Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Have Entered the Twilight Zone

You Have Entered the Twilight Zone

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  1. i don’t know about anyone else, but MY sister personally knows someone who lost a job for calling someone a freak on facebook. better watch out.

  2. that was just too long to care to read about, but it only took one comment to give it a lame rating.

  3. Uh wow. That is easily one of the lamest things I have ever read. Especially Emily’s last comment. How anybody could vote without giving it a 5 is beyond me.

  4. wow, nobody is actually that much of a pansy….omg don’t say “freak,” it’s a bad word!!! now no one will hire you!!! oh and don’t forget to learn to be nice.

  5. hahaha i love how they keep talking about twilight while they are fighting

  6. lol, sadly the Ani there is me xD

  7. i just don’t get it

  8. This got nasty real fast…

  9. Twilight and Narnia both suck.

  10. Heyy Ani!

  11. hey Chrizman! how ya doin?

  12. Anniiii. :]

  13. Feeferrr! xD

  14. Hey, did anyone notice, she wrote “NarIna” instead of narnia, and kept on writing Narina only throughout!

  15. I too dream of having a pet monkey… *smiles*

  16. thats was fucking stupid…

  17. This is probably one of Facebook’s biggest WTF moments, ever. If I saw that in my news feed I think I would die from laughter, and defriend all persons involved.

  18. the Boobie Watcher

    Did I seriously just read that whole thing? Facebook is full of freaks these days.

  19. tl;dr

  20. HI CORI!!!!! <3

  21. HI CORI!!!!! <3 lololol


  23. I’m curious as to why people “friend” other people that they obviously hate on Facebook. Also that girl Emily has the biggest stick jammed up her ass.

  24. aaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh

  25. The animosity in this conversation fluctuates wildly. One minute it’s intense hate and then onto dreams of ‘Narina.’

  26. oh lawdy

  27. You’re a freak

  28. I can’t believe I read through that….

  29. I’ve always wanted to go to narina…

  30. that was freaking hilarious.

  31. “some of our mothers hack into our facebooks” – burst out laughing there

  32. What…the heck.

    What is wrong with them?!!

    And then all the people giving shout outs and stuff here in the comment section..
    idiots.. all of them..

  33. Omg, yeahhhh Twilite is so~*~* awesome, if U a hater, GO SUK A DIK!11

  34. Yaaaaawwnn….what..who where….oh snap, I was dreaming of twighlitnarina!!!!

  35. wow Amy is such a loud-mouthed bitch.
    She should have a big mug of stfu

  36. Wow. There are some arguments that have no winners…

  37. So, this is what you call cyber bullying

    no wonder they commit suicide

  38. Lydia might be a little more rigid than most, but she is right, Twilight does royally suck (and the message it sends is hugely detrimental to its tweener girl audience), so, you know, Team Lydia all the way.

  39. Emily is clearly one of those girls that everyone hates but has to put up with cos she goes to their school. Wait till they get a bit older and hopefully one of them will have the sense to beat the crap out of her

  40. fakeplastictrees

    this is fake.

  41. @rahul (#14) I noticed

  42. This is why school sucks; kids need to get a life and stop bashing other kids… this one really disappoints me. I’m out of high school, but kids that bully like this really need to shut the fuck up.

  43. Take ME to Narina. Frickin’ Narnia sucks man-balls.

  44. let her go to narIna, i hope it’s got a big talking lion like in narNia, at least her friend ani can spell the name of make believe places, i’m sure she’d be happy to see her go.

  45. o wow, i read the rest of it. i take back my comment. ani can go to narIna too. the whole lot of them can.

  46. Twilight fanbrats such as Emily really disgust me. Seriously, if you simply express a negative opinion on the Twilight series, most Twilight fans go crazy and threaten you over it!

  47. I note that ‘freak’ was corrected, but apparently no one had any objection to the use of ‘fucking’.

  48. I love how Narina and Narnia are supposed to the be the same place. “I want to go to Narina.” “No you don’t, you idiot.” “Don’t curse at me, omg!” “Twilight!”

    I think my brain just oozed out of my ears a little bit.

  49. I dont know where to start… I guess I will just express my displeasure at losing the last 2 minutes of my life.. oh and twilight is awsum!!

  50. umm… does she mean narnia?

  51. “You never know who is looking at your page. Future employers could look”

    Sounds like something her parents told her.

  52. Twilight was good before it became a film.

    Also, I find it pretty funny how the default pic for Lydia and Gena’s pics are blurred. Gena’s is obviously a flower.

  53. Twilight is awful, and has always been just a bad fanfic, with the author writing herself into a shitty fantasy and doing a poor job at it.

  54. i heart derp. cos twilight is the epitome of shit. it took what was once one of the greatest horror fantasies ever created, and bastardized it, making pussy vampires who glitter in the sun. which means their (usual) weakness makes them more beautiful. hurrah

    i’d talk about the movies, but i’d rather hammer nail into my feet than recount the ‘acting’ that causes waves of nausea when viewing

    i wish we all lived peacefully in Narina together with Azaln and Mr Tomsan

  55. I actually think I just lost a little respect for the human race in general… also who do I talk to about getting the 5 minutes of my life back that it took to read that crap! lmao!!

  56. … Wow, just wow…. I mean… Wow, from what I can tell, Emily is a F*cking nut case who will probably go on a killing spree in the near future and kill off anyone who doesn’t like her holy bible… I swear, Twitards are making the hardcore Christeans look like decent people (I myself am a Christean, just not hard core) and as such, I think she really needs to get her ass whooped so that she can learn some manners.

  57. you’re a ‘christean’ wtf is that, i think you were going for christian, if so, that was a fail. nice one douchebag

  58. What age are these kids?! Fight properly, goddamit! Far too polite for my liking. And why did Lydia say “keep that off my page” -thought it was Gena’s page?

  59. Why does Emily have Gena added as a Facebook friend if she hates her huh? ¬_¬

  60. 0 – 18 year old girls should be banned from E-Society, WHO THE FUCK ARGUES WICH IS BETTER, Narnia or Twighlight??, both of them are lame and gay as shit.

  61. @JO
    Uhm.. I think that they were 13 or something.

    I love that they objected the use of freak, but had not problem ACTUALLY cursing. What is wrong with the world…

  62. Where the fuck is Narina?

  63. Christ on a cracker

    Laaaame! I say kill them all and burn down ‘Narina’. For fuck’s sake!

  64. what the fuck is narnia?

    and its called a fucking centaur bitches… learn your greek mythology before speculating about the contents of this ‘narnia’!

  65. How do people not know what Narnia is??? That thoroughly depresses me.

  66. L-O-L what even happened here?! Haha!!

  67. “Twilight” is bad and they should feel bad.

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