Friday, May 28, 2010

Whatchoo Talkin’ Bout, Lamebook?

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  1. Too soon.

  2. Vince from purchasing

    Not too soon at all.

  3. MsBuzzkillington

    Wow… why is everyone making jokes about him already? He JUST died.

    People cry over other celebrities but for some reason they make fun of him?

  4. Wow, didn’t take lamebook long to get status updates on this story. I only heard about it a couple of hours ago through someone’s status on my feed.

  5. Toadette is the winner

    most of these are pretty lame…we get it, he was short. the last one made me giggle though.

  6. He had a seizure in Feb, while on the set of “The Insider”, and it went all downhill for him after that. I knew that show was a health hazard.

  7. I may be overly sensitive today (sea turtles and such) but I think it’s way too soon for this.

  8. To cut a long story short

  9. Dislike, have some respect.

  10. fuckmustard, the number one name in respect for others.

  11. This is how I find out Gary Coleman’s deceased? Wow.

    Just because some people make statuses like this, doesn’t mean it’s right to put them on the spotlight. 5 hours Lamebook, really? Show some respect. But I guess it’s too much to ask of you to remove the entry. You inconsiderate douchebags.

  12. respect for….?

    everybody dies.

    if you’re a humanist-skeptc then you know it’s all ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

    and if you’re a christian/aristotelian then he’s fulfilling his destiny/riding through heaven on a chariot.

    we ought none of us be sensitive on these counts.

  13. damn, he just died like twelve hours ago. i guess you can tell how big of a star someone was based on how long people wait to make jokes about their death.

    anyway, i would never wish death on anyone, but wasn’t coleman a bit of an ass the last couple years? or am i thinking of someone else.



    TAKIA LEWIS…CLAIMS SHE IS FROM THE USA and Joel Nii Amu Otoo definantly from Ghana…..both living in Ghana…..

  16. Oh, you’re all such decent, big-hearted people, aren’t you? Protecting the memory of poor Gary Coleman. How big of you.

    Bite me.

  17. Damn. He wasn’t that much older than I am. Sad.

  18. Don’t think the death of someone is something to joke about or should be glorified on a site such as this.. Sad .. Wonder what people would say about YOU if you died ?????

  19. @scammers
    actually those scammers (like most) are Nigerian, which reminds me I’m a prince and I need to transfer some money to all your accounts to keep it safe from witch doctors so please post your bank details.

    love, Prince Omokwokpokpo

  20. I’m genuinely surprised to see this up so soon.
    He was only taken off of life support a few hours ago.
    Even though none of us know him personally, it is a little shocking to see how many people are willing to make jokes at his expense. If you don’t care about him, at least think about the pain that you are putting his family through.
    The comments on this site are ones that anyone can access.

  21. Gary Coleman died? Why do I always find out his stuff on LB? This happened with the Ricky Martin incident, too.

  22. I guarantee you that within 48 hours there will be a picture of Webster with the caption “good night sweet prince” on Lamebook. MARK MY WORDS.

  23. @turk30, there are already similar pics floating about the net, I’ve seen pics with Gary Coleman captioned alternatively as “Gary Oldman,” or “Michael Jackson,” and another with a pic of Emmanuel Lewis, captioned “1968-2010.” Question is, will they show up on LB?

  24. Ah, that’s sad. This isn’t something to joke about regardless of who it was.

  25. Too soon.

  26. & short jokes, really? Those kids are cool.

  27. Hayley Williams tits.. niiiiiiice.

  28. @lolcat

    Exactly. There’s a silver lining in every cloud…

  29. Chinchillazilla

    Lamebook: informing me of “celebrity” deaths since… uh… today?

  30. Too soon for jokes? Ummmm… no. These, however, are not jokes as they are not even remotely funny.

    I recall the Micheal Jackson jokes starting over here around 5 hours after he died. In fact, that’s how I found out.

    Me: “What’s with all the Jacko jokes? He carked it or something?”
    Friend: “Yes. This morning.”
    Me: “Oh. Carry on.”

  31. mwnci tal,

    Your entire comment = my sentiments exactly.

  32. Yeah, I heard Micheal Jackson jokes the day he died and those were made by people who really liked him. But really how is it too soon? What would be a good amount of time before it is okay to make jokes about the dead? Personally I don’t think jokes should ever be made about people that died unless you personally knew them.

  33. greenstrings, just thought I should let you know that I actually laughed out loud at
    “love, Prince Omokwokpokpo”

    I’ll admit that I’m surprised at how quick these have come around, but it’s not really that big a deal. People can feel free to make fun of me when I’m dead.

    I’ll just haunt their asses.

  34. rockinghorsefly

    mwnci tal – Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    greenstrings – you made me giggle out loud.

  35. Ok , now for that little prick Webster…

  36. Walter Sobchak

    I think disrepectful jokes about someone’s death are pretty lame. Imagine it was your momma and somebody was having a good ol’ laugh because of her death. If that wouldn’t bother you then I feel very sorry for you.

  37. @gwang: Ok, I can understand confusing him with Emmanuel Lewis, to an extent. Their shows crossed swords. I can even understand Gary Oldman. Similar names can be easily confused.

    But…Michael Jackson? Are you fucking kidding me?

  38. These would definitely come under the Lame category as opposed to Funny.

    As for how soon is too soon to make jokes, if you’re a moron who makes jokes about dead people then why does it even matter?

  39. I think Gary Coleman would definitely head butt somebody for this! That makes me giggle.

    But seriously, joking about death is sometimes uncalled for, but if you made fun of him in his life, then you can’t really be so righteous and try to protect him in his death . . . Just sayin’, maybe that was what Willis was talkin’ bout.

  40. The guy that has Gary Coleman’s face tattooed on his ass must be really sad right now

  41. I always feel really awkward when there’s just a mass of jokes afterh e died. Like, yeah… he’s short… he also died.

    Jesus, I was about to go into some fuck-boring speech about whether it’s right to consider jokes about a dead guy awful, since he’s died and it’s a natural thing that happens to everyone.
    Fuck it, I’m gonna go get a sandwhich.

    How the fuck do you spell sandwich?

  42. It’s spelled sandwich.

  43. Sorry it has taken me forever to come back on to reply but oh well.

    @10 , fuckmustard may be making fun of soemone but at least the name isn’t about someone who JUST died that’s just low.

    @12 respect for Gary Coleman. I am neither a humanist or religious I just thinking that joking about someones death is just rude and immature.

    Thank you I am done with my unhappiness over this and am now going to have some coffee :)

  44. I might not know Gary Coleman or even be a fan of his, but how can anyone think it appropriate to laugh at (yes, “at”, because let’s face it — none of this was in good spirit) somebody who just died? I realize we live in the age where sensitive is “unhip” and dead baby jokes mean you’re a strong, grounded individual with stellar coping skills, but even so…

  45. @aguynamedmark

    I will speak for myself in this sense.

    I like to poke fun at these events because I like to have fun in my life in general. It doesn’t mean that I don’t respect the person, it’s just that when I’m confronted with the situation I choose to have a wee laugh instead of being sombre about it.

  46. I learned about Patrick Swayze’s death on one of these websites, after a joke about him making Ghost 2. I couldn’t figure out why it was so funny to other people until I went to IMDB and saw that he had died like, two days before.

  47. @guinevere
    It’s a meme. They purposely put in the wrong name and/or picture… for shits and giggles, I guess. Google “good night sweet prince” and you’ll see what I mean.

    How soon do you think we’ll be seeing lame Dennis Hopper jokes?

  48. @gwang

    Hopefully never. While I did chuckle at some of the Gary Coleman stuff, Dennis Hopper was The Man. With the capitals T & M.

  49. king charles I

    But her name is Kwellisha. Kwellisha?! Wow.

  50. I found out this morning about Gary Coleman because someone posted a status saying “:O Gary Coleman is dead.” Someone commented on it sayign “Whatchu talking about Adele?” I found that funny while not being disrespectful.

  51. twitter told me, man. then my co-worker told me the different strokes joke.

    and while, yeah, it was terrible, it was still a little funny. it can be both you know. one of those “hahahahawwwwh” moments.

  52. @king Charles
    The full name is Kwelisha Rafonda Aquesha Bene’. I’m also white. More amazement?

  53. I think I would make jokes like this because I make jokes to stop things getting awkward or sad or whatever, but then to me these just seem weird. Because it seems like there is no reason to it. Just a guy dies and so everyone just brings out the jokes. There is no reason to that. And it’s not like it’s so in your life that it’s so sad you’re trying to deal with it through humour. It’s just ‘a guy died, what jokes do we know about him?’

  54. But I swear, if I had heard another ‘they’re melting Michael Jackson down…’ joke on the days after his death, I would have fucking nutted someone. Not because it was insensitive (though it was) but because I was fucking sick of them. I’d have taken a ‘get to the kitchen and make me a sammich’ joke if it would have shut the rest of them up.

  55. My apologies @42. What I should have said was fuckmustard, the number one name in respect for others and interpersonal ethics.

  56. The persons real name is Robert Danger Notman if you want to see the post on facebook.

  57. I don’t get why people say this is too soon…To be honest, his whole life’s been a big punchline. We shouldn’t stop laughing just because he died.

  58. *sigh*
    I consider some jokes about the dead disrespectful. But people have been saying Gary Coleman was short since he was born, and I’ve heard “What you talkin’ bout Willis?” so many times I dream it. So really the only thing that’s new is that Gary Coleman is dead now. It’s sad but we all die someday.

    I personally hope that when I die all of my friends/family burn my body, scatter the ashes on a huge bonfire (it would just smell gross if they burned my body on the bonfire), get trashed, and sit around telling jokes about me for however long they feel is necessary. I would rather they’re sitting around laughing about me then being miserable.

  59. Paranoid Android

    The way that people react after someone dies varies from person to person; some are sad, some are angry, some make jokes, I guess it’s just different strokes for different folks.

    “Apparently Gary Coleman had been at death’s door for quite some time before he died.

    Poor little fucker just couldn’t reach the handle.”

    Thanks Sickapedia for helping me through these dark days for entertainment industry.

  60. I wasn’t talking about the internet memes (I’m a farker, too).

    It’s just that I’m sure there is at least one person who legitimately confuses Gary Coleman and Michael Jackson (the black version, anyway), and that blows my mind.

    Frankly, I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any Dennis Hopper jokes yet, considering the crowd I run with.

  61. Tall people are just short peoples slaves…..Can you get me that?
    I can’t reach that…and so on.

  62. To hell with the crappy jokes. I want my FB to say “‘x number’ shots o’ rum ago”

  63. @BabyRacer – go to your account settings and change your language to ‘English Pirate’

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