Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winsday Part: 1

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  1. Ummm… first?

  2. died a little @ Nick’s comment, but Mike’s comment brought me back to life.

  3. I feel bad for Kendra’s mom, that’s gotta suck. Wonder if mike has first hand experience with her mom?

  4. Mike for the Ultimate Win.

  5. Nick’s only saying the truth. Given the facts, I wouldn’t be scared of her either.

    As for Mike’s comment, HOW does he knows it’s cold? I’m getting the feeling he’s not saying that figuratively.

  6. 6th

  7. What the hell does “Yeah yeah, I’m team Conan. But also I’m team arsenioooooo hall” mean? am I missing something?

  8. xolouox, I was wondering the same thing

  9. eighth!

    And now with that lifelong dram realized, I can die happy.

  10. dammit, dammit dammit, lmao, screwed by underscore.

  11. Sorry guys, have to disagree.. big vag jokes are about as funny as small dick jokes. Jesse is the highlight for me. Yeah, don’t get the team Conan post either.

  12. First thing i thought of was something about arsenal? But he’s really retarded if thats how he thinks its spelt…

  13. sad how quickly people forgot about Arsenio Hall…. things that make you go hmmmmmmmm…….

  14. @mistaphill, explain?

  15. Ahahaha Jesse’s awesome.

  16. ahh just googled it, he is a talk show host? Presume he’s not famous in Britain as I’ve never even heard him mentioned

  17. Give me a break! I live in BAHRAIN and I’ve heard of Arsenio Hall!

  18. The Arsenio Hall Show was a late night TV show starring, strangely enough, Arsenio Hall. It was quite popular during the early 1990s, and was probably the first popular late night show with a black host. Its biggest claim to fame was probably when Bill Clinton played the saxophone there while he was a candidate for President in 1992.

    It remains something of a staple in pop culture references from that era, although I get the feeling many people who bring it up these days probably never actually watched the show. I personally watched it quite a bit, which I’m not sure I should admit to.

    At the beginning of the show, the announcer would announce him like that “Arseniooooooooooooo Hall!”, holding the “o” for several seconds. @mistaphill’s “things that make you go hmmm” was a popular segment on the show.

  19. i wanna find mike on facebook and be his new friend. he is funny as all hell

  20. He was a talk show host in the early 90′s and was pretty big for a minute, then quickly got cancelled and faded into obscurity

  21. @shihaby, calm down aggressive,so what i don’t know who he is…

  22. also thanks for explaining guys :) ha things that make you go hmmm was on braniac :)

  23. Woof! Woof! Woof!

  24. I knew who arsenio hall is, although i admit I never watched him.. too young for late night tv at the time.. I still don’t get why that post is a win though?

  25. @xolouox, I’m sorry you felt that was aggressive. You need thicker skin.

  26. chill out shihaby, geez!

  27. I give mike a fail… Really? A yo mama joke… If he said it about hers it would of been the win of the year… But he blew it

  28. nahh its not anything lamebook worthy, well I don’t think so. aha, mate its just banter, it’s alright

  29. I am ashamed of you all! Arsenio Hall was/is also an actor/comedian. He was in Coming To America with Eddie Murphy.

    A HILARIOUS movie about a prince in a small (but very rich) African country……… that comes to America, to search for a wife!

    It’s a must see!

    Go! Must see it!!!!

  30. I understand that arsenio hall is a real person, why does that make the post a win?

  31. I hate those “in a relationship ” status updates with the dumb red heart…
    Where’s the I’m gonna throw up button

  32. He was on Martial Law too from the second season. Dated TV now, but I liked it then

  33. aha mcowles, you’ve sold it to me, I may have to watch. But who is Team Conan? answer me that aha :)

  34. I’m not doubting that it is a win, I’m just obviously missing something…

  35. It’s just a comment that Arsenio was once really well loved and had a lot of fans and now he’s a nobody and that Conan will go down the same road. I hope not! But the man’s been screwed.

  36. Really? That isn’t funny, or lame…

  37. I agree that Coming to America was great I dont think of Arsenio when I think of that… When I think of Arsenio I think of the fist pump… hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo

  38. Mike wins!

  39. wow, why is that on lamebook?

  40. I gave this a 1/5, and I was the first person to do so (as it hadn’t had any ratings as a entry yet) and lamebook automatically set it to 3/5.

    This is too lame

  41. i have to keep reminding myself that most of the comments are made by people not from the US.

  42. Arsenio was in a lot of things, but the repeated “o” is clearly a reference to how he was announced on his show and not, say, his role in Coming to America.

  43. I considered it a win simply because someone remembered (and connected) Arsenio(oh-oh-oh) Hall to something current/relevant (which he is neither… sadly).

    No matter, it still made me smile.

    BTW, Team Conan:

    Jay Leno gave up his Tonight Show about 5 or 6 months ago and Conan O’Brien took it over. A week or so ago, Jay Leno was offered a 30-minute show at 11:30pm every night, and NBC was going to push The Tonight Show back to 12:05am. Conan did not want to do this and has said that he would leave NBC, if they forced this issue.

    Jay Leno said that he would take the tonight show back, if Conan left.

    Team Conan (a play on words for the whole Team Edward vs. Team Jacob from Twilight thing) are the supporters for Conan O’Brien keeping the show, as is. I’ve seen “Team CoCo” and simply “CoCo” used more often than Team Conan, but that may just be me.

    BTW, I like Conan O’Brien A LOT more than Leno and I hope he gets to keep the show at the same time slot, as well.

  44. @Sensible Madness

    I understand that this reference was 100% for the Arsenio Hall Show, but people were saying that they didn’t know Arsenio AT ALL. That’s why I referenced Coming to America. It wasn’t explaining the post at all, if that’s what anyone was thinking.

  45. @mcowles I see, makes sense. Carry on.

  46. lol Nadia hella hatin :p

  47. I’m guessing that people who don’t know Arsenio Hall are either too young or knew nothing about the show Martial Law.

    Anyway, lol @ Jesse and Mike.

  48. insert clever name here

    Footnote for those who don’t know Arsenio Hall. His show brought the fist pump into mainstream America.

  49. [Fuck U Nadia] –> theres your button

  50. Joe Louis was the greatest fighter that ever lived!

  51. ^Lol, Chingaso!

    The Arsenio post was my favorite of all of these. And I don’t care what anyone says, the best Arsenio role was in Dave Chappelle’s daydream in an episode of Chappelle’s Show. “How come you didn’t tell me how good this cheese was?!”

  52. ‘Where is the Fuck Nadia Button’ is one of those great unsolved mysteries…I’m betting it’s near her fanny.

  53. lol, I also thought he was talking about arsenal…

    And fuck yes, I’m with CoCo.

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