Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What the Folks?

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  1. ooh first?

  2. It makes me really uncomfortable when dads comment on their daughter’s racks like Stephanie’s old man did. There’s just really not a way to make that OK.

  3. Lol, fuck ass driver.

  4. I agree with Bulldog…that’s never okay. That’s WAY up there on the creepy scale.

  5. Do fuck ass drivers meet out by the fuck pond?

  6. Graeme… you did raise a slut, and yes, Thank God for Victoia’s Secret.

  7. Graeme still calls her a princess after that post … that is what makes me HA

    And Sarah don’t be grossed out couch sex is great and parents need sex too

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    Graeme – looks like you might have.

    Alan – Yes, I understand your daughter’s boobs are the focal point of that picture; that still doesn’t make it cool to talk about them on FB. (side note: the guy in that picture looks like he’s doing all he can to keep from busting one right there, just sayin)

    That’s what Nicole’s dad gets for getting certified at Fuck Ass Driving School.

  9. Alexis, I don’t really care if nicoles dad was a fuck ass driver, but do everyone a favor and get your grandma off the road! That’s a genuine accident waiting to happen on it’s own.

    On another note, I’m gonna have to go with Sarah on this one. I grew up hearing my parents fuck, and it has left me mentally warped at a young age, though I love getting a screamer in bed now, lol.

  10. Poor Michelle just found out the hard way that moms a slut, and maybe her dad isn’t her biological dad. If only Stephanie were so lucky…

  11. krasivaya_devushka

    Wtf Alan?!? That is truly disturbing.

  12. 12th

  13. “you suck so much dad” great quote.

  14. Alan is just doing that dude a favor by letting him know that Stephanie is naturally flat as a board. It will save the poor guy the confusion when he takes off her bra and half of her tits go with it.

  15. Those newish bras at Victorias Secret, the “bombshell” ones that “add two cup sizes” are RIDICULOUSSSS. It looks like whoever is wearing it stuck a fuckin pillow with potatos in there.

  16. alexis you bitch

  17. Ah I’m sorry, I believe it’s the “miracle bra”.

  18. *potatoes

  19. Potartoes.

  20. That may be even cooler than potatoes IndieSinger..

  21. lol

  22. Is it just me, or is #2 way more likely to be a hacked account, than an actual status post?

  23. krasivaya_devushka

    Lol yeah it’s the VS miraculous push up bra! It’s stupid though because it really tricks the guy into thinking his date has a nice pair of ta-tas until she forgets to wear one the next time they meet and she looks two cups smaller. Imagine the guy’s reaction haha :)

  24. Or until he strips it off when they finally get to bed…hahaha.

  25. unless he takes out Allex, in which case they are skipping the bedroom and heading straight to the jewelry department.

  26. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  27. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    3 of my comments are being moderated. The reason being y@wns was used in the sentence. Since when is “y@wn” a bad thing?

  28. That’s funny MonkeyC, I was moderated twice last week for the use of the words fr.y.ing pan, I think.

    I don’t know how they moderate around here at times.

  29. By the way, Stephanie’s squeeze is one lucky dude. He should count his lucky stars. She’s way out of his league, AND she looks like she’d smother the puny little thing with just a hug.

  30. Sensible Madness – half her tits…so, one of them?

  31. LOL @ sensible & zoned.

  32. Wordy, you got moderated because you were telling Hobo that you were going to fuck him silly with a frying pan. At least that’s the story in my head.

  33. HAH!
    Wordy, I got moderated for replying to your comment. I too used the forbidden kitchen tool word!

    Oh, and I said fuck.

  34. Well Miss, now we know we have to avoid kitchen utensils. I have no problem with that.

  35. Wordy, I’m with you there.

    My modded comment mentioned you had probably said you were going to use the kitchen utensil which must not be named to fuck the Hobo silly.

    It wasn’t that funny, but I hate being defied or denied. ;D

  36. CommentsAtLarge

    @Miss S

    Knowing that comment was moderated made it funnier, you know forbidden fruit and all.

  37. I like Alexis and Michelle. Hey Sarah, to be honest, it was me with your mom, not your dad. She was great though.


    First, they could just be friends, unless you actually know the two. Second, some girls just don’t care about physical appearances. She may like the guy because he may have a great personality, is intelligent, or whatever.

  38. I always make fun of my daughter’s tiny titties. Sure, she’s only eleven, but I think giving her a crippling body image is a fair trade for destroying my wife’s vagina.

  39. @Soup: I hope for you and your daughter’s sake, you’re joking. Dear jebus, I hope you’re joking.

  40. LMAO @ teeda #5

  41. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    So cuss words are permitted but kitchen utensils and some bodily functions are not.

  42. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hehehe @40 it’s just soup. take everything he says with a grain of salt :)

  43. COMPELTELY UNRELATED – anyone else have the Betclic ads on here?
    A guy breathing loudly and tapping on glass even when the cursor isn’t over him…i’m going to go m.a.d.

  44. @Someguy023
    You should see my son. He’s only six, but I’ve got him so messed up he’s cutting himself at a 9th grade level.

    It’s just Soup? Are the tragic and horrifying details of my life becoming passé? I guess I’ll have to start breaking out the stuff I only tell my therapist.

  45. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ Soup
    Well… I couldn’t decide whether to use “it’s ONLY Soup” or “it’s JUST soup”. I thought “just” was the lesser of two evils. But I’m still looking forward to what your poor therapist has to listen to!!

  46. I get it now. Wow.

  47. @Soup
    Hahahahahahaha, I laughed so hard. Youre horrible.
    Oh my word.

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was so great, he could NEVER abandon you!-

  48. @elixabeth

    Thank you for being amused/horrified by my life. I can appreciate your love of the lord, but why do you feel compelled to spam us with your ever-changing message of sacrifice?

    We already know the story. If someone could be converted to a belief system by constant internet exposure, we’d all believe that god lives in the goatse guy’s ass.

  49. Grammar Police

    Who the hell spells “Alex” with two L’s?

    And what the hell are Sarah’s parents thinking?

  50. Very true Xepher, very true. I made a casual observation based on looks and body type alone. Shallow, I know. I think we’re all guilty of shallowness at times.

    I can’t talk, I just dumped a slightly slimmer version of Tony Soprano. He was nothing to look at, believe me. I will completely accept that with regard to my comment on this post, I’m a hypocrite.

  51. I think Graeme raise a slut…

  52. raised*.

  53. Paranoid Android

    Frying Pan. There, I said it, dill with it.


  54. Paranoid Android

    Apparently my comment is awaiting moderation. Damn you kitchen utensil nazis.

  55. Alan sounds like a dick. A hilarious dick.

  56. If you could just pass that along … that would be great.


  57. So Alexis no doubt submitted that to Lamebook herself, since a screenshot was taken not even a minute after it was posted. I don’t know why, but I like it much more when an innocent bystander sends in the funny.

  58. Alexis, if your grandmother doesn’t know how to drive your car then maybe she shouldn’t be fucking driving it. I don’t know how to drive an 18 wheeler so I wouldn’t just hop in a start driving around a place I don’t know.

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