Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wins for Wednesday

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  1. SomeRandomChick

    I knew there was a reason I loved Jesus!

  2. BEN!

    and i love how jesus says the pirate patches thing. the name made that one haha

  3. SomeRandomChick

    Ah, shit son! Ben!

  4. damn. i can’t even BEN right…fml….

  5. what is this Ben Stuff?

  6. really dazzacon? read some of the back posts. we’ve explained ben…what 3 or 4 times in the last 2 weeks?

  7. just found this site today and seen it popped up a few times!!
    im still working my way through the back posts so sure it will come up! Just curious!

  8. lex, your Ben was awesome! As are you.

    Any reference to virginity and Back to the Future combined, love it!

  9. ok fair enough. keep on reading. your diligence will be rewarded.

  10. dazzacon, check back in January.

  11. Cheers eenerbl. Loving it all so far, great site!

  12. delorean?? virginity?? how do they even relate…?

  13. thanks ee. i try. sometimes i fail. i even checked to make sure no one had posted yet too….oh well.

    and yeah back to the future reference was awesome but he screwed it up. he said if she drove the delorean which took from the win-ness for me.

  14. prolefeedprocessor

    Yeah, that last one makes no sense. And how was it a Back to the Future reference just because there was a Dolorean involved? And what does that have to do with virginity and a handbag?

  15. nichole is a gullibal dumbass. i’m in bad mood and seeing stupid people look even more stupid is making me happy.
    the jesus one was awesome.

  16. SomeRandomChick

    Because the Delorean would take her “back to the future” where I’m assuming her virginity is located! lmao!!!!

  17. *gullible

  18. Ok well it really isn’t that hard to follow. He says that at least the didn’t steal her virginity, had she driven a Delorean on the other hand (the car used in Back to the Future to travel through time) he could have gone back in time and taken it…. that is if it was a he dun dun dunnnnnnn

  19. I thought it meant… with a Delorean, the thief could go back to before she lost her virginity… and take it.

    That would have been a fucked up Back to the Future film. Though the original was kind of fucked up enough. ‘It feels like I’m kissing my brother’ indeed…

  20. Beaten to it :P Touché, Pooligan ;)

  21. Well I am glad someone else manage to solve the mystery of the virginity stealing Delorean.

  22. managed*… I think its time to sleep

  23. Am I the only one that thinks the way Nichole spells her name is a little odd? When I read it, it sounds in my head like “Nic-hole”.

    Btw guys, the people on facebook have started doing the “Ben” thing in the lamebook comments, only it’s some other dude’s name. I think you’re rubbing off. Just sayin!

  24. Never thought I’d get to say this but…


  25. Wow, Lamebook is living up to the lame part. I haven’t had to many complaints until now. This is getting pretty bad.

  26. Questioning the delorean/BTTF reference!?!? really?!?!? HELLO?!?! McFLY!!!

    Ben doesn’t even have a pool

  27. ImTheRingLeader

    I don’t get the Ben thing…

  28. Umm…. I thought Conor was pretty awesome too. Jesus is ALWAYS trying to steal the spotlight.

  29. Ben Franklin was the first president of the United States, so we honor his memory by saying Ben instead of first.

  30. Ben is Frodo and does not have a pool.

  31. omg Soup yer such a douche, Abe Lincoln was the first president of the United States.

  32. Everyone knows Ben Franklin is on the Canadian $20… on the older ones she has her kite.

  33. Why am I all of a sudden fantasizing about founding fathers in sexual situations. I must remove my head from the gutter. Jeez. Ben and his kite, Abe and his axe…

  34. totally unrelated…why are there so many usernames with the word “monkey” in it.. it used to be chicky_monkey and me… :( a bit on the possessive side. hehe

  35. The Jesus come back was the best one!

  36. haha soup… good one. i wasn’t around when the whole ben thing happened but i have since figured it out without having to ask anyone. i think your explanation should be used from now on.

  37. You should say George, since George Washington was the First President of the United States…Ben Franklin was never a President…he was an Ambassador to France…Jiminey Christmas you people are retarded.

  38. @mass, for god’s sake I hope you were kidding about Ben Franklin being on the Canadian 20$ bill… FYI that’s queen Elizabeth the Second!! the more you know.

  39. @jwp

    Ahahaha… if you’re being completely serious in your post, that just made my day. Hate to break it to ya (actually, that’s not true since I’m getting pleasure from this), but you’ve been douped.

    Well, technically… you’ve been Soup’d.

  40. So many fools. Let me educate you:

    Abraham Lincoln was the guy who signed the Magna Carta. This gave the Indians the right to fornicate with Kevin Costner, who then infected them with smallpox and got them addicted to his 80-proof semen.

    George Washington was a lumberjack. He was in the woods with Paul Bunyan and took his butt cherry. He proceeded to lie about it so that Babe the Blue Ox wouldn’t forge a valley in his ass. Paul was devastated, and his tears are said to have created 10,000 lakes.

    Canada had no presidents of their own, so the US had to loan them one of theirs to make the Canadian money legitimate. Ben, being an open minded sort of guy, dressed as a woman for the trip so he could be royally mounted by the police. He had one hell of a night and didn’t have time to change. That’s why in his picture on the Canadian $20, he’s still wearing a dress and the most perfect pearl necklace ever deposited.

  41. i still don’t get the frodo/pool joke.

  42. sorry guys i was a little slow on the delorean one. oh well. happens to the best of us. i’m off my game today i guess. first the ben fiasco then i miss the punchline. :/

    hahaha i’m with the lady on that. i really hope you’re not kidding.

    good for you. way to be.

  43. @soup (the @jwp part)
    is that where michigan came from?

  44. Had a brief look, some good shit here, but really, I can’t be bothered.

    I have the flu, and am currently burning about 3 candles at both ends, and, I gotta get on another fuckin’ plane tomorrow.
    I thought having a bloke out of town would be the perfect set up for me, turns out, it’s exhausting work.
    And speaking of work, well, nope, not going there.

    I don’t have much time in the old life at the moment to indulge in lamebook antics.
    I enjoy the laugh, so I’ll endeavour to continue to make contributions, but if I drop off somewhat, you now know why.

    Love to ee, Soup, sexluther, and anyone else who wants some lovin’.

  45. monkey c, if you want to have a problem with too many monkey names then maybe you should pick a more obscure animal, like the red-bellied newt.

  46. @lex
    Minnesota and the Great Lakes, yes. It was quite a scene.
    Fun fact: Washington’s money shot landed in Utah and created a lake there, too.

    @Lady Katara
    Thank you for making me a verb. I’m so happy. The world would be a better place if everyone got Souped once in a while.

  47. thanks word same to you. good luck with all that life stuff. make sure you get some sleep sometime. sleep is good for you.

  48. for more fun facts about george washington…

  49. It’s not pronounced Jesus as in Jesus Christ people. It’s Jesus as in Hey Zeus, as in a name of I think Mexican origins.

  50. it’s pronounced hey-zeus, but it’s not of mexican origin, or anything. it’s latin, the same way “jesus” of “jesus christ” is, because it’s the same name. The thing is that in latin countries (including portugal, spain and all latin america), the name of the Lord is also given to children in honor of Jesus Christ. Something English speaking people arent used to. It’s just a custom.

  51. So I should stop nailing Mexicans to crosses in an effort to invoke the second coming? They already smelled like they’d been dead for three days, so I figured I was on the right track.

    God! You have fucked me for the last time!

  52. I love it Soupy, just bloody love it. (note, I can say love sometimes)

  53. Thank you for explaining that psychedelia60, I was just about to do that myself. Mexican origins?? I haven’t commented here in months but I felt the need to upon reading that incredibly well-researched remark.

    @lexluther- yeah, that guy had, like, 30 goddamn dicks.

    @Soup #51- That is offensive and in very poor taste and made me laugh a whole lot.

  54. Also note, I’m screening phone calls from current lust interest, so I can have a little lamebook.

    How fucking sad is that.

  55. i love malteaser too

    lol lol

  56. You know Word, we could take a life lesson from our good pal malteaser: Less is more. We sit here baring our souls and entertaining the masses, and it says “lol”. But who ends up with the tribute names?

  57. Fucking oath Soup, if we’d realised that’s all we’d have to write to grab a following, then what the bloody hell are WE doing, you and I?

  58. Well, your name is wordpervert, so you’re kind of obligated to be verbose. But me? It’s…it’s just such a waste. I need to figure out a catchphrase.

  59. Well if the implication is that I talk too much, I’ll shut up. (probably won’t have much of a choice anyway, considering my present situation)

    But it’s kind of ironic that I chose that as my name, cos a blabbermouth I ain’t.

  60. Hmm…I thought a Delorian might somehow have a big, practical/comfortable backseat or something.

    And Alex, what’s with all the shit tossing? Having (for reasons COMPLETELY unknown!!) just watched that status brings some up some unfortunate associations. No more sleep for me…:(

  61. Not at all. Talk your game. However, if you are unable to comment on Lamebook for a while because you’re banging some dude, well, you win.

  62. If it only were the dude, it would not be a problem.

    I’ll still be here, just a little less of me.

    And for the record, he wins for snagging me, if only until I tire of it, which inevitably for me, happens around 3 or so months in.

    He’s gotta another month if he’s lucky.

  63. Haha! Time to break out my inner psychiatrist.

    So Word, if you are somewhat tired of this particular relationship, why do you continue to go through the effort of flying to this man’s location?

  64. To be blunt, it’s the best sex of my life. No exaggeration.

    He pays for the trips, so it’s really only my time that’s being expended.

    It’s starting to encroach on my work, and family/friend commitments, so I’m starting to pause for evaluation.

  65. There’s only so much word to go around.

  66. Okay, my inner psychiatrist touched the secretary in an inappropriate place, so he has been suspended.

    I have no advice.

  67. Any dickhead that leaves their bag in their car over night deserves to have it stolen.

  68. Thanks for zero Soup, I was hoping for a revelation, and all I get is another of your sexual harassment stories.

    I need to sleep off this flu.

  69. Revelation? Well, if it was me getting the best sex of my life, I wouldn’t bail after 4 months.

    His kisses, like butterflies upon my skin. His touch, slowly working its way down my body. His hand encircling my manhood, his…gaaauuuuuuughh. Sorry. Sorry. This has never happened to me. Really. He’s just so hot, I can’t contain my excitement.

  70. I feel like I’m intruding in a private conversation here…

    Nichole’s an idiot, and I quite like the Alex/Alex exchange.

    Probably not worth me even posting this, nothing interesting to say.


  71. I might stretch it to 6 months, we shall see.

    I wish I could fuck words on a page, cos that’s what I want to do when Soup hits his stride.

    I love YOU Soup.

  72. chickens dont clap

    Yeah Fanny-Anne, and everyone who walks through a park at night deserves to be raped and murdered, AM I RIGHT!!!

    (hint: no)

  73. @Elle Bee
    No, it’s fine. I like spectators. It makes thing more…spicy. In fact, I’m pressing my penis against the computer screen right now. FEEL IT!

    I have broken through your emotional barrier. Sometimes it just requires a stranger. This is why I’m always sitting on my hands.

  74. The psuedoephedrine in these cold and flu tablets is messing with my serotonin balance. I’m curiously open and loved up at the moment.

    I’ll be back to my old self tomorrow, and I’ll forget I had this conversation.

    Thank you and goodnight.

  75. But I’ll remember, and know that I’m loved in Australia. And there ain’t nothing better than being loved down under. Sure, sometimes it tickles, but ultimately, I always blow like a bottle of Mentos mixed with Diet Coke.

  76. I have a theory…Soup is Word’s long distance lurver. That’s why he doesn’t want her to break up with him. Awwww you guys….It’s like You’ve Got Mail!

  77. Hahah, you two made my morning.

  78. The Ricky Martin one made me chuckle, as did the Heath Ledger afternoon nap.

  79. I think the the Doris and Jesus one would’ve been so much better if she had her facebook set to Pirate.

  80. @ariesdragon, psychedelia and mittens: what a buzzkill.
    @MrsD: I like the way you think :D

  81. To all the idiots pointing out the errors in the history of the presidents and Franklin…

    DO YOU NOT FREAKIN’ UNDERSTAND SARCASM AND JOKING? Good lord, we all know the real history, they were posting for all the morons that can’t figure out how to go back and read old post to know what Ben, Frodo and pools are about.

  82. ricky martin… the pirate.

  83. lol

  84. the world would be a better place if everyone had sweet pirate patches

  85. Soup, I would do naughty things to you. Hehehe. Too bad word is already flying out to see you…

  86. NIC-HOLE, really?

  87. @Leslie maybe you could tell us WHICH old post to read!

  88. The FRODO post was removed long ago. But hopefully the following will bring back fond memories, or help out those that did not get a chance to witness the glory of that post.

    Someone took a quiz that said he was “most like Aragon”. The comments were full of a debate about how friend 2 thought he was more like frodo.

    It was KIND OF like this: (let’s call friend 1 James and friend 2 Flokeesh, just to make it easier to read).

    Flokeesh: You’re more like frodo
    James: How am I more like frodo? I lead so I’m Aragorn
    Flokeesh: No, I’m Aragorn, Friend 3 is Gandolf, and you’re frodo
    James: What? I could kick Friend 3′s and your asses, Frodo couldn’t beat up anyone, so I’m not Frodo
    Flokeesh: You’re gay and Frodo is gay, so you’re Frodo
    James: I’m not gay, you’re Frodo!
    Flokeesh: Plus you live in a shire, like Frodo
    James: How do I live in a shire? I have a pool!
    Flokeesh: Frodo has a pool.
    Friend 4: *Ramble about how Frodo had the strength to carry the ring when everyone else fell victim to the power held within it*
    James: Friend 4 is gay
    Flokeesh: Friend 4 is Frodo

    Maybe I’m way off… but that’s what I remember.

  89. Let’s see if lamebook gets mad at me:


    Odd, I had two links in my clipboard somehow. Oh well, either one is fine.


  91. hahaha, mcowles

    ‘Flokeesh’ = the name of my future firstborn

  92. jwp is a retart

  93. Maybe if she spelled “Burmese” properly, she’d find it.

  94. @mcowles i totally forgot about that haha

    @soup and word now i’m sad that i went to sleep last night. look at everything i missed out on. :(

  95. @dawnstar


  96. Haha, mcowles, you’re such a dork.

    @Soup: you’re welcome :) You can be a noun, a verb and a conjunction!: I have a pool, Soup I am not Frodo. Works every time.

  97. @mcowles

    hahaha, touche, good sir.

  98. @Lady

    I agree with you 100%, but… hmmm… did I do something more dorky here than normal? haha


    You misspelled “touch me”

  99. @88 mcowles
    You got it pretty right :)

  100. Word – are you australian? win for us. lol

    Well, ‘souped’ will catch on, so maybe we can start “you’ve been wordperverted”… or not…

  101. hahaha..

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  102. .

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