Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whorld Wide


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  1. first?

  2. …..wow…..just wow

  3. Man, drop that baggage off at the curb and move on. Life is too short to be fucking around with this kind of shit.

  4. While I can see the guy’s reason for making it, it just makes him look bad. Just let her be a whore and find someone better

  5. If 6 people join, this guy will still be an idiot.

  6. Do you think he got the sloppy seconds on his birthday?

  7. I disagree Sedna, clearly his Ex is getting exactly what she deserves.

  8. Gym teacher told her to climb the rope

  9. @6 haha

  10. lol classy.

  11. Thinking back on every gym teacher I have ever had/seen……. eww.

  12. Think there’s any chance the gym teacher was a girl? Maybe she was trying to get him something special for his bday?

  13. @Still Just Me

    Thinking back on every female gym teacher I have ever had/seen….eww. Most of them looked like Beulah Ballbricker.

  14. Happy birthday! This is exactly what it looks like…

  15. Most of my female gym teachers were obese….

  16. Most of the female gym teachers were obese and dykes. The same holds true for most of the male gym teachers.

  17. this group I like. And your ex is a bitch

  18. This is fake.

    Oh, and if LB is going to post these unfunny, shit groups here at least post the actually funny copycat groups.

  19. It’s not fake, it’s an actual FB group. And only 941 people have joined.

  20. Welcome to life, dude. 6,794,400,000 others also have to face some tough times – not only you.

  21. This would be a great plan if he also included a way for all 6,794,400,000 people to get internet access as well. Four-year-old Ranjit and his great-grandmother will finally be able to take time off from making sneakers to surf Facebook and join this guy’s amazing group!

  22. Joined to see if it gains any momentum.

  23. After I saw the headline, all I thought was, “what a douche”. I have no opinion of his ex either way. And if he’s this petty and immature, then I don’t care who she fucked when. Maybe the gym teacher was a real man? Jesus.

  24. @22, ugh, don’t tell me you’re the killjoy who posted this on the group page.

    And hey, a protip: if you talk about “real men,” you’re a slut. Sorry.

  25. I agree with hollymar here. How does talking about a “real man” make someone a slut? I think everyone agrees that there are better men out there than others, like ones who don’t use Facebook to seek revenge, or call someone they don’t know a slut for saying someone may be a “real man”.

  26. Tootsie: I’d kiss you if you were close enough. Of course I’m a huge slut, so make of that what you will. XD! You are awesome.

  27. Quite brilliant

  28. id beat

  29. Oh yeah, you’re a huge slut and apparently a filthy crackwhore and you weigh 350 pounds. The things you can tell about someone from a thumbnail picture ;)

  30. Considering this will only take a few mins to make this guy is a legend

  31. I am this guys old gym teacher, and I’d just like to say that I’ve been banging this young mans’ bint for at least 3 years, not to mention the cheerleading squad and half the soccer team.

    That’s what us gym teachers do. Fuck. Inappropriately

  32. I was a student at this particular school, and let me just point out, the soccer team were all young men.

    I’m just sayin’.

  33. sup guys im cool

  34. How could this be lame?

    This is amazingly awesome, haha.

  35. This is testing. :)

  36. If the gym teacher had been a woman, this would have been his birthday present.
    Gender makes such a difference.
    Personally, I would have fucked a goat to get this guy out of my life.

  37. The guy who made the group has only got 8 facebook friends, awh.

  38. flagrantly fragrant

    Fucking the gym teacher? What is this, a cheap porno?

  39. hahahahaha Elizabeth!

  40. the good news is that only 7 of his eight friends have banged his girlfriend. The eighth one is a kid from Taiwan that friended him for Mafia Wars…

  41. I’m sad that I didn’t get the 6 billion joke until I read the comments… if this group is real though, it kind of makes both of them look bad. His ex-girlfriend more so though, except he’s not put her name so, she got off and now he just looks slightly pathetic.

  42. 41 – you really think it makes him look not as bad? I mean, I’d date a guy I knew cheated on his ex, depending on the circumstances. I’d never date a guy who did something like THIS.

  43. I clicked on the profile of the group creator… woof. A tubby cowboy. I also noticed that he recently went from being “engaged”, to “single”, to “in a relationship”.

  44. gym teacher… ftw?

  45. The dick that made this group has obviously posted it on here himself. I joined the group when there was 8 or 9 members, and the profile picture was a completely different person. And on his pages he has lamebook. Retard only posted it up here to get people to join.

  46. due, its called suspense. I don’t need to join to know why your ex is a whore because you just told me all about the gym teacher, etc. yada yada yada.


  47. If you don’t find this funny, then you’ve been fortunate enough to not have a whore ex in your life.

  48. very poor taste

  49. That’s awesome. I’m joining

  50. hahaha you guys suck, this is hilarious.

  51. My ex fucked my old janitor in the bathroom at an elementary school on September 11th, which is also the birthday that I share with my dead grandmother.

  52. Wow @51
    Random information overload

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