Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winsday Part: 2

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  1. first

  2. second

  3. third

  4. Damn. I wanted to get first so the morons that type “first” failed. I fail. Bad times.

  5. GrammaticalErrors

    wow ofpartanparcel you reek of “pownage” congratulations on your win!

  6. I want to poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick.

  7. Even if Dan’s made sense it would be shit.

  8. insert clever name here

    Kevin FTW!

  9. …And Martin sneaks up on Chris with a big stick… POW! Teach you to complain boy! Oh I’m sorry! Did you expect someone to take you seriously?

    Haha. That was mean.

  10. Some good wins

  11. Dan’s commment = great.

  12. Dan’s comment = great.

  13. Well done lamebook, a generally good entry. Hasn’t happened in a long time.

  14. Dan FTMFW.

  15. @martin for the win!

  16. if Razza’s been constipated for 6 days, im pretty sure he wants to get rid of the shit. not keep it too himself. xD lol jk i know what that dude meant.

  17. Dan’s comment is not funny. I don’t feel it is lamebook worthy.
    Kevin and Martin on the other hand…win.

  18. The ways a man could treat his girlfriend like an xbox that are funnier than what Dan said:

    Use it for pleasure.
    Leave it at home where it belongs.
    Flick it’s little joy stick.
    Turn it off when it’s pissing you off.
    Share it with your friends/let your friends have a turn.

  19. I came on Pandora too

  20. And…WHO puts their xbox BEHIND a TV? My xbox is UNDER my TV.

  21. 21st

  22. Martin is the best by far. Dan’s doesn’t make an awful lot of sense.

  23. Both Dan and martin made me LOL

  24. Dan here, my xbox is behind my tv, soooooo….

    And I didn’t put this up here, a friend did.

  25. I guess I just don’t understand the logistics Dan.

    And in all fairness, it’s not as if you were trying to make the planet laugh, you were just being snarky with a friend.

    It’s actually one way I morally question this website.

  26. Exactly, just a joke between a friend. I didn’t know it would show up here. My friend told me about him putting this up, so I checked it out.

  27. Well…I apologize if I came off harsh.

    This just may actually be my exit here…people can make fun but I have actually have had my ethical/moral/human doubts about this place. No offense to those who partake. It’s so negative and no NOT “live and let live”…

  28. Huh?

  29. Debating whether Madhuri’s win was intentional..

  30. Is it lame that Sunny misspelled pwnage or is it lame that Monal felt the need to correct the spelling of a non-word that most likely originated from a misspelling of own? It’s a vortex of lame and I am lame for thinking this deeply about it.

  31. @Penny Lane: “Flick it’s little joy stick.” I liked that one.

  32. Sorry @wensday but yes your thinking was lame

  33. @wednesday, Just for clarification; pwnage is a misspelling of ownage (which, in the gaming community means kicking butt). Correcting it is only as lame as the retart that originally posted it.

  34. haha Martin wins. not sure i get Kevin…

  35. he came. as in ejaculated.

  36. “Treat your girl like you would treat your XBox”??

    Um, I don’t like the idea of someone pushing my buttons…unless it’s, well, nevermind. XD

  37. *retard nashntth, man Frodo say waa.

  38. Come on Lamebook, is this the best you can come up with??

  39. i DO treat my girlfriend like i treat my Xbox.

    just last night i managed to turn her off accidently.

  40. @ Imamofo – your a genius!

  41. Isn’t that last one fake? The font and the format are all wrong.

  42. Oh or is it Facebook for iPhone?

  43. @Spanka, you don’t belong here, sorry.

  44. @Spanka: *you’re

    Where I live there is a (public) TV-station coming up named PWNED. Sigh. It’s terrible.

    Martin FTW!

  45. @ Makster, Shut up, that was funny what Imamofo said “turned her off accidently”. I guess thats never happened to you where your in bed with someone and they totally do the wrong thing, and you’re like “you sick fuck, get off me”. Ahh flash backs to my teens!

    @ Anonanus, my bad sorry.

  46. @spanka – that’s, you’re – It’s okay to use apostrophes.

  47. dyslexics are teople poo. Yes I shy away from the written word because of people like you!

  48. @Spanka: Did me and you go at it when we were in our teens?

    You’re not the lass whose arse I got my finger trapped in are you?! If you are you never gave me back that signet ring I lost.

  49. @Imamofo: finders keepers.

  50. If I could treat her like an Xbox I’d be hitting her reset button a lot.

    @Spanka: retart

  51. flagrantly fragrant

    @ SeeBea

    If she was an Xbox my disk would be in and out of her a lot.

    Consider yourself one-upped.

  52. And they called it chubby love

    How about “Get angry at it when it won’t let you put your disk in”?

  53. If i would treat her like an XBOX i’d have to sent her back to her mom’s because of the multiple flaws …

  54. @ flagrantly fragrant – lame, try again

  55. orrrrrr

    My girlfriend is like my Xbox, in that if I lose on either of them I batter them repeatedly with a cricket bat, until their a useless pile of shit…

  56. “…I got banned from using her for service violations”

  57. @jelly –

    I don’t think he had any idea what he said – that is what makes it classic! Lmfao!

  58. All great, but Martin FTW.

  59. Dan’s comment wasn’t even particularly clever

  60. I haven’t turned on my xbox in over a year. So I guess I do treat them the same……. :(

    And Penny Lane. You are saying “this place is so negative” and you’re having your “ethical/moral doubts”?

    Seriously??? You’ve been one of the most negative people on here. I’ve enjoyed SOME of your comments and never thought anything twice about it, but don’t pretend that everyone else here is so negative and it’s finally getting to you, being surrounded by this, when you have been doing the same thing.

  61. @nashntth I know what pwnage means. It’s a misspelling of ownage which is also not a word. To own someone as in kicking their butt was a slang term way back in the stone age when I was a teenager. I merely theorized that the word pwn or pwnage must have come from someone making a typo when trying to say I owned you or ownage! or whatever, those who witnessed the typo thought it was funny and it became a meme. It amused me that someone would correct the spelling of a “word” that is actually a typo in itself. But I suppose in five years pwn, pwned, pwnage etc will be in the dictionary for school children to look up, if spelling and reading are by some miracle still subjects in school by that time.

  62. @mccowles hahaha, sorry to hear about the er, dry spell.

    in re: pennylane don’t take her to task too harshly. There have been moments where I have recalled something a week or two later that I wrote or said and upon hindsight found my comments overly snarky. I don’t think penny is saying we are terrible and have influenced her to be immoral. I think she is simply reflecting on her own participation and perhaps today, judging herself more harshly in the moment.

  63. sorry *mcowles*

  64. @yaya

    Yeah, I agree with your assessment and I probably overreacted. People here are douchebags sometimes, and when the impersonators were all over the place, I almost left forever, so I’ve been there. I just had an issue with the “ethical and moral doubts” to remaining here part. If you act in a way that you are comfortable with, then it shouldn’t matter if other people are being jerks.

    With that being said, your condolences are much appreciated.

  65. lol, people everywhere are douchbags sometimes, else there would be no need (nor audience) lamebook. But it is rather amusing that no one seems able to recognize their own douchiness, but is expertly trained to spot the douche in others. Such is life I s’pose.

    Good luck on diggin up a box and turning it on ;P

  66. mcowles, exactly. I don’t like seeing myself that way. It has to do with ME, not you. Don’t take it personally. Just thinking out loud. :o )

  67. That was supposed to be a smile! lol

  68. Martin’s comment is really great. Probably the best lamebook entry I have seen. Although, it is notably for it’s cleverness – not lameness – which seems contrary to the point of the website. But then again – lamebook’s tagline promotes it as the funniest and lamest of facebook. I guess Martin’s comment falls into the funny half, particularly since it is placed in a group for wins. In any case: I liked it a lot.

  69. *notable


  70. @ Wednesday #61, I think you mean stwn age.

  71. If I treated mine like my Xbox I’d be cussing her out for cheating.

  72. ^^^^ Win

  73. Actually Martin, he SPELLED “Ridiculous” wrong. But otherwise, good dig.

  74. blarg, “spelt” is fine in British English.

  75. Yep. “Spelt” is fine in British English. As is “Learnt”. American English would be “Spelled” and “Learned”

    I’m not British or American and even I know that :P

  76. thanks to Noah Webster for Americanizzzing the English Language

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