Monday, January 25, 2010

Wins to Start the Week

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  1. Super lame. (that’s what I am, for being first.) And Debra, really? You’re truly that dumb?! Lol!

  2. Railroad train? I no get.
    Josh is faggish.
    Debra is dumb and I laughed so hard at that one.

  3. I hope Debra uses the dick emoticon regularly.

  4. Oh Debra, you poor poor soul.

  5. first one made me laugh

  6. Josh and Debra need to get together.

  7. Haha, a shovel.

  8. Will FTW on willie’s sister gettin another willie

  9. Debra must have been home schooled. ;)

  10. Hopefully Debra never encounters a 8===D otherwise her lack of intelligence may live on for another generation!

  11. Will FTW!

  12. there are no words for debra, only a kyon facepalm.

  13. the-lonely-island

    Debra is frodo

  14. Debra is on to something. Come to think of it, there is often a need for inserting a shovel emoticon into one’s comments – like when digging a hole for oneself.

  15. I want to marry Bill.

  16. Debra seems like the type of girl who could be getting a penis in every orifice and still not realise.

  17. ThinkingInPictures

    and after mastering the art of the “laughing so hard you’re crying” smiley Debra wonders why she has suddenly become so popular with the basketball team, the football team, the hockey team…

  18. Oh Debra… silly girl.

  19. Poor Debra will probably have to use her new smiley in a few texts and emails before learning the awkward truth.
    That sucks (_!_)!

  20. could someone explain the first one please? it’s not just a ‘your sister’ joke surely.

  21. …a train, you know, like a gangbang?

  22. Yeah, it’s a shovel. Keep digging that hole you’re burying yourselves in…

  23. I like a good six inch shovel.

  24. @jeniferkaye – thanks for the translation.

  25. Wow Debra… honestlty?!

  26. 1st one, i don’t get it, 2nd one is funny, and third one is also funny, maybe she has never seen a penis before lol

  27. will’s a jerk, and poor deborah hahahahaha.

  28. HAHAHAHAHA.. Omg Bill, you are so mean, poor Debra.. :D

  29. he was talking about the dudes sister…. SAYING THAT A TRAIN OF PPL BANING IN HER ROOM!!!! do yall get it now??? the 1st one???

  30. Whoa. Take it easy with that caps lock there.

  31. I “baned” your mother last night Trebek!

  32. Yes Allygirl, got it…
    it just ain’t funny

  33. The 8====D kinda looks like a penis, or maybe it’s a crying smiley, idk.

  34. Poor Debra is probably someones Mom or teacher. She totally got schooled in emoticon lingo.

  35. Will FTW and DaysWithDave +1 for the Celebrity Jeopardy reference.

  36. ohh Debra..

  37. Debra + Bill = Setup

  38. I’m probably going to be called Frodo for this – but I’m honestly too curious to care…what DOES the one with the 8 mean??? I get it that it’s something with a penis but I’ve seriously never seen it before…

  39. @ KarlaEU: It’s not something to do with a penis, it IS a penis, look at it sideways.

  40. Oh – there’s nothing like starting the day with an aha experience! Thanks Spanka..

  41. @ KarlaEU, was the “aha experience” a lightbulb experience? Or a penis experience… I read it as aaaaah aaaaaaaaaaa experience.

  42. I have NEVER seen one of those 8====D things and I hope not to see one again, how juvenile. Debra shouldn’t be mocked for not knowing what it was (perhaps she should be for asking on Dacebook though) as it’s yet another entry to the child’s text dictionary. You lot can’t very well scoff at those who use that strange abreviated language on Facebook and then expect everyone to know what the contrived ‘pictures’ are supposed to represent.

  43. Gank, do you feel superior now that you’ve desperately tried to sound intelligent? I hope so, otherwise you’ve made the internet *facepalm* for nothing. How juvenile of you.

    (By the way, pictures aren’t language of any kind, let alone your made up ‘abreviated’ language. They’re pictures.)

  44. A train is a gangbang?! I learn something everyday here.

  45. Hey you learn something new every day, I didn’t know what train meant either. Cheers guys :)
    And is Gank Frodo? I don’t know, I’m new to this, lol

  46. @ Gank: YOUR A 8===D.

  47. Now that you mention it, Gank is indeed the epitome of Kyle/Frodo if you look back at how that original LOTR status progressed. nicky nic, I take my hat off to you, good sir.

  48. @Marc, thank you :) I’m pleased I used it in the correct manner

  49. @nashntth: What’s idk mean?

  50. @txikiwi
    How I wish it was the latter, but nay, unfortunately it was simply aha-experience..

  51. ..ehem, AN aha experience

  52. Gank is Frodo

  53. @ KarlaEU idk = i don’t know

  54. Erm…

    Is it a crying smiley?
    I thought is was a penis/dick – whatsoever


  56. insert clever name here

    @mynameis – You were right the first time. It’s a crying smiley… like are laughing so hard you are crying… get it?

  57. insert clever name here

    oops…like *you are…

  58. I always thought it was a penis.
    8==D “short” hahahahaha. dick humor. gotta love it.

  59. Gank is a retart version of Frodo.

  60. ben FTW

  61. I think Debra’s problem is that she was homeschooled.

  62. Hey, Debra actually gave me innocence! I can now actually have a few glances at the 8====D and see a happily crying smiley 9 times out of 10!

    Btw notice that she made it noticeably longer the second time?

  63. That is one badly-proportioned crying smiley.

  64. (last one) its funny cuz its a penis! =]

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