Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You don’t read?


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  1. Dear God, could this truly be real?!

  2. What takes the cake is that the only time he wrote correctly was about books. Outstanding. He must be serious about not reading.

  3. This is beyond lame.. where do these people come from.. are they employed.. do they vote? more importantly.. do they breed??

  4. dude. dont you guys ever get high?
    bad grammer/spelling happens

  5. Don’t read books, or CAN’T read books.

  6. Wait, that’s a double negative “I no do not read books.” I bet you he’s just outsmarting us all and he’s actually incredibly literate.

  7. Fucking Brits!

  8. Bloody Yanks

  9. Sometimes, people should be spayed or neutered

  10. “TV Programmes” = British. Sorry Queen

  11. lol queen pwn3age.

  12. yank u fuckin fag tryin to be funny with leet speak and u put an e where there isnt even one fuckin noob ur berating us on spelling then your liek OH I SPELL PWNAGE LIKE WITH AN E LIKE PWNEAGE which aint even how it is jus cus ur tryin to be cool u fuckin dick

  13. …Chill man.

  14. No comment needed….

  15. @yank is a dick: BAHAHAHAHA!! Idiot!

  16. leet speak?
    how about horrible spelling and doesnt have a clue?

  17. Yeah it actually took me a while to decipher the gibberish.

  18. is this Kobe Bryants facebook page?

  19. Can anyone translate “grifnd on my hussel” for me? I get the rest.

  20. @G
    Girlfriend on my hustle?
    Gryffindor on my mussel?

    Not a clue.

  21. http://www.urbandisctionary.com

  22. http://www.urbandictionary.com

  23. Why Urbandictionary?

  24. I doubt Urban Dictionary can help anybody out, here. The more disturbing thing is that all of the misspelled words are consistently misspelled, meaning that Buddy truly believes that they’re meant to be that way… wow. Just wow.

  25. Apparently “smoiking weid all day” is living life to the fullest. I mean, what else is there to do?

  26. LOL. I especially like “I no do not read books”. Really? Who would have known. :)

    I reminded of Kanye West, who, according to his own words is also a non reader. Man, I laughed so hard when I read this:


  27. He’s old enough to go to a nihtklub???

  28. I thought it might be “grind”. So using bamelook’s suggestion that would make it “grind on my hustle”. I’m still none the wiser.

  29. G – this might help “grind on my hustle” make more sense
    a verb formed from the words grind and hustle meaning to put in work or constant effort against harsh opposition.

    Also a noun as in “the grustle” — i.e. the rat race, the daily grind.
    How are things going?


  30. he’s just fucking up all his vowels.

  31. Oh look. This thread has more retards using the “@” sign without having any idea why.

  32. Dear Lord,I might know that guy,and yes he’s British!

  33. @@@@@@@@@@
    methinks you’ve no clue why and how to use them,go back to twitter,wuold you?

  34. Oh look, @@@@@@@@@@ is getting upset at people using the @ sign again.

  35. He’s not British! I know of the guy.

  36. “In internet forums, the @ sign is used in lieu of a quote. For example, John posts something which is then followed by seven posts. Another user, Dan, wishes to reply directly to John. He can either quote him or begin his post @John: in order to indicate to whom he is speaking.”

    Although Wikipedia isn’t the gospel truth, this shouldn’t be too wrong, right?

  37. @ G

    The F is a typo

    Grind on my hussel.

  38. Smoike Weid Everi Dai

  39. Me thinks he’s just trying to be funny :-)

  40. me thinks you should stop using “me thinks…”

    Its pretty dumb.

  41. Jesus what a fucktard!

  42. @Morph

    Whoa, thanks for the heads up, that guy definitely is a fucktard.

  43. Imagine what our country would be like if taking AP classes got you laid.

    Think about it ladies. Think about it…

  44. I loooooove playing bastkbetball!

  45. Not only does he like to play bastkbetball, he likes to drink alkohaul. Fa realz.

  46. the 10000th visitor


    I believe its pronounced “fo shizzle”

  47. This post actually hurt my eyes to read it. I mean..this guy did go to school right? Isn’t that the law? Yes?

  48. I call this a fake

  49. Silly minorities what with their weid and husseling their grifrnd.

  50. well, he sure isn’t reading spelling books.

  51. Its not girlfriend its a griffin. “Grifnd” = Griffin
    He’s being hustled by Griffins.

  52. It’s depressing how many people write “don’t read lol!” or something of that ilk in there…

  53. Goodest Spellerer

    It’s really hard to quit smoiking too.

  54. Im strayt Gd up
    I don’t like to think about that.

  55. Clearly, this person does not read books.

  56. i feel like I’ve lost some brain cells just reading this post.

  57. wow… i thinks that all i can say

  58. It’s a trap!

  59. these people are bred in my hometown.

  60. this guy is cool man, i know him. hes from the ghetto hes a gangbanger who gets high.

  61. 7 chip. I would just like to draw your attention to the fact that this guy is not British. I can tell this because we speak English from birth and no matter how much weed we smoke don’t lose that ability. Unlike you fucking arsehole Yank twats who can’t even spell words like weid or alkohaul.

  62. notthemessaiah, not all of us Yank twats misspell weed an alcohol. But we sure as shit can spell Messiah. Of course that’s because we are over run by religious morons, but still.

  63. *consults Idiot to English dictionary.

  64. really? i mean…. really? i’ve met some stupid, stupid people, but really? good grief i hate idiots.

  65. Not sure what scares me more, the weid, alkohaul, bastkbetball or nihtklub. Meanwhile my spell check just shot itself in the face.

  66. I think someone smoiked a little too much weid before filling out their profile…

  67. I think I enjoyed the Yank and Brit argument the most.

    Tell ya what. The world sucks, your all just as lame as each other. Suck it up and make up or make out.

  68. @WTF America #43: That is an incredible concept. The country would be so so much more educated… Wow…

  69. this is why we give them the shortest month of the year for their fucking ‘Wee beez kings and qweens” munf. They are ruining the culture…

  70. retards at their best…

  71. are you serious? you racist prick, where does it say that he’s black? and of what culture do you speak, pray tell?

  72. its obvious the man is black… “BEt” dumbass. youre just mad because your culture is not the “brightest”

  73. ^^
    this is not our culture.
    our culture was robbed from us many years ago, along with our languages and livelihood.

    this is simply a reflection of the commercialized, marketable “culture” that white suburban youth love and that white ceos exploit to make money off and oppress a people that have suffered even since whites showed up to their rich, beautiful continent.

    there is a lot of reading you should do, cheik anta diop would be a good start so you can learn the real origin of “western culture.”

  74. @notthemessaiah Wow, you Brits can speak at birth? I don’t know any other cultures on Earth whose babies can do that. Truly amazing. And i also did not know until i read your post that only Americans mis-spell. I thought Iceland was the only country in the world with 100% literacy. Apparently England can claim the same.

    Oh wait, you’re just a culturalist idiot. Come to think of it, most people are idiots, English or American or Russian or Swiss (actually, the Swiss are all geniuses) or members of any nationality. Personally, based on this person’s grammar, i daresay he’s Martian.

  75. @notthemessaiah – WTF??? You speak English from birth? I highly doubt that – there is no reason why this person couldn’t be British, American, Canadian, Australian or any other English speaking nationality…. no one speaks a language from birth and knows how to spell perfectly from the word ‘go’.
    He was just making a joke, calm down about it and grow a brain…

  76. fuck awesome (formerly fuck whitey)

    plenty of white people watch bet, smoke weed, drink alcohol, and type like wannabe gangstas on facebook. and your comment about my culture not being the brightest is also bull shit. no one can claim cultural supremacy. way to interpret one idiot as the representative of an entire ethnicity. this site is supposed to be about funny shit

  77. God you guys take yourselves too seriously.

  78. Unfortunately I know of many people who write ‘i don’t read books’ or ‘books??!!!??’ or ‘heat magazine’ or ‘i’ve only eva red 1 book in my lif witch was jordan’s bography’

    sigh – it’s depressing.

  79. RE: nl

    I know those people too. They get un-friended with a quickness.

  80. Umm… He spelled the words that way because facebook won’t accept weed and other certain words… Still lame.

  81. @ Pnut

    I doubt Facebook disallows the use of the words ‘Fine’,'Straight’,'Girlfriend’, ‘Basketball’ and ‘Nightclub’; I am quite sure that I have seen them written on Facebook pages correctly before, and Facebook would have to no need to Filter words including ‘Basketball’ and ‘Fine’

  82. That one part “I do not read books” is correctly spelled because he left it a blank, it’s an automatic message on Fakeboob. One would think you’d be able to imagine that…

  83. @Cox

    No, it actually isn’t an automatic message. Try leaving yours blank and see if it automatically is changed to that. It isn’t. Plus, it says “I no do not read books,” which is not a proper sentence if you pay attention at all.

  84. at least he spelt ‘friends’ right…

  85. John Players Standard

    Hey guys obviously he can read if he can tell which each one of the columns.

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