite normal sexual practices. Freak.

  72. What a sick bitch! Everyone knows palcenta is a dinner dish.

  73. *placenta

  74. @ #51
    And now I’m actually throwing up.

  75. To K and Maxwell

  76. # 75

    Funny, but sadly…

  77. Well…Some animals eat shit too, doesn’t mean WE should.

  78. All you people getting grossed out at this… that was the point. Congratulations, you’ve been trolled. :p

  79. When my daughter was born there were articles in the Sundays about people having post birth celebratory dinner parties where the placenta was part of the meal.

    So I waited until they were disposing of it and stepped in to claim it, telling them I was going to have it for dinner. The midwives looked aghast until I siss-boom-bahhed them.

    They did kick me out of the hospital straight after right enough.

  80. Many other mammals eat the placenta after birth – waste not, want not – right?

    I think there are many cultures in which humans will eat the placenta after a birth in celebration – a treat shared with the whole family.

    Doesn’t really seem any more disgusting than eating a dead cow, pig or chicken really….

    I’ll take mine over easy.

  81. Yeah when i think about having a baby, that’s the first thing on my mind too…

  82. big deal.. i eat mcdonalds all the time

  83. ^ LOL

  84. # 80 – Dude, it’s cannibalism.

  85. @Just sayin’
    How is it cannibalism? It’s just placenta. Cannibalism would be eating the whole baby. Which is plainly wrong in everyone’s book (I hope)


  87. ^ best show ever

  88. @71 Actually I wasn’t concerned about the mother. It was disrespectful of the parents(ejaculating in woman is like putting the baby in in a bag and cumming all over it). It’s not really cannibalism either. I used to bite skin off my fingertips and swallow them but clearly that doesn’t make a cannibal. It you want to be technical everybody who’s ever been hungry for awhile has self cannibalized themselves. You could call nursing incestuous as well, but that doesn’t make it so. Try not to be simple minded.

  89. @Vincent

    hahahaha, “Having sex with a pregnant woman is like putting a baby in a bag and cumming all over it”

    Wow… haha

    You don’t seem to know the anatomy of a woman that well. I’m not going to educate you, but your analogy is pretty far off. How about you try not to be so simple minded, before telling everyone else that?

  90. I didn’t feel like taking too much time thinking up a better one. Cum doesn’t touch baby but it’s near. I’m pretty lazy. Sue me.

  91. Fried?! How are you ever going to lose the baby weight if you eat that way, Chloe?

  92. Please tell me this was a joke

  93. Oh please… Why do people do this?

  94. In Hawaii, a lot of people plant it with a tree because it has so many nutrients.


  96. You know…I’ve actually seen this on TV. Fucking disgusting.

  97. Oh God, that’s offal!!

  98. @wordpervert
    That’s a terrible pun, but it made me laugh! <3

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