Thursday, December 17, 2009

You’re Just Too Much






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  1. second!

  2. frist!

  3. @ second and first.. you’re both frodo

  4. and andy.. we’ve all been there

  5. Paris hilton is that you?

  6. Stephanie is my kind of girl!

  7. Andy needs to think about Our Lord’s Second Coming.

  8. Yo Beth, mon! Ya be a BUMBACLOT! We rock wit dis hee-yah! Bo! Bo!

  9. These chicks must be really hot, there is no other explanation for why no one has told them how inappropriate and disgusting they are.

    Andy just needs to try harder and focus on Jesus’ six pack abs.

  10. anus??? Go strum ursef!

  11. Great Jesus songs for masturbation:

    Rock Me Sexy Jesus
    Down on My Knees for Jesus
    He’s the Lover of My Soul

    and my personal favorite:

    Here Comes Jesus!

  12. @ That_is_all- Their girl friends would jump at the chance to tell them how disgusting they are, especially if they are hot. (Sadly that is how it works) Either they have no friends or they are all effing idiots.

  13. Jenny needs killin’.

  14. The Scarlet Pimple

    Screw Jenny; that was meh. BETH needs killing. That was waaaay too much information, thanks.

  15. People never fail to amaze me with their shamelessness.

  16. To me, clot has to be one of the worst words in the English language. And why is Andy masturbating while on Facebook???

  17. why do you think clo is one of the worst words in the English language?

  18. Not to sound like a 5 year old but dammit, girls are freaking gross.

  19. Just when you think you’ve heard everything.

  20. I like turtles.

  21. It’s my pleasure, Paris.

  22. lostintranslation

    Oh good lord, I’m starting to lose all faith in my gender. Seriously, girls… “chunky intestine things” coming out of your vagina? poo on your finger? I cannot understand why anyone would think these incidents should be shared with the general public.

  23. LOL at Stephanie’s chicken boobs… Well- we all know the BREAST is BEST!!!

  24. Vince from purchasing

    Jenny, why in the name of all that’s holy would you want to post that on facebook?

    Stephanie, if that’s yr level of hygiene, you’ll certainly be the only person who gets close enough to smell them.

    Andy – that was a witty and whimsical comment that didn’t deserved to be lumped with these other morons.

  25. Of all the things to smell like.. chicken tenders? O_o

  26. I swear, when I was reading the first one I absolutely thought she was going to say “a baby.”

    Second one, it’s spelt “smiles.” Notice it has no apostrophe.

  27. It’s girls like this that make me wish I was a dude! Some things are better kept TO YOURSELF!

    And Andy, LOL sucks to be you!

  28. *I wish I had a chick like Paris! I would always be busy!!!
    *I hope Beth dies!!! No I don’t, but it sucks to be her!
    *Jenny is going to be the next Picas-so!
    *I really want to hug Stephanie, like so bad right now. Please just ignore the coke in one hand and the mustard in the other.
    *Wow I usually think about blowing on Jesus (or in him) and that is my problem solved! ;)
    Thanks for laughs Mol!

  29. I find Jesus a bit stand-offish and that is incredibly attractive.

  30. I truly wish I had friends who would post things like this, just for the pleasure of roasting them.
    No, I get “Taking the kid swimming lessons, hope Jacob’s ear is OK”… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. @Anitalaff: *Hugs*! I really do feel your pain because 98% of my Facebook’s friends post the same thing. *tear*

  32. @ Insane: Let’s turn ‘em IN!!!!

  33. I have to agree with Andy for not being able to masturbate whilst having a Jesus song stuck in his head. I can’t either! :(

  34. @Andy: Understood; I personally need images, not just audio. For instance, I’ve had a few lovely wanks while watching Passion of the Christ.

  35. I hope Paris’ pants turn into ’80s pop star Billy Ocean, who then goes onto strangle her with his bare murdering hands.

    I would love to sniff Stephanies chiken breasts and with the aid of Jesus God of Sex, I would give her a right good seeing to.

  36. That Jesus song one is funny because the orgasm cliche is “OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD….”

  37. Why do people always say “Oh God” when coming. I’ve never heard anyone say “Christ” or “Flying Spaghetti Monster” – it’s always only God… :|

  38. I actually don’t say OH GOD, I usually say the woman’s name. Unless I forget it and then I say somebody else’s name.

  39. BTW Svetlana, that pic, that’s hot.

  40. Well, SeeBea, that is me. :) Told you – I’m a bit chunky but I ain’t ugly! :D

  41. I told you, big soft lovein’ ;-)

  42. :) So have you ever said anyone elses name before, I mean by accident?

  43. Yes, yes I have.

  44. I have affairs… so I pay very close attention to who I call what… BUT! I have started talking in my sleep. Audibly, clearly… so who knows what’s come out of this mouth… :|

  45. I used to have a little problem calling my mothers name out during sex which could be very embarrassing.

    Of course my mums name was Takethatyousluttylittleanalbitch Smith so it could have been worse.

  46. hahaha @Imamofo – *tears streaming down my face* God, that was good…

  47. This just goes to prove, that girls, yes, indeed do have cooties.

  48. whatevermajorloser

    Beth and Jenny are making the female race look bad. Women are supposed to be classy and sexy. Intestines falling out of your vagina and poo on your finger? How embarrassing!

  49. Beth and Jenny have reached a plane of disgust that has earned a rightful spot in my mind of “Things I’d Rather Forget”.

  50. @Anitalaff: Let the idiot herding begin for the greater good of Lamebook :D

    @Imamofo: Dude that is a coinkidink because my mum has the same name! I wonder if we are long lost brothers?

    @Svetlana: What about ‘purple monkey dishwasher’?

  51. I love the last one. :)

  52. Haha, the last one is great.

  53. I’m pretty sure the “intestines” thing would be a miscarriage… I would assume “blood clots” was an attempt to hide what actually happened.

  54. @rockon – Ever seen a blood clot? Nasty stuff

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