Monday, March 12, 2012

What’s in a Name?

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  1. Hunters face should have been blurred

  2. I like it better this way – now I could possibly recognise him in the street and spit on him.

    These posts are too ghey for words.

  3. No they’re not. I have some words for them.

  4. Okay, I’ll bite. What’ve you got?

  5. Yes msanne. What big words must you share with us tonight ?

  6. Poop. That’s the word I’m going to dedicate to this.

  7. Did I just go to boringbook?

  8. I am embarrassed that those three are even from the same species as me.

  9. Oh and Jim Morrison never played guitar, he was famously horrible at it

  10. Holy fuck. When will you shitsticks realise lamebook is not here to entertain you.

  11. Right, lamebook exists as an important historical record. If this site ever goes down it’ll be a greater blow to humanity than the loss of the library at Alexandria.

  12. ^ You’re so fucken right, iamaonion!

    Have you ever had that moment where you start to post something, then you hit backspace a thousand times because you suddenly realise that you’re going to publicly announce what a complete and utter dumbass you are? Yeah, a lot more people need to do that.

    Like Flames. Flames needs to do that.

  13. ToTheFlames is asking for it.

  14. yes. because he’s very lonely and can’t tell the difference between positive attention and negative attention anymore.

    just someone please acknowledge him? before he cries.

  15. Fail. No big words that I can’t comprehend in that. Although i don’t comprehend using italics , as the word is there no need to make it stand out. YOU’RE BETTER OFF TYPING IN CAPS, HOMO.

  16. awww…that’s so adorable, flamesy.
    you are cute. as. a. button.

  17. To the flames? How bout you shut the fuck up for a bit? At least these blokes have a sense of humour. You remind me of a boring plain no good piece of shit bleeding left heart that takes everything as offensive or racist. Go home. Ms, bacc and co, I applaud you.

  18. why are you being so mean to the spastic, dc?

  19. Oh I didn’t realize he was a spaz. I apologise profusely ms. I thought he was a lonely angry slow leaner virgin. I feel bad now :-( .hehe

  20. Lol leaner… Learner..

  21. How you could you not realize he’s a spastic? do you need him to poke his large-tongued, small-eyed head through your monitor and start blowing snot-bubbles?
    what the fuck is wrong with you?

  22. Some people are trying way to hard and being such asslickers in here. Now who wants to insult some part of my being , intelligence and personality (or lack thereof) today? Be sure to throw in a good dose of elaborate genitalia/excrement references please.

  23. Funnily enough I work with retards all day.not even they are this fucking stupid.just for your sababe i’ve seen enough if your post over the months to realize that your the biggest one here for sucking arse to people and in comments. I could talk about your lack of genitalia to render you an it but that’s been done enough so I’ll pass.

  24. Bingo! How did I know you would take the bait? I would love to know who I sucked up to in the +/- 5 times I have commented on a post. I am not the ‘bring the teacher an apple everyday’ kind of person, just so you know.

  25. How can you comment -5 times? You really don’t know what you’re talking about, do you?

  26. Where I come from that sign means more or less, for example 3 would be less than 5, 7 would be more. Should I have rather used ‘approximately’? My apologies then.

  27. You are a dickhead aren’t you? Ask thou shall recieve. You asked, I read, you received. Your a clown. Realise it and get over it. And stop justifying how bad arse you can be with the” I’m not the bring a teacher an apple a day type”. Just be it. I don’t hold back neither do the others. You seem full of hot air

  28. #22. sababe sababe sababe..! jesus. have some fucking pride, bitch.

    is that all you really come here for?

  29. Stop bringing the ‘others’ into it, I was addressing you, nobody else, are you not able to stand up for yourself? Now be a good boy and fuck off before the warden of window lickers notices you’re missing.

  30. Ms, Lamebook is like smoking to me, don’t know why I do it, but I also can’t stop. I just wanted him to know the kind of response I was expecting, that way indicating that I don’t really give a flying fuck.

  31. you were right about the general air of asslickery, though.
    someone should totally do something about it.

  32. I’m a huge fan of ass-lickers. Just not the kind being referred to here.

  33. Three cheers for rimadonnas!!

  34. You seem genuinely upset at something? Pissed that I don’t pander to you? Or that you’ve exposed too much of your knowledge of arse licking? I’m not that obtuse either cockhead. I just think credit where credits due and fuck the whinging counts like you that like to accuse others just because your pissed off

  35. Cunts ffs

  36. Pissed off? uhm not really… slightly irritated at you yes. If I wanted any kind of recognition from anyone here, I would just do what you do…but be less subtle about it.

  37. Less subtle? Rully?

  38. Now would you like to go for a drink sometime Damage? I am getting heavily turned on right now.

  39. Bac speak what is on your mind darling, sababy is always here for you.

  40. Meh.wouldn’t waste my time. I don’t drink ( yes wired I know ) and I’ve got 4 kids to look after.

  41. Ah, the anger now makes sense. You’re good at angry, damagecontrol. Has anyone ever told you that?

  42. Ah bacchante. That’s just build up from work coming out. As mentioned. Before I deal with dickheads there everyday. You can’t tell your supervisor he’s one though.dole won’t pay mortgage unfortunately.

    Besides the missus said she like me angry in sex. Makes it more fun.she likes being thrown around

  43. Oh and sababe? Rub one out.that’ll help :)

  44. I don’t rub, lick or suck. Just biting for me thanx, I got itchy teeth.

  45. Go ahead.

  46. #42. Which self-respecting chick DOESN’T like some angry sex? Get in on some choking action, and she’s yours for life.

    (I was going to bold the above “doesn’t” but I think one damaged thread per day is enough…)

    #44. Itchy teeth? That’s just weird.

  47. Choking mixed with a bit of rough anal usually is enough for her.with handcuffs…

  48. sababe must smoke the crack. when you’re coming down from that shit your whole body itches from the inside.

    And it would explain pretty much everyone else here as well.

  49. Easy there ms. I don’t do drugs either…. Or smoke for that matter

  50. so you have no proper redeeming qualities at all, then? just raw anger?

  51. Me neither , that causes alot of pent up emotions it would seem.

  52. Lol. Depends what you call redeeming. Does being a sex crazed person getting it 5 times a day count? Or playing hardcore sport?

  53. no. neither does telling sex lies online.

    hardcore, sport. riiight.

  54. Lol. In a perfect world everything would be black and white wouldn’t it. You say it’s lie ,fair enough, I bed to defer. What person wouldn’t want to brag about their sex lives if it was so active? As for sport. Yes I’m not a keyboard warrior. Yes I play rugby. Also shooting. But that’s just in rl.

    If your not getting any that ain’t my prob.but until mine dries up I’ll keep bragging :d

  55. and adding boring details just makes it that bit more plausible, hey?

    ‘bragging’ on an anonymous forum doesn’t make you as cool as you wish you were. it just makes you a sad, forever alone liar.

  56. I once told my youngest son to eat his name…

    Young Granpaswrinklybrowncock was not amused.

  57. FINALLY!!!!!!!!! Somebody said it! Good on you sababe – all the people in here are a bunch of ass lickers, P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C

  58. ^who upset this one? I don’t think it’s one of mine.

  59. Oh pleaaaaase! Shut the fuck up! Not everything on here revolves around YOU, although, judging by how much time you spend on here, I’m pretty sure you must have NO social life whatsoever – probably one of those fatties that you always make a mockery of that sit at home behind the computer every single night dying for some human contact. Do me a favour and piss off wont you? If I wanted a comment from you, I would have directed my comment TO you.

  60. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @59 you are either German or suffering from PMS. Is it okay if I call you Sandy Vagina?

  61. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Or, my dear Sandy, you’re a German with PMS. Sorry, I’ve seemed to have overlooked that option.

  62. Whatever makes ya happy asshole :)

  63. good lord. no one had made that observation yet. this week.
    sam-girrl, you have an amazing future being a unique little snowflake.

  64. *Yawn*

  65. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Give me a German, a plastic sheet, sandpaper and a plunger. Because that would really make me happy.

  66. …or not?
    please tell me that you’re dying.

  67. why the kraut, stomabeutel?

  68. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Because I like inside out Germans.

  69. I guess it is the only way to remove all the sand.

  70. Damn. I slept through the war.

  71. So did I, beatus. Damn you, Xanax.

  72. Who kicked sam girls cunt? I don’t claim ownership either ms. I know it’s late but I think she’s a blow in

  73. I can proudly say I’m the Hunter on this post. Pringle is definitely a douche.. Yeah, they should have blurred my face a little better.

  74. ^^ You’re proud of that? I thought you must have learning disabilities.

  75. ^^ you’re proud of being a douche nozzle? I thought you have mental retardation.

  76. I thought you have mental retardation? I fucking love irony. As for being a “douche nozzle”…look it up. I love being at the receiving end of a gaping vagina, something I doubt you’d know about judging from your chubby little virgin face and hick name.

  77. fuck off crusty. you suck.

  78. OMG, I like totally wandered into some random online high school chat room, like whatever

  79. Yo momma.

  80. I’m a hick? I live in a city. Hicks must have adapted.

  81. Yo momma so fat, after sex she be smokin’ hams.

  82. Yo momma so ugly, she makes a freight train take a dirt road.

  83. Yo momma is twice the man you are.

  84. ^ …not quite sure how to take that…

  85. Take it the way I take it. You’ll like it.

  86. I swear, I didn’t do that italic thing. It’s got to be gremlins.

  87. christ Bacchante. Imma call youPassion Paws‘.

  88. WTF?

  89. It wasn’t Bac. It was beatus. Walter Sobchak used to do this. The text would be normal in his comment and then everything after his was either bold/italics/both. He got really cute one time when he got the entire thread to go strikethrough, including the shit down the right of the page. Not bad, mate, but you’re not up to his standard yet. Where did Walter go, anyhow? And vincent? Miss those bastards.

  90. damagecontrol? Do these ‘retards’ you work with, at least know the difference between your and you’re ? Also, nice run around after msanne called out your fat lonely life. I have a big 9 inch cock.

    ’4 kids to look after’ how’d you have time to feed them dinner during your butthurt rage over the internet ? Does that line work for you at the grocery store when you see a girl you wish to court ? “Me play hardcore sport. Get sex good lots” ?

  91. fucking loser.

  92. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. ^ why does this retarded idiot keep doing that? Can anyone help me here? What kind of autism thinks contributing *hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*, directed at nowhere in particular, no less, think it’s going to accomplish?
    hey, hey, sammy?
    fuck off.

  94. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    It is a side effect, many Germans laugh hysterically when you turn them inside out. They usually die shortly after.


  96. Irritates the shit out of you bitch, so I’ll keep on doing it!
    Oh, and coz “YOU DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    fucken loser.

  97. so when does the deathy part kick in?

  98. or do we get to watch this fish gasp and flop about on the deck all night?

  99. I love how I Annoy the living shit out of you. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  100. - prods FatSam with stick…
    well it certainly appears to want to be annoying. just like the one last week. and the week before.
    And the week before that.

    the only thing different here is that this one is a heathen chinese.

  101. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    She’s still hanging on to life at the moment and doesn’t seem to accept her imminent death. This one is strong, normally inside out German don’t last that long. She also seems a little agitated, thought I had flushed the sand out but seemed to have missed a grain.

  102. must need to be pissed on some more.

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