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  1. Ben?

  2. Mwahaha. My life’s now complete.

  3. Ben is Frodo.

    Ghana beat USA? Lol…

  4. disagree, matt is definitely frodo.

  5. I hate to make a spelling joke, but it’s usually a good idea to know the name of a school before you apply.

  6. no one at wal-mart wants to buy a baby, they already have 9 of their own. and jeremy’s right, which is why she should’ve gone to target,she was selling not buying..

  7. Matt is Ben.

  8. Would you get more, or less, for a baby if you stripped it out for parts?

  9. @7, i.o.w matt = frodo, and he doesn’t have a pool. LoL

  10. bollywood_rocks83

    1. Are American fans really this bitter and bitchy? England lost and I haven’t disowned any of my German/Germany supporting friends. Sheesh.

    2. Matt,seriously? Just because some “christian” group decides to skewer the image of Africa when they’re begging for money doesn’t mean all Africa is like that. Plus, in case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of homeless,malnourished people in the USA and maybe in your neighbourhood. Twat.
    3. If you have to brag about giving $10 to Haiti, I wonder what would happen if you were Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.

    4. Maybe Wal-Mart can cash in on that and start running an adoption centre. They already sell pretty much everything else.

  11. Bollywood, it seems to me you are the bitchy one. The comments are obviously jokes. Why are you getting your panties in a wad?

  12. @Grepington I think you get more for a baby if you chop it up and sell if for parts BWAHAHAH

    @Everyone else can we get a new joke the Ben thing is getting old or is is just me? Also I heard that Frodo hired some Mexicans in front of the Home Depot to dig him a pool. So I am pretty sure he does have a pool now.

  13. krasivaya_devushka

    Oh yes, they are that bitchy…
    One of my friends on FB posted something along the lines of ”Go Ghana, you deserved to win blah blah” only to start a huge debate with some douchebag who starts claiming that since he’s in the USA, he needs to be supporting the country that welcomed him in and is keeping him fed and sheltered.
    I was like 0.o
    That has nothing to do with football. You can choose to root for any damn country you want.

    & Matt, take your $10 and shove it up your ignorant ass!

  14. I don’t know Bollywood…England got pretty bitter towards their OWN soccer team, mostly cause they sucked this year.

    Good year, USA team, good year. No shame!

  15. Lol @ Matt bragging about $10! | Wow, some folk are really messed up. Tryna sell your baby? I bet she was just itching to get something… Pun intended!! [I know, bad, but whatevs!]

  16. What is with all of the tempers this morning? Maybe some of you guys should take a Xanax. They are just joking… Jeesh.

    19th June, 12:01am.

  18. krasivaya_devushka

    Oh, here’s some of the comments lol…

    “of course and what if USA went through .. i bet you all asses would be like good job USA . so there is always next time, they will not give up and one day they will prove one and each of you they can do it. if it wasn’t for USA your ass would be hungry now …

    waaaaaaaaaaahahaha all because the USA lost in freakin’ football!!!

  19. The thing I hate most about the World Cup is that it brings out the nationalist, racist douchebag in everyone.
    That and England being shit.

  20. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Matthew is just as thick as my fellow Englishmen that were singing about Bomber Harris on Sunday and shouting ‘two world wars and one world cup!’

  21. Looks like some posters here left their funny bones in their other pants.

  22. It’s pretty funny that in bagging on Americans for stereotyping Africa based on the continent’s portrayal in CCF commercials, Bollywood ends up stereotyping Americans based on two internet commenters from Facebook. For the record, we’re not all like that. And stereotypes suck.

    But, one point to clarify with Krasivaya Devushka: we lost in soccer.

  23. @Krazy Eyez Killa: The world cup makes me ashamed to share an island with some of these people.

  24. no you lost at football.

    it’s not your sport to decide what it’s called.

    it was invented in england (before american football was), and we call it football.

    sorry bulldog.

    we lost at football too :-$

  25. bollywood_rocks83

    Wonderbread, that’s why I didn’t watch any of their matches. My blood pressure takes a spike every 4 years :) I just ask for the scores.
    @Krasivaya: someone called me prejudiced because I told her USA would never be as great as the European teams and told me to expand my mind right after she said she was organizing a riot because USA lost to Ghana. I’m not sure she saw any of the other games. Yet all of a sudden, USA loses to Ghana and she becomes a fan? A true fan would know Ghana was the one that kicked them out also in 2006.
    I’m a fan of England but I still gave props to Germany because they beat England fair and square. Would it be ok if I blamed Beckham for England losing? I’d blame Rooney but I think the tabloids have done that enough :)

  26. bollywood_rocks83

    @alord: We didn’t lose. We just let Germany win. :)

  27. The British invented Football in 1863, full name Association football, the term football is the formal name while soccer is its nickname that was created by the ENGLISH in order to distinguish it from rugby football. Soccer became a shortened reference to the word association football. Therefore, Football’s nickname soccer is often used to refer to football in countries where another form of football exist.

    You Brits invented the term, So stop bagging on us for using it.

  28. i wasn’t. i was just defending krasi’s right to use the term ‘football’, since it is the original name for the original ball sport that we invented.

  29. krasivaya_devushka

    Well Bulldog, I say football…and you can go ahead and read it as if I said soccer.
    Either way, you lost! :D

    The thing that bothers me about the USA team is that freakin’ ESPN can’t stop whining about that one dissallowed goal 24/7. And then, *some* fans (not all) are annoying with the whole “we’re #1, we’re the best in the world” talk, as if the whole world should revolve around you. Are you kiddin’ me? It’s not your sport; so don’t expect the throphy to get handed to you just like that! You gotta work for it, and Ghana wants it more and therefore, deserved to win.

  30. well, i wasn’t terribly surprised that the U.S. lost at soccer, i am quite surprised that people are taking matt’s comment to be that he’s bragging about donating

    i think you miss the point, it’s a joke, he made a tiny contribution and is saying that’s an excuse to be able to make jokes…as a joke

  31. krasivaya_devushka

    alordslums, you are the best! ;)

  32. @krasivaya_devushka

    yeah, they should be whining about the dissallowed goal, that’s a legit complaint, just like brits complaining about the goal/nongoal against germany

    Personally, I have never encountered a single American fan that has ever asserted that we were #1 at soccer, I mean sure, we’re the best country in the world, just not at soccer :)

    also, Ghana certainly deserved to win, they played a lot better, but you have to admit that they either need to look into actual strength and conditioning training, or they flopped a lot in extra time

  33. Paranoid Android

    The World Cup for England – A time when alcoholism/rampant jingoism is accepted as the norm, that and England being shit.

  34. krasi, where are you from? what’s your ethnicity?

    you never give out any clues!

    inspired to ask after seeing several word/eenerbl and bulldog/katypants love-ins over the last few weeks!

  35. @PA

    that’s for true, i get having national pride, but boy do you see some ridiculous things being said on the internet during the world cup

  36. krasivaya_devushka

    Yes, I know it’s a legit complaint, but it’s not the first nor the last time it will happen. Whining really won’t get you anywhere; it’s up to FIFA to make a decision as to how to handle it.

    As for flopping in extra time, well I agree, but that happens a lot, too? I don’t know how big of a fan you are of how much you watch the sport, but a lot of players do that just to waste time…you know, so that the other team doesn’t score…

    But overall, in my opinion, the USA did a lot better than in the last WC. I just don’t know if this will get Americans more interested in the sport or not. :)

  37. Krasi,
    For someone who hates whining and bitching, you sure are doing A LOT of it.

  38. @krasi

    no, i don’t think they will, and from an American perspective, most of the complaints about the disallowed goal and flopping are *because* they’re a part of the game (and yes, of course i knew *why* they were flopping, it’s just ridiculous that there’s no penalty for it)

    we know that FIFA doesn’t use replay, and they don’t overturn calls
    we also know that people flop in soccer games
    those are both reasons (not the only ones) that we don’t by and large like the game

    just differences of opinion

  39. It’s not often that the posts are better then the comments…

  40. @krasi

    to me it’s kind of like when you’re having a debate about whether a particular law is fair or not, you say it’s unfair and describe why, and the other person says, well that’s the law and you have to obey the law

    well, no shit, the point is that the law is unfair and that you should be working to improve it, we generally feel the same way about the way sports are governed (i wish we felt that way about how *we* were governed)

  41. krasivaya_devushka

    Correct, but the refs call it as they see it. I agree that FIFA needs to do something about it b/c it’s not fair and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen so often. That USA goal and the one England scored yesterday were clearly in; I just don’t know what the assistant refs. were looking at??
    But as for the sport itself, well, you either like it or you don’t…all of that drama unfortunately comes with it.

  42. krasivaya_devushka

    @snowblower – not doing either, just discussing the sport : )

  43. Slums and Krasivaya, I know it’s called football everywhere else. It was a *joke*.

    And, yeah, we whined about the disallowed goal. It didn’t matter, we won the group anyway, but it could have screwed us into not advancing, and it was also a horrible call. I don’t think it’s that big a deal to talk about it. Ever since Sunday, I’ve been complaining about the disallowed goal that should have tied the England-Germany match, too. There’s no excuse for soccer… er… “football” not to have better officiating at the sport’s biggest event. The technology exists to get that England call right. There’s no reason not to have more than two referees in order to get the USA call right.

    That’s my soapbox moment. We are still calling it a soapbox, right?

  44. The only thing less appropriate than Matt’s food joke is FIFA’s stance on goal line technology.

  45. teo, I’m so with you there. Bring on on, and while they’re at it, video ref for some of the red card decisions as well. Go Germany!

  46. I didn’t know that Americans even cared about soccer.

  47. Every four years, Jaz. Unless it’s the women’s game. We clean up in the women’s World Cup.

  48. I don’t understand why people are saying that it didn’t matter that it was a goal – it’s not about whether it would have changed the result, it’s about the game being played on a consistent standard throughout. Why even have lines on the field then, if you’re going to rely on human judgement?

  49. @vj

    yeah, that’s kinda what i was trying to say, it just seems weird to me for an organization to not care that the calls are wrong

    that being said, i can go back now to not talking about soccer for the next 4 years

  50. @Shipoopi

    Lol I blame Sepp Blatter. Anyway, I hope the world cup has at least gotten more Americans into soccer, though I doubt the interest will last after the tournament is over.

  51. krasivaya_devushka

    I read a comment somewhere saying “we’re out so we can stop pretending we care” ha ha :)

  52. i’m sick of all of this sports talk. lamest string of comments ever!

  53. did he really spell Stanford wrong or is there another school called Standford. lol

  54. bpalinsroughedupnips

    How has no one made fun of Matt? What a dipshit. I’m sure he got waitlisted at Hartvard and Princetown.

  55. I donated $10 to Haiti too. Doesn’t give me the right to be a heartless bitch.

  56. I belive Matt live in America, only Americans can act like that. Guess what? You may not live in Africa or another poor country, but you’re not to far from living in a 3rd world country compared to where I live – Norway!

  57. @powerstance

    no, you’d need to donate at least $50

  58. Matt may have been making a joke, but it wasn’t very funny. But seeing as how it was capped 10 seconds after he posted his punchline he seems to think he’s hilarious. Comparing winning a soccer game to starvation kind of just makes you look like a douche. And as other people above me have noted, Ghana, while not as rich as dear Matt’s beloved homeland, is not the barren wasteland filled with weeping children that Save the Children ads might like us to believe. As for people getting their panties in a twist, I don’t think that’s really the case – I think it’s mostly people choosing not to laugh at a douchebag’s jokes that aren’t funny.

  59. PseudoAcademic

    Sheesh, the freakin’ junior college “citizens of the world” kill all the fun in the comments section. Heaven knows that if it was a crude joke about Christianity or rednecks it’d suddenly be hilarious, right?

    Seriously, you’re morons. Getting all riled up about politically incorrect jokes doesn’t qualify you as a great appreciator of multiculturalism or tolerance. It makes you like any other ignorant college kid who thinks your sociology prof at Oswego State holds the key to human relations. And note that I’m using “ignorant” correctly. It isn’t a word that aptly describes anyone who you think is racially insensitive or “homophobic.”

  60. chocolategateux

    I’m a friken Ghanain n I think America played well but futball is a game of LUCK even though the friken REFREE was on ur (America’s) side. Germany beat Ghana 1 nil but I root 4 ‘em. Heck I hope they win the World Cup. We HAVE FOOD. Damn just becos we r a 3rd world country doesn’t mean we r all poor startlving and liv on de streets.

  61. if that guy doesn’t even know how to spell STANFORD, he sure as fuck didn’t get in! & i checked nope no Standford.

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