Monday, August 9, 2010

Visible Damage

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  1. Ben! Not as satisfying as a I thought it would be.

  2. But on another note, oh no you didn’t DaShanna!

    DaShanna, Kyshanta… who names these people? Or do they make up their own names thinking they sound awesome?

  3. Hi, I’m here about the fat post. Be nice. Okay, moving right along.. thanks for your time.

  4. I can never resist a good, “mistake fat girl for pregnant” thing. It always makes me giggle.

  5. thequeen, hi, I’m here about the fat post. If I was even remotely inclined to comment on it, no, I would not be nice. Okay, moving right along… thanks for your time.

  6. I do like the chubby womans, and how.

  7. 1st- stupid (not even funny lame).
    2nd- haha way to go “Jose.” He could always try to convince the person viewing it that the other head was his conjoined twin before the surgery.
    3rd- Leebo, you must be British, bishh.

  8. Is it too hard to type out “bitch” these days? I almost want to say it’s lazy, but it’s the same number of letters – Bishh. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY?!?!

    Seriously, it bothers me not to know the reason for this.

    PS – thequeen: don’t be a bishh.

  9. no way, jose!

    but it reminds me of my aunt’s wedding. i slipped the photographer a fiver just to make all the photos of me. after getting the wedding guests to pose, he set up a dummy camera on a tripod and made it flash periodically using an LED; then during the reception, i took him up to a tarzan-themed guest room in the hotel that i’d had booked out for weeks, just one-on-one, and we did the REAL photos.

    the camera loved me for a good hour. he used up eighteen – EIGHTEEN (!) rolls of film on my nasty self.

    now my aunt has a little pull-out folio at home on the coffee table. on the front it has ‘treasured memories’ embossed in gold, and on the inside it has a picture of me on a red fluffy bed, oiled up and wearing nothing but a loin-cloth.

    true story.

  10. Bishh.

  11. ok, I’ll admit it, I looked at the first picture for a long ass time trying to get the joke. I found myself thinking I like her shirt and waalaaa I got it!

    The third picture, dayummm that’s embarrassing! I just want to know why neither of them deleted the comments?

  12. The first one would be have a nice bit of irony except that they are at the In-and-Out-Burger, which is obviously a place where opposites come together to have sex with hamburgers.

  13. I can’t help but think the lamest part of #3 is their names. Seriously? What were their parents ON?! I shudder to think what DaShanna named/is going to name her baby DDx

  14. There are 93 Dashannas on facebook. And these are just the ones with searchable profiles.

  15. DaShanna deserved that one. At least she wasn’t named La’Quishatanya

  16. @wordpervert – why not?

    @bumpit – why am I a bishh?

    I don’t want any trouble. I just know how the comments for these posts usually go – and I had hopes of preventing it. But I can’t change anyone’s mind, so I retract my statement. You have the freedom to be cruel to anyone you want. Carry on.

  17. Right, because telling people on the internet to be polite and civilized with their comments is a plausible idea.

  18. I’m liking the irony of the first one…

  19. @16

    shut up, fatty.

  20. @alordslums

    Was that warranted?

  21. thequeen, why not what? Why not bother to comment on the fat girl in the picture?, or, if I were to comment on the fat girl in the picture, why wouldn’t I make it a nice comment about the fat girl in the picture?

    I’m just confused about what you’re actually asking me.

  22. wordpervert, the second part. I’m just curious. I don’t want any trouble.

  23. Lets make love not war everyone.

  24. @20

    it was funny.

    although i can’t claim to be as funny as watching fat people on a bouncy castle, or watching fat people capsizing small rowing boats, or watching fat people get stuck trying to fit through a hole. i’m not nearly that funny.

  25. @alordslums

    Sure, watching people getting stuck or hurt is funny — America’s Funniest Home Videos has been around for years. But I don’t see how saying the words “Shut up fatty” is funny. There’s a reason they don’t put that on AFHV…

  26. it’s funny because you’re fat!

    there’s definitely a pattern emerging here….

  27. thequeen, I think it’s funny that you’re curious as to why I wouldn’t make it a nice comment. But really, it can’t matter to you that much what I think, surely?

    I’m not very happy today, but despite that, it would make not a lick of difference if I was in the best mood ever. No nice things will ever come out of my mouth when it comes to the overweight and the beyond overweight.

    Call it zero tolerance if you must.

  28. Well then, I guess I have my answer. It seems that you people hate fat people. Did a fat person hurt you in the past? No, I retract that question. I don’t want any trouble here. I just wanted to see if this site was any more civilized than the cheezburger network. It’s not.
    Oh and btw, I’m actually not fat. But who’s going to believe that, seeing as I’m defending overweight people? I guess if I defend gay people, I must be gay too? Or if I defend black people, I must be black? Or maybe I’m just kind and tolerant of all people, and treat everyone around me with respect?
    But I don’t want any trouble.

  29. haha – trying to get the sympathy vote by equating racism with making jokes about fat people!!? that’s fantastical! do you think if, instead of being black, rosa parks had merely been fat, someone would have asked her to give up her seat…? no! – they’d've strapped her to the roofrack!

  30. I will never make a joke of what cannot be altered – sexuality, race, disfigurement etc.

    In almost ALL cases, fat is something that can be changed. End of discussion for me.

    I mostly never bother with arguments here on Lamebook, and this bullshit is no exception.

  31. In all honesty, making fun of fat people is pretty fun. You can make fun of em all you want and they have a hard time catching you. I used to be very fat and people give me a hard time about making little jokes about fat people, saying I should have a little compassion. The thing is, I’m not fat anymore and I can make fun of em all I want. It’s completely different from being black. If Michael Jackson went around making fun of black people after his surgeries people would think him an idiot. Being fat, unlike being a race or blind or having a genetic disorder, is something you work at and attain after years of hard eating and laying around.

  32. did that come across as arguing? doesn’t an argument need TWO sides that are impassioned and heated?

    for me the whole brief exchange was metaphorically like poking a fat person with a stick and watching them wobble, whilst giggling girlishly. read my posts again and imagine me giggling girlishly as i type each one…



  33. I said I don’t want any trouble. End of argument.

  34. i enjoyed the wisdom of #31, also. :)

  35. i thought you’d gone home already queenie!

    oh i forgot, it takes fatties an inordinate amount of time to get anywhere! i should’ve known you were still shuffling off somewhere stage left.

  36. slums, call it an argument. Call it a discussion. Call it whatever you want. I call it boring. My first comment in the thread should tell you that.

    And slums, I don’t want any trouble.

  37. word! you’re always looking for trouble!

  38. Not here. Anywhere else, most definitely.

  39. Fat people should all be lined up against a wall and shot! So should anyone who drinks too much, smokes, eats excessive high fat foods even if they are skinny (skinny people have heart attacks too) and those that lay around playing computer games or surfing the net for hours. All these people are choosing lifestyles that cost tax payers money should be considered non-human and disposed of immediately so that only those without vices can exist and be happy in the fact they have nothing to moan about. *note sarcasm*

    Although I’m pretty sure most of the people on the net are guilty of at least one of these crimes, most of them will probably think my idea is a good one. If you are not. Then you are the chosen people who truly deserve life :/

  40. The first law of human natures deals with the fact that sluts, idiots, and fatties all like to make fun of each other to make themselves feel better about themselves. I have first-hand experience with this law as at one point I was all three. Then I found Jebus. Jebus Willingham. He took me under his wing and taught me to eat properly and to exercise regularly. He had a hot girlfriend. I eventually stole her from him. I slowly stopped whoring myself out but I learned later that our whoring income remained constant because our whoring frequencies were inversely proportionate. Anyway, I tried reading a book once never did figure out how to fix the idiot thing.

  41. Walter, you’re the smartest idiot I’ve ever known. I’d bang you, but you reformed fatties always gain the weight back. I’m so torn. I’d like to think we could have a future together, but I majored in fat whores in college. Gravy just doesn’t pay the bills anymore.

  42. Honey, you don’t need gravy. I have plenty of dough. I just need some hot Soup to dip my rolls into. Come on sugar.

  43. walter, idiot savant, you remind me of tiresias.

    i tiresias, old man with wrinkled dugs, perceived the scene, and foretold the rest—
    i too awaited the expected guest….

    also #39 is obviously a fatty!


    walter, also duly note that strikethrough isn’t a good idea on here, as there are evidently lots of fatties, and horizontal stripes (hoops) make them look bigger. actually, at least it’s covering them up….

  44. Maybe she actually is the queen… that would explain a lot….

  45. I’m pretty sure with all the time alord spends writing comments on here he must be a fatty, because he clearly doesn’t get out much!

  46. I be tyred of alla yall dissin peoples names. My real name is Annestonisha Bonafashonda Jacquineequa Smith. Love it BISHES.

    If you are here to make fun of everyone and everything in life, I love you.

    If you are here to sit on a soapbox and force your sympathetic to everyone and every circumstance views on others who are happy with who they are, kindly get the fuck out. Or die. Or both. Thanks.

  47. @45


    they’re all coming out of the woodwork today!!

  48. @ alordslums & wordpervert

    You two made me PMSL…

  49. This whole exchange made me laugh my ass off. alordslums, you’re too funny.

  50. @ Brah

    So true!

  51. @all the people getting trolled in here:
    The only way to win at a flame war is not to post.

    oh, shiiiii-

  52. Wow, I guess I didn’t realize prejudice still existed in our modern society, even after thousands of years of evolution.

  53. it took you twenty hours of mashing the keyboard to come up with that sentence?
    that’s one word per hour! ok i’ll allow for the countless times per hour you would surely have been feasting on kfc, pizza and twinkies… but still, that’s pretty sluggish…

  54. thequeen, are you sitting on the throne as you say that? I’ll imagine you are, Your Majesty.

  55. Actually I’m lactose intolerant, so I don’t eat pizza or twinkies. But I said the words “I don’t want any trouble, goodbye.” That means I left yesterday, and came back today.

  56. @alord- you are hilarious! Making fun of fat people is in fact fun. would love to know that the story in 9 is true

    @fatty…. I mean thequeen
    you know you are fat, we know you are fat so just say you are fat. You didn’t hop up to defend any of the other people in the above posted pictures…. why i wonder? because their fat ass was not an issue in the lameness. you only defended the one where her being fat was the funny. what did you expect people to say? Really? Hey Fatty -good job on being fat and having zero grasp on the english langauge we commend you. Really? Really? Really? Really Fatty

  57. @sidneybunny

    Does it make you feel better about yourself to put others down? You must hot have much self-esteem. I feel sorry for you.

  58. awwwww thats sweet. you feel sorry for me. I wouldn’t if I was you. I’m severely attractive and I have a much deserved healthy self esteem. Seriously that is so kind of you but I would save the sorry for the fatties (like yourself) who need your defense :) you make me laugh…you feel sorry for me :)

  59. Yes, I feel sorry for you, because people who act like you (“severely” attractive? seriously?) are only covering up for how ugly they think they are. I seriously hope that you get the help you need. I wish you the best.

  60. I guess I’m setting myself up for being called fat, even though I’m five foot two and just barely weigh a hundred and four pounds.

    You people, are acting seriously pathetic. I understand it’s the internet and you get freedom of speech and blah blah blah, but still, when’s the last time you acted your real age and not your shoe size? Just because anyone disagrees with what you’re saying (@alordslums) you automatically say they’re fat? I get that you’re perfectly aloud to have your own opinion, but so are other people?
    All she did was ask if you could be nice. She did not demand for any of you to be nice, she simply asked. All you had to do was simply say “no thank you, although I see your point” or something like that. It’s not wrong for her to voice her opinion, nor is it wrong for you to voice yours.
    I understand that overweight people can change themselves, and it’s their fault, usually, but you could nicely make remarks.
    I understand this website is for shit like that, but cyber bullying is a little overrated these days. No need to bully thequeen. Just tell her nicely or something like that! It would NOT kill anyone to be civilized without fucking freaking out and finding any excuse to fight with people.
    Grow. Up.

  61. @last comment:
    aloud = allowed*

  62. oh dear.

  63. I guess this is not fun anymore. I thought we were all enjoying ourselves….. now you are booking emergency therapy sessions. Thanks for ruining my hot chocolate. fuck off

  64. sidney, i dream of a distant utopia, a place on far-away shores, where no fat or stupid people are allowed…. i just need to win then lottery and buy an island in the south pacific somewhere…

    there’ll be sun, sea, lots of sex, intelligent discussion, loads of jokes, and plenty of food to go round, since there’ll be no fatties hogging the supplies.

    sail away with me…?

  65. ahhhhhhhhh Alord that sounds fantabulou! Also you forgot to mention that with all the beautiful sun and heat it won’t have that stench that fatty mcfatfat gets with the heat. So to answer your question. Yes ,Alord, I would love to sail away with you. ;)

  66. *fantabulous
    uh :|

  67. Thanks for the support ashwow, but it seems as though these people were left completely dumbfounded by your paragraph. That usually happens when people realize that you’re right and they’re wrong — they just go silent like that and continue to make snide remarks about people who deserve just as much respect as anyone else.

    Well, I’m sure plenty of people said similar things about Martin Luther King back in the day, but that never stopped him. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” I have a dream that my children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the number on the scale, but by the content of their character.

    I have a dream today.

  68. I think I hear a herd of elephants……

  69. “they just go silent like that and continue to make snide remarks about people who deserve just as much respect as anyone else.”

    Lazy people DON’T deserve as much respect as people who have self control and work to keep themselves in healthy physical condition. That’s just a fact.

  70. Oh shiiii…!!! I think we’ve been had! XD. If it’s true thequeen, you might just earn that name.

  71. …and THANK you, Dawn of the Dan, for finally putting that out there. I, for one, bust my ASS to keep in shape. I’m up at 7:00 every morning so I can get my miles done before work, and that shit ain’t always easy. I look good, I feel good, and it took me a lot of fucking nerve to get where I am. Amen to all the other people out there who actually TRY.

  72. now you’re comparing fat people to martin luther king! thequeen you are just fucked up, and you have no sense of what lateral thinking really means. it’s akin to say, hypothetically speaking, me being a paedo, and then claiming that by perverting societal norms by fucking little kids i’m actually being like picasso breaking the mould and creating modern art! you’re not just fat! – you’re an idiot! martin luther king didn’t free a race of people by sitting on his ass eating chicken wings all day!

    you fat, fucking ugly obese motherfucking piece of shiiiiite!

  73. So here’s what I’m getting from these arguments:

    “This is my lifestyle. I do this, this, and this every day. This is how I choose to live my life. Anyone who doesn’t have the same lifestyle as me should be shot. Anyone who disagrees with me is automatically a filthy piece of garbage that deserves no more of my respect than do the dog turds on my front lawn. Anyone who doesn’t live exactly like I do is inferior to me. Anyone who does not live up to my standards is a waste of oxygen and should be ashamed of themselves, and apologize for their way of life and the choices they make, even though they are not hurting me or anyone else. These people should then either change how they live so that they are exactly like me, or they should be executed.”

    That about right? That’s the vibe I’m getting from you people.

  74. who was the first person to not be laissez-faire and impose their views on the post?

    see comment #3, fatty.

  75. wait, let’s not skip over this, either. are you still upholding your belief that the struggle of martin luther king to free his people is akin to the struggle of a fat person in today’s society? !!!

    possibly akin to the struggle of a fat person trying to get to the phone to dial up another kfc family fun bucket, i’ll grant you that.

    anyway, i’m fairly sure you’re just trolling. no-one could legitimately be as myopically stupid as you.

    anyway fatty or troll, either way i’m completely sure i don’t want you on my fantasy sex island.

  76. @thefatty
    you are delusional. you should really try thinking before you post garbage on here. you should also recall that you are the one that started this bullshit. seriously who do you think you are telling a bunch of strangers how to behave. why do you believe that you are superior enough to tell a bunch of people that you have never met who and what they should find acceptable in their lives. and who do you think that you are to take a quote from Dr Martin Luther King Jr and massacre it and call it your own. and just for the record my lawn does not have “dog turds” on it, if you were not a lazy piece of shit yours would not either. go pick up and dispose of the dog shit you lazy elephant. like i said fuck off

    ummm when are we leaving for the island? my wireless service gets jostled everytime this lardass shuffles in to make a comment

  77. :-) sidney, your polemic is working me up into such a mental frenzy, i think i just want to wait a while, let the tension build up….

    then we can sit on our hands on the boat and just explode when we get there.

    god, i love angry girls! (not you, queeny. when you’re angry, everyone just gets sprayed with crumbs).

  78. I’m going to answer all of your questions because I think it will help you to understand where I am coming from.

    I started all this, yes, but only because not only was I personally hurt, I was curious. I very honestly wanted to know why people think they way they think. I want to know why people act the way they act. I want to know why people say the things they say. This is my subject of emphasis. I wanted to know why it is universally acceptable to pick on overweight people. That’s all I wanted.

    Yes, I believe that the struggle of MLK Jr is akin to the struggle of an overweight person (particularly an overweight woman) in today’s society. MLK Jr and his people were oppressed, and were denied their basic human rights. They were treated as less than human, and it was socially acceptable to belittle them. Overweight people are oppressed. They are ridiculed, excluded, and physically attacked, daily. Overweight people are denied the right to live their lives happily and without criticism of their lifestyle and their appearance. They are treated as less than human, and it is socially acceptable to belittle them as well.

    I am not trolling. I really do believe the things that I am saying and I suppose I really am as “myopically stupid” as you think I am. Also, I have no intention of going to your fantasy sex island.

    Maybe I am delusional. Maybe I shouldn’t do what I do, but if I don’t, the social genocide will continue. And quite frankly, who are YOU to tell a stranger how to behave? Why do you believe that YOU are superior enough to tell someone you’ve never met who and what they should find acceptable in their life. Who do YOU think you are to tell me how much respect I deserve? Who are YOU to tell me how to live? You are being a hypocrite. Also, dog turds were brought up metaphorically, I didn’t literally mean that you or I have dog turds on our lawns, because neither of us do.

    Also, the eating jokes are old and stale. Your overweight stereotypes and ad hominem are only making you look bad and invalidating your arguments. You don’t look intelligent when all you can do is put someone else down. You look just as foolish as I do.

  79. thequeen, the fact that you compared making fun of overweight folks to genocide/pre-civil rights America completely invalidated your argument. When you’re denied the right to vote or are targeted & abused by police, then you can compare the two. Have some cake and chill the eff out! Really, nobody cares if you’re overweight or not. There’s something to poke fun at in everyone in the world.

  80. I don’t doubt that there is something to poke fun at in everyone in the world, but I would never do such a thing. I don’t have it in me to hurt other people. I could never put someone down when they have done nothing to me or to anyone else. And, I don’t understand how other people could.

    Overweight people are not abused by police and they’re not denied the right to vote as of yet, but they are denied the right to live in peace, and are abused by other people. The government is trying to “cure” obesity by changing the food that is put in schools and using PSAs to get people to be active and eat right, even when they may not want to. An overweight person cannot even go out in public without hearing whispering and giggling at their own expense. Some people will flat-out walk up to an overweight person and verbally abuse them to their face.


  82. if you can’t be bothered to watch the whole thing, please watch from 3:10 onwards…

    That was funny.

    But anyway, let’s talk about that. Those videos made me sick. But not because those men are overweight. It has nothing to do with their size. It’s the fact that they don’t bathe, and rub food all over each other and eat off of their bodies. That’s gross. Their lack of personal hygiene grosses me out, not their size. However, I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER think to say ANYTHING cruel to these men. It’s not my place to tell them how to live, and if they’re happy with how they are, then let them be happy! They are not affecting me in any way.

    Are you actually suggesting that you think that ALL overweight people are just like those men? Are you trying to say that I am like those men? If so, you are sorely mistaken. You don’t know me. You don’t know my lifestyle. You don’t know what I look like. You can’t say anything about my lifestyle because you don’t know what it is. I haven’t given you that information, and I never will.

  84. @Alord
    ok let your volcano build to the point of eruption. I can not fully express all of my emotions at this time as i have painted my nails and must not ruin this. but i did want to confirm that i am most definitely angry… born bad i guess ;)

    see #68 and also fuck off

  85. ha, sidney, am i to read into your last comment that ‘expressing’ your ‘emotions’ involved the use of your fingers in some prurient way…? ;)

    oh, yeah, typing… :(

  86. Good God you two, get a room…

  87. thequeen you are a fucking tool. Attacking the PSA’s and changing the content of food in schools? Really? Really? Do you honestly think its healthy for a 5 year old to weight 300 lbs? Because thats whats happening with all the fat and HFS in school foods and that parents don’t care JR just plays video games all day long. Go back to what ever fucking hole you crawled out of and shut the fuck up. Actually you know what better yet go to Detroit, tell the black men that you being fat is akin to them being black and see what the heck happens. Use that little speech you stole while you’re at it. I for one would love to see the results.

    @alord, sindey, word and everyone else who’s comment was funny as hell thank you. The comments made my day.

  88. There once was a guy called alord, who thought he was quite adored. He thought it was fun, to poke fatties in the bum, and now people just call him Gaylord.

  89. i hadn’t realised, until now, that i was in the presence of genius.

  90. There is a lamebooker called a alord, he used to be known as gaylord, but when he outscored, the queen on this board, his reputation was restored.

  91. @mispeld
    Yes, it CAN BE unhealthy to weigh that much, but thin people are unhealthy too, so you can’t really discriminate against overweight people and expect to retain any credibility. My point, though, was that it’s not the government’s — or anyone else’s for that matter — place to tell people how to live. Kids are happy to eat what they want and play video games all day, so who is anyone to stop them but their parents? I’m saying that the obese may not WANT to be “cured” so everyone really ought to just leave them alone and take their high and mighty healthiness elsewhere. Not everyone wants to conform to what society says is right.

    And @alord you have once again ignored a response of mine, regarding those filthy videos. Does this mean that I win that argument since you have nothing more to say?

  92. quite the opposite.

  93. Well, alord, if you have no argument to contribute, then I can only conclude that I have stumped you, and you have no idea what to say. Usually happens when ignorant people are confronted with an intelligent argument.

  94. no – it signifies only that i’ve realised that nothing i say is going to get into your fat-addled brain. i’ve QED’d for all i’m worth, and have pointed out multiple logical fallacies in your arguments, only for you to trundle on with your same plodding routine, like a gigantic boulder rolling ponderously down a small incline.

    if you want to think you’ve taken a small victory, you can – but it’ll be a pyrrhic one. because i’ll be there at every turn when you rear your hideously fat head to cry:


  95. In your first comment, you said “shut up fatty.” In your second and third, you talked about how fun it is to make fun of overweight people. In your fourth, you used sarcasm to tell me that it was foolish of me to compare fat-bashing (prejudice) with racism (prejudice), but you failed to give a reason for thinking so. In your fifth, you again mentioned how fun it is to make fun of fat people. In your next one, you insulted me with a stereotype. Then you did it again. Then you had fat-bashing-themed cybersex with sidneybunny. After this, you actually COMPARED BEING OVERWEIGHT TO BEING A PEDOPHILE. Then you just threw all your intelligence out the window by once again, verbally attacking me with more ad hominem, stereotypes, and filthy language. Then you suggested that I am a troll and went back to cyberfucking sidneybunny, leaving me with three disgusting videos to watch, which I interpretted as a message that you truly believe that all overweight people are gross slobs who never bathe, lay around all day, and “bond” by covering each others’ bodies with food and humping each other. You then stopped responding to me, no doubt speechless at the points I made.

    So, exactly where were your intelligent counter-arguments and thought-provoking explanations? Where were my logical fallacies and where did you point them out? All you’ve spewed out this whole time is stereotypes, personal insults, and unintelligent bullshit. What kind of debate is this?

  96. let’s take one part of that steaming pile of horse-shit, and analyse it, shall we?

    ‘you…. compared being overweight to being a pedophile.’

    incorrect. given that it was the bit you were trying hardest to emphasise by making it bold, you could’ve checked your facts first! you were either too stupid to understand the point i was making, or you chose to extrapolate from what i said and wilfully misinterpret it for your own ends. which is a sign of desperation.

    one thing that i will commend you on, however, is this sterling sentence fragment:

    ‘you truly believe that all overweight people are gross slobs…’

    NOW you’re on my wavelength, fatty! i’m glad we finally see eye to eye!

  97. also – fat-bashing-themed cybersex: the best kind of cybersex there is!

  98. N.B. it may have escaped your attention that this is not a debating forum. i am NOT, repeat NOT, discussing this anymore. furthermore, since this is a humour-based forum, in future dealings with you i shall take recourse to one humorous (it undoubtedly is) word, and one humorous word only:


    (you undoubtedly are)

  99. You denied that you compared being overweight to being a pedophile, but then how do you explain what you said? Why do you believe that all overweight people are gross slobs? Have you ever met one who is not? Why do you assume that I’m fat just because I’m defending people who are? Is it just because I don’t agree with you? Has an overweight person ever hurt you? I don’t understand your line of thinking! It doesn’t make any sense!

    However, it looks like I’ll never have the answers to these questions, since you refuse to debate any further. I guess I win by default.

  100. Dear thequeen,

    alordslums trumps you’re argument every time by belittling it using your stupid, flawed logic against you. And it’s funny cos you’re fat.

    Also, fatties never win.

  101. Dear edie08,

    Your grammar needs work. Now, please explain to me why my logic is stupid and flawed. also, I have already explained that I am not fat, but many of my family members and friends are, and I love them very much. They are very kind and caring people, and I have all the respect in the world for each and every one of them.

    I know that overweight people never win. Prejudice and ignorance has seen to that. However, when someone walks out of a debate, she who remains is the winner, and since I am not a fatty, I win.

  102. alord I agree also replays to thequeen should just be Fatty from now on. Oh and theFatty you keep saying you are not fat but this is the interwebs not one person is going to believe you after all you have done to defend fattys. Only a fatty would talk like you. Fatty.

  103. Well you can believe what you want. I know that I’m not fat, my family and friends know that I’m not fat, and quite frankly, that’s all that matters. I still win. Get over it.

  104. Fatty

  105. :-D

  106. To quote Jimmy Carr:
    “I’d rather see a pregnant woman standing on the bus than a fat girl sitting down crying”

  107. great thread

  108. @ 71 Robby

    Wow – aren’t you lucky that you don’t have to get up until 7am and you’ve still got time for a run before work? I get up at 5.45 just to get to work on time and then I don’t get home until at least 8pm.

    You are a bit of a smug shit, aren’t you?

  109. arialist, if you want to make your life a living hell working fifteen hours a day, that’s your choice to make. Most people prefer to have at least, you know, an hour of free time a day.

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