Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not My (Stereo)Type

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  1. TylerDurdenUMD

    Heather is too stupid to have a kid. Lord help us.

  2. My name’s Katrina, and whilst I don’t love it, it’s a fair bit classier than Maddison, the most bogan name in creation. Stupid hurricane!

  3. rosinbackrider

    @yoyoma- What’s wrong with the name Maddison?

  4. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    No problem with Madison, but Maddison FTL.

  5. Lynn following anything is usually not a good thing.

  6. Cue “it’s not really racism” comment, followed by “OMG That comment proves you’re a racist” debate in 5…4…3…

  7. Toadette is the winner

    I still think Katrina is a beautiful name. Why couldn’t the hurricane have been called, like Olga or something? Maddison (Madison, Madisyn, Maduhsunn, or what have you) is pretty but it’s wayyy overused.

  8. Cause huuricanes are named alphabetically. It wasn’t Os time yet

  9. DId anybody else think Heather’s was going to turn into ‘I let Jay pick the names because he only feels it kicking, so he picked Katrina, and I said no, that’s like a hurricane, so he picked Laura, and I told him that’s a whore’s name so he chose Lucy and I just told him to fuck off and named her Maddison’?

    I don’t get the anger over ‘OMGZZ a white character from an old movie is black in a remake! That character can’t be black!’
    That’s, uh… pretty much racism, to be so annoyed. To think a black person is so different that it’s just wrong to have him play this character.

    Sorry Stretch.
    Anyway I haven’t even seen the Karate Kid so fuck it, maybe the kid in the original WAS black. All I know is that Will Smith’s kid reminds me of the little brat out of Diversity and I hate that kid.

    Your friendly neigborhood boring fuck, the Hobo. Signing out.
    Or… moving on to the next post. Whatever.

  10. I forgot this wasn’t a debate on the new Spiderman movie.


    Fuck it, I’m gonna go rent the Karate Kid.

  11. i have to say i think american names are pretty lame in general. and i’m not even talking about ghetto names. why is it that every name seems to be saccharine and a surname?

    -connor, taylor, tyler, madison, spencer etc.

    do they all want their kids growing up to be in ‘the hills’?

    at least ghetto names make me laugh.

  12. Toadette is the winner

    @Elvishswimmer, haha yes i know that, i was just giving an example. how about kanye? (now you’re going to tell me it has to be a girl’s name i know) ;)

  13. British, you never saw Karate Kid!? Whoa! You’re missing out on some serious Mr. Mayaginess! Come on, I learned the fine art of ‘wax on, wax off’. What’s more awesome than that! (All kidding aside, you should watch it. Classic 1984 flick!)

  14. well my name is Unique..im still not sure if that qualifies as cool or ghetto or what.

    i just call it that damn name people cant help but joke about. -_- stupid name…

  15. @Hobo:

    No offense taken. I’m just tired of the same argument taking place on every race-themed Lamebook post. If the posts or comments are clearly racist, sexist, or homophobic, people need to step the fuck back and quit trying to play devil’s advocate. [/soapbox]

    Seriously, though, you should watch Karate Kid. You can avoid the sequels, though – they all sucked.

  16. bollywood_rocks83

    @Hobo: Don’t rent the second one. There’s with with the guy and one with the girl(was that Hilary Swank). How could you not know about Mr. Miyagi?

  17. Ugh, I have sisters named Maddison and McKenzie. I HATE those names so much! Don’t they mean “son of ” something or other? Why, America, WHY?!

  18. is “Ashtyn” a boy or a girl’s name? why are americans so fucking retarded when it comes to naming their children? why must they insist on fucking up perfectly good names, like, I don’t know…adding an extra D to Madison for no particular reason other than to saddle the poor girl with a retarded name for however long she is forced to live with those retards.

  19. My name is Maddison… *sighs sadly*

  20. Wonder how Kazoo and historyprof are feeling right now.

  21. Awkward…

    Or… Akward. No, that doesn’t seem right. Fuck, why can’t I spell lately?

  22. @Hobo:


  23. It seems a little fishy that the end of the “j” is cut off in #2′s comment….

  24. I’m a little disappointed that no one caught onto my ‘wax on, wax off’. I’m sad. Oh well, I’ll drink more. British…come on! Even you stretch should come up with something! I think I was too subtle.

  25. “why are americans so fucking retarded when it comes to naming their children?”

    Hey now, it’s not just Americans. I went to high school with a girl from El Salvador (technically “American”, yes. But I’m going off of what most people who say “American” mean. In other words, “from the U.S.”) named Jessica. Did she spell it that way? No. Jesika is how her parents chose to spell her name.

  26. I’m sorry Maddison, I know you didn’t name yourself and may even LIKE your name (you have every right to). Those two just REALLY bug me for some reason. I don’t have a lot of pet peeves at all, but this has been one of them lately. *Sighs sadly and feels mean*

  27. Funny Kazoo.. I used to babysit sisters named Madison and McKenzie. You don’t happen to be from Plano, Texas do it? (Its a long shot, I know).

  28. MachineGun Monica

    Am I missing something? Is there a way where one could tell these posts came from the United States? Not GB, Australia or Canada? If not, why in God’s name do you guys assume that every asshole on here is American? It aggravates me to no end.


  29. Katrina isn’t a ghetto name first of all, it’s actually pretty normal between all of the names that I hear every time I see a talk show that usually Involves a paternity test. On the flip side I am tired of how every new baby boy I’ve seen or heard of in the past 2 years (usually white) is named Aidan, Brayden, Caden, Jaden, or Hayden. Not only do they all rhyme but I can’t even begin to guess how many different ways they are being spelled. How dumb.

  30. Ok, why do ppl not get this…

    Any name ending in “SON,” is technically a BOY’s name. It means “SON OF…” whoever.

    That is probably why names like Addison weren’t popular until recently, b/c ppl in the past KNEW that these were boys names.

    I mean whatever, if u want to name your girl a boy’s name, that’s your business, but I feel like ppl don’t even KNOW that the suffix “son” means “son of.”

    I created an account just so I could point this out!

    /rant over.

  31. @katey

    That’s why I named my son Allison. If only his schoolmates were as smart as you he wouldn’t get his ass kicked everyday.

  32. In 1984, Splash (starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah) was released. When she picked her name from the street sign in New York, it became wildly popular.

  33. Russian names are z best! :D

  34. Katey, my surname ends in “son” (does that count in your generalisation, I wonder), and although I’m female, I like the idea of adding “of a bitch” to the end of it.
    I’ve never thought of it before (a bit like saying Jesus backwards sounds like sausage), so I’m going to introduce myself to people in the future that way, so thanks.

  35. So sick of these people naming their daughters: Madison (do you want her to be a Bratz doll?), Makenzie, Olivia, Abby, Emily, Haley… Hot damn, get a little creative so there aren’t six in each kindergarten class. And don’t give her a stripper name like Destiny or Raven, either.

  36. Yeah. He’s the son of Will Smith and Jada

  37. Maddison Lynn? or Tyler?! Those are some lame names, especially when the parents are selfish and spell it just a bit different thinking it will make their shit kid special. Katrina is a great name, every girl I met named Katrina is smokin hot! The man didn’t really get to name the baby, just suggest names until her fat ass agreed. Why add another name to it? Lynn at the end? that’s some bullshit.
    John Smith<–Normal name!
    John Carter Clarence Sundance-Smith<–Stupid name! Fuckin parents to day are fuckin dumb!

  38. Is Heather saying that the boy’s first name will actually be “Baby”? That’s about as ghetto as you can get…

  39. @syxx, shaydie, historyprof and others who think that ridiculously spelled, made-up or overrated names are lame and stupid, I direct you to http://www.notwithoutmyhandbag.com/babynames/index.html for some REAL shockers and smartass comebacks.

  40. Chinchillazilla

    The new Karate Kid isn’t going to suck because the kid is black. It’s going to suck because Jaden Smith can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag.

  41. Pedanticoldgit

    I don’t have a general problem with people giving their children unusual names. Most of the so-called “ghetto” names grew out of a desire not to give black children anglo-saxon slave names. Sadly rather than use actual African names the parents seem to throw a scrabble set in the air and see what comes out.
    I also like the interchangeability of boy and girl names. There were the actresses Sean Young and Michael Learned, and I also dated an American woman called Shawn. It’s not uncommon in England either, the name Hilary being one that springs to mind.
    However, it’s laziness and ignorance on the part of parents that irritates me. Two examples; Firstly, the African-American woman who called her daughter le-ah and got angry when no-one pronounced it correctly (see if you can get it right) And, secondly, the English couple a few years back who had obviously heard the girls name Siobhan and liked it but didn’t bother to find out how to spell it so called their daughter SheVaughan

  42. Gotta love Heather. This is how I imagine it all unfolded:

    Heather: “Seeing how I feel the baby so much and you only feel the kicks, I’ll let you choose the baby’s name. It’s 100% your choice, this is my gift to you”
    Jay: “Oh babe, thanks so much! Well if it’s a girl I think we should name her Katrina Lynn and if…”
    H: “Hell no! That would remind me of a black hurricane hooker! Try again”
    J: “Oh. Well I don’t know, I always wanted to have a baby named Katrina, after my Mum, who I loved so much but died when I was only 12…”
    H: “Aw babe, I’m sorry, but no. Black hurricane hooker won’t do for my daughter. Pick another name”
    J: “Well I don’t know, you always said you liked the name Maddison but I…”
    H: “OMG OMG OMG!! That would be soooooooo cute!! I love that name!!”
    J: “And if it’s a…”
    H: “If it’s a boy we should definitely name him Tyler! Aw babe I love these names! Thank you so much!”
    J: ¬¬

  43. rockinghorsefly

    Makster, that was awesome.

  44. @Poopface I spy a self-submitter who tried to hide it :O

  45. I really want to know how “Katrina” sounds like a black girl on a street corner? “Katrineequa”, maybe…but not “Katrina”?

  46. I grew up in the south around a lot of white and black people, and yet I know no black people with the name Katrina. I have a white friend named Katrina who is a gorgeous cheerleader for a pro football team…she is definitely not hanging around a street corner, lol.

  47. @eenerbl, when I hear “wax on wax off” it sounds sexual, is that wrong?

  48. @Chinchillazilla perchance, how do you act your way out of a wet paper bag?

  49. lol

  50. And poopface, I love your name :D hehe poopface

  51. Heather’s really an ass.
    Added to which, I find the spelling Maddison unattractive when compared with Madison.
    I know two Katrinas, one White, one Black. Neither stands on a corner.

  52. My son is Braden. He was born 14 years ago…right before the damn -aden/aiden craze hit. So, now it looks like I followed the trend when in fact, I started it. LOL

  53. @Leslie

    The book Freakonomics has a fascinating chapter on the impact and nature of naming children.

  54. @Soup

    This whole conversation reminded me of that chapter.. isn’t Kayla supposed to be among the top names of poor children? I have a niece named Kayla…

  55. @Smeemonkey

    Thanks for the link. My favourite baby boy name so far? Toolio. Unfortunately, I only have a daughter – but I’m now seriously thinking of changing her name by deed poll to Tooliette or Tooliana.

  56. Heather should name her kid Dictionary….oops I mean she should BUY a dictionary.
    She should just give the kid up for adoption….let someone who can spell, name, and raise the child.

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