Monday, September 21, 2009

We Will Have the Last Laugh


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  1. I literally sound liek I’m throwing up

  2. This is why we pay so much for bandwidth.

  3. <3

  4. See, now THAT is what real, deep, lasting love looks like. Awwww

  5. Kim <3 Michael 4eva!!1!!!

  6. I’m liek puking too, Meg

  7. Michael and Kim <3 wasting their time on Facebook. Taking aim at lousy advertising

  8. Ew

  9. gross

  10. NO. im appalled.

  11. I can’t wait for next month when Kim and Michael have a nasty breakup over FB and it winds up here.

  12. Awwww…*barf*

  13. If they’d just shag, they could roll over and go to sleep… Instead of acting like idiots.

  14. That was one of the most boring Lamebook entries.

  15. It won’t last!

  16. d’aww?

    Is that the same as d’uuuuuuuuuuuur


  18. <3 I win?

  19. Gay

  20. D’AWWWWWW I likes yous a whole lot, Meekal.

  21. I wish people like this would fuck off and die.

  22. sick.

  23. I give it a week before they split up.

  24. You know your status update is lame when it only consists of a name and therefore becomes a bunch of unrecognizable pixels on

  25. And there went lunch…

  26. Forced sterilization keeps sounding more like an awesome idea.

  27. omg super gay

  28. So jealous of their lovely relationship, if only I could find a man like this…….

  29. @ everyone on the internets

    If you know these people, please kill them. PLEASE!

  30. I’ll bet that each and everyone of their friends is on their knees right now, thanking god they didn’t “like” on this.
    Imagine the enormous let down you would feel to see you had 7+ notifications, ony to discover a bunch of freaking love hearts.
    It doesn’t bear thinking about.

  31. I can imagine this going on for days without end…

  32. fag.

  33. Where’s Darwin when you need him? ‘Survival of the Thickest’ isn’t quite where Darwin was coming from, was it?

  34. so… I tracked down Michael and Kim and I found out that what you have witnessed in this post was a viscious fight between the two.

    It turns out that both of them were 1) deeply in love with one another and 2) dying of a rare heart disease.

    They’re also half brother and half sister (which they JUST found out 3 months ago, so don’t judge them!). Well, their genetic makeup is what caused this rare heart condition and it has also caused the difficulties in finding a suitable transplant organ. Their father committed suicide about 15 minutes before this post… and they were told to decide amongst themselves, as to who gets “the last heart”.

    As you can see… Michael won. However, ironically… his body rejected the heart and he died within 2 weeks of the transplant, while his sister/”ex-girlfriend” has made a full recovery, thanks to some experimental stem cell treatments.

    We will miss you Michael.

  35. Awful………simply awful

  36. They shoot hearts don’t they?

  37. vomit.

  38. KIll me please.

  39. “You’re shmoopie!”
    “No, YOU’RE shmoopie!”
    *sound of everyone around gagging*

  40. Anyone else wondering which one of them gave up first?

  41. really? come on people…

  42. Oh no, happy people!

  43. but do they do know how to triforce…

    ▲ ▲

  44. lol tam aptal aşık tribi:D

  45. GUFFAWS. This is so lame it’s hilarious.

  46. So. So. So. Very. Lame.

  47. “You hang up!”
    “No, you hang up!”
    “No, YOU hang up!”
    “Okay, we both hang up on three. One, two, three…”
    “You didn’t hang up!”
    “You didn’t either!”


  48. I think I shrivelled up a little, kind of like a prune.
    No make that a lot, kind of like boiling water in a coke can before plunging it into a pot of cold water

  49. cunts!

  50. liek, barf.

  51. uhm…
    I dunno what to make of this.
    Are we at an age where humans are too intellectually challenged up to a point where they communicate using sign language at a repetitive level?

  52. fucker totally got the last heart

  53. What the fuck is this shit…?

  54. fools.

  55. She’s a woman, she’s more or less expected to do this kind of stuff… but this guy! and he actually GOT the last heart!

    I pity da fool…

  56. fankou, you are an idiot.

  57. WikidJuggaloPanda

    Don’t find it to be lame provided these two are under eighteen years of age. I’m only nineteen so I remember how stupid shit like this got me brownie points with the girl, and brownie points always meant ass. Not the high school slut everyone has been in, but the good girl ass, those who know what I am talkin’ ’bout are nodding their heads while reading this. :)

  58. mmmm sweet teen ass … with glasses … holding her maths text book … in a tiny skirt & pig tails in her hair …

  59. Such an impressive goal to aim for…

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