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  1. That is all.

  2. Obviously on of them is deaf and the other is a mute, thus creating the need for a public FB convo in bed

  3. he should have splattered his ‘eggs’ all over her back! Goooooood Mornin’!

  4. Lol @ 2

  5. I just vomited all over my keyboard.

  6. @2, if one is deaf and the other mute, they can still use sign language.
    I was thinking Taylor is deaf and Tiffany is blind.
    I just dread the foreplay.


  8. No, they are just lame…

  9. Did I miss the day when the interwebs started to use HOTT instead of hawt? And your first omelet? Really? You can pretty much accidentally drop an egg in a pan and make an omelet.

  10. “Tay” looks like a douche.

    In addition to that, yes, this whole exchange is truly lame.

  11. I thought it was cute.

  12. @SevanSins: Indeed. I think we can probably assume that was Tay’s first solo foray into the kitchen. Or, in fact, his first foray anywhere but down his own pants in front of a mirror with his eyes crossed.

  13. They need to shot.

    When I want my man to make me eggs and he’s next to me, I give him a swift kick off the couch. Much more effective and uses less muscles. I jest – I hate eggs.

  14. Sorry that was “They need to BE shot”

  15. I’ll be disappointed if Mr Haiku has nothing to say about this.

  16. These two were made for each other.
    Let’s all pray they don’t procreate.

  17. DIE

  18. Get a room.

  19. Tribulations – They have a room, but the problem is that they’re facebooking what’s going on inside it, as if people really care.

    I’m also a little terrified that I’ve just turned ‘facebooking’ into a verb…

  20. The lame part of this post and probably the last few posts is that the “I hope they don’t breed” joke is old and lame. There’s a comment saying the exact same stupid joke in the last few posts, people, it’s an arrogant thing to say and it’s not funny.

  21. @ Sofaia
    Wow someone shit in your cornflakes this morning….

    This whole post is a pathetic excuse to try to show the world how they “love” each other… in reality they’re just trying to brag to their virgin friends that they just got laid. Sad.

  22. ^ agreed.

  23. man, i hope these two never have kids

  24. Just pray these two don’t procreate and make little omelette’s.

  25. @Barf: “facebooking” was already a verb before you used it. Any word can be used as a verb nowadays. Such as: Bozing– making douchebag comments all over the Lamebook page, simply for the cause of agitation.

  26. @Dan, dont forget Summering :)

  27. So would “Daning” mean overstating the obvious? ;) _

  28. awesome :D Lets all go Daning, Mandying, Summering, Bozing, Barfing, Bottlecaping, Peaved guying, Ummm yeahing :P ;) :)

  29. @dan – I didn’t say I invented the word. I was just marveling that I used it. Chill.

  30. Please God do not have children!

  31. Why the hell is everyone so bitter this morning? Did we all just find out Santa wasn’t real? Christ. Now I think we have all forgotten the real reason why we have come together…. not to cause discord between us, but to rip into the world’s future leaders such as Tay and Tiff. Wow, with names like those, I just know I’m gonna see Gov. in front of it one day.

    Now excuse me, I must tear myself from this riviting convo and continue with my life…. outside of cyberworld.

  32. I just don’t understand why. They could just as easily talk to eachother. I’m baffled.

  33. Bye bye Graceful_beauty~*

  34. I’d like to agree that the whole “Don’t breed”/”Don’t procreate”/”Yooh two need to be sterilized” thing is VERY overused here.

    It’s funny/fine from time to time, but the amount of times it’s used here is astounding.

  35. Why’d she make arrows that point the wrong way?

  36. @ratcoon

    They’re Mormon. His honey is actually on the other side of the monitor. Her arrows are pointing the right way. Finally, a woman that is confident enough in herself that she doesn’t mind not being THE honey in the relationship.

  37. I am really gay
    This haiku is about me
    I molest kids too

  38. This call for a “NO ONE CARES what you doing right now”

  39. @31 – “Did we all just find out Santa wasn’t real?” Wait, what?

  40. you'll thank me later

    Sigh. I miss jasons epic fail.


  42. Leverhundaring!! aren’t I important here?? Yeah, I don’t think so either xD

  43. When he says “milk and eggs”, I don’t think he means the ones that come from a farm animal….. Although, I guess Tiff might be able to classify as one.

  44. Please do not have children!

  45. Miss it? Why do you miss it? Me, I loves my Jason’s monster fail. I’m glad it’s come home.

  46. @graceful_beauty

    What do you mean Santa isn’t real?!?!?!

  47. I give it a week.

  48. Hey Boz…I want me a mcmuffin..go get it big boy and I’ll let you nibble my hash brown..

  49. @Adz even blind-deaf can communicate. The blind-deaf person holds their hands out and the person speaking to them signs on their palms so the blind-deaf person can feel the words.

    These people just appreciate the attention given to their morning.

  50. I saw this one coming as soon as I saw her name, no offense to any other tiffany’s out there. But Ive never ever met a Tiffany that wasnt a) a slut or b) a big bitch. She was doomed from the moment her parents named her. as for Taylor, obviously he flaunts that he got laid on facebook, look at his profile pic. I think he’s secretly getting it up the ass by a guy named Bill.

  51. Is Taylor masturbating off camera in his profile photo, if so we share a fb profile picture pose.

  52. My commercials are lame.

  53. you'll thank me later

    Oh. I didn’t realise it had come home. Thanks.

  54. Must be young love.
    By now, me and my man would be definitely asleep at 3:30am, not on FB.
    No one better ask me for eggs that early. I’ll kill a bitch.

  55. I think it’s fine what they’re posting there. It’s really cute.

  56. fag

  57. Whatever happened to, you know, talking to each other?

  58. Please do not have children! !

  59. Really I just turned into my father.

    Fucking pricks

  60. .

    Forgot the full stop sorry.

  61. milk = something the body produces that’s white
    honey = something the body produces that’s yellow
    egg is self-explanatory.

    Now read it again.

  62. When you’re in bed with your “partner” and the best thing you have to do is go on portable facebook and talk, then you know you are truly lame.

  63. Wow… Some people just don’t have a life.

  64. i had sex once

  65. I think that the reasoning behind the constant use of ‘over-medium’ could be fucking hilarious.

  66. @jezebel- me too. It was a pretty good time.

  67. i didn’t get fed after like this lucky biatch

  68. Who the hell refers to anything remotely sexual as milk/eggs/honey??!
    Way to show the world that you both finally managed to find someone to put up with you!

  69. Why has nobody acknowleged Tiff and Tay’s surprisingly accurate grasp of spelling and grammar yet!?

  70. These two are clearly so into their iTouch or Blackberries that they probably text each other while in bed together. So, let’s put to rest any fears that these two will procreate as they probably have cyber-sex.

  71. Aww! This is so cute, and weird!

  72. these two should be drowned.

  73. I agree that the these people shouldn’t breed is old and is really a waste of space because it’s never funny.

    @69 because looking at the time between their post they had to go out and buy a dictionaries and grammar books in between the post.

    That being said they probably weren’t really in the bed together.

  74. This is why people say the art of conversation is dead.

  75. I was the first one
    that impersonated him
    now there are many

    I do not know why
    some say it is his own fault
    for writing garbage

  76. Why the Boz imitators?

    LAME. We should have a lamebook just for people who want to be Boz.

  77. I was entertaining the idea of impersonating him after I saw how he posted to see if people could tell the difference but then a swarm of people started doing it and it became pointless.

  78. I just got Rick-rolled

  79. are they really having this conversation online while sitting right next to each other?!

  80. Duh… did anyone look at the times of the comments? they weren’t sitting next to each other having a convo…this was spread out over the day. Completely normal, a fact overlooked by everyone for “comedy”‘s sake. really ppl.

  81. I totally pointed that out already.

  82. witness signature

    This more properly belongs on “STFU Married People”.

  83. I’m confused by the time stamps on the convo.

  84. @trillian

    I’m thinking they’re playing out some sort of strange long-distance fantasy via FB. Maybe he’s on a trip, or deployed, or whatever, and they’re acting like they’re having a normal morning at home together? Just a guess…

  85. Please do not have any children! Please!

  86. phones were invented for a reason.

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