Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wild at Wal-Mart


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  1. Both her children and her sound like complete choads. Yeah, it’s Wal-Mart and you know you’re going to have to deal with fats, lousy parents, and shitty kids but for the love of god…a sharp crack to the face will shut kids right up.

  2. Well done, she deserved it. Everyone has their breaking point. I hate crying babies as well but bite your tongue and get over it. All babies cry and rude people should be punched.

  3. Couldn’t she have gotten in trouble for assaulting someone? Or is it OK if the person provoked you to that point? It’s a legit question.

  4. This is fucking fake.
    There were probably many people complaining about her fucking kid (even employees) screaming, and breaking shit, and being a total psycho animal, and she’s just typing out on FB to all her “friends” what happened in HER mind only, making her out to be the calm, collective fucking hero.
    Blah blah, “don’t mess with my family” shit you hear everyday.

    She sounds black..

  5. Correct.

  6. @Kal: You sound ignorant. Why even introduce what race she is into the conversation? It’s not even necessary. But I knew someone would do it eventually…it’s the Lamebook way, I guess…

  7. SOrry but I assume this happened in the U.S. and if so, do you expect that the lady who supposedly got punched wasn’t gonna sue Hillary’s ass 9 times from Sunday?
    Even if this happened in Canada, the broad who allegedly got punched is going to sue
    And guess what Hillary. LOTS of people have kids. We go shopping when the kids are rested and their reactors are not reaching critical mass. Don’t think we all need to suffer because you failed to plan ahead.

  8. Just because you’re married doesn’t magically mean you know how to take care of a child. And 24 isn’t exactly old, so being called young isn’t a stretch. Unruly kids are annoying. Yeah the person bitching at the woman and in front of the kid probably wasn’t the best idea, but I can see their point. If you can’t afford a babysitter, then get a friend or relative to watch the kid(s) for free or wait til your spouse/significant other gets home from wherever they are and have them watch the kid(s). Not that difficult. You shouldn’t be subjecting everyone else to noise pollution.

  9. I agree Grandma, if I may call you that. Stores are full of people who act not only like Hillary, but also like the loud mouth. Why wouldn’t one of them choose an alternate aisle instead of antagonizing each other. The whole thing just seems too bloody stupid and yet I’ve see Peopel Of Walmart. It probably happens all the time

  10. This story just confirms my thought that if I must go to WalMart, it’s just best to go at 2a/3a, when it’s just me, the people stocking the shelves, the one guy waxing the floor, and the one person at the one available cash register. Problem solved.

    And @bathsalt, everybody calls me Grandma, so it’s perfectly ok.

  11. I can only imagine that those of you who talk about kids being annoying, and she should never go out with them, have no fucking clue what it’s like to be a single parent (or a married parent, but having to run around and take care of the family whilst the spouse was away, or at work, or they can’t afford a babysitter).

    “Get a friend or relative to watch the kid every time you have to go to the store.” You’re about as precocious as a steaming pile of hammered dog shit, “destructor.” Fucking teen gamer pricks.

    Yeah, because EVERY parent wants their child to act… well, like a fucking child, in Walmart, or on a plane, etc. It only bothers those without the child, and that hideous screeching is music to the parents’ ears. What a bunch of fucktards.

    Oh wait, “beat the child into not crying while you’re in the store.” You’re also a fucking idiot if you think that actually works; you beat them after you leave.

    her name is Hilary, not Shenana, and the kid’s name is Conner, not Jamal, for fuck’s sake. AND she spelled shit right and made legible sentences. Do you REALLY think she’s black?? Dumbass.

    But, since it was Walmart, and this is the lazy, liberal, entitled, welfare state of America, Hilary probably just got the living shit sued out of her. The end.

    Oh wait, fuck you. Okay, the end.

  12. Oh please. Anyone who has actually dealt with kids for longer than, like, a day knows that sometimes it’s not as easy as finding a time when they are super-pleasant to be around, and cramming all your errands into that time frame. It gets exponentially harder when you have two kids, as their “sweet times” are probably not synced because they are different people at different developmental stages. And then, some ages are douchey ages for some kids and they are just lying little manipulative, cranky assholes. It’s a fairly natural stage of development and I don’t think that any parent with a kid in an assholey phase or horrible mood should go to a nice restaurant, or a crowded movie, or whatever, but they DO need to go out in public to places like the grocery store.

    Kids behave badly sometimes. It’s totally embarrassing when it’s your kid, but it does not mean they are being parented badly. My friend’s son went through a phase where he realized the “power” of throwing a tantrum, because his mom would leave the store out of courtesy whenever her son turned into a fucking beast. Testing out ways to use and manipulate a newly-discovered source of power is normal for kids to do. So he’d throw a huge tantrum, and if she left the store out of embarrassment or courtesy, maybe everyone around her would stop judging her for a minute, but the problem of her son’s manipulative behavior would never get solved. It can be easier for the parent to give in out of shame – whether to buy the kid that begged-for candy bar or to cave in and leave the store – but it is not in the long-term best interest as far as emotional development goes.

    People need to eat. If Hilary works outside the home then she already has some pretty limited time to get all the house-managing work out of the way, but honestly, even if you are a stay-at-home mom, it can be really damn hard to fit all the errands and tasks around the “happy hours” of young kids. Sometimes you do need to drag them out when they’re in less than awesome moods. It’s just life – and just like those kids need to learn (by doing, how else?) that life sometimes sucks and you have to just buck up and go buy food even when you don’t want to, some adults need to learn that life sometimes sucks and you have to just buck up and count to ten and move on. The difference between a shittily-behaved child and a shittily-behaved adult is that the adult should have already learned these lessons.

  13. @CallMeGrandma: Yes, pat yourself on the back as to what you do that works for you. Ignorant? Probably. We all are in some way or another.
    People all can’t go to Wal-Mart at 2am-3am, but, good thing you pointed out that you do.
    I bet you pulled up your pants a couple inches more with a smile after typing out your self righteous methods to chat up miserable, tired, Wal-Mart employees early in the morning.

  14. @Nails – You implying because she typed legibly, she possibly cannot be black? Or because she has “white” kids names, she’s also cannot be black? Lol — classic…but, keep calling people dumbasses though. Probably makes you feel superior to others. This stuff is good.

  15. ^ Yes, kal, I wasn’t implying it, I was all but saying it. Good catch, illuminati. Aren’t you just so “witty and #sarcastic” as all get-out!
    Almost every word of that post screams “white woman,” but go ahead and pretend that isn’t true. Dumbass.

  16. And every one of your posts screams “I work minimum wage for life” – and I assume, that’s correct. I can’t believe you ‘tards are harping on this like it’s some national debate. Move the fuck on, and get a life.

  17. What kind of a ban is 48 hours? I realize a vast majority of people who regularly shop at walmart cant remember to bring a shopping list, or make one, or just remember what they need but do enough people go there daily that getting banned for 2 days is an actual penalty?


  19. No offense Kal, but I don’t get “minimum wage” from Nails posts….

  20. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @screamapillar, you seem different. Are you somehow writing professionally?

  21. I ate a hot dog today.

  22. carlosspicyweiner

    Too long, didn’t read

  23. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @beatus, hope it was a proper one. Made of the best meat by products money can buy and not one of those gourmet ones they’re trying to sell you these days. Stoned?

  24. Dear Hilary, do you see what you have done!? You posted YOUR personal shit online for everyone else to see, where personal shit needs to be private! Now, your ignorance brought out the ignorance of certain people in here.

    Kal, Nails and Grandma are fighting because of you! All of you need to get together and punch the shit out of each other.

  25. ElizabethBerkelydid

    I had a bad experience at walmart. A christian lady told me I was going to hell because my shirt was tooo tight. I remember this lady had an enormous body and she was wearing a very large shirt with Tweety Bird on it. She also had many kids that were crying.

  26. I left Walmart yesterday (Canadian Edition) and my daughter (2yo) freaked out because I wouldn’t let her steal an umbrella as we were leaving and when she tantrumed someone offered to help me to my car…if you aren’t willing to help then turn your blinders on…it’s not hard to tune out kids I do it to mine all the time because as prepared as you are your kid isn’t a drone lol going to a store is like an amusment park…so relax and people dont want parenting advice here either…

  27. @Nails:

    You are a perfect example of a worthless piece of shit. My name is Sidney, and I’m an honors Journalism major that’s black as the day as long. Keep your racist bullshit to yourself.

  28. I shot 2 people in a Wal-mart parking lot and was asked by management to not return for 72 hours. I used my neighbor’s I.D. and got back in anyways.

  29. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @27 dear Major Journalism, Sidney, you’re as thick as the day IS long.

  30. Man…which one of you motherfuckers left the bananas sitting out again?…Y’all know that shit attracts monkeys. Someone put a leash on that bitch before she starts flinging poo!

  31. And if THAT’S not racist enough for you I’ll be a little more clear. WHY the fuck is there a filthy negro posting in this thread accusing good folk like nails of being racist? Fucking bleeding heart queers! :)

  32. @screamapillar leaving a store when your kid is throwing a tantrum isn’t caving in. you go out to the car, wait until they calm down, and then you continue your shopping once they have. not leaving the store teaches them that it’s ok to act like a wild animal in public and it also shows everyone else around you ‘fuck you, me and my kid and teaching my kid a life lesson is way more important than any shit you have going on today.’

  33. I threw a temper tantrum in a store…once. My behavior was swiftly and without warning “corrected” and after that I fucking knew better than to pull some stupid shit like that again…Anyone who grew up before simply yelling at your kid practically became considered child abuse knows what I’m talking about. I still think the whiny old bag that alledgedly got hit was still outta fuckin’ line.

  34. After reading the thread of comments, I’m still not sure how or why race should have ever been introduced. Trust me when I say that I’m not mad about it…I’m not surpised by it, either. But why does it always have to come to that point on forums like this?

  35. wallmart+cranky lady = wierdcunts

  36. That slippery cunt kal started it! And then that fella shosta came stumbling in with a bad case of tall poppy syndrome and throwing around the “r” word like it’s a fuckin’ game and shit! I’m not sure on the purpose behind it all, but, listen, I don’t care, either. And if some poor sap wants to put it out there and start calling people names and pointing fingers, I’ve got games for days. Sexism, racism, animal rights, it’s all in good fun. It’s the whiteknighting, bleeding heart liberals that come in taking the internetz a lil’ too serious and try to break up the party that want to ruin it for us all. Scrutinize and poke fun at them, they deserve it!

  37. CapnJaques – if you remember the one time you threw a tantrum – then you probably weren’t a 1 or 2 year old – who are generally the tantrum throwers.

  38. Accursed_Thoughts

    I MUST say, I’m utterly in love with CapnJaques.

  39. I’m a mum so my opinion is the most valid and relevant

    Did anyone else notice in Hilary’s rant about the 24 and married bit…she has a 5 year old, so let me take a second to work that out…yup she’d be on Teen Mom. Her justification didn’t add up is all.

    My baby has started being a shit when I take him grocery shopping through the day. Took me 2 trips to work that out so now I grocery shop when the kids are in bed and my husband keeps an eye. Hilary and the cunt were both cunts. Grown ups don’t atoganise people for the sake of it nor do they punch people for their cuntiness.

    I’d like to say cunt a few more times because I am a mum and don’t get to use the word often enough. Cunt, cunt, cunt.

  40. Jesis, dear. You’re not sayin’ a 4/5 year old is incapable of throwing a fit over some petty shit in the store, are you? I’ve seen grown men throw temper tantrums over ramen noodles in prison, but we don’t need to go there. I’m just trying to make a point love. Kids older than two are way more capable of acting like assholes in public when they start to catch hold of the whole walking, talking, expanding their vocabulary, and for gods sake after learning the word “no”. Anyone who’s had experience raising children dreads the day where the rebellious behavior starts to manifest! But my apologies, I guess I should have stated the first time I could remember, and was capable of learning from, not the first time my vocal cords learned to scream random psychobabble bullshit nobody really understood anyway. Regardless, the old whore was STILL out of line, because 1:Rude as fuck to insult someone as a parent for shit that ALL kids do at some point, and give poorly thought out unsolicited advice 2: None of that menopausal bitches business! 3: Stalker ass behavior, I refuse to believe that them running into each other over and over again was complete chance…some old nosy women don’t know when to stop with their high and mighty attitude, better than thou bullshit.. The motherfucker was making a way bigger deal out of something that wasn’t even a big deal to begin with. Regardless of how SHE felt, she SHOULD have kept her fat, wrinkly faced, sagging tits, prune juice drinking opinion to her god damned self. I’m sure the young bird wanted to get out of there just as bad. Everyone KNOWS a situation like that can be/is embarrassing..Why rub it in and try to make everyone else feel bad because SHE decided to be wonder-cunt that day? This really isn’t even worth discussing further, everything here has pretty much already been covered, why beat the subject to death because a few moralfag/overly zealous soccermom parents want to try and be right all the time. Nobody fucking cares, seriously, not even me. So why beat a dead cat? There’s no way to do it without making yourself look like an asshole in the process…amirite?

  41. All these walls make my lizard unhappy.

  42. ________________________________________________________________

  43. well fuck. I was trying to make some wallpaper. For the text. it would have been the funniest thing i did all day.
    /stupid hitting the enter/
    Doesnt say much does it

  44. Ish, feel free to say cunt here as much as your little heart desires. However, you’re allowed to not because you are a mum, but because we love it when women say “cunt.”. It’s sexy, especially when preceded by the words “lick my” and succeeded by “until you feel me bursting with pleasure.”

  45. @27 shosta/sidney: Have you ever seen the absolute majority of black people posting online in any kind of forum? Go ahead and deny it, because denial is the best way to completely avoid the truth. Let me give you an example that I will find in two seconds with this amazing source of journalistic excellence (it’s called Google, by the way). Actually, scratch that, I will give you examples from MY OWN set of “friends” on Facebook. Great people, but unfortunately, cannot speak a lick of proper English:

    “they was shooting hell yea we closed i aint taking a bullet over no over cooked bacon hahahahahahahaha”

    “I’m home! :) phone dead. Ima leave it charge. And I am going to lowes or home depot with mi madre.”

    “hey how r u ik ur out n about hit me up some time we gotta chill miss u”

    I’m actually not racist – some of my best Army friends are black, and I trust them with my life – I just call it like I see it.

    And kal, great burn on the minimum wage thing, big guy, you really nailed it.

  46. SEE! See! We’re not racist, we have colored friends on facebook!…lololol! Them bitches are just closed minded, nails….lol @ people who think race has any real standing on the internet/lamebook, same with gender….For all we know half the posters could be 13yo punjabs claiming to be whoever and whatever they want. The possibilities are endless! Anyone wantd to further disqus this pm me…I’m bustin outta this thread before it dies out completely :)

  47. Too late. It died, capn.

  48. stomabeutel – haha, I suspect I am being trolled somehow, but different…how?

    luvpumpkins, feel free to try that out on a 4-year old boy in a terrible mood sometime. I wish you the best of luck.

  49. @screamapillar, thank you! If you dont have kids or watch kids as a living, do not talk about going to the store with kids as if you know. Because you don’t. I watch 4 kids as a living.

    You pretty much said it all screamapillar.

    Good for you Hilary. I would of asked her whats her problem when she said shut the fuck up to my child. That was MY breaking point. I usually have a very long fuse before I resort to punching someone in the face. But with my (future possibly) children and the children I watch, you do not say that around them especially TO them.

  50. Must be…because, go ahead, bring them outside, to what is usually a hot car, even if you’re waiting for the a/c to kick on. In reality all this does is cause the little monster to throw a bigger fit because he/she didn’t really want to leave, and you STILL didn’t buy the little mongrel his “toy” or whatever overly priced consumer option the twit was screaming over in the first place. One time when my ma picked me up for visitation we went to a k-mart and I really, REALLY wanted this super duper cool new nerf gun that came out, and she would have got it for me too, but I knew, and seen that she was struggling financially, I just didn’t realize how bad at he time, I could just tell, by the look in her eyes. That out of love and because I was her son she was still going to buy it for me…I didn’t even throw a fit over it. I put it back on the shelf, walked over to her and gave her a hug and saidn “mommy, you don’t have to buy me toys and stuff for me to love you. You’re my mommy and I love you no matter what. Her eyes began to water and she started crying and I just gave her another hug, and said “mommy, I love you no matter what, I’m just happy I’m still allowed to come visit and spend time with you” I know this is a little off topic, but I still saw it fitting for this thread, Whatever…So there you have it, another story from the Capns past….I might even include/copy some of this thread in my blog, mostly just for safe keeping. It’s actually kind of an interesting subject…and nice how it spawned into a twisted debate about parenting, instead of breastfeeding, evilcows, and sucking cowtit and shit like when this bullshit gets derailed.

  51. ‘Fucking teen gamer pricks’… could anyone have said it better? Bastards.

  52. Also, I hope that interfering piece of shit learnt her lesson. This world is full of too many people who forgot they are insignificant. The US is full of you low life fucks.

  53. I really don’t get what is so bad about swearing at children if they clearly deserve it. saying bad words, people, is NOT the same as punching someone in the face.
    and it’s not like punchface ran over the screaming little shits with her trolley like I ‘accidentally’ did one time. ok, two times.

  54. Oh? It’s just he U.S. that’s full of fucks, huh? What are you a self-righteous eurofag? Cunts come in all nationalities, just ask MsAnne! Cunt and general vulgarities use to be dirty filthy words, but by golly we’re bring that shit back in force. So eat your poison apple and keep believing that bullshit, Pappy!

  55. ^what is your point?
    that you understand the evolution of language?
    or that you empathize with me on the utter stupidity of the human pack mentality that insists, stridently, on pulling people down and keeping them as a boring and non-threatening homogenous mass?

    ‘nice’ was originally used as an insult.
    ‘slut’ was a relatively non-profane term.

    so all of you cunts can just fuck off.

  56. I’d buy Hilary a beer.

  57. Or a bitch pop if she doesn’t like hops.

  58. Hey CAPNJAQUES, I’m dual nationality, unfortunately, and have seen both side of the fucking fence. I was right in my analysis of entitled fucking cuntbag Americans. The other side have their OWN kind of cunt, but when it comes to little shit bag wannabe-edgy hipster fags – US takes the gold.

  59. carlosspicyweiner

    I hate all of you.

  60. ^that seems logical, because we all hated you first.

  61. Mzanne? Ffs, do I ever really have a pooint? And pappy , buddy, ol’ chap, say what you wish, but your opinion is completly invalid here. But congrats on your

  62. ^ So you just gonna leave us hanging?? Fucker.

  63. Well gosh, I guess there’s some kind of lamebook limbo around here…must be where the other half of my comment went…if I only I could remember what it was about….but I imagine it was something filthy and inappropriate.

  64. I like that new tactic CapnJaques. Nothing to say?… Just pretend!

    Well you DID have to be the last one to comment in our exchange, else you wouldn’t be ‘Champ of Lamebook Comments’ would you, guy?

    My comment was more than valid here. This place has it’s bunch of insignificant, Dime a dozen, ‘gotta-be-the-most-controversial’ wannabe-popular pricks and little shits that aren’t even aware they are alive yet – full of advice and ‘should-be’s but not one iota of real life experience. Just like every other site out there. yawn.

  65. ^ Welcome to the fold.

  66. no no, beat. pappy doesn’t want to fit in.
    she’s special and individual and shit.
    you know how each snowflake is unique? had you heard about that, beat?

  67. I’m about as individual as a sewer rat in NYC, because unlike you Ms, I couldn’t give a flying shite how people perceive me. You all try so hard it’s a little embarrassing. I sit back and watch this board while I chuckle to myself at all the brown nosers falling over themselves to compliment your every word – shit-scared you’re going to target them. Well, who am I to question how you attempt to raise your self esteem.

  68. You’re not going to convince me any different, Ms. We had this discussion…damn it…just piss in my lemonade why don’t ya’ fuckin’ prick… :(

  69. should be a comma in there…somewhere…

  70. sure pappy. you don’t care, we all suck, you think you’re so much fucking better than us.
    and yet…here you are..? odd.

  71. How predictable. I expected better…even from you.

  72. And who the fuck are you to have all theses expectations?

  73. #71 – Again, welcome to the fold. Enjoy.

  74. I’m not quite sure why it has such bizarrely high expectations and opinions of itself, capn. doesn’t make any sense to me and frankly, I’m moving on.
    I don’t give a fuck about it, and wont touch it.

    My time is far too valuable.

  75. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s like CapnJaques has a spike studded strap-on stuck up his ass, and just bitches about how hard MsAnneThrope shoved it up there instead of taking it out and moving on.

    And if this Walmart story is true, (and a lot of it points to exaggeration, but I digress)the lady antagonist is just jealous of OP for not having a dried out hole for a pussy.

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