Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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  1. BringYourOwnSun

    Nice Nicole … too bad you self-submitted.

  2. The first couple were wins, Scott’s was dumb. Nicole wins all.

  3. Ben!


  5. Scott is a massive win! Sooo good. I laughed so hard. after reading the rest of the comments i think he is joking tho.

  6. Where is zombie kid?

  7. Zombiekid is spending time with his turtles

  8. The one with Nicole is so fake.

  9. I went to Facebook and read the responses to Scott’s topic.
    Then lost faith in humanity.

    “U sound like ur a total idiot. If u cared about her as much as u said u did and that u had a really good convo with her and ditched it all for a sandwich!? WTF”

    “i would never ever abandon my crush for a freakin sandwich”


  10. the real question for Scott is “what kind of sandwich?”

  11. lol

  12. there have been some really good people replying with the right idea, stating how he was right to pick the sandwhich :)

  13. Scott… I wonder what kind of sandwich?? man i he’s for real then i guess he’s pretty mixed up!

  14. Ohh michael jackson jokes!

    what’s the difference between michael jackson and a plastic bag?

    One is dangerous to children, and the other just holds your groceries.

  15. What does a plastic bag and Michael Jackson have in common?

    Both take around 100 years to decompose.

  16. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Why is MJ like an Xbox?
    They’re both made of plastic, and get turned on by young boys.

    I like Nicole’s. The self-submit shouldn’t be shameful, unless it’s not actually funny.

  17. How do you know it’s bedtime in NeverNeverLand?

    When the big hand touches the little hand.

  18. What’s the difference between a plastic bag and Michael Jackson?

    I’ve never dug up a plastic bag, had sex with it, then reburied it all before the sun came up.

  19. Talking about Zombie Kid, I finally understand what his deal was. The other day I found this old news clip of a kid with his face painted like a zombie. The reporter asked him a question and he just answered ‘I like turtles.’

    It all made sense…

  20. Hmmm, BritishHobo?

    Zombie Kid linked the youtube clip of that exact news story every time he posted.

    That’s why his name was blue.

    btw…. I like turtles, too.

  21. God damn it xD

  22. Elizabeth Bathory

    When the big hand touches the little hand? So – every time I turn on my Nokia?

  23. @22 – shssssh fool

  24. Elizabeth Bathory

    Goddamnit I refuse to be responsible for child molest-
    Wait a minute, are you The Ben?!

  25. @BritishHobo

    I wish I could hug you now. In a totally (mostly) straight way.

  26. @Elizabeth Barthory: i think it is the “fake” Ben.

  27. I am the genuine Ben yes, not the impostor who trolls with my name. Some people seem to think this is still funny, it’s beyond tiresome now.

  28. oh, no, trust us, it is VERY funny.

  29. ?

  30. at risk of being cliche…..


  31. Will someone PLEASE explain this ‘Ben’ business to me? I’d like to think i’m a regular on this website ( I don’t comment much, although I enjoy reading the comments!) but I’m confused as to where this whole ‘Ben’ thing originated from.

  32. Ooh, mcowles and British Hobo in a mostly straight hug? Think I’d prefer it if it were semi-straight.

  33. Louder Than Bombs

    It WAS a DELICIOUS sandwhich.

  34. Louder Than Bombs

    Sorry, I mean sandwich.

    Typos occur when you are scared.
    (I swear someone was following me down that guinnel. Thank god I’m home now, eh?)

  35. Ashley, it’s Nurse word here to give you that second opinion.

    I put real lime juice, and the lime itself into my vodka and soda, so I know for sure that counts as part of my fruit requirement for the day.
    I have 5 of them daily, so I don’t have to bother with anything else.

    In short, keep drinking girl, you’re covered.

  36. @Mrs Harper: re Ben, you see, a while back Ben was insisting that someone was also using his name “Ben” to post dumb comments like “First” if they could comment first. But we all know that if a user name is taken no one else could use it. SO, since that day many of us have taken to posting “First” if we could post first and also posting “Ben” whenever. He was quite agitated and angry that day and it was quite amusing.

    It’s fun, join in!

    So, in closing: BEN!

  37. Ben also claims to be a student, studying to become a doctor, but he was on the wrong side of an argument about some very basic herpes information.

    And he’s too short to REALLY be a doctor.

  38. Actually, I tell a lie, I will throw in a banana on occasion.

  39. Hey word, send me a “private lamebook message” to tell me if you’ve REALLY used a banana, in the past month or so.

    I’m curious how much of the over-the-top sex stuff here is actually done. :)

    For instance, I bet Anna HAS had anal in the annex, but I don’t think eenrbl has really punched someone in the face during sex.

    Stuff like that.

  40. mc, if you’re really interested in my sexploits, I’m more than happy to oblige you.

  41. @ ashley: that’s why you start off your day with a few bloody marys. get the healthy shit out of the way, then do your serious drinking from noon on.

    herpes is so ben.

  42. so then by extrapolation since Ben is Frodo, Herpes is Frodo!

  43. dc, you’re right with your logic.

    Frodo became eternal if I remember correctly, and herpes lasts forever, so yeah, I’ll agree with you there.

  44. i love when things come together perfectly like that.

  45. CommentsAtLarge

    She won’t talk to Scott because she’s still busy with the bummy drunk guy – the sandwich was just a ploy so he could make his move.


  46. Ben doesn’t have a pool

  47. I liked Nichole’s and Ashlie’s comments. The other two are kind of dumb.

  48. Thank you,dcrearview!

  49. How do you ditch a girl for a sandwich? I mean thats like giving away an ice cream serving machine for an ice cream cone. You keep the girl and you’ll get many more sandwiches over time.

  50. @dcrearview, you can actually change your name to something someone already has. Just change what your first and last name are.

  51. She should have just made him a sammich

  52. Chewbacca shagger

    Why didn’t she offer to make him a sammich? That relationship was doomed from the start.

  53. Self-submitted and using pirate language? Nicole is anything BUT “win”.

  54. I’m with darknight.

  55. On the Nicole/John one, did anyone notice the time limits they got going there?
    “Bout a shot o’ rum ago?”

    I want that as my freaking times.

  56. its called pirate language on facebook

  57. lol wow.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  58. I wish the entire internets was in pirate language. =(

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