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Actual Dialogue preceding this photo:

Krista: Ok girl, you just need to stand there and act really shocked, I’m going to stand over here and make a gun with my hands!
Ada: Oh Krista, you crazy! This is almost as funny as the time you asked those Indian people in Starbucks if they were terrorists.
Krista: Haha oh yea!  …. That reminds me, we should totally get a frappacinno after this.
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  1. A plague on both their houses.

  2. Fortunately for them the Republicans are cool with hating America now.

  3. I cant help but wanting to start chanting USA right now…USA USA USA!

  4. Haha, that was my first thought as well.

  5. reeeeeeally?

  6. what a bitch.

  7. She is so Charlie’s Angel about it – I don’t think bozwell would have approved.

  8. What A CUNT!!!

  9. I LOL’d

  10. americans.

  11. This isn’t lame. This is *awesome*.

  12. Since when is joking about death NOT okay?

  13. lol this is too funny. fuck it its funny

  14. Oh wow.I laughed so fucking hard mainly since I don’t
    think she understands it looks like she is shooting JFK
    Oh god.
    Not lame amazing

  15. I lol’d.

    We finally find the identity of the ‘second shooter.’

  16. CUNT probably doesn’t even know what the government is. “Oh this dude in a car got shot, lets pretend we did it! Duuurrr…”. “Like ZOMG!, does this pose make me look hot or what?!”.

  17. It’s “Frappuccino.”

  18. wow . just.. just wow . my jaw just hit the floor when i saw this . that is all . =O

  19. …How awful.

    These girls are morons.

  20. hahahahahaha

    everyone here who isn’t laughing needs to chill the fuck out/stop making ‘hurr america’ comments

  21. hahaha kyle

  22. Sweeet.

  23. We found Jack Ruby! He’s a 17-year-old blonde chick with half a brain!

  24. dumb whore

  25. What-am-I-doing-here?

    I feel bad for cringing about the thongs (flip flops) paired with a heavy jacket.

  26. Editor’s note: classic

  27. It’s pretty funny. Programs like Simpsons and Family Guy make jokes about JFK/Lincoln all the time and people laugh, but when real people do it it’s disgusting?

  28. Looks like JFK’s checking out her boobs… and he likes what he sees.

  29. I’d like to see JFK come back and kick their asses. He’s way better than they could ever hope to be anyways, and he’s dead.

  30. Actually this is pretty damn funny. I think it’s cool.

  31. get the sticks out of your asses, this is funny.

  32. I believe the children are our future. And that our future is fucked.

  33. I’m aaaaaall about humor, but this is not at all funny.

  34. No, Kat, it’s not funny at all. Have you even seen the video where JFK gets the back of his head blown off and his wife is attempting to put the flap of skin back on his head? Oh, yeah, I laughed really hard at that part too. These whores need to gtfo.

  35. lolololololololol another actually funny one

  36. It’s posts like this that divide the Americans from everyone else. I don’t see why people are making such a big deal out of it.


    go Habs go!

  38. oh, look at all the indignant people claiming that it’s not funny, but would be laughing their asses off if JFK were Republican. Just another example of how politics in this country makes most people hypocritical as hell.

  39. Two Brit girls on holiday always spells trouble!

  40. @Rachael, I know they’re stupid and insensitive, but that doesn’t mean they’re whores. No need for calling them names you don’t know they are. For all you know, you’re just as much of a whore as they are.
    This is really not classy, though.

  41. Just proves americans are fucking idiots. Agree with Andrew. It’s funny, get over it, it’s a joke.

  42. I think it’s funny, get a sense of humour douchebags

  43. Not funny….never ever will be either.

    I’m born and raised British and even I understand important and horrific historical events, the shooting of JFK being one of them.

    Hell if you think this is funny, then you think taking the piss outta Jewish people for the Holocaust is funny. Doesn’t matter on what scale a national and inter-national tragedy was, its still just that. Not comparing the two events as the same, just saying that people who find mimicking the killer of a president that was filmed, seen by millions and highly publicised as a conspiracy then they are the type of people who laugh at all great tragedies of history. And to that end, even the deaths of other peoples loved ones.

    Don’t even care who the two girls are, they need to learn some respect for other people for starters. But people who find this kind of humour funny outside of 5 seconds of first glancin at it, need to reconsider their moral fibre and consider how rocked many people were by these events, and taking the piss outta them in such a crude manner is effectively downgrading their grief over such incidents.

  44. @Amz, why the fuck do you even bother with lamebook if you’re going to write something as boring as that?
    I fell asleep after reading the first line. Stick to reading your newspapers if you want to talk about political opinions. Better yet start up a newspaper chat site where all the other boring fucks can talk your boring shit.

  45. You know what this picture really needs? Props. Oh yeah! A RPG or a fake rifle. Just the thing.

  46. This is funny.
    mostly because i’m twenty and to me jfk is nothing but a reference

  47. wow, that’s strange. i’m 21 and he’s more than just a “reference” to me. that must have been a pivotal year in pop culture, that 1988.

  48. @46..ya know, I was typing out a whole spiel, but I just said fuck it because anything more than a “reference” would probably hurt your iddy bitty wuttle head

  49. Okay, sorry gais, I LOL’d. And I’m American.

  50. This = HILARIOUS!!! (American here, not that it matters).

    7/11, never forget.

  51. Nothing is sacred with the new youth.

    I hope they both get pancreatic cancer and die before they turn 30.

  52. Sad things is…I’m just thinking about how I’d much I would like to violate the girl with the gun!!!

  53. wish i’d been there…woulda smacked that bitch across the face…

  54. what stupid fucking yankee cunts

  55. too soon?

  56. Christian from sweden


    Sweet comment, I was thinking the same thing.

  57. this is almost as stupid as the movie independence day

  58. what the hell is wrong with you two?

  59. hahahahahhahahaha! i find this humerous

  60. You find it humorous or humerus?

    Humorous = funny
    Humerus = “funny bone”

    If it’s the latter I suggest you take it to the police, someone may well be missing it (probably a dead body).

  61. She can’t aim very well. She’s not even pointing her hand gun the right way. Looks like she’s going to shoot her mate… what a travesty :p

  62. @ AMZ

    “Hell if you think this is funny, then you think taking the piss outta Jewish people for the Holocaust is funny.”

    Yes , yes i do – now get in the shower you oxygen bandit.

  63. Assassin or not, I’d tap that.

  64. wow. this is in poor taste…

  65. You know, when I looked at the photo, I didn’t even see the girl with the gun.

    But it looks like JFK is staring at the other girl’s breasts.

    Just like he would’ve done in real life.

  66. Not that this is even kind of cute…But I feel like if this had been done ‘ironically’, it would have been ‘hilarious’.

    Way to push those double standards, Lamebook.

  67. i think i know this Ada chick, from what i can see around the blurred part, i’m pretty sure it’s her
    my opinion of the Ada i do know was never very high to begin with, and shockingly, just dropped significantly

    i’m 50/50 on this picture, i can see where they thought the joke would be funny… on the other hand, their pure ignorance is what disgusts me

  68. Who’s that sensitive now days? And if u look she’s not even really pointin at JFK.

  69. A whole lotta sand up peoples vaginas on this one

    Its just 2 slappers playing with a photo and its kinda funny

  70. Stupid Lamebook Comments

    While I don’t see why people are getting uptight about this I also don’t see what’s funny about it.

  71. jeez guys if you don’t think it’s funny stay the hell off of lamebook. i’m with Claire. just remember that no one realy cares what you think. take the stick out of your ass and calm down.

  72. I didn’t laugh but geesh I’m not calling them whores. A little insensitive maybe. The comments made me laugh more

  73. What’s lamer than this dialogue up above is that so many are so inclined to blame it on a group (Americans) as opposed to the individuals (lamers – every country’s got ‘em). And if this were an “American phenomenon”, there wouldn’t be just as many Americans (if not more) calling idiots out. And nothing is as lame as bigotry.

  74. yes, its funny. Moving on.

  75. Ha! “Stop staring at my friend’s tits, or Connally gets it!”

  76. Connally? I haven’t read every comment here, but I’m sincerely hoping it’s some sort of joke from before…
    Otherwise, I’m pretty sure it’s Kennedy.

  77. I don’t find this funny at all…

  78. Just joined after reading about 340 pages of this stuff. Am I really the only one who noticed she isnt aiming at JFK at all? If she is trying to recreate the event, shes head-shotting the wrong guy. I think that guy got shot thought too didnt he? Bullet went through his chest/abdomen and hit JFK also? Ehh not important, just thought its odd no one else pointed out she has the wrong target.

    And also, some things are ok to joke about, but I think that most people have a problem with jokes about national tragedies. I dont mind it, my great great grandparents were killed in the holocaust and my great grandparents escaped here to the US before their hometown was overrun. Its horrible yes, but I still joke about it with everyone I know, not the Holocaust itself, but Jew jokes like “Whats the difference between a Jew and a pizza? A pizza dosent scream when you put it in the oven.” type of things. A vast majority of people will be offended by jokes about things that affected/killed hundreds/thousands/millions of people, but hell we are here on Lamebook, shouldnt we expect this type of stuff?

  79. Stupid dumb bitch, I mean if it was any other president, I wouldn’t be so offended, but JFK?! Seriously? He was the greatest president in the history of the USA.

  80. Lol WordPress

    What if she’d been standing where her friend was and the president was Abe Lincoln?

  81. youwinyoulosewtfbbq

    Next week: Lesbian sex on Mckinnley’s grave!

  82. Putting the right or wrongness of this pic aside; I think this is the same type of woman that would take a pic of herself leaning on the leaning tower of Pisa.
    I’m guessing she isn’t the first to do such a shot..yes the irony is intended.

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