Monday, July 19, 2010

Worldly Wins

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  1. what?

  2. meh… the 3rd was nice.

  3. but the third is already old.

  4. Bet all the fine folks in the Gulf are wishing that we had President McCain and Vice President Palin instead of our current “leader”. For all the liberal media BS about how awful George W. Bush was, he would have had the leak capped within a week, 2 weeks max.

    I pray every day for a Palin/Barbour win in 2012 to end the suffering of the American people.

    I also find it telling that the number of natural disasters, earthquakes, oil spills etc, hurricanes are increasing as the godless liberals destroy Christian values (e.g. marriage). Doubt it’s a coincidence….


  6. shut it fargis

  7. anonisgay will most probs say something gay when he signs in,but dan_fargis already has! they make better entertainment than this lame-book post does.

  8. powerstanceyall

    i’m pretty sure everyone in the gulf states voted for mccain.
    and i had no clue that whales were in the gulf.

  9. @power… im pretty sure everyone in the gulf states don’t know how to vote!

    @power again… have you lost track of you’re mother again? yep she is in the gulf.

  10. powerstanceyall

    exemplary comebacks.

  11. Fargis, George W. is the cause of that oil spill. He’s the one who signed off saying we don’t need to drill relief wells. Had he done the opposite, this never would have happened. You need to read up on your government. It always amazes me how uniformed the American people are about their own country and the impact their government’s decisions have on the rest of the world.

    Sorry everyone, I’m just so tired of the Obama-bashing when he is tasked with having to clean up the damage George W. did to your country for 8 years.

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Leebo you must be new here.

  13. @leebo… sorry but it is a customary tradition for every new president/prime minister to clean up after previous one….fact. Obama is still cleaning up mess that Clinton made… god dammit. :P

  14. leebo,

    fargis is a clever man. he trolls as a conservative christian to make everyone hate the right. he’s secretly a leftie, and the whole act is part of his liberal agenda.

    dan – your last sentence gave it away – i know it’s tempting every now and again to throw down the veil – when you do it’s hilarious, but it kind of ruins the illusion, and people’ll stop biting!

    <3 you.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    alord, some people actually believe stuff dan said in that last sentence. Google “Boobquake” and enjoy.

  16. Here is an idea: LB should, now and then, choose a poster to guest edit the page for a day. It might shake things up a little.

  17. Glad to see we have a new official POS troll on Lamebook.

    I agree with alordslums. He’s really just trying to make conservatives look worse than they already do. …and doing a mighty fine job at it, I might add! ;)

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @Shtick haven’t seen you in a while, and I have to remind you guys again that people actually say the same things that Dan says here. Just watch FOX news for two seconds.

  19. I’m glad alord realizes what fargis is doing. he has done such a good job at it that most of the veterans in here have forgotten fargis.

    @fargis: I’m sure you will be happy to know that you have reformed me. I no longer get high on crack and run around beating hookers. You will also be happy to know that I have gotten the strength to stand up fight for what I believe is right, getting high on Angel Dust and beating bible thumpers.

    Thank you Dan. ;)

  20. Hey, keep your hands off my Fargis. He is my anal wife. Get your own!

  21. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t touch your Fargis with Soups pegina.

  22. That’s mean.

  23. Please touch my Fargis with Soup’s pegina, please?!?

  24. Fargis is great, but it feels like he lays it on a bit thick at times. But then I remember sites like Conservapedia and ponder if maybe, just maybe, Fargis is actually SUBDUED. Also, it’s not as if the left is without its crazies.

  25. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Bloody_Musket in case you didn’t read my last post, I will say it again. Danny boy doesn’t lay “it on a bit thick at times” because I have heard practically every thing he has ever posted from real live people both on the news and in regular life.

    just an example, some man in Iran a while ago said that the reason for all these earthquakes lately is that many girls dress in provocative outfits. And he was fucken serious about it. Look up the boobquake like I said before.

  26. You know how when you ignore an itch…it seems to go away? Perhaps if everyone just ignored Fargis he would get tired of being so irritating and stop commenting…

  27. What the farg is a Fargis?

  28. It’s a very annoying creature that makes you want to poke your eyes out of your face…you’ll learn.

  29. A Fargis is something that likes to be touched with a pegina.

  30. Fargin-A…

  31. Fargis doesn’t represent the majority of conservatives. It’s just that the crazy ones are the ones who draw attention. It’s the same with liberals, Christians, PETA, and any other group you can think of. Don’t generalize based on media stereotypes.

  32. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Emma you are a downer.

  33. Jesus, stop bitching about Fargis. Do you really think if he was like this, he’d keep coming back to Lamebook? Guy’s funny, let him be.

    Mel Gibson’s still alive?

  34. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Hobo how is the travel?

  35. @danfargis Dan Fargis, YOU are my hero. You are completely right. :o <3

  36. @Dukey

    I’m aware the crazy runs that deep. I commented under the assumption that Fargis IS just a troll. As far as trolling, his attempts are heavy-handed. They cross the line from offensive into absurd and become white noise. On the other hand, if they are just the crazy ramblings of a deeply troubled man, then it’s definitely par for the course.

    It’s just safer for my remaining threads of sanity to assume he’s just a troll trying too hard. The alternative would make my mind go nuclear. Hell, I’ve stopped affiliating myself with political parties and religion in general because of all the BS. I’ve found that most people ally themselves with an idea that’s convenient for them, not because they truly believe it. And if they do believe it, it’s because that idea’s been repeated, stressed, and emphasized to the point where they’ve been conditioned by it.

    Never do they think to check the legitimacy. Why should they since it came from a “trusted” source? Really, how much of what is heard hasn’t been parroted ad nauseam from a respected source revealed to have a bit of crazy under their belt? How much are people willing seek truth for themselves when a half-truth or outright lies are so easily manufactured and consumed? Fanatics take it a step further and accept the information as undisputed gospel.

    There’s no thought behind it, no learning to be had, and no understanding. Those who don’t question, that’s too bad. Those who don’t want to question, fucking tragic. Those who cling to an idea because it’s convenient, promises absolute truth that requires no legwork, or ESPECIALLY because it excises them from personal responsibility and fits nicely within their own agenda… can’t stand them.

    I assume Fargis and those of his ilk are trolls because it’s spares everyone from these long ass rants I’m prone to have when my buttons are pushed. Sure, I could just not write them, but you also have the option to ignore them. And I’m sure many of you have done just that.

  37. bloody, what you say is true. ‘agenda’ is the right word. it’s either castle ramparts with ‘conservatives’/desperately appending ideas to their personality to manufacture themselves a third dimension with ‘lefties’.

    a great example of the latter are the english twenty-somethings who consider themselves ‘hip/cool’, who like to be seen in coffee shops reading a newspaper called ‘the guardian’. they then (usually) don’t process said information, but learn to parrot it and annoy all and sundry with it at parties. unless of course it’s a really, really cool party. in which case it’s a sea of nods, a general murmur of approval, and then rebounding volleys of other paraphrased sections of print.

    but fargis IS just a troll. :)

  38. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    You suck.

  39. tl;dr

  40. Have any of you extremists with your “opinions” seen my remote control. My program will be on soon.

  41. Dukey, I’m just off to re-check in, re-weigh my luggage, re-go through security, and then FINALLY get off to ee land.


  42. Wear a helmet!

  43. Godspeed, Hobes.

  44. @alord:

    I beg to differ with your choice of adjectives. Don’t English twenty-somethings who consider themselves ‘hip/cool’ read i-D/Dazed & Confused/Vice/Wonderland? Whereas those who read the Guardian consider themselves well-informed/political/part of it all, dontcha think? Not that those categories are mutually exclusive, but… well, they are. Aside from your questionable lexicon usage, you probably have a point. Nonetheless, I am willing to admit that I am an English twenty-something who reads The Guardian. (They can’t half produce a lovely weekend supplement). Lambast away!

  45. are you saying ‘hip/cool’ isn’t relative, nor subjective? people of all ages can’t be, nor consider themselves to be, neither ‘hip’, nor ‘cool’.

    maybe i should’ve said lecturers/vegans in their late twenties/early thirties. ha! i was being deliberately vague, i suppose. i do find a smug sense of self-gratulation in the guardian (g2 especially). everything’s sounds like it’s said out of the side of the mouth and from atop a high horse.
    however – there is a lot of quality journalism in it. the irritating grain of sand around which i was forming my rhetorical pearl (i flatter myself), was the numerous people i met at university who i disliked intently, whose mouths were like open sluices spurting filthy canal water at every opportunity and usually unbidden, most of whom (perhaps there’s no correlation) read the guardian. maybe i’m stigmatising unfairly. perhaps most of them ate double deckers too. who knows.

    actually, the guardian also has the worst football supplement out of any daily!

  46. the second sentence should read more like:

    ‘being cool, or considering oneself hip, isn’t a privilege allowed to people of all ages?’

    i hope you’ll see past the faint patina of syntactical inelegance to the substance or otherwise beneath!

    i remain forever,
    your most
    humble servant,

  47. since you like your narrow definitions:

    i would say this is the median (chose my word carefully there!) guardian reader, from my limited experience:

    odi et amo?

  48. also, vice, i-d…

    don’t get me started!!


  49. Ah, I see. So that parti pris re. thousands of English twenty-something Guardian readers derives from your experience of a handful of university peers. A little narrow in scope perhaps, but, granted, not without substance I should imagine.

    And EVERYONE knows that coolness is an objective, universal holy grail set by Vice, that one cannot strive for past the age of 29. Obvs! Time is against us all – fieri sentio et excrucior. Oh to be cool…

    On that note, I’m off down to the Old Blue Last to hang with the hipsters. ;) Laterz.

  50. they were not my peers, equals, anything. i just happened to be in a building with them twice a week. that’s a long time past anyway, kyrie eleison!

    and old blue last! >:-|

    i prefer the sherwood street social club. i would send you a link, but it doesn’t have a website. my lovely, naff, too-unassuming-to-know-it’s-unassuming local pub; where the pool-table is free, the chip cobs are great, the pints are cheap, the club singers are so awful they’re good, and the smoking area is always like a tube at rush hour, packed with twenty-somethings who look like fifty-somethings!

    ne plus ultra!

  51. Lolz, it’s probably a good thing that the Sherwood doesn’t have a website – you don’t want the Vicers getting wind and invading :p Just for the record, I wouldn’t set a foot inside the OBL. The Sherwood sounds far more like my cup of tea! Anyway, the point is, I’m going out. Byeza!

  52. @alord:

    This Saturday:

    I think I’ve found the path to coolness! ;)

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