Thursday, January 21, 2010

When the Bough Breaks…

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  1. LOL babies

  2. how is there a dislike??

  3. pretty sure that dislike is on the page…not part of the picture

  4. oh geeze, people should have to take classes to become a parent.

  5. Laaaame, parents. Lame. As iffff the Microwave’s more accessible! :O

  6. and this is why some people should be neutered.

  7. 7th

  8. 116382687th.

  9. damn too early.

  10. I hope the flowers are nutritious, cause apparently he’s been forgotten

  11. I hope to God that’s a doll.

  12. That’s a strange place for a microwave.

  13. so wrong.

  14. wow.

  15. I like that shelf. I might get one for myself.

  16. This picture is terrible. I mean, look at that smoke alarm. That thing’s got to be at least 20 years old, and you just know they never test it. Major safety hazard, people.

  17. this is nearly as worrying as the picture in the papers of the baby smoking. if this is english, someone report them to social?

  18. lmao at #12

  19. Best title EVER for this picture.

  20. OMG! This is un-believable! Is that a hazardous waste box ON TOP OF THE FRIDGE!?!?!?! Ewwwwww!

    Oh……..and the smoke detector should be IN the kitchen, not at the exit. LOL Dummies.

  21. Ya, so that “hazardous waste” box is a sharps container. Someone probably keeps their insulin in the fridge, makes sense to have the sharps container close. No biggie.

  22. lol ohhhh duhhh my fail moment hahahahaha!!!

  23. They’ve already recalled those bumbo seats once because of dumbasses like these. They must not have the new ones that say “DO NOT PLACE ON ELEVATED SURFACES.” So the baby falls, and they sue the piss out of the company.

  24. how dare they put that baby right next to flowers. it could be allergic!

  25. @ sensible madness & just look at that open air vent!! the poor kid could catch a draft

  26. TWENTY-FIFTH!!!!

    Haha, babies are like toys. They’re so fun. And they make for excellent decorations.

  27. @HonestLiar I really do not see what is wrong with where they placed the microwave. I would put mine there.

  28. @ honestliar they wanted to put the microwave on the top shelf but feel the baby went better there

  29. The door bell has rung but the baby can’t get down to say nobodys home gutted :(

  30. defo not a doll because of the granddad hair thing going on at the back of the kids head! Real babies get that…

    This piccy is SO wrong!

  31. And this is one of the reasons for the ridiculous recall of Bumbos. I dont get it. You need a license to fish, hunt, and drive but not to have children. Can someone explain why that is again?

  32. @ Bezoar… went and fudged it up and said too many words… I know it’s a friggen sharps container, I also, like you, was able to put 2 and 2 together and come up with the fact that someone in the house hold is diabetic. I was so over the top I didn’t think I needed to point this out, but for you I will make an exception….. the WHOLE comment was something called SARCASM….I’ll tell you what, I like yo so so much, send me your address, and I’m gonna send you a Sarcaso-Meter for your birthday. Okay? Sound good little buddy?

  33. I’m more concerned about the can of Glade air freshener next to the microwave that I am about the baby. Some people just deserve to be punched in the face for their clear lack of intelligence. Febreze air freshener lasts so much longer than Glade – what a waste of $.88.

  34. And does anyone know WTF #27 is talking about??

  35. Oh what a stupid parent! I mean she put the aerosol can right next to the microwave where it could tumble and hit someone in the foot. Everyone knows you keep all cleaners on the bottom shelf and your babies on the top shelf so the two never meet.

  36. Chrissy, I think I love you. In a completely non lesbian way….

  37. Chrissy, great minds think alike lol.

  38. i’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on SomeRandomChick knowing that it was a sharps container.


    and @Chrissy, I was thinking the same thing, lol.

  39. Seriously, is decorating with babies the new trend? I have just been using cats to sit on top of my shelves and fridge. So hard to keep up with the newest decor styles. I better go find a baby at “Babies R Us” before I wind up on one those home makeover shows.. I shudder to know I am sooo out of style.

  40. I shouldn’t…. but I will.

    @slowmo…. I know what a sharps container is….it sounded funnier my way….and need I remind you as well….sarcasm. Yes, sarcasm. A Sarcaso-Meter, which I just dreamt up for Bezoar, and is already in the process of being constructed (I have no idea when his/her birthday is…it could be next week, I need to get on this) is going to be a meter which measures the amount of sarcasm in someones comments, therefore saving the person using it the trouble of needed to be informed it was sarcastic after the fact. Patent pending of course. I’ll tell you what. Shoot me your address…. I’ll send you one too.

  41. @SomeRandomChick – If I were you I’d stop giving out specifics on your Sarcaso-Meter – you could have a billion dollar idea there and you’re giving away all your ideas!! Patent it!!! Clearly it would come in handy to a whollllle lot of people!!!!

  42. becuase he’s looking at the door come on get with the program ffs

  43. I used to put my baby up in a shelf in the corner of the room, next to a potted fern. She really tied the room together. Unfortunately, I was told nobody puts baby in a corner, so I had to move her. Now I keep her on top of the television.

  44. I dont think he did not understand what a “Sarcaso-Meter” was. I think he was pointing out how lame it sounds / you sound.

  45. @Chrissy- At the rate I’m having to explain this stuff, I’m pretty sure it has the potential to be a big seller! I dream of a world where someday people will just get “it”. :D

  46. @YOU(‘re)Rstupid….Nope, I’m pretty sure he just didn’t understand. How could he when I hadn’t explained every aspect of it yet? I don’t blame him. Surprisingly enough, I suddenly blame you. BTW- “how lame it/you sounds” = much better. Please, insult me with some class would you?

  47. @YOUR stupid

  48. @somerandomchick – I don’t need to be corrected by you. HOWEVER, if you wanted to say it your way, then it would be “how lame it/you sound”. You look like a fool when you correct someone and still cannot do it right.

  49. Um, #42…do you realize that your name, “YOUR stupid”, is written incorrectly? It should be “YOU’RE stupid” as in ‘you are stupid’… “your” is in possessive form. I only point this out because the way you have it, it’s like saying your name is ‘stupid’ and that you belong to the reader…kind of like “your daughter” or “your kitten” instead of “you are not smart”. It’s kind of cute. :)

  50. I did that on purpose. Thanks for pointing it out though.

  51. Ummm…wrong pic, doctor_mom.

  52. lol, trust me, i understood you. i felt the need to comment because it was so incredibly lame. sarcaso-meter? really? who makes up shit THAT lame?

    and obviously YOUR stupid’s name is based on the face people frequently misspell “you’re” and “your”.

    check your sarcaso-meter, i think it’s broken.

  53. *fact

  54. LOL…it happens. I’ve learned, however, that for the most part, people don’t tend to like explanations that are legitimate. I thought the same thing when I saw the pic you’re referring to. I got called out for being smart :|

  55. @doctor_mum your looking for round and fury …now go

  56. @ the stupid person…. No one NEEDS to be corrected, but it sure is fun isn’t it?

    I should be shot. I can’t believe I added an “s”, what a fool I am! For shame, for shame.

    Maybe it should have been “how lame it/ you sounds/sound” sounded? Jesus, Mary and Joseph now YOU’VE went and fudged it up and said too many words, I’ll never be able to sleep tonight until I get the proper grammatical pattern down! And all this trouble from a person who can’t get contractions down!

  57. @somerandomchick – As I already explained to Chrissy, I did that on purpose. It’s meant to be ironic. Maybe I should build an irono-meter. Just so you understand, that is a device that measures irony.

  58. @slowmo….I’m gonna have to call bullshit on you knowing what I meant. I think you’re jumping on the stupid guys wagon, but it’s all good. Don’t you love it when people make your “out” for you? In any case this ——–> “check your sarcaso-meter, I think it’s broken.” was cute. I actually lol’d, so… got me good there buddy! Point for you! :D

  59. @ yourstupid….. I think you better look up Ironic. “I took down my ironing board and realized the cover was wrinkled, I laughed because it was so ironic, and then I laughed again because Ironic has the word iron in it.” <—Ironic. In any case you can't invent an Irono-meter, because that is a clear rip-off of my Sarcaso-Meter, and I would totally sue you.

  60. i’m glad i made you laugh.

    there really wasn’t that much to “get”, in regards to the initial comment you made. i have a firm grasp on the concept of sarcasm, whether it be done well, or poorly in your case.

  61. YOU’RE a bitch. This has started to bore me. So, maybe we can catch up sometime on another lamebook posting.

  62. You know you’ve gotten the best of them when they call you a bitch and say they’re moving on.

  63. @ slowmo – You’re like a dog with a bone huh? Just can’t let go can you? I scored you the point. What more do you want? Cookies too? That’s a tad selfish, don’t you think?

    @yourstupid- Bitch? Really? I thought we agreed to do this with some class? No? That was just me then? Regardless aren’t we all already a little bored to be posting all this on lamebook? I’m not quite sure it’s fair to pin it just on me…..but whatever. Until we meet again my ironic buddy!

  64. sorry, i’m lurking, but i feel i’d be remiss if i didn’t express how much i really, really want to punch this random bitch in her face.

  65. @ Chrissy- Yep. :D

  66. @backbeatrhythm- I think the line forms behind Slowmo.

  67. @SomeRandomChick:

    While you may not be able to demonstrate sarcasm very well, you have managed to demonstrate that the best defense is a good offense.

    That said, you’ve pretty much spammed the whole feed with your babbling. SILENCE, you ninny….

  68. yes, what beozar said. now gtfo and leave us to express actual sarcasm which makes for a better world…and a better lamebook.

  69. or, bezoar. my bad. :/

  70. ‘hey honey wouldnt it be cute to put Joey on the top shelf in his super safe bumbo seat and then take a pic and post it on facebook’

    i dont get why people would think posting pics like this is a ‘cute’ idea. i am in NO way going to win mother of the year ever, but i definitely wouldnt post that fact up on facebook with pictures like this

  71. OMG! I finally figured out what was actually going on in this pic! Clearly the child’s hair was wet and his mom or dad decided to put him in front of the air vent to dry it. And here we thought some fuckwit just put their kid on a shelf in an attempt to take a funny picture to post on Facebook!

  72. Is it too late for me to jump in on this? ‘Cos i didn’t think that it was more funny the way somerandomchick said it, i think you come of kind of needy and desperate. Bezoar said it just fine. And thanks for clearing it up for me Bezoar as i had not idea it was a sharps container, in my country they look absolutely nothing like that.

  73. *off

  74. @ Bezoar – I’m replying to this solely because you broke out he SILENCE, and I’m not to into the word ninny…. You still haven’t told me when your birthday is?

    @poopsalot- You jump on the bandwagon an hour after the fact and I’M desperate and needy? Okay……

  75. Yeah, you remind me of a little kid that has just learnt a new word and wants to inject that word as much as possible into the conversation, except in your case you have just learnt to be sarcastic and you want to let everyone know that you can be sarcastic and funny. Except you have gone way overboard and it stopped it from being funny it was just kind of…. lame.

  76. All the more reason for it to be on LAME book then! Sorry I’ve just jumped in at the end there, yes somerandomchick I’ve jumped on the band waggon, but i’m not desperate or needy, honest… I don’t even know what we’re arguing about, just thought I would join in haha. Can I ask, somerandomchick are you from America? Because I thought Americans didn’t get sarcasm? Or is that just another rumour that we here over the other side of the pond? (Oh, to fellow Americans, I do apologise if I have offended you in any way with my last comment…)

  77. My bad, I noticed I spelt bandwagon wrong. God us English are so thick, you’d think as it’s our native tongue we would know how to spell English words…and my grammar is probably all wrong too…oh poo, shoot me down!

  78. OK guys, I’m not trying to start arguing with anyone, and I’m not trying to take anyone’s side…. I know I will probably catch hell for this and be called “lame”, but oh well…

    I don’t think anyone came across as “desperate” or “needy”. SomeRandomChick’s original comment was (from the way I’ve seen it) meant to be comical in the sense that she was probably assuming that most people would already know that it was in fact a sharps container and not actually hazardous waste on top of the refrigerator. I assume she was acting as though she was intentionally overreacting because of the way some people were drastically reacting to the photo. When Bezoar said that it was a sharp’s container and she responded by saying she knew what it was and mentioned the idea of sarcasm, I believe it was done in a way to kind of remind everyone what the basic point of websites like this and the comments made about the postings is for. The majority of replies to these postings are done in a sarcastic manner – and occasionally, there are some that are nowhere near the realm of true sarcasm and there will ALWAYS be readers and responders who do not understand the concept of sarcasm so they will never be able to understand what other people are talking about.

    When she originally pointed out sarcasm, I took that in itself to be sarcasm. Her reply was comical and light hearted and even though the “bickering” continued, she did not take it beyond an “all in good fun” attitude. Yet she has so far been called a bitch and now desperate, needy, like a little kid, and lame. None of that was called for. This is an ideal example of someone taking a lighthearted internet site way too seriously. Every single person responding to this thread is a person – they have feelings and emotions. If you’re saying “Well, you said it – it’s an internet site, so she shouldn’t take the names seriously.” but actually, the names should have never been written because by doing that, the writer has taken the site too seriously.

    I’ve been coming to Lamebook for a while – usually getting a giggle out of the posts, but more so getting giggles out of a lot of the comments on those posts. I just recently started posting comments myself to “join in the fun” so to speak, and I’m now wondering why I ever wanted to be a part of this. At what point have those of you who find it acceptable to not just call strangers names, but to belittle their intelligence and just be a downright ass to others? yes – it’s just the internet. Yes – it’s just Lamebook. But why get your rocks off by at least attempting to make someone else feel bad? No, I’m not going all cliche here and saying “can’t we all just get along??”, but I am asking why people find it necessary and OK to get their kicks from trying to upset other people?

    OK – I assume I’ve given several of you a whole lot to rip into me about. Have a blast.

  79. Not gonna rip you, but I’m sure I’ve seen your comments on posts which have been attacking people. Pot Kettle Black.

  80. These people have totally fucked up their feng shui. Dickheads.

  81. I don’t get it, all they’ve done is revolutionised Super Nanny’s ‘naughty spot’ technique.

  82. @ Chrissy…you’d get a kick outta this one then…LOL!

    “The bin isnt THAT far down to jump onto…”

  83. @ sensible madness: I’m siting at my desk doing some side work, drinking a glass of wine, re-reading all of this and chocked when I got to: “Unfortunately, I was told nobody puts baby in a corner, so I had to move her. Now I keep her on top of the television.” I now have a mess to clean up. That was freaking funny, thanks!

  84. @ Chrissy- Although I would like to apologize for any crap you get for this…thank you! You hit the nail right on the head, this is “it” I was referring to people getting.

    @ blondie1508- I am indeed American. I do indeed understand and get sarcasm, in fact I love it. I will say your sarcasm (your meaning over on the other side of the pond lol)is a bit drier then in America, but I dig it too.

    @ everyone reading and enjoying this lovely lamebook thread of comments- For my part, I was being overly, dramatically sarcastic. Everyone was freaking out about the baby, so I decided to freak out over the “hazardous waste” ….. and the smoke detector, which apparently didn’t piss anyone off, so I was good on that one.. I’ll except my part, I could have just kept my mouth shut, but when I was “corrected” by someone who didn’t seem to get “it”, I decided to lay it on even thicker. It was in fact meant to be in good fun. I was openly scoring points to the opposition, and even sarcastically bagging on myself, as much as the others during the process. I honestly thought we were all bored and, as Chrissy said, having a little light hearted back and forth, because apparently we were all bored enough to be commenting on lamebook posts…. it wasn’t until comments 58 and 59 that I realized some of us were taking this a little more personally then the others. I for one, thought we ALL were just having a little fun. Instead these guys banded together and decided to get all misogynistic on my ass.

    I’d like to close with this: “Don’t take life (or a lamebook comment thread) too seriously……no one get out alive anyway.”

  85. @ blondie1508 – The post you’re referring to me attacking someone in (which I can pick out since I’ve only responded to 4 posts and I’ve only seen you one of the other 3) I didn’t attack anyone. I corrected someone who made an asinine statement. I called him a tool for the nature of his statement…nowhere near as aggressive as calling someone a bitch or desperate. Not to mention he then absolutely agreed with me that he was indeed a tool. There will never be a “pot kettle black” situation with my posts – I wouldn’t have written what I did on here if there were previous or even future posts that will come back to bite me on the ass, but mainly because I don’t get my kicks out of being intentionally mean to someone else – especially someone I don’t know.

    @ SomeRandomChick – You’re welcome :) And BTW, I found all of your posts comical…because I have a sense of humor.

  86. Wow… just wow.

  87. Yes, what a GREAT idea to set your child up on a shelf in a bumbo seat. What will you say to the doctors at the Emergency Room when they ask how your child recieved a fractured SKULL??!?

  88. Well Baby certainly has the bird’s eye view, shame there isn’t anything decent for him to look at, and that he’s sitting in one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen…
    And as for this thread of comments, my god some of those commenting (2 in particular) really pissed me off!!

  89. Hey SomeRandomChick, better set your sarcaso-meter to stun, I reckon blondemellen is about to go off on one and we don’t want any idiots getting hurt now do we?

  90. Where’s 4chan when you need them D;

  91. this is obviously an advertising stint for pepsi

  92. haha i didnt even notice the pepsi bottle

  93. I’m going to market a competing product called a “Sarcasmeter” because I like the name better without the o. I can then sell it at Target under their store brand rather than at Wal-Mart.

  94. Anyone thought the “baby” might be one of those really creepy realistic dolls you can get?

  95. 1st @sensiblemadness LMFreekinAO! Thank you, for the very best comment relating to this post. I snorted my coffee on that one.

    2nd @chrissy no rips or harsh judgments from this corner.

  96. What hazard is mommy protecting the child from by placing it up there?? Perhaps her husband’s pet rattlesnake is loose in the house? A flash flood has been forecast? I really am curious as to what the thought process is here. She isn’t your typical low-rent supermom else the kid would be wearing nothing but a diaper and laying on the floor atop a filthy blanket.

    What the heck does she think she’s keeping the kid safe from by putting it there???

  97. now i want to punch both chrissy AND that random bitch.

  98. A scenario that I think would actually make this picture REALLY effin’ hilarious would be if the poster had taken pics of their home and posted them on FB and just randomly put the baby seat up on the shelf as a “decoration” to see how long it would take for someone to notice and how many responses would come from it…if I were browsing through a friends pics of their home and saw this randomly in the mix, I’d probably seriously pee myself and maybe even fart from laughing so hard.

  99. Awww backbeatrythm…thank you :) It’s so nice to know you’ve got a crush on me…but you do know that only boys in elementary school can get away with hitting a girl because they like them, right? You’re a grown up now – use your big boy words.

  100. At least they’re disposing of their heroin needles in a safe and proper manner. Is it just me or does that look like a bed in their kitchen /living room?

  101. OOOOORRRRR maybe this mother was highly radical in her stance that Bumbo seats are, in fact, safe and decided to prove the point by risking her child in the hopes that Bimbo seats will be proclaimed safe once again.

  102. LMAO @ ‘Bimbo seats’.

  103. do you see that horse over there, chrissy my darling? it’s been dead for days. why are you still beating it?

  104. insert clever name here

    @backbeatrhythm – I fucking love you. Period the end.

    @blondie1508 – Only an American person can call another American a fellow American. FAIL (again)

  105. I love this.

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