Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yankee Doodle Dandies

Yankee Doodle Dandies

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  1. FIRST?

  2. people who comment “first” are lame

  3. I agree it’s lame. I wanted to try to understand the whole “first” mentality. What is the big deal? Who cares? Any thoughts?

  4. It’s the kindergarten first-in-line mentality. It means you’re the favorite.

  5. I think saying “first” makes people feel like they’ve left a mark on the internet. It’s some form of success, after all, and it gives the person something that they can say they “accomplished”.

  6. Thanks Lamebook again for a weekend post! Yep, that picture is a bit dodgy I guess! I’m not gonna say it’s a rubbish post because that’s pretty annoying, but it doesn’t bring as much humour as I would hope for!

    Regarding the pathetic “first” comments, I think it’s because they aren’t intelligent enough to come up with anything more insightful. Just be glad they don’t try to say anything else because it would just as likely belong on Lamebook as anything else we’ve seen posted.

  7. I think what g actually meant was “second”, as in the guy in the back got to “second base” with the guy in the front. Who knows, maybe they rounded third and went all the way home?

  8. what a lovely Sunday suprise!

  9. I am new to this “America” thing. Is that how you do baseball?

  10. @Boz

    only if you’re a yankees fan.

  11. Yes, that is what baseball is all about.

  12. Fake!
    I would put first if I ever was. It’s a rare thing and that would make me excited and that’s the easiest way to show your excitement. Youtube, not so much. Lamebook, no doubt.

  13. FIRST

  14. iDiOt

  15. I didn’t know Lamebook put up posts on weekends!!! Now my life is complete.

  16. 16th! Yes!

  17. People who comment “16th” are lame. Not as lame as the “1st” people, but still lame.

  18. @O MAN

    This is the first time I’ve seen it happen. It makes me happy too. All I had to keep me going over the weekend was PostSecret.

  19. People who call other commenters lame AND don’t comment on the post are lame. This post is lamer than I would be if this sentence wasn’t here.

  20. PostSecret is awesome.

    This post is as lame as Yerp Yerp.

  21. twenty-FIRST

  22. The comments about the people that say “first” are lamer than the post itself. Live and let live, people.

  23. Yes! The first Haiku!
    Mister Haiku is not lame,
    He’s just pretending.

  24. I suck
    so bad

  25. Is this what is meant
    By the term “squaring to bunt”?
    It looks pretty gay.

  26. I love penis
    I love penis
    I love penis

  27. These fakes are getting easier and easier to pick. I’m gonna take a wild stab in the dark and say only the odd ones are the real Mr Haiku.

  28. Mr Haiku
    I love you
    because you’re gay

  29. ^ Witty.

  30. I hate impersonators. This would never fly back home in Ireland.

  31. @Boz, what part of Ireland are you from?

  32. I’m from Munster.

  33. Eyyy Leinster here

  34. I like posting stuff under other commenters’ names. Like stuff about people being gay and shit. hahaha.


  35. ohhhh denied!! :(

  36. @30 and @32

    I’m glad you guys find my LiveJournal compelling.

  37. I think I could be gay. Has anyone else seen my hair on my LiveJournal user picture?

  38. Wow. Insults revolving around the theme of homosexuality. That takes me right back to when I was a kid. Although, in your defence, gay guys do keep hitting on me, whatever that’s about.

  39. I Love Irish Guys

    Irish guys are awesome.

  40. not a baseball fan

    clearly a fake, but still funny

    the ‘pitcher’ is crouched but the ‘catcher’ has his legs extended. so unless there are two deep holes in the ground for his legs (or he stops at the crotch), the creator did not put enough effort in this!!

  41. Clearly NOT a fake. The guy in front is kneeling.

  42. I love how the fake Mr. Haikus don’t actually know how haikus work.

  43. this picture may or may not be fake, but the Yankees have been killing it this season. true and undebatable fact, hataz

  44. No. There is no “may or may not be fake”, it’s simply not fake.

  45. you can clearly see that this has been manipulated, look at his knees and hands…

  46. Has to be a fake. Unless the author knew it would attract attention, in which case: A+

  47. not a baseball fan

    unless the front guy has knees where his hips should be, its clearly a fake. but thanks for the link, Bingo, it just proves that whoever made this pic is absolutely terrible at manipulating pictures.
    but #46 has the right idea… i actually posted – twice! – so he wins lol

  48. What picture are you guys looking at? The guy in front is clearly just kneeling down! Why is it so hard to believe that a photo of two guys in a slightly gay looking position could really exist? It’s not like he’s actually bumming him or something.

  49. I was a little hasty. After lookig a the picture again, I agree there is some fakeness here. My original “not fake” claim was directed at the suggestion the guys body finishes at his crotch or there are holes in the ground. I think all the proportions are fine, but the guys have obviously been shopped together to make the yankees look gay. Which they are.

  50. @JeSuis

    Haikus are for fags
    Don’t give a shit how they work
    I am from Ireland

  51. Well, the whole Boz thing is confusing. But, yay Ireland anyway.

  52. @Maggie

    Yes it is. There are about three other people who consider it a good use of their time to advertise my Livejournal and Twitter for me. I guess I should be thankful. I’ve had more friend requests in the last week than the rest of my time on LiveJournal put together!

    I know it’s annoying for everyone else, but there’s really nothing I can do about it, and I can’t complain as long as it’s working out for me. It’s sweet, really.

  53. @Boz

    Shut up already.

  54. You’re not the real Ben.

  55. @Ben

    put my balls in your mouth.

  56. I don’t think I need to explain that @55 is not me.

    Oh wait, I just did.

  57. yeah but your names are the same, so that means you MUST be the same person!

    now put your balls in bens mouth.

  58. Put balls in my mouth

  59. give the man what he wants!

  60. yawns

  61. well, i certainty love the Yankees now..

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