Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wrong Ryan

Wrong Ryan

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  1. How can Worng Ryan possibly resist this catch?

  2. great first impression…

  3. When you’ve loved one Ryan, you’ve loved them all.

  4. *sneaks off*

  5. I sense a sequel coming on…

  6. I like how she says, “So beware lol”

    Yes, he should beware and stay far far from you! Unless he likes the crazy types, then she’s perfect!

  7. Is there a terminal disease amongst 90% of today’s youth that inexplicably makes them ignore everything they’ve ever been taught in regards to the English language?

  8. Looks like Ryan found a date to the prom! Courtney Love has tamer mood swings.

  9. Smooth, girl. Real smooth. You got skillz.

  10. hahahahahahaaaaaa

  11. At least she won’t have to learn a new name.

  12. Of course, Ryan could just be lyin’.

  13. hahaha @ #4

  14. The words every guy wants to hear, “well anyways ,,your HOT :)
    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  15. ok who else is getting absolutely slammed with ads and spyware when they get on this site?

  16. The funniest thing about it is you know that those eight minutes between de second and third message, she was looking at all his pictures to see if it really wasn’t him.

  17. @15 – Not me… you must have caught something, Doctor.

  18. *facepalm*

  19. My favourite part is that default profile picture for Renee is blurred.

  20. …nice recovery time, Renee.

  21. It really scares me to think…was I ever this dense when I was a young dumb preteen? Lol

  22. Lmao @ 19. I just noticed that her default pic is blurred. Hilarious.

  23. Wow, she really knows how to sell people on how awesome she is… I mean, if he doesn’t snap her up, who knows what kind of crazy unbalanced shit he might miss out on.

  24. It’s pretty bad when you can’t even spell your profanity correctly. “Fucken”? Seriously?

  25. What’s that, Ryan ? You’re not interested ?

    In that case, do you know where the nearest tattoo removal clinic is ?

  26. Wow.
    That was the most cliche rant I have read in a long time.

    “i went through the things i had to cause this is my power”
    The bitch has superpowers now. We’re screwed.

  27. This is actually my post.

    Just as an update, she has continued to contact me through out the night and morning.



  28. How would he ever know she’s not really calling out the other Ryan’s name???

  29. @27. I bet there’s a 20% chance you booty call the girl if you need to. lol

  30. This is a great way to creep out chicks on FB. You pretend to be ranting at someone and then you make your moves! This ho is brilliant!

  31. Ryan, this girl, marriage material.

  32. wow…can we say Multiple Personality Disorder??? FB, the Soap Opera of the Millennial Generation.

  33. This is what happens when Twilight is a best selling novel,, and people aren’t taught how to use punctuation correctly,…

  34. It’s nice to meet a girl with standards.

    “Sure I fucked him–but his name was Ryan. What else could I do?”

  35. Run little boy. RUN!

  36. I wonder how many seemingly normal young women are hiding something like that in their brains?

  37. My favourite Lamebook post ever.

  38. LOL… private James *Francis* Ryan?

  39. @15 I am, too. I don’t know what the heck happened, but all of these ads and websites tried to load when I visited this page. (Never happened here before.)

  40. @27: You have to keep us updated! Is it getting crazier or more desperate? I’m fascinated.

  41. OMG. Why would you capitalise wrong?* epic fail. What is the world coming to? These people are our future.

    *In the response to the charming Renee.

  42. that’s the oldest trick in the book…nice try renee

  43. you know renee that was so smooth, it totally made me foget you wrote a 3 TIMES LARGER paragraph before hand.

    and if they do get together, at least for a booty call, she can totally play off that this sucker’s her baby’s father. teen pregnancy kills

  44. Best. Pickup. Ever. My ex is called Harry – any Harry’s on here I can hit on?

  45. Well correct me if I’m wrong but I DO believe it’s:
    well anyways ,,your fucken HOT:)

  46. Right Ryan is probably a dick. Girl is probably nice, and sacrificed herself for a while before RR’s lies came out. Wrong Ryan just had a fish jump in the boat.

  47. lol @ #4

  48. This was refreshingly funny for a lamebook post. I’m gonna try this in real life at a bar tonight.

    I’ll eavesdrop on some chick to get her name, and then just go postal her. Then I’ll realize my mistake and smooth-talk my way to victory. LOL!

    I wouldn’t actually do this, but the sad truth is that I’m sure there are people that would.

  49. Ryan tells Renee he loves her before they are even facebook friends. Horse before cart?

  50. I only have one word for this…wow

  51. I actually have an ex named Ryan who cheated on me with a girl named Renee…all I could think reading this was “Is this them?”

  52. Bunny Boiler…

  53. Ryan September 23 at 6:42pm Report
    Haha, i am in San fran and 28. And thank you :) Renee September 23 at 7:32pm
    well you wanna hear something very scary ,,I have been talking to this guy for over 5 months and we met playing poker and I think he is pretending he is you you have any other picès of urself cause I am not kidding .. how tall are you and whens ur birthday and the sick thing is ..pleae get back to me cause now I am kinda worried ..some people are very fucked up ..he stated to me that he was a Marine.. so please dont tell me that you were a Marine cause I will cry .The sick thing is I believe this guys lies and even fell in love ..he told me he is 28 also ..if this is the case then I think you should do something about this cause its fraud 4 sure and this guy is a sick person ..I cant wait to hear from you and I wasnt kidding about you being hot lol ,cause that is you the guy in the pics i have ..this is not a joke .. My name is Renee ,I live in ********* ,I was coming to meet you well thought it was you anyways in two months ..I have been talking to who I thought was you for over 6 months .he says he lives in Iowa ..

    Ryan September 23 at 7:51pm Report

    Well i am very flattered :) . No that is not me, i would just recommend not talking to that person as the internet is full of wierdo’s. No worries from me though. Feel free to send a pic of yourself so i can complete this image! haha,

    the real renee

    so ya I was playing the fucken game cause I knew after we talked that is was the lame bitch that really stold his password and the shit thing is he is real and i didnt believe him ..the awesome part is I am really gonna meet him ,,cant wait ..I am sorry to all of you ,but I understand where your all coming from and thinking i am crazy but hey we only live once and I know in my heart this is my soul mate ..I felt is I just didnt wanna believe that this crazy bitch would be this crule ,,its sick and pray for her ..I know I am not perfect but my whole world came crashing down thinkin he was lying ,but now i know the truth ..she belongs here on this site thats for sure ..Yes you can fall in with with someone with out touching them ..the funny part is ,this will not change nothing ,you can say and think what ever and it doesnt matter .cause in the end the REAL renee will be with the REAL ryan and I can not wait :) it took me this far to find out the truth and I am in the wrong for that .but dont sit there and judge me till you judge urself non of you never not believed in something and expressed ur feelings about it ..the letter on top is the letter this bitch didnt post so know the turth if your gonna know ,the whole story then there it is ..I love Ryan and I am sorry to him …i wish u all the best and most of all I wish that bitch best too cause she needs alotta help ..good night all ..

  54. Renee gives me a headache. Ryan (both) have a hell of a lot of patience. Shes bat shit insane.

  55. its soo funny

  56. This one goes out to MANLY , your the little loser without the life .but I bet this is like ur little soaps everyday ,sit there and eat ur BON BONs .ause I would blow you outta the water cow ..

  57. Renee is insane. Did she pass highschool? I know 10 years that can spell better than she can.

  58. Fucken hell.

    Her spelling and punctuation is terrible.

  59. See its called to smart ,fuckheads ,I think to fast for my fingers ..whats happening today on the soaps ? boring day I see ..but most people try to find weaknesses in others ,so that they can feel better about them selves ..So let me ask you this ! do you feel better ? did I make ur day cause I hope I did cause if you wanna THINK ur better cause ur life is not pasted on the net ,GO ahead and think it cause this is the real world .smell the coffee and get real with urself and mrs PUUUURRRReat by the way I know how to spell perfect MOM and daddy loook .. I didnt know I was being graded so I will watch my spelling now .. :) bye for now

  60. She’s a pathetic attention whore. Renee the Empress of Lame.


  62. “Too smart” to go back through your shitty typing, huh Renee?
    To the Ryans: Good luck.
    Epic fail.

  63. let me guess, cats girlfriend (kaylee) ? Kaylee is that ur name ? well you r the weakess link bitch,,,,, GOOD BYE ..hey since your miss grammer girl ,see if this is correct ..FUCK OFF and FUCK YOU …HUMM hope its right LOL .. this site is getting LAME ,someone besides a weak little girl say something plzzzzzzzzzzzz ..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ talk about boring know why people stopped writing on here cause all the REAL woman have a LIFE LOL ..Cheers !!

  64. OMG shut the fuck up already, Renee. You’re just making yourself look like even more of an idiot.

  65. Mel shut ur face ,who the fuck do you think you R .come on now cunt this is my life fuck off ..sit there and pretend ur a little good bitch cause one thing is your gonna have ur day also ,just wish i could be there to LMAO ..but remember what I said ,what comes around goes around :)
    get a life loser ..

  66. Holy fuck, stop opening your mouth and proving my statement right.

    Wrong Ryan, sooo sorry you have to deal with bat shit, you have my sympathies man.

  67. Reach-around Ryan

    Renee, come back I wasn’t finished yet!!

  68. She is right, you ladies all need help. Melisa who are you to be talking to anyone like that ? Renee Don’t waste your time meeting men over the computer. It’s a very scary world out there and This guy could be anyone. Meet yourself a real man. There is plenty of men in this world, Why waste your on this loser who shares his password with a woman. He’s is the stupid one. Just let him go before you really get hurt.

  69. If the wrong ryan was really a man, why would he post this on this site dummies ? I think it is that, She is crazy. Just ask my ex. All ex’s are crazy. Just Let them be happy. Just because it didnt workout for you two doesn’t mean ryan & rene can’t be happy. Best wishes to both of you !

  70. Renee,

    For starters, I understand why your so upset and confused. So How did you know to find your letter on here ? because this all does not make sence to me. The ex could be writting all this stuff and just be changing her name. Does this make sence renee .It only makes sence to me. I can tell in your letters that you are hurt. Dont listen to all theses people on here. If ryan was any man he wouldn’t make you wait, He would also show his good taste in woman. Look at the winner ,posting a letter not even sent to her on here, I think you can get alot of money out of this person. I know a good lawyer. Let me know if you need my help !

  71. wow thanks Sam and Kin ..About time someone with brains says something ..Well I have to go with my heart on this one and I do love the guy ..As for the Ex ,she got what she asked for cause shes not with him ..About the Lawyer thing its already tooken care of ..But thanks for the offer ..Well she is only trying to ruin a good thing but she is only bring Ryan and I closer then ever .about the knowing about the letter being on here ,well ryan told me cause I guess she did this before ..well thanks again ……

  72. Oh em eff gee!

    Honey, do you still have the box for your computer? If so, i would suggest packing it away and maybe giving it to someone else. Darling you aren’t doing yourself any favours. I must admit that the original post did make me laugh so hard a bit of pee came out, but then you iced the cake by responding to the posts. This was the LAMEST pick up ever!! “well, anyways,, your HOT :) ” did you seriously think that anyone, regardless of the fact that you just tried to tear him a new arsehole, would be in the slightest bit interested.
    You have made my day because knowing that there are stupid whores like you out there makes me feel just that little bit more intelligent.

  73. What ever loser !! you have the gull to call me Lame but I dont piss my pants number one and that is lame ,maybe you should go see a doctor cause I dont think thats normal lol LMAO ..But it shows me, what a real whore you are ..Your a loose goose I bet ..Gross HO ..As for you being smarter LMAO ,you only wish and dream to be as good as me ..what ever you can do I CAN DO BETTER ,NO joke LOL ..Why dont you go fuck urself ,or go pisssss urself LMAO .your the sick-O lol ..ok pisses pants I gotta cruise LMAO ..OMG and you called me stupid LMAO ..I suggest some training pants and ALOTTA exercise if you get what I mean and please another pitty girl talking trash LMAO ..

  74. LOL pissey pants


  75. what a fucking maniac. no wonder i believe in celibacy so much.

  76. This is so entertaining.
    And actually Renee, your grammar was still incorrect.

  77. His blurry last name looks like it has the same approximate shape as the last name of a creepy douchebag Ryan I used to date. He got all butthurt when I broke up with him and told everyone a bunch of lies about me. :| Did I mention I was 17 and he was 25? Stupid of me, I know, but teens are dumb.

    Anyway, I see from this Ryan’s comment on Facebook and his comment here that he spells far too well to be the Ryan I’m talking about. And it’s a common last name. But perhaps the “right” Ryan?

  78. ya ,well it could be the loser ,you dated also. someone should chop his balls off and make him eat them

  79. this poor girl has been blamed for all this stuff and as u can see it’s this ryaan guy who has started it all. he even has the nerve to comment lmao. It’s like he likes the attention. well i am real ,single and hot renee ?

  80. I’m surprised I’m the first one to say this but: Renee, you write like a girl who’s under the age of eighteen at the very least. Assuming that is true and this “Ryan” fellow is in fact 28, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T GO MEET UP WITH HIM!

    That’s some “To Catch a Predator” bullshit right there. I am being serious though, you really should not meet up with anyone you met on the internet who has this much shady shit going on.

  81. Actually THE BEST thing I have EVER read!


  82. Maybe this ryan person is doing the 16 year old on here and the renee and god know’s who else , Glad I am a Man Lmao

  83. blah blah blah I’m a dumb ass kid that needs to get a clue

  84. This bitch, right here….wow….I just don’t even have the words.

    What a fucking psycho.

  85. lol i love how she says this supposed ‘ryan’ of hers (was hers) was a cheat… then she starts flirting immediatly with this other guy shes by mistake sent the message to… when technically ‘ryan’ never got that message so am guessing she might still have been with him at that point….. inferring she saying he lies but seems to be a pretty big flirt herself!

  86. LOL @ 1,2 and 3.

  87. wow.. all i could read was ME ME ME
    too long to even be funny

  88. aww how beautiful. i wonder if ryan2 and renee made a go of it, i’m assuming he did get in contact with her.

  89. LAME

  90. @Wrong Ryan

    You should post an updated thread


  91. @politically incorrect – so true! someone needs to add real renee and stalk the crap outta her to give us some hilarious shit to laugh at.
    On an interesting/silly point – imagine physically writing out with a pen and paper the shit she’s been typing. That would be just too funny

  92. renee is my friend. you don’t even know her .she is a good person. we all know about this guy ryan that she has been talking to for over a year now. she told me about this site and what took place on here. The real ryan should be trying to find out who is pretending to be him. she has tons of pics of this ryan guy, your all sitting there blaming her but the truth is ,she has a right to be pissed off and mad. she is my best friend, I am the real man who loves her. i told her not to waste her time with this loser, i knew something was up. she does lot for people. real ryan be a real man and found out who is pretending to be you. renee is too good for you anyways. she is the most beautiful girl, both inside and out. it shows what the real ryan is like, you sit here and pat him on the back. putting your life on here buddy ,you must be lame and your the one who needs help. a real man would never treat a woman like that nor ever talk to one that way.

  93. @freaky Are you kidding? LOL, what a fag.

  94. Who ever said Ryan is lying I think that is wrong.. Renee obviously is because look how fly she is at the end lmao! .. Well your hot anyways.. she obviously made it all up!

  95. get psycho!

  96. Mother_of_your_firstborn

    Can’t believe no-one has said it already – Renee is Frodo, she has no pool. Renee is SWMNBM. By the fuck, Christ on a cracker, chill ya bush!!! There, that feels much better. Go on…

  97. she made it all up. that bitch is crazy.

  98. Its the fucking Beatles

    Renee you’re a thick, illiterate, psychopathic bitch and if someone like you posted that bullshit on my FB I’d get you locked up in an institution for the criminally insane. You madam, are a stupid, pretentious fuckwad.

  99. Meh. Got a little funny at the very end. Its definitely not as good as ‘That’s a Bummer Bill’.

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