Friday, February 19, 2010

Yo Teach!

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  1. FIRST

  2. second

  3. If there were more teachers like Adrienne and fewer like Valerie, the world would be a better place.

  4. With the first one, I can’t help but think of the IQ-testing question “what weighs more, a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?”

  5. And Adrienne sounds like she’s just about to get it!

  6. Adrienne is so full of win.

  7. Should a response from a former teacher be signed “love, so-and-so?” And should she be discussing alcohol with a former student on a public forum?

  8. It’s weird that so many people have their teachers on Facebook…

    Also, why did they blur out the name of the school, but not the logo?

  9. Adrienne is my favorite teacher that is about to get fired over posting something obscene on facebook that gets reported by one of several students that she probably has added to her friends list.

  10. Hey ladies! Show me your pancakes and i cover them with my male syrup!!

  11. @BritishHobo

    It’s because it’s much harder to google “torch, half moon, weird high heeled shoe” to know which school it is.

  12. Adrienne’s post reminds me of all the education majors i went to undergrad with… i see similar posts weekly.

  13. I think that school doesn’t teach their students well.

  14. Oh dear, what has this world come to?

  15. 15th! yeah Bitch, how you like them apples?

  16. Andrew and Jennifer have engaged in extracurricular activities.

  17. Adrienne and mcowles FTW!!! I love smart asses.

  18. @Rilesx3 – “discussing alcohol” (??!?!?!) that’s hardly “discussing alcohol” suppose the “former student” is an adult now? lighten up. when you get home, say hi to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for me

  19. Who the hell would be Facebook friends with one of their teachers (excluding college professors, of course)?

  20. Most teachers are not allowed to friend their students on FB. If I was a teacher, I know I wouldn’t.
    Adrienne FTW!!!

  21. I think Mr James is my old Home Economics teacher…

  22. adrrienne for the loooseee, oh “at least I still get a period!” since when was that something to show off? lol Im sure the 14yr old is reaaalllyyy offended. o and its funny to see a teacher stoop as low as their student…

  23. I’m a teacher and I have dozens of my former students on my Facebook – they all added me by the way, I’d never add a student, that’s creepy. I’ve had to hide most of them though, their inane status updates make me feel like a failure.

  24. ha ha Male Syrup! Brings something new to Sunday brunch! The waffles and french toast will never be the same.

  25. I’m also a teacher, but don’t have any students link on xbox live, let alone fb! Besides, my gamer score posses all over theirs!

  26. *pisses

  27. Valerie reminds me of the people on my friends’ list who are studying to become teachers and can’t spell the word ‘elementary’, sigh.

  28. Adrienne FTW indeed!
    zwarrior FTL. Too uptight. You should stop all that warring on the z. Maybe then you’d get it.

  29. I feel the need to defend Valerie, because I was the person who submitted that particular status, so I know that someone in charge of Lamebook edited it. There was actually only one error in her original status, the apostrophe in “joy’s.” She was one of the top ten students out of our graduating class of over 330, and she is now a senior English teacher at our old high school. She isn’t as dumb as Lamebook is trying to make her look.

  30. LOL-ing big time at Harold and …James, cyring infact.

  31. weirdflowers, why submit her status then?

  32. Lamebook edits submissions? What the fuck? Sometimes I’m fairly certain that Lamebook is Frodo.

  33. So wait Weirdflowers; you submitted her post for being stupid, and then you run to her defense and say LBook is trying to make her look stupid?!

  34. @weirdflowers – lamebook for the fail. Like we need to conjure up idiots

  35. As an educator who has students as FB friends, I have to agree with yoyoma. I never friend a student, because of the creepy factor. Here is some of the rest of my rationale:

    1. I know that I’m not posting anything I would mind them, or my mother, to see. People who are my FB friends know I have student friends, so they don’t post anything terribly raunchy, though I know they are tempted. I don’t post questionable comments, am exceptionally careful about commenting on student updates, and don’t join groups with profanity or gross connotations. Honestly, I only do the super-cool/lame things like play Happy Aquarium and link to Lamebook.

    2. It gives me a view into their world and, to some extent, vets what they might post on FB, since they know I will be seeing it. I also warn students to make sure their profiles are set to private, especially when they put their phone numbers in them.

    3. What a compliment for a former student (and yes, I only have former students as friends) to invite me as a friend! It’s like saying, “You made enough of an impact on my life that I would like to keep knowing you.” My acceptance of the invite is a big “ditto” to them. This factor increases exponentially when I taught them as many as 8 years ago.

    4. I have NO contact with most of these former students outside of the FB forum. I think only one of them is attending the school I’m teaching at now, though I won’t teach her again before she graduates, so there’s not playing favorites.

    5. Yes, it does tread a professionally dangerous line, but I am willing to defend my decision to anyone who makes an issue of it.

    6. And yes, sometimes what they post makes me bang my forehead against a table and make me wonder how effective an English teacher I truly am. But I’m also able to shrug it off as “kids these days.”

    If you don’t know about the education system from experience, keep your judgements to yourself.


    A Teacher

  36. @ anna

    Lets bang in your classroom… I started to read all you wrote, but it was long and my mind wondered… Now I’m horny

  37. haha, nice one Anna, so anyone on here that hasn’t been to school should keep their judgements to themselves? But since pretty much everyone on here would have done at least 1 grade of school, you fail.

  38. I submitted it because I thought it was funny that she’d misused an apostrophe while writing about being an educator. Lamebook tried to make her look like an idiot, which she is not. I may have been lame for posting it, but Lamebook is lamer for editing it.

  39. I’m sorry if that was a bit excessive, but there are too many people who have never been educators making decisions for the public education system. No Child Left Behind, Teacher Merit Pay, Furlough Days; it never seems to end. And I meant educators, poopaloop, and you know it. Slimjayz, I wish I had my own classroom. That, as well, has been deemed unnecessary by the powers that be.

    poopaloop = tool

  40. I never read the long ones, but I saw “banging my head” in there somewhere, so I’ll just assume Anna has PMS.

  41. I wish it was PMS. This anger extends far deeper than hormones.

  42. Interesting topic. I recently received a friend invite from a university lecturer (in the same age bracket as myself). So I made some inquiries in class and learnt I am the only one who received such an invite. Which is creepy enough but now the class also knows what’s up. What the hell is she thinking? (Not to mention the lose-lose situation she put me in… I can only hope my ignoring her request won’t affect my test results in any way but I’m sure I’d have risked more had I accepted.)

  43. @Anna, I’m sorry miss.
    @weirdflowers, agree 1000% if they are editing them then this site just became pointless.

  44. Thats ok anna… angry back alley sex works for me too ;)

    When I was in 6th grade I used to deliever the paper to my 5th grade teacher… When ever I would go to collect money she’d invite me in and chat my ear off… I wish she would of been younger and did other things… But alas, just talking :(

  45. @anna I know a teacher who has been asked by the school system not to friend students on FB, that’s why I posted that. Not sure if they made him sign anything about it…

    I, personally, would want to keep that professional barrier between my students and myself. It’s not like I’m hanging out with them after school,. so why should I see them talk about all that on FB. Just my opinion- I am not a teacher, just saying what I would do…

  46. Ha ha slimjayz, you should have brought an apple with you and told her to spank you with her ruler!

  47. I’ll apologise as well, Anna. I’m sure you’re lovely.
    I’m VERY tough on those that post long comments.
    Madame Lash, as I’m known in some circles.

  48. Lmao! I had no game in 6th grade… I still have no game, but I’m packing so it works, lol… Hmmm, maybe I should of brought her a banana and said hint hint

  49. It’s okay, I’m sorry you guys have received the brunt of my frustrations. The people who really need a stern lashing sit in ivory towers. Anybody who would choose not to friend students, that’s understandable. I obviously choose otherwise, and I’m glad I made that choice. Through FB I have helped prevent a suicide and helped put a stop to two abusive relationships. People who don’t know can’t be made to understand. @wordpervert, thanks for being gentle, and I really am good people. :) @slimjayz, I bet we could find an unused mobile classroom. ;)

  50. though part of me thinks adrienne should be more professional…the bitchy side of me is thinking “ADRIENNE FTW” ;)

  51. Oh my! Anal in the annex!!

    You winning my heart anna… I may actually have to go read what you said

  52. eenerbl, let’s just put slim out of his banana misery once and for all.
    So slim, picture this, me and ee, a banana, it’s a big one, we each have “hold” of an end, and we meet in the middle.
    Voila!, no more banana.
    Does that do it for you?

  53. Amazing wordpervert! We need to tape this shit, and market it. We could make a small fortune! Who knew what you cold do with fruit! Slimjayz, I’ll let you watch in person.

  54. I read it and I think your reasonings are solid… The only issue I’d have is that of siblings… If you friends someone that still has a younger sibling to come through your class then I think you could be looking for trouble… Other than that I think its cool… I think I will fb this one cute hippie chic I had in hs, lol

    Although now that I know you are an english teacher I am scared… I dont get along with english teachers…

    this was on my last paper – Review your writing resources in the CWE for correct APA standards – attainment of the APA Manual will greatly assist your APA formatting.

    Blah! fuck the APA

  55. @weirdflowers: ANOTHER entry edited by Lamebook to make it look actually lame? Jesus, is anything on this site even real?

    @mcowles: I tried that, but all that came up was this Lamebook post, a blog about high heels, and a picture of a naked woman lying in a bath shaped like a shoe. Which is better than finding the school, I think.

  56. @weirdflowers: ANOTHER entry edited by Lamebook to make it look actually lame? Jesus, is anything on this site even real?

    @mcowles: I tried that, but all that came up was this Lamebook post, a blog about high heels, and a picture of a naked woman lying in a bath shaped like a shoe. Now compare that with someone who just found the name of the school, and which of us do you think got the better results?

  57. @ ee and word

    That really isnt my thing… I mean you gals call my name while doing it and we are talking… But I’m not a fan of the lezbo thing… When I watch porn I imagine myself in it… When its just 2 chics I’m like, where am I? Folding laundry? Making diner for when you are done? looking for the banana I packed for lunch?

    Not that I wouldnt still watch and jerk… Cuz I am a pervert… but I’d much rather be involved or watch ya get pounded :)

  58. You can have the banana afterwards for lunch slim.

  59. Lol wordprvert!

    Oh slim, oh slim… ‘scream follows’. There ya go darlin’.

  60. @Mcowles — I’m pretty sure that’s a little bird and not a shoe.
    @Slimjayz — You have successfully made me horny. Thanks, thanks a lot. :-P

  61. You gals going to help me out this weekend… thanks in advance… have a good weekend :)

  62. @thepurpleapple

    yummy!! I will be back on mon ;)

  63. @slimjayz – I actually have taught a student, then had her friend me on FB, then taught her sister. You might think it would be an issue, and I’m sure in some cases it might, but it wasn’t. Sometimes your reputation preceding you works in your favor. Though I am an English teacher, I have not corrected anyone’s grammar in my 6+ months on Lamebook. And yes, fuck APA. I’m MLA all the way baby. APA is just a pain…Anal in the annex, LOL, but you never know. :)

    @poopaloop – I’m sorry I called you a tool. I can be a defensive bitch.

  64. Adrienne is my biology teacher. Oh my.

  65. Valerie for remedial English classes and Adrienne for Principal!

  66. Male syrup… Must go on baby batter pancakes?

  67. OfficialSnak, you’re not said 14 year old girl, right? ;)

  68. Nice work, everyone. I can see you have this one under control; on to the next.

  69. @BritishHobo : Gosh, I hope not. I know who it is though.

  70. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    Thanks to word and ee, this comment section is now NC-17.

    Thank you ladies! :)

  71. Woooooowwww… Those conversations took a turn for the…dirty?

  72. For some reason I read the first and then a laughtrack started playing afterwards.

  73. *opens mouth to say something* … *shuts mouth and shakes head* too much to say…

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