Friday, July 23, 2010

Wins for the Weekend

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  1. ben

  2. MsBuzzkillington

    I am getting kind of tired of all these comments that are “witty.”

    A bunch of “witty” responses, using certain words in a “clever” way.

  3. is jade naked or in a bikini

  4. Jade is wearing a form fitting peach hued tunic from Mister Sylvester’s of Miami Florida.

  5. @cakid612
    r u for real, she is wearing a dress. i can see you r a little slow

  6. Overload!!! I can’t decide who gets the win! One of these has to have a leg up on the competition.

  7. I thought Jade was naked too….
    Am I the only one who thought these were truly lame? I don’t tend to like it when the people complain about the posts, but these ones really were…not funny.

  8. whitehallstories

    I wonder if 10 years ago the limbless man was just a city boy living in south detroit

  9. whitehallstories

    Besides, the guy that held up the jack in the box with an axe has nothing on the guy robbing the bank in a darth vader suit

  10. I really don’t understand the jack in the box one.

  11. @ grammar.. the robber was AXING (asking) for money.

  12. There was a headline in The Onion a few years ago “Black neighbourhood terrorised by ask murderer”

  13. Antidisestablishmentarianism. That’s what Gemima said.

  14. Plus
    Our English language. To cherish and love and uphold. Unless you’re a goat.

  15. Were these ones meant to be in the ‘do not use – not funny/lame/anything’ pile?
    My granny has more interesting bits on her fb.

  16. And
    No goats – just a disclaimer in case you’re disappointed.

  17. Yes, yes, ok.. I’m bored.

  18. lame puns does not a win make. horrible.

  19. ^ Totally agree.

  20. Emily, I’ll take one of those pussies off your hands. Mine would love a playmate.

  21. Apparently I’m too sober to find any of these amusing. Matt and Rachel might have me, only because I masturbate to that song mentally in my head. Other then that…

  22. ee, drunk or sober, these aren’t funny, honey. But with regard to that song, I didn’t know that the Glee people did a version, I only know the Journey version, and that one holds a special place in my heart.

  23. I don’t watch Glee, so I’m lost there. But Journey, can make me not stop believing anytime they want.

  24. I mean come on word, I’m just a small town girl.

  25. ee, I don’t watch Glee either, but there’s a version of the great Journey song that they’ve massacred out there somewhere.

  26. For shame word, for shame!

    I may be young, but I was raised by true classic rockers that taught me to appreciate good music. That wounds me! I’ll have to share a secret with you later, it involves Iron Butterfly and sleepless nights.

  27. Yeah ee, you promised me some time ago you’d tell me some tales…


  28. You’re all missing the point. Streelights, people!


  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Glee sucks AND blows.

  30. Tales word! All you want is my tail! I swear, you’re as bad as me!

    teo, I’m just hiding, somewhere in the night.

    Dukey, where were you the other night? word and I sent out a mental calling!

  31. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I apologize eenerbl, my nights tend to “escalate” when the drinking intensifies. I think that was last weekend but I woke up in the closet (don’t ask) and some Indian chick made me some scrambled eggs and Canadian bacon, … good times, good times. Today I turned off my phone and locked the door, so I am drinking in bed no one can get into my place tonight. Let’s see how this turns out.

  32. So your in bed are ya? That sounds promising.

  33. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I like where this is going babe. Do you have any directions for me?

  34. Dukey sounds like a man I’d really like to get to know.

  35. For real.

  36. I’m with ya word, he’s all gun-ho and all!

  37. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Wow, the psychic like that word and and eenerbl share is mind boggling. I can only imaging one playing with the other and moaning and writhing in rhythm with the person they are playing with.

  38. Yes, we’re in sync that’s for sure, Smoothy. I went away for a bit to have a nap as I’ve had a few today – need to pep up somewhat before heading out this evening, but I always feel her, so thought I check in again to say hi.

  39. Writhing word, did ya hear that! I think we have a reputation here! I don’t mind one bit.

  40. word, you’re spot on. I can hear your call from my couch! We’re good like that!

  41. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Trust me, NOBODY minds one bit, matter of fact we all encourage it.
    Let me just say you two are inspiring me into the upright and locked position and I’m not even in a fucken airplane.

  42. The only writhing I’ve done of late was the agony kind when I sliced my hand open a couple of weeks ago. I’m overdue for a writhing episode of the other kind.

  43. I’ll help you adjust your belt there, Dukey. How tight do you like it for your ride?

  44. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That sucks word, I can induce much better writhing than that. Also I won’t hold it against you if your hands go below the belt.

  45. Dukey, turn your cell off and relax for the in-flight movie. It’s sure to please!

  46. And with that, unfortunately I’m off. It’s late and I’m in need of some rest. Dukey…enjoy yourself. word, like I need to say anything, you know how I feel about ya! xoxo.

  47. Our written word inspires you, Dukey, and that pleases me as it’s all we can offer you. You’ll just have to imagine that scenario unfortunately, as will I.

    Must go now, so until next time, Dukey…

    ee, I’ll be talking to you VERY soon, ok, girlfriend.

  48. They should have a site for lame comments.

    If you want to pretend you’re super sexual
    and not some sad cunt that sits on a site used
    predominantly (probably) by 13 year old boys, go on
    msn where no one has to see it.
    its actually funny as i bet not one of you looks like
    what you’re all imagining in your wank fantasys.

  49. Aw, fuck you, Mope, you ruined it. I was really enjoying that.

  50. Really? You should try actually having sex. If that drivel gets you going then sex would really blow your mind.


    i couldn’t even be bothered to aim this one.

  52. They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no!

  53. Am I the only one that caught MsBuzkillington’s Chris Farley joke? lol

  54. Good God. All of you just shut the fuck up.

  55. Dear iloveyoink and mope,

    Fuck off to failbook.


    mwnci tal

  56. I will when they fuck off to

    Whats it to you anyway? Do they let you watch?

  57. What a crazy comment section today…

  58. WANKER!

  59. Are you fucking retarded?

  60. @Mmope: After being disappointed by this lamebook entry and its subsequent comment page, your reference to gave me new hope of having a laugh during my daily stint on the inteernet. Sadly, it has been revealed to me that this webpage does not, in fact, exist.

    You lied to me. However, your biting sarcasm and derision are to be commended, so I’ll forgive you this time. ;)

  61. @laugh.out.loud
    in regards to comment #59, that phrase has been trademarked by Nuff Corp. and it’s new employee charliee. The timing and delivery was most excellent though, I may consider taking a look at having a few people try out for the position and give it to the best suited person based on their one week evaluation. Good luck.

  62. laugh.o.l who’re you addressing anyway?

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