Friday, January 29, 2010

Wonderful Wins

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  1. As I woman, I feel like I should hate Nicholas, but… Nicholas FTW.

  2. That Hanson one is weird.

  3. “Surprise!”

  4. How do people like Nicholas have any friends let alone any sex?

  5. dawnofthedeadling

    I’d like to punch Nicholas in the throat.

  6. @ flutternutter

    Because chics dig cocky assholes… He probably has girls lined up around the block… See look, sarahface just got in line…

  7. rusty is just a douchebag

  8. sadly, i feel the same way as Nicholas about my ex’s… of course i would never post it on facebook… sober.

  9. @slimjayz
    not all girls love that shit.. i definitely dont.. he is gonna end up alone in the end… SUFFER ASSHOLE SUFFER!!!!

  10. Am I the only one who thinks Nicholas is funny? Wow…SURPRISE!

  11. People still name their children Yogi?

  12. So if I trap Rusty’s in the nuts in a vice and pound them with a hammer , it’s okay…as long as I yell “SURPRISE” first right?

  13. LOL go Rusty!!!

    Everybody likes surprises!!

  14. *sorry-so mad I added words-forget the “in the”-i just wanna punch him in the ass!!!

  15. @canakat

    I think hes awesome

  16. @IvannaHumpalot, I see no flaw in your logic. Proceed.

  17. Despite his arrogance, Nicholas does have a point

  18. Rusty’s joke is not only old, it’s also clearly staged. Rusty, I know you’re reading this, so: you’re an idiot. I hope you get surprise ass sex repeatedly.

  19. Yogi, never, never, never thank Miley! Idiot!

    Rusty your an ass and probably still a virgin.

    Anthony, your a sad, sad man.

    I kinda agree with Nicholas. Kinda.

  20. @ worppervert

    So after a relationship with nicholas you can only go down… But after a fling you can go up… So his point is he sucks at the secs?

  21. everytime I hear mmmbop, a smile comes over my face…

  22. Believe me, if he “sucks at the secs” (seriously??) Jenn wouldn’t have even thought to write anything except for “the sex was awful”, or “you are so full of yourself, and I was faking the whole time.” Instead Jenn made herself look like a douchebag for assuming that he was talking about her, when she wasn’t ever his girlfriend. So yeah, NICHOLAS FTW.

  23. I don’t understand why any of these are funny.
    Just these though, not the other posts on lamebook.

  24. Not only is Rusty a complete douchebag for minimizing something that happens to women, he’s not even original. I saw that shit on a teeshirt. RUSTY FTL!

  25. Also: Sensible Madness FTW.

  26. Why is it that there’s always at least one “hahaha sexism” joke in every win post? Especially since no one here even seems to think they’re funny. Is there really no better humor to be found on Facebook?

  27. Anyone notice the dislike button on Nicholas’s posts?
    Besides, he’s right. My ex’s usually get ugly/douchebag/tool/loser/dumbass guys after me. Not being braggy, just saying what I see. I think it’s that after they’re with someone good they start aiming way lower. Don’t think I’m a dick though, this is the first time I said it anywhere.

  28. Wait, how are these ‘Wonderful Wins’? Every single person here is an asshole. They don’t win, they lose. They may have used a comeback, but that doesn’t stop them being absolute dickheads.

    Actually, that’s a little over the top. Only half of them are dickheads. The rest just aren’t funny. Changing ‘clock’ to ‘cock’? Huh.

  29. @beanstalker

    Have you noticed that gals seem to go after certain types of guys… Maybe your ex’s dated ugly/douchebag/tool/loser/dumbass guys before you too… Maybe even while dating you?

    @ dazeyduke

    You are behind sarahface… Plz wait your turn for nicholas… You can get your great sex… Just make it past a month with him or you dont get the awesome bragging rights of being one of his ex gfs

  30. @ britishhobo

    I agree… good posting… I think lamebook gets a fail for this set of wins

  31. As a woman I can’t help but hate Nicholas…What an asshole.

  32. wtf is anythony talking about with the “mmmbop”???

  33. oh my god…..Nicholas for the win….
    That guy should be president of something for that line.

  34. I have to kind of like the MMMBop one because I’m a Hanson fan, and clearly Mr. Anthony knows more about MMMBop than he probably realises.

  35. Rusty probably likes to listen to MmmBop as he’s being “surprisedly” raped by his not-girlfriend.

  36. And that’s the biggest party in the USA… Bet he wishes he was in Haiti. Assholes, all of them.

  37. @ slimjayz

    No idea what you’re talking about

  38. worst_episode_ever

    im harold and kumar escape guantanamo bay one of them, kumar probably, had a shirt that said “no means yes” or something and on the back said, “just kidding…”

  39. Rusty was almost right, but actually “No” means anal.

  40. I had a dream that it was new years again, and at nine minutes after twelve, I tore Anthony’s arm off and fucked him with it.

  41. Rusty just admitted to being a rapist on facebook

  42. looks like Zeke just admitted to being a rapist as well

  43. When a judge says 5 to 10, they mean 5 to 10. Just something to consider.

  44. ThinkingInPictures

    How are any of these wins? Really? This is the best facebook has to offer?

  45. @ThinkingInPictures: Anthony’s was funny! Hanson and Cock in one post, priceless!

  46. Thats why you dont have ex’s on facebook

  47. I would stab Nicholas in the throat. Exactly the reason why as soon as a guy becomes an ex he is deleted off of FB

  48. I hate Rusty because Facebook no longer requires you to use the word “is” in your status. It has no place in his.

  49. Yogi and Rusty are the worst of them… how do u gloat over other people’s pain? And that ‘suprise sex’ comment is not even original, he’s probably the idiot who joined a rape support group on facebook and told the ‘victims’ they were not raped, they were merely surprised! FTL!

  50. i’m sorry, but a hanson mention on lamebook just made my heart explode with love. and really, who doesn’t want a hanson cock?

  51. swverausc214 – I KNOW! two of my friends consistently update their statuses using the unnecessary “is” EVERY SINGLE TIME. “john is am i right side up or upside down?” “keri is class till 4:30, BBM me!” WHAT THE HELL. enough from you.

  52. @wordpervert…You don’t understand what slimjayz is talking about, because he is makes no sense (but, boy, does he think he’s clever!)

    @slimjayz…I didn’t understand the last part of your statement, but I can say that just because I thought Nicholas had the win does not mean that I am attracted to him, or men like him. Very presumptuous of you.

  53. I thought Nicholas’s post was funny
    snarf snarf

  54. The site is called Lamebook. Perhaps they decided to use ‘Wonderful Wins’ in a sarcastic manner.

    I’m mean clearly thanking Miley is a wonderful win.. I’d rather someone for giving me an STD than thank Miley for anything..

    The only thing wonderful about Rusty’s comment is that if he ever has someone accuse him of rape, well the proof that he supports it is on the internet.. Creditability people..

    Anthony clearly needs to keep his dreams where they belong, in his sleep – The end

    Nicholas had a good call, but that does not constitute as a win.. Increasing your asshole meter with each post just makes you an asshole, not a winner..

    And seriously what is with the ‘Dislike’ button..

  55. The dislike button shows up if you’ve already “liked” something. So the submitter had already liked the comment & then took the screen shot. You have the option to dislike something after you’ve liked it.

  56. The super scary part is that Nicholas apparently has
    more than one book. Most have only one, i.e. “In my book,
    that is lame”. Yet, Nicholas clearly has such a strong
    personal code that he needs more than one, he has bookS.

  57. Bwahahaha! Surprise sex! That’s clever! :p

    Nicholas wins! Jenn sounds like a bitch!

  58. @Frodo…No, it would say “unlike” (as see in Anthony’s post)…you are sort of living up to your name, bud.

    I guess there’s a way to get a dislike button if you join a certain group, or something. I don’t know, but my brother-in-law told me about it.

    @beckyboo…watch out! slimjimz is going to assume that you want to fuck Nicholas.

  59. @swverausc214 / @backbeatrhythm: Actually, it may not be Rusty’s fault. I used to have a BlackBerry and the Facebook app on my phone always made me update my status with an “is” in it. It was automatic, I couldn’t do anything to change it. Seeing that Rusty updated his status via Facebook for BlackBerry, he probably has the same problem and that’s probably why the “is” is in there.

  60. well then keri has an excuse, but john doesn’t have a blackberry and should therefore be punched.

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