Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What the Buck?


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  1. oh dear…

  2. Groom’s cake I guess? Classy.

  3. the best part is it’s from the album “renewing our wedding vows”

  4. Awww how cute they spent their wedding killing bambi

  5. I thought this was lamebook, not awesomebook.

  6. How… appetizing…?

  7. Classy!

  8. who wants cake?

    aww, he finally got his way.

  9. The only way that could be better is if the cake were red velvet.

  10. this cake freaking rocks

  11. “D’OH!”
    “A deer!”
    “A female deer!”

  12. Evan first of all you’re a fag for quoting The Sound of Music, damn you mom and sister…and second that deer clearly has antlers. What a newb

  13. This looks like a typical grooms cake to me!

  14. Too bad the deer is not edible.

  15. dove,

    Deer are editable. They are delicious.

  16. *edible

  17. they are also editable….sometimes.

  18. … and this definitely looks home-made. Hahaha

  19. Laughing Hysterically

    omg disgusting.

  20. I feel like some little kid, or perhaps a crazy drunk uncle, walked up to this thing and decided to dabble some ketchup on it.

  21. Nice cake :P

  22. That is just about the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    Not lame at all.

  23. Jimbo, I believe Evan was quoting the Simpsons, who were quoting the Sound of Music.

  24. It can be the best, most awesomest thing you’ve ever seen and still be lame

  25. Are they trying to show what a horrible shot they are? Took three to take this one down.

  26. Tiffany : you’re lucky you got married and better yet the dude wants to renew his wedding vows .. there really is someone for everyone out there

    @evan: you are a fag

  27. Gross. I just don’t get hunters – killing animals with rifles is fun?

  28. Yum. Venison cake.

  29. No, Astra, killing animals with golf clubs is fun. Killing animals with rifles is HILARIOUS. (See cake, above)

  30. Joydivisionthecure

    could everyone please stop calling each other fags on the Internet, just for one day at least….please?

  31. is that… BLOOD coming out of it hahahahahhahaha

  32. looks… good?

  33. this is romantic

  34. !!lol

  35. and is it supposed to be laying on a carpet or something? ??

  36. I agree joydiv…people need to expand their vocabularies a bit.

  37. There should be an annual ‘Let’s not call each other fags for one day’ day.

    And yes you can be extremely awesome and extremely lame at the same time. See: cake

  38. hahaha. i think this cake goes with the rifle-toting just married couple . nice theme they have going on there…


  39. Lmao, Evan FTW!

  40. This might be one year later from the gun-toting couple in the other post. Then they would consistent if anything.

  41. I love this cake!!! I love the red velvet comment, too.

  42. Nice day for a white (trash) wedding.


  44. It’s Rudolph… there go Dasher & Dancer & Prancer & Vixen!

  45. It’s Rudolph… there go Dasher & Dancer & Prancer & Vixen!

  46. A fucking plastic deer on your cake?

  47. Jen *correction* a bleeding deer.

  48. This absolutely should be on Cake Wrecks.

  49. @blah – That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture!

  50. Omg, a real life redneck wedding cake.

  51. Something tells me they didn’t have cake at their first wedding, they just passed out Twinkies.

  52. Ooh, bagsy I get the bit with the bloody raindeer body on it.

  53. I just don’t understand how anyone can kill animals (particularly such majestic ones) for fun and still sleep at night. It’s so primitive.

    We as a species should have moved beyond that by now.

  54. Cows are majestic. They go moo.

  55. Princess Bananahammock

    I so want to see their wedding cake.

  56. Princess Bananahammock

    @ your the loser who doesn’t see that Evan was quoting The Simpsons baha

  57. Oh my goodness. That is a level of redneck to beat all others…All that is missing here are some Budweiser cans on strings hanging from the ceiling as decorations.

  58. [...] the bride explains that the same image was used on the couple’s Christmas cards. In another, a cake is elaborately frosted to include a nearly three-dimensional image of a deer — with discreetly bleeding gunshot wounds [...]

  59. Must have been for a stag party.

  60. O_O

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