Friday, November 25, 2011

Wow, Just Wow…

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  1. Stephen was doing quite well until he dropped a Star Wars reference in.

  2. wow, dumb on her part for not zeroing out the phone. Double loser for being a liar and a whore. Nothing wrong with liking sex, but, come on…one bf at a time, or just be single…and taking clothes or phones or anything from a guy is payment for services rendered..hence, whore

  3. It seems Stephan does not realise that he, too, is a mouthbreather. And his profile picture makes him look like a shitfaggot as well.

  4. If what he is saying is true I can understand how angry he’d be, but still…FB isn’t the place for a rant of this nature.

  5. FB, Jeremy Kyle, the guy at the pub… are all legit places to spread such batshittery.. WOW… just wow… what an awesome read! Do girls like that exist in the states? Anywhere? Banging different guys within a two hour timeframe of each other and not making a living from it?

  6. Yeah, Mr. Impeccable, they do exist. I’ve dated a couple of them.
    Once, I was the guy this girl was cheating on the guy she was cheating on her boyfriend with. Infidelity-ception. Of course, I wore a condom though!

  7. I believe that makes you a mouthbreating shitfaggot, squarerobot.

  8. ^ pwned, shitrobot…

  9. Am I the first to comment “tl;dr”? I guess so. My guess is his girlfriend cheated on him and he’s ranting about it on FB?

  10. defo tl;dr.

    Amusing would be a tl;dr rant on facebook **about** somebody ranting on facebook about their gf/bf cheating.


    Melanie ******* (dumb b*tch sl*g c*nt) is a total whore. She wrote 54 f*cking lines of t*xt about me, just because I sh*agg*d one cheerleading squad. I didn’t even have s*x with all of them, sometimes it was just c*ck in m**th. blah blah bl*h, get the jist.

    Okay i’ll admit that could do with some w*rk.

  11. I won’t comment on the core sotry as a lot of people seem to be doing that already. What I will remark is;

    What kind of deluded parent names their kid ‘Cyler’ ??

  12. Any guy that willingly sticks his dick into a pus-filled-old-beans-smelling pussy has no right to complain about it. ever.

    And why name and trash all the other guys? Just move on.

    eriksmissy- she probably wanted him to find it.

  13. @Impeccable,
    This girl is from Canada. A small town in Canada of about 10,000 people. You don’t even know what she has coming, haha. Also, yes my profile picture is retarded. You aren’t man enough to rock lipstick and guyliner for a night then that’s your issue.

  14. I was just about to propose to this guy for being a well-written revenge-bot from heaven, until I read the last line about her vagina smelling gross. That’s like the guy at the bar who hits on you and when you say No thanks, says “You’re ugly anyway”. Uh, ok.

  15. There’s things you put up with when you think a girl is legit, MissJay. It’s like when your dog farts and you still let him on the bed because he’s cute.

  16. Slendermans Girlfriend

    Star Wars reference? I didn’t see a Star Wars reference, and I’m not going back and reading that whiny ass essay (seriously. we get it. she’s a slut. MOVE ON) again. Someone care to help me out?

  17. Sarlaac Pit, yo.

  18. this isn’t funny at all.. and I don’t think it should be shared so publicly. I’m sure the girl that it was written about was probably already humiliated when he posted it.. now I’m sure she has to hear about it getting onto lamebook too.. idk, I’m a big fan of lamebook but after reading this i just thought it went a little too far.. **my opinion, obviously.** but, really guys?

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Stephan have some self respect you whiny fuck. So you got cheated on, walk it off, people get cheated on all the time.

    In conclusion, cue three more fucking paragraphs.

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  21. I think it went just far enough. People are normally so passive aggressive; it’s nice to see someone be straight up aggro and give this broad her comeuppance. I’ve met so many girls who go through life believing they’re entitled to a reward just for existing, and manipulating people is just part of the game. I say throw her in the Star Wars nerd pit or whatever.

  22. http://ppt。cc/xhNq

  23. Always publicly expose people like this. It’s for the best.

  24. I liked it. The star wars part didn’t gel too well but overall well done. A-. But in all seriousness, what is a mouthbreather, how is it an insult? Are we not all, in our essence mouth breathers. Unless you have a stoma.

  25. A mouthbreather is someone who basically primary breathes through their mouth with their jaw all slack and dumb looking. I’m not butthurt that she cheated and lied. I just wanted her to know the consequences when you fuck with someone without considering the repercussions of your actions.

  26. @Drumrage Anything relating to the lying and cheating is fair game, but intimate details of your relashe… I dunno, I wouldn’t want to date a guy if I knew he had a history of pussy bashing after the fact. That’s a rumor you can’t undo, true or not. Thankfully I’ve heard my own reputation is that my vag is better than a an ice cream sundae served by God – but that’s probably partly because I’ve never told a damn soul who had a little dick, or cum that tastes like a corpse smoothie. So in retaliation this chick might start telling folks your junk looks like the elephant man. True or not, every girl in town will be like PASS.

  27. I’m cool with that. Nothing better than redemption through positive feedback.

  28. Bra. Vo.

    Love a good rant. I don’t care who calls it “whiny” or tells you to “Get over it,” airing out everything you want to say then shutting the book is wonderfully cathartic. I laughed.

  29. Wait. He complains that first she fucked him when they weren’t dating, then she proposed casual sex and he said no? What was the non-dating fuck, then? (Actually I think that Stephen is the non-dating fuck.)

  30. It’s not a ‘sarlaac pit’. It’s the Pit of Sarlaac.

    This schoolboy mistake voids all other points about fetid pussy and so on.

    You deserve to experience a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested by a rotten pussy over… (dramatic pause) a thousand years.

    It is totally fair, and in no way a non-sequitur, to reference the pit in this status, however, as The Pit of Sarlaac was basically a massive pussy in the desert anyway.

    And while we’re on the subject, Drumrage, stop being a massive pussy, put on your best makeup and go get another girlfriend. You’ll feel better, m’boy. And maybe one day you’ll laugh about it all with this girl and have a couple of throwaway fucks for old times sake.

  31. He’s really one to point to nerd finger, with his starwars burn and all. The funniest part is when he said he’s going to laugh about her with his friends…hahaha…friends…

  32. Wow, far too long to read.

  33. Overdone, but added some humor to an other wise…nah, today was funny as shite already.

  34. Yeah! Fuck that shit in half!!!

  35. I think Stephen might be angry about something, can’t tell for sure…

  36. Slendermans Girlfriend

    aHA! Found it! Thanks for the help, gaiz….

  37. “Overly clingy black guy”

  38. actually, gonzo, its called “The Great Pit Of Carkoon”. The Sarlaac is the alien that lives in it.

  39. So, all the guys giving this jerk a high five: Would you feel the same way if a chick had done this to a guy?

  40. Self-Rescuing Princess, if she fucked it right in half like our hero Stephan up there, then yes – she deserves a pass.

  41. “Shit, you fucked me before we even dated.” LOL, is that part supposed to be a burn too? Because, the dude fucked her right back obviously. Aside from the other stuff, if that bit was slutty on her part, he’s a pointing at himself as a whore too. And the part about being glad he passed on casual sex and “avoided rotting dick” is laughable as well, as if relationship sex protects you from disease. You still fucked her, so if you are going to get rotting dick, you already got it.


  43. yo, lamebook, why’d you have to go and delete my mouthbreating shitfaggot comment to that mouthbreating shitfaggot robot? me no understand.

  44. http://bit。ly/pWKFNY

  45. what are you talking about dragon? comment number 7?

  46. @MissJay-
    I am digging you. There is something about your posts. I dunno.

  47. perpetualstiffy…yeah, I’m there, too. She has a delightful turn of phrase. “…cum that tastes like a corpse smoothie.” <- Indeed!


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  50. Chelcie, seriously, you’re offended that the whore was exposed? It is my opinion that (considering the slut wasn’t even NAMED in this rant) it didn’t go far enough. All of the guys were named, after all; first and last names. If it had been me, I would have tagged the tramp so that her Nana Pearl could read all about it too. But I’m a bitch when it comes to infidelity.

    MissJay, I too have a bit of a crush on you now….if only I batted for Team Vag. Enjoy your ice cream sundae.

  51. Cecilia Squirtyfaceflannel Garfunkel

    Hell hath no fury like a mouthbreathing shitfaggot scorned.

  52. tl;dr.

  53. you mad bro?

  54. are comments 52 & 53 escapees from 4chan or whut?

  55. this dudes a moron. you’re mad, cause you fell in love a slut. wow, you really showed her, omg your lamebook famous now man. have fun in your buttfuck town, that’s all you’ll ever meet there, is a girl, who’s probably fucked 5 of your friends.

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