Friday, January 15, 2010

Wanted: Attention



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  1. Being first here is like having sex with a spastic…

    … not funny

  2. I’d like to kick Jamie’s head off

  3. Pretty gay

  4. Attention whore.

  5. Sofiya, you’re not pretty.

    Ha! Take that Amanda!

  6. Dear Amanda,

    You’re not pretty. In fact, you’re an attention-starved harlot that has finally resorted to fishing for compliments. On Facebook.


    The Internet.

  7. @Thermostat

    Amanda is the friend. Sofiya is the girl that wants everyone to tell her that she’s pretty, but is SAYING she wants people to tell her that she’s ugly.

    I bet if anyone says “I agree with Sofiya”, she would cry and be pissed at them.

  8. What Sofiya’s survey should have said:

    I have major self esteem issues and I need constant validation from those around me. My friend Amanda got tired of constantly trying to prop me up and is now pawning the job off on my Facebook friends. Since proves that people will be huge dicks online even if they’re not anonymous, several of my friends will be sure to tell me I’m not only ugly, but an attention-seeking loser. This will crush my spirit, and I’ll spend the next 24 hours writing angst-filled poetry and creating Facebook polls about why I shouldn’t slit my wrists in the bathtub.

    Eventually, even my Facebook friends will tire of my bullshit and I’ll end up spending the rest of my life alone in my apartment projecting my insecurities on my cats by dressing them up like pretty princesses.

    Please tell me I’m beautiful.

  9. I’m sure glad I don’t need validation like that. Do I? Don’t I seem secure to all of you? Please confirm that I seem self-validating!

  10. I wish people like this grew up in ny. Work on ur self esteem issue, don’t feed it. Seeking attention makes u depend on it!

  11. Yeah, Im pretty sure it was Jamies “old” boyfriend that wrote that idiotic, and very unconvincing spill. What a caack! Also, Sofiya is Frodo.

  12. ThinkingInPictures

    Mark Lee, you made me giggle.

  13. I bet Jamie is way better at the sex than Sofiya

  14. lose/lose for sofiya. scenario 1: she is told she is pretty by all the guys on the football team but gets knocked up behind the bleachers but can’t tell which one of the offensive line is the father. scenario 2: she gets told she is a complete moose and embarks on a journey of botox and collagen injections until she looks like fergie’s even freakier looking sister.

  15. @Sensible Madness– Well said.

  16. As for the first post, def her ex hacking into her account. There is no question.

    As for the second, this infuriates me more than anything else. If Sophia truly had low self esteem the LAST THING she would do is put herself out on a poll to get reactions, it would be to her the worst idea anyone had ever conceived. Depressed individuals do anything to stray AWAY from the spotlot and would find a poll like this to be humiliating and devastating. She is one of those nasty little sk@nks with the ONLY thing going for her being her GOOD LOOKS so she does WHATEVER she can to draw attention to it and get people to speak about it with her. There is a good chance Amanda doesn’t even exist. Fall down a well and die Sophia.. DIE.

  17. ThinkingInPictures

    Not true misanthropic, she probably does have low self esteem, she just also thinks she’s very pretty. She may not think she has anything else going for her, and therefore needs to be assured constantly that she is still pretty and worthy of existence. Depression and low self esteem don’t work the same way for everyone. Remember all those people in high school who constantly put down others so they’d look “cool” and stay popular… yeah, most of them had it too.

  18. Am I the only one now trying to find Sofiya so I can take part in the survey?

  19. Very true and I see your point. I guess this is where I am wrong see I can feel sorry for a depressed person who I see handling there depression in what I believe is a proper way, however, I feel nothing but disgust for a person who I believe is coping with it in a very negative way. I know this is wrong she may not even know better yet she still disgusts me.. ha ha I guess we all have some learning to do…

  20. Im waiting for the lezzer fest to start… I hear Amanda is going down on Sofiya

  21. @#18 DaysWithDave No. I’m also creepy.

  22. How the hell is this survey supposed to make Amanda happy?

  23. Am I the only one that thinks “Sofiya” is a horrible name? I hate the parents that say “well, I like the sound of Sofia, but I want her to be UNIQUE”, so they throw extra letters in there.

    I’m also talking to you, Jayson and Fredd and Rhyan and Jennifferr!

  24. Rhyan is a welsh girls name….they arent adding letters there That’s how the name has always been spelt..

  25. any girl that has to fish for compliments on her looks must be a double bagger….therefore, Congrats Sophiya! You win the bet! Also, you and your parents need to learn to spell Sophia correctly. The “y” is a bit redundant, don’t you think??

  26. @ 23 mcowles – not as unique as I thought. over 500 Sofya’s on FB

  27. you spelt Sofiya incorrectly….
    (sorry had to do it…it’s my inner pedant)

  28. and that was @Dayswithdave.

  29. Dammit, I want to know what Sofya looks like!

  30. @eenerbl: me too!

    At least we know on the inside she’s chock full of lame.

  31. WOW Sofiya is the epitome of fishing.

  32. Dr. Azizted-Homicide


    you calling my dick lame?

  33. This is one of those posts where i really wish they didn’t blur out the face… cuz now im curious.

  34. I’m glad there’s so many Sofiyas out there, cos god help her if she’s found by the lamebook crowd..

  35. @Yorax I don’t know, I think the blurred look is doing well for her. I mean think about it: it’s definitely going to work for the pixel fetishists out there.

  36. @redhaski: You know, you might be right!

  37. Anyone called Jennifferr I’d be obliged to call them “Do I piss you off Jennifferr-fa-fa?”

  38. @ joestxgirl: Jeff Dunham quote?

    “Do I piss you off-fah-fah, Jeff-fah-fahh?!”

    <3 Peanut.

  39. Jamie’s post confuses me

  40. Sofiya is dumb for sure so even if she was really good looking it wouldn’t matter…and if I was her “facebook friend” I would tell her that. I hope everyone was honest on her poll and told her the same thing!

  41. It confused me too but one of the early posters pointed out that her ex had hacked her account.
    Reread it with that in mind and it makes total sense.

  42. I think my legs are too short! Do you think they’re long enough? Let me pull up my skirt so you can see.
    I keep hurting my BUM! IT’s so sore… right there… OOOOO a PENNY!

    Myabe I should get a boob-job. DO YOU like my boobs?
    I should get back into yoga. It hurts sometimes when I do THIS!!

  43. @ Sensible Madness

    I ♥ you!

  44. Sofiya totally, like, needs to get a boyfriend to, like, validate her self-image, yo!

  45. I wish Sofiya was on my FB friends list. I would have taken the opportunity to tell her that she needs to face facts and that Amanda’s right, she does look as rough as a dog.

  46. Oops I meant Amanda’s *wrong

    Also @Sensible Madness: that comment sir, is a win!

  47. posty mcposterson

    I am thinking that Sofiya is probably 14. Still LAME but a little less disgusting.

  48. SensibleMadness, you are a genius.

  49. Anitalaff FTW!

  50. Someone needs to find Sofiya.

    Right. now.

  51. insert clever name here

    @8 – Thank you!
    @18 – No!

  52. too many girls about like jamie unfortunately..

  53. Vanity at it’s finest.
    Vein bitches.

  54. Danceica… Your insult would have been better if you had spelled “vain” correctly…

  55. Then again their ‘veins’ might be attributed to their unattractive appearances… just sayin’ :P

  56. Sofiya, you’re pretty. But your soul. Your soul is ugly. Very very ugly. A dark cavernous place where moth and rust consume. Your soul can destroy God.

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