Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Workin’ the D into Douchebag

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  1. Is this a commercial for

  2. Civil unions are strong!

  3. I was not aware that you could use children in an exercise regime.

  4. Is that little boy pictured with his two dads? (I’m not judging I’m honestly curious).

  5. @eenerbl, if you could I would be totally ripped by now LOL

  6. Wow, nice tits Grady!

  7. @eenerbl I used to babysit for a family that had a really chunky kid (not obese or anything, just heavy), and always had a hard time carrying him around for long periods of time. One time, his mom was wearing a tank top while carrying him and I noticed her arms were indeed quite muscular. So…perhaps that might work.

  8. Yo dawg I get ripped by throwing balls and lifting babies.

  9. @ #4
    I was wondering about the two dads also.

  10. is that the grady from the chop slap guy?

  11. @ #4, absolutely ~ i created a squat thrust thing that involves jumping my niece up and down. she loves it and it’s an insane workout :-D

  12. i meant #3.

  13. If you had friends they would ask rather than ‘inquire’.

  14. @Katt: I’d give it a try but my son is to heavy now. I missed my window of opportunity.

  15. Wow ppl it is a JOKE!! oh yeah I forgot Lamebook ppl don’t get jokes. I thought that you only had a problem with jokes but now I guess you also don’t like muscular people either.

  16. I bet nobody ‘inquired’ as to how he stays in shape. Especially since he’s for some reason advertising a website…

  17. looks like the masturbating bear has coined an excercise (upper right hand picture in the grid of douchebaggery)

  18. @eman: wtf are you talking about?

  19. kinda looks like jason statham in the one where he’s pointing and holding the ball.

  20. @eenerbl I used all three of my kids as weight while losing the baby weight after childbirth.

    I would lay on the floor and lift my little ones with arms (great chest workout) and then also on back lift them up as toddlers with my feet on their stomachs and holding little outstretched hands lift them high (great leg workout) plus fun for all

  21. @yaya: I’ll keep that in mind in case another one come along.

  22. I use kids in my exercise routine regularly… I coach them and that is a lot more fun than just jogging… I also am like the neighborhood dad… One of the favorite games we play they call marco polo… Its not the same as what you think of… Each of the kids takes a turn on my shoulders as I run around and tag all the other kids… I’m tell you, that is a work out

    So when I go to the gym I can focus on weight training and f those treadmills

  23. I think Grady has a tiny little chubby from holding that dude in the air like that…

  24. @eman – Those photos weren’t posted on that persons facebook as a joke. He is the joke. I personally love muscular men. I mean really love them, but this guy is still a douche.

  25. Muscular men are icky to me.

  26. In crossfit photo no. 6, who or what is he pointing at?

    “Hey, kid! You see this ball? It means your ass is mine!”

    Or maybe he’s at a make-shift carnival and is pointing out which bottle he’s going to knock over, and the little boy is the ‘prize’ that he’s won for the other guy?

  27. @Penny Lane: I dated a guy that was a body builder, I had to call it off, he had a nicer ass then I did. It just didn’t seem right.

  28. I’ll take a not too muscular, well toned man over a fat bastard any time. A straight one that is.

  29. Thats what I aim for is toned… I dont have time for muscular… Although I do like to have my biceps show without flexing… I think I found a good balance at 6 ft 175lbs… I have thought about putting on a bit more weight (Maybe up to 190), but will think about it after grad school

  30. ThinkingInPictures

    I can’t date “body builder” muscular guys… that grosses me out a bit, plus I don’t get spending 3-4 hours a day at the gym, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of muscle or a guy that takes care of himself. Granted, I’ve also dated guys with a bit of pudge and found nothing wrong with that either.

  31. Slimjayz, I knew you’d have something to say about this…

  32. @slimjayz sounds like you copied the last 2 comments straight from your online dating profile

  33. @ penny… How you know I’d have something to say?

    @ poopaloop… I’m married, no online dating profile

  34. yeah I always lift toddlers up as a part of my work out. really works the lats.

  35. I live on penny lane. The road in Liverpool not the user.

  36. I intend to have my photo taken on that road someday.

  37. Babies and toddlers are especially good for those hard-to-train “core” muscles. Plus, they’re a great source of protein when cooked properly. Children are the veal of humans.

  38. @MikeyMike, that dos not surprise me. Enjoy eating the children, I would flavor them up a bit, of coarse.

  39. Anyone who posts any picture of him/herself working out is a gigantic douchebagguette. The only thing worse than that, is posting mobile uploads from the gym. Lastly, their physiques are not that impressive.

  40. Vince Offer is the ShamWow! guy and also does the Slap Chop commercial (“You’re gonna love my nuts.” Gotta love that guy. Had the shit beat out of him by a hooker–check out his mug shot

  41. if i’m as straight (and female) as i claim to be, why is my immediate reaction, upon seeing these pictures, to gag on my cocoa krispies? and btw, guys who drink muscle milk and pump iron to get that buff would die in 2.5 seconds in any kind of real life danger situation.

  42. @ slimjayz: I have this overwhelming urge to get into a biking and play marco polo in a pool, and it’s all your fault!

  43. Excuse me. That would be bikini. Sorry, I’ve have a few glasses of wine.

  44. @eenerl: You can sit on my shoulders…

  45. Sorry, I meant *eenerbl. Oops…

  46. @Blue Smarties: Thanks for the offer, we’ll see how things pan out. Marco…

  47. @eenerbl: *Pubble-lubble*

  48. I have a very strict rule. Never hook up with a guy whose *ss is smaller, hair is longer or who is “prettier” than me. Common sense dating tips here kids.

  49. @yaya: Where do you stand with ugly, fat, bald blokes?

  50. This really isn’t lame, just a couple of strong guys, I detect a bit of jealousy lamebook!

  51. Nothing lame here, just a couple of dudes…working out…taking photos and posting on facebook…yep nothing lame here.


    And I am a follower of yaya’s rule of dating. I also like the feeling of being smaller than my boyfriend, is that weird?

  52. @ yaya

    Dont blame me for biking… I dont even own one… I’m a boxer guy and bike seats and boxer guys dont mix

    I got a polo for your marco ;)

  53. I’ve just been down the gym and wanted to get really buff so I thought I’d give the crossfit thing a go. Unfortunately they didn’t have any small children in the weights rack, so I thought I’d try standing in the middle of the room, holding my balls and pointing at people.

    Crossfit’s shit. I got thrown out of the gym after five minutes. And I still don’t look buff :(

  54. @slimjayz

    Fish out of water!

  55. I don’t know… in my opinion it is the epitome of lame.

    But thats just me.

    I mean it’s one thing to want to be fit and look good but there’s a whole other level of stupidity out there which I think is perfectly displayed in this series of pics.

  56. @dood

    You’re probably some fat net surfer who despises fitness. There is nothing wrong with the set of pictures with the guy displaying how to exercise Cross Fit. Cross Fit is awesome, I do it all the time and it keeps me in great shape. Try it some time.


    Some of these guys who train definitely can handle them selves in dangerous situations. I myself am a bouncer at several bars and am in them all the time and I do just fine. I’ll add I also like having the other guys who train like me on my team. I would love to be able to adventure into even more dangerous situations to est my self against the elements and intend to when I can afford to take time off work.

  57. crossfit does look just like that, it’s a killer workout… just saying!

  58. @Riverside

    Agreed. This is ANOTHER post related to guys with muscles. I don’t see what is so lame. And how does working out and having a good body make you a douchebag lamebook? I am very interested in new workout techniques and positions so I can actually get some damn muscles.

  59. “And he grew some nice boobs!”
    (paraphrase from Robin Hood, Men In Tights)

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