Friday, May 11, 2012

When I Die

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  1. Lol 1ST!!! isaw you do it and i wanted to do it too!!!!!!! :) :)

  2. ^lol I like you:-).

  3. Wastey the Walrus

    I saw a bunch of ppl eat shit and die earlier, wanna try that too? C’mon, all the cool lamebook kids are doing it!

  4. Haha is that y u r still alive???!! Haha lol JK walrus thats mean!!! U sound kinda amgry u sould talk to my pastor he knows everythign <3 <3<3

  5. sexcibunnei69, you are a breath of fresh air on these pages, sort of. But be careful, round here people stamp on kittens.

  6. sexcibunnei69…..

    *why, *you, *are, *that’s, *You, *angry, *you, *should…. oh fuck nuggets.

    I’m out of energy.

  7. Haha oh awwwe thnx rubert!!! i got a kitty last week shes a manks has no tail we alled her potatoe but we call her spud for short!!! Lol! Y would anybody want to hurt a kitty? tho???? She soo cute and clumsy <3 <3

  8. Wastey the Walrus

    sexcib is fake. noone is this retarded.

  9. Haha lol you sound like the robo t100 guy lol!!! From termonater ‘ill be back!!!!!!!” lol everyone think’s everything is fake now days some things are real!!

  10. LOL you guys are haters. sexcibunnei69 is the funniest user here

  11. Just exactly how many times DID she milk you to get you to say that?

  12. Lol funny cause her name has a cow in it :) :) this websit is my funniest to visit!!!! Hhaha Captan is like a pirate like this smiley P-) lol :) but ppl can be so ooo grumpy here too


  13. Jesus CHRIST…LISTEN GOOD YOU LITTLE HARLOT, I don’t care how old you say you are, or how mind numbingly naive you choose to act. You will have enough respect for this institution and lamebook to wash the cow tit off your grubby little paws before you address me! If this offensive behavior continues I may very well have to bind your hands and toss you off the bow of this ship!

  14. Hahahh lol like i said GRUMPy!!!! Lol :) at ease captain!!!! :) lol JK

  15. Wastey the Walrus

    ok, it’s really obvious now. sexcib is a derranged twat bastard faking the whole “I’m a little unbearabley happy, but mentally challenged dimwit girl” thing.

  16. Walrus, she is a fake troll.

  17. Just becuz u are un happy doesnt mean the rest of the world haz to bejust like as misrable as u walrus. …….Haha lol and if iu look like a walrus lol I cant blame u for being sooooo meann!!! :P JK!! :)

  18. Omgz u r lyke soooo kewl! Tach me tew bee lik yew! Ponis aree kewl tew, deww yew lyk ponis?

  19. i can’t undrstand what ur trying to say….???? Y r utyping like that??

  20. if you r trying to make fun of my i think your doing a reallly bad job this time!! ……..

  21. but i forgave u for it :) :D <3

  22. Uhhh! Do YOU lyk PONIS OR NOT?!?!

  23. Wastey the Walrus

    Frequent consumption of gasoline during pregnancy may cause severe brain damage, foetal deformities and/or death of the child. Be sure to tell your mother that before she ejects another one out of her Rape Hole. Although I trust she’s learned her lesson after seeing you blurt out. JK <3

  24. Are u meant to say ponys??? Lol eithee that or a dirty woord!! ……….Haha thats bad!!…

  25. Just answer the fucking question god damnit! I know what I said and it most certainly was NOT PENIS! I want to know if you lyk ponis…not lick penis….you’re disgusting for even thinking that!



  28. I don’t get what’s is the question?? Or why its so angerfull?

  29. your english is getting progressively worse sexcibunnei69. Do you like anal?

  30. I stopped trying so hard to spell good as i was befor, i got tired of lookign!!!! Lol sorry my spelling is so suckky!!!!!!! :) haha

  31. I can spell better when i Try really, but it takes too much longer and I can get bored too :/……..

  32. You4e soe mean! MEANY YOU H8 ponis don talk to me nemore….your just gonna bandom me den run away like my favoritist best frend poni fluffytailz

  33. you didn’t answer my question…

  34. lol it was to gross !!!!!!!!!!

  35. PandaBearBreakIn

    Sexcibunnei69, cease pretending to be an ignorant little teenager girl. You have the sexual position 69 in your username. So, why do you think “penis” is just a dirty word? If you like 69, you’re obviously well acquainted with penis.

  36. God,you fuckers crack me up! I LYK PONIS AN I THIK YEW GYS ARE KEWL 2!!

  37. And I also like anal,just like sexci b

  38. That’s what i’m talking about miss misery. And your name is suitable

  39. I like anal and ponies. But not at the same time.

  40. 69 is a number so I cant understand your point and why it is always so Mangry???????????!!!!!…?

  41. Now come on bunnei,you didn’t just randomly pick that number. Only a dirty,anal-loving bitch like me would pick that number.

  42. Hahahh it was nt random lol everybody use it all the time everywere…?????..

  43. so it is 4 years until you are 18 right? Now I play the waiting game.

  44. 5 yars but is it not the same in canada???? I dont know lol haha :) :D

  45. Hahahahahaha

  46. I have suspicions that bunnei is actually a 50 year old man

  47. Haha lol that would make me born somewere like 69 right???? and less random then for the numbre soooo mayyybeeee :) :D haha lol!!!! :)

  48. If that is indeed true and you are in fact, a dirty old man you most assuredly* have had your fair share of experience docking, no?

  49. I kind of like the Tetris theme

  50. Last I was this amused by a LB thread was when ytmutant was still hanging around.

  51. Last I was this amused by a LB thread was when ytmutant was still hanging around. I love it when trolls get fed with a golden spoon.

  52. Ok Msanne you’ve had your fun trolling us all, change your name back now.

  53. haha noo im not an dirtry old man lol ewe thats real gross!!!!! :P lol…

  54. when I die, I’m going to have my cremated remains made into a diamond, which will then be set into the base of a platinum buttplug.

    I want to be a pain in the ass forever.

  55. ^ you give yourself a little too much credit. you’re not that much of a pain in the arse, really.’re just really ugly.

  56. your opinion<the scum on the floor behind my stove

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