Monday, October 4, 2010

Week Starting Wins

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Julie fails in numerous ways with the Potter joke.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Do you want “filename” to “Recycle bin”? What the fuck is that, a Mac?

  3. dammit i can never get a fucking “first” or “ben” or “stever” or whatever the name is now. I hate you Dukey, I hate you! and I hate these stupid posts

  4. Poopoopants

  5. I don’t understand the Harry Potter one… :-/
    But I’m very okay with that.
    @platinum_p, I don’t know what time zone your in, but I’m in eastern time (in Florida) and it’s super easy because the first post is usually up at like 9 am when I’m wasting time before I have to go to class. The first post of the day is easiest to be first. Then you can feel like a super winning for being the first comment for the post AND the first comment of the day :-)

  6. Dukey.

    Well mac users only need one mouse button so maybe they only need half the words?

  7. I agree with Jack, I think there was no question there.

    And you win Lamebook for the day laid out in ladyrisk’s scenario.

  8. dan_fargis_is_a_fag

    Hey, Patricia and Jack(off)… You know YOU’RE a loser when you GET dumped on Facebook!

  9. Julie sucks at life.

  10. @cabbitch I like HP…so…your mom sucked at my life last night…nearly took it all away. I prefer a Dementor sucking me rather than her, they do it so much better. Then I masturbate with the tears they cause me to have as I’m filled with sad thoughts and memories. :)

  11. You probably shouldn’t be trying to get a corpse to suck you off then since my mom is dead…..just sayin.

  12. Julie makes no sense. I hate her.

  13. Now to actually comment on stuff that’s worth it.

    1) Nice. That should be the ONLY Master card commercial, ever.
    2) I agree with dan_fargis_ ^ get some balls and dump her irl ffs. He attempted to be funny and humiliate her with FB and the dog profile, and failed horribly.

    3) Corny. But ok. I’ve seen better I’ll admit.
    4)Gay. Assholes like that are not Wins..this is LB material but not under Win category.

    5) Epic Win.

  14. I’m sorry. You’re right, that would be quite taboo..
    My mom is as well, so you’re not alone.

    Except mine is just ashes..she can’t be sucked..but snorted I guess. By some sick confused coke head. :(


  16. No big….but just for the record, I too like HP. Julie’s execution, however…mot so much.

  17. hahaha *not

  18. @Dan Fargis
    Uh oh..does someone have a secret pet facebook profile perhaps? Someone seems awfully hateful towards Jack…

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Hey Patricia, you know you are a loser when you get dumped by a loser who made a facebook profile for his dog.

  20. Julie is stupid. It would’ve said “Would you like to move Voldemort to the end lily and james potter life?”

    Which is dumb and makes no sense.

  21. MsBuzzkillington

    The first one wasn’t priceless. It cost him all that money to send it. pfft.

  22. Crap! my friend just posted something LB worthy…how do I screen shot it and upload?

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Keona don’t bother, if is actually LB worthy then LB wont post it. If it is not LB worthy then LB will post it and we will all ignore it and discuss MEG‘s latest blunder. So either way …

  24. :(

  25. Trust me, there are a LOT of asians who can’t do math. I am underpaid to try to teach them (as well as morons from other ethnic backgrounds) to do it and it is a lost cause.

    Keona, use the PrtScr button to take a screenshot on your clipboard, paste it into paint or another program, save it, and then read the directions on this site to submit.

  26. Thanks mad2.

    Dukey, I…I thought we had something special.. *sniffles*

  27. I bet if my mom knew how to make a facebook page, she’d make one for my cat, then force me to get facebook back and friend him.

    This is why facebook is sad.

  28. I don’t seem to have a clipboard on the PC…ah..screw it. I’ll just say it. I mean it wasn’t omg ahahahahaha..but it was still lame

    My friend says: “Jasmine Victoria Blanton I can’t believe tomorrow I am turning 20th years old!
    about an hour ago · Comment · Like
    2 people like this. ”

    Yes, I did intend to copy paste the whole thing.

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Keona That would have made it onto LB.

  30. I guess I just assumed wrong then. Usually the ones on here have comments along with them, not many are just the status by itself. it mean to laugh at someone who’s a bit “slow” in the head?

  31. We laugh at you, don’t we?

  32. Soup, that deserves a biting…not just a nibble that you’re used to, but a full on chomp.

  33. you just gave us her full name Keona…but you can trust us :)

    #23 is so true Dukey!

  34. That’s ok. I know you “people” have difficulty using your words to resolve issues. You go right for the biting and the hair pulling. You’re like angry little monkeys.

  35. Yes. It’s how I’m able to sleep at night. I have to work off all my slow energy which, ironically, causes me to move fairly fast.

    I then angrily masturbate after pulling one’s hair and biting them. Heck, I pull my own and bite myself as I do it. I then fall asleep with blood, saliva, and cum all over.

    @Saffer bollocks. I’m not British but I do love that term. I trust you all as far as I can throw you.

  36. Question: Am I allowed to link my name to any website or does it have to be my own?

  37. OMG can you imagine being Asian and not being able to do math! How embarrassing.

  38. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Uhhhhhh, Saffer are you a chick?

  39. dan_fargis_is_a_fag

    @Jonjones: Huh? No pet Facebook profile here… Just used a few too many CAPS. I tend not to think straight when I’m on a treadmill and typing at the same time.

  40. My dog has a FB profile. But thats only cos my dog is awesome. Like, way more awesome than anyone else’s dog. My dog is the Barney Stinson of canines. True story.

  41. My best mate’s girlfriend’s cat has a facebook page. She’s a sexy feminine cat and I was flirting with her on her wall for like two months. Then all of a sudden she stopped replying. I asked her why every few days for a while then eventually gave up and had a bit of a rant maybe called her a bitch. Then my mate chimes in and says Franny got hit by a car. I was really upset and slightly embarrassed. I found out later the fucker was lying and that little hussy is still alive. I think he wants that pussy all to himself. He doesn’t like to share.

  42. 20th years old? Really? Everyone knows it’s 20st. Sheesh.

  43. #38 OMG! I’m worried. In my opinion that sentence is a compliment the other way round, but is usually a reason for concern when a girl’s mistaken for a guy :(

  44. Walter. Again, I love you.

    just for the pussy comment.

  45. why would you think I was a guy :(

  46. Saffer, most people on the interwebs be guys. I mean come on, basic rule of thumb, there are no girls on the internetz.

  47. Keona, thank you for NOT submitting that. That’s kind of one of those things that’s maybe funny if you know the person, because then you can make fun of them. Otherwise, not at all funny.

    Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw bullshit on the Harry Potter thing. She was probably just hoping no one would notice and just think it was really clever.

  48. I suppose it would be “saffer” to assume you are a guy…

  49. Saffer, he thinks you are stupid to ask that question and all chicks are stupid, no?

  50. I am noticing there is a lack of petty arguments and also a lack of MEG.

    I think the two may be connected but shhhh just in case.

  51. saffer, i honestly thought you were a guy.

    i might have responded more positively to your advances yesterday had i known you were a lady. then again, i am pretty lazy…

  52. Good one vabadus, nice to lol again! But I pronounce the ‘a’ sound in my screen name as the ‘a’ in ‘attic’, so it took me a while to get that :)

    You know given that most of the girls on here come across as whingey little bitches (with the exception of Keona, Junebug, Word, and the missing ee) I’ll start seeing the compliment in this awkward error. I’m actually only thinking of three frequently present girls so excuse the generalisation.

  53. Now I really feel compelled to show I’m a girl, think I’ll put up my avatar after my test today. Later guys!

  54. Out of curiosity, how do you know who’s a girl on here?

  55. i work on an innocent until proven guilty basis. so everyone is a man in my eyes until i find out otherwise.

    also, everyone who’s funny i presume is a man, and everyone who isn’t funny is a woman. the exceptions to this rule i love/loathe the most; my favourite posters are female, the ones i dislike are almost always male.

    oh, and then MEG gets a category to herself.

  56. @54

    Boobs, man.. Boobs…

  57. Wow, Julie has a PC that’s even more illiterate than her?

  58. I understand what Julie was aiming for, I think she just explained it wrong. The popup would say “Do you really want to send Voldemort to end James and Lily Potter’s life?”

  59. Wouldn’t that be “ THE end James and…”?

  60. Then you should “saffer” in Hell!

    I feel bit punished today.

  61. If you’re a pigamist, you can have lots of wives. Morons do it all the time. It’s in the Bible.

  62. lulz

  63. @Saffer is that really all of us here? I feel like we’re missing a regular. Ah well.

  64. Junebug, Right, I forgot MissShegas and Buzzkill (and probably others which I probably don’t know are female) but anyway whatever, I shouldn’t have mentioned names because I don’t want to start making divisions. I should have worded it differently:

    Yes I’m a girl, but I’m not the selfrighteous-virgin-cry-baby-victim-type that I think gives womanhood a bad name. I hope being seen a girl when once perceived to be a male, doesn’t change anything in terms of the perception of my uhm…jokes? And if something does change it should be alord, soup, and dukey et al not running the fuck away from my advances ;-)

    P.S. alord I’m guilty of that too, I used to think word was a dude because of how hilarious she is!

  65. #54 it’s because I had my real pic up last night

  66. Well said, Saff. I actually assumed you were a guy too, so forgive me if I hit on you. :D

  67. Wow! I didn’t pick that up if you did, let’s pretend you didn’t :)

  68. Hahah well I don’t actually remember, so yeah. Let’s pretend I didn’t.

  69. No, lets pretend you DID. :)

  70. Hey guys, how do I join the ‘regulars’ club?

  71. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @Bobloblaw, check out the number of your comment :) and yes let’s pretend Junebug did.

    @Moonear, by commenting on the posts.

  72. Hahaha you pervs <3

  73. fuuuuuck, why do i miss the thumbnails EV-E-RY TIME!?!?


    oh well – ugly until proven attractive.

    oh and june,


  74. I know Morgan in #4, she is a massive cunt. Plus, she’s dumb as a brick and her vagina is only looser than her morals. Just thought that had to be said.

  75. nocturn, I was actually going to comment on that bitch the other day, but decided she wasn’t worth my time, but I’ll say something now. It does not surprise me. I despise people like her, and that kind of attitude. One day, that bitch is going to need a hand. I hope I’m there not to give her one.

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