Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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  1. Spear-heading the Anti-Yoink Club.

  2. 2nd and it feels good

  3. Oh and fuck dan_fargis too

  4. ben ? or is it stever ?

  5. I am so pissed off!

  6. arn’t u always?

  7. Fuckin’ Lamebook memes. Are we just gonna list em all on every comments page now?

    Anyway… Jordan’s a dickhead.
    That’ll be all.

  8. yup:)

    and I agree on Jordan.

  9. Wow Americans eh

  10. I’ve never posted on here before, but I was just having a read through past comments, and I have to say that yoink has a new fan in me. I studied linguistics at university and I find the way he writes fascinating. Languages are ours to do with them what we wish. They are not static and immutable, but rather evolve, adapt, and react to our use of them as time goes on. Yoink puts his own mark on the English language, whilst still making himself understood. (And if you can’t understand him, then you’re an idiot – he writes phonetically, just sound it out). Whether consciously or not, he has created his very own literary dialect – yoinkinese! He’s a genius! Happy Birthday yoink!

  11. Dawn of the Dan

    An Australian-based Portguese-themed fast-food place?? I’m not suprised at all she felt dick…


  12. Does anyone remember the point when this ceased to be Lamebook, and became YoinkBook, the website where people won’t stop talking about bloody yoink?

  13. I find it ironic that ‘phonetically’ is not spelled phonetically…

    Anyway, it takes a ‘special’ kind of stupid to be Mollie.

  14. Douchetastic the Forned Rose

    Brit, you’ve convinced me. Unless it’s a Soup/yoink exchange, I’ll move on rather than give yoink the attention he so obviously craves.

    With the exception of Mollie’s extreme stupidity, these aren’t Lamebook-worthy.

  15. Mollie and Brandi make me weep for the children in this country. If they were properly home schooled, they would have a better grasp on the foundations of this country.

  16. @language-lover

    I hope you’re joking… Theer es nooting kewl about poorpoisely mizzspling words… Yes you can read what he says if you want to take 5 times as long to read his worthless comments…

    If you really think that this whole yoink gag is in anyway “cool”, then maybe you need to find a hobby outside of language, because there is nothing cool about that fake childish jibberish.


    Clearly we americans must be the dumb ones, since nowhere else in the world do people do foolish things like this… To bad for you though that the world cup is almost over, so us stupid americans can go back to not giving a crap about your country…

    Oh and Ben, WTF that means, losers…

  17. @uralldumb

    Shouldn’t your name be spelled ‘You Are All Dumb’ otherwise, heaven forbid, you might sound a tiny bit hypocritical…..

  18. Or, god forbid, ironic?

  19. bollywood_rocks83

    uralldumb,angry much? Better some unknown faces online than your spouse,eh?

    Seeing as how Mollie said Happy Birthday,Americans, bucket is right in assuming she’s American. Non-Americans just see July 4th as another day…Same goes for Brandi. Only Americans know what July 4th stands for.

    As for Yoink, it’s called phonetics. I’m guessing you never took that class in college(any basic language class in college teaches phonetics). It’s fun… and if we’re insulting people for their use of English, “americans” is a proper noun and should be capitalized. “Too” not “to” and should be capitalized(beginning of sentence). Same for World Cup and your atrocious punctuation gag. I also love your xenophobia, you moron!

  20. Nicoretta, can’t you see I’m too busy fishing here… Seriously, I just signed up purely to say that that yoink dude is lame…

    …And of course I’m a hypocrite. I’m American!

  21. @Nicoretta LOL at your comment.. But is that really your name? Because it sounds like the stuff they put in cigarettes..

    But judging by Brandi’s comment about France. All I can say is that I’m pretty darn surprised American’s have even heard of France since they give nothing to the world. So thumbs up for Brandi on that one :) But that of course, get’s taken away as he didn’t know his country actually became independent from the United Kingdom.

  22. Douchetastic the Forned Rose

    Hypocrite is just American spelled backward.

  23. Mr uralldumb,I am glad you agree on americans clearly being the dumb ones, it saves me some time while i was about to embark on a anti yankee crusade. But since you as an american already stated that you are clearly the dumb ones,i owe you my gratitude.

    Sorry for the clever yanks that might feel offended after readin this

  24. @uralldumb Well you hooked me in darling so well done. I just tend to skip over yoink’s posts unless I have some aspirin to hand.

    P.S. Never knew that all Americans were hypocrites, just that they were fat and didn’t understand irony. Well, can’t chat, dentist in the vicinity so must run.

  25. bollywood_rocks83

    Please! uralldumb,don’t play the victim. You tore into three people yet when people call you out,you play the victim? Half the regulars on here are “Americans” and we’re not as dumb as you are(u r?). We also enjoy Yoink’s gag. Live and let live,right?

  26. @Richey1, my mother smoked so much during pregnancy that I was born with a pack of 20 B&H in my hand, and since my father wanted me to have a classy name it seemed an apt choice.

  27. bollywood_rocks83

    Father Sha, we southerners are unkind to anyone calling us Yanks. That is possibly the worst insult you can bestow on some Southerners.:)

  28. Fuck it, let’s just carry on talking about yoink.

  29. Douchetastic the Forned Rose

    mite az wel, wez awl hippocritz eneewae.

  30. ahhh, bob ross, what an amazing person. i used to watch his show on PBS. haha classy man right there.

    someone should shoot brandi, mostly so she doesn’t procreate.
    she and mollie probably hangout together, having great philosophical discussions,solving world hunger and shit…how do people end up so stupid,HOW?

    & i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, i love yoink.haha.but he has nothing to do with this so…

    the first one is kinda funny,it deserves a little giggle.
    and erin,that’s god giving you sign that you shouldn’t watch lame teeny-bopper movies about fake vampires…

  31. oh & @R1chey1, france gave us the statue of liberty….haha so that’s something.
    and french,i mean freedom fries…?

  32. BritishHobo – I’m the one that’s supposed to be pissed off! Stop stealing my thunder! It pisses me off!

  33. I like to see the positive in all the American, French, et. al. bashing that goes on. It proves that everyone in the world can agree on at least one thing. That those people in that other country are deficient in some way. Oh, and Mollie did have at least one number right in her age of America. I’m betting some people over here wouldn’t even do that good.

    Irrelevant, but I don’t mind Yoink at all.

  34. The Anti-Yoink Campaign suggests no more mentions of the name “Yoink,” or any of his clones.

    Or I will continue to be pissed off!

  35. @FredNordie, So does it mean I cant keep my screen name.
    Damn! I had started enjoying it.

  36. @ Dawn of the Dan, perhaps, Erin wasn’t at oporto’s restaurant, but drinking some fine glass of oporto’s wine. And then got so drunk she went to the movie theater to see some sparkly vampire with her children?

    @ R1chey1, France did gave the world a new moto, Liberty, equality and fraternity. This means something right?

  37. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I like France. They beheaded their royals in a big “fuck you” to monarchy.

    I wish my country grew a pair, proverbally.

  38. I am so glad we got freed from the French 2,010 years ago!

  39. @ BritishHobo, the strange part is that yoink isn’t even here.

    You all look like some groupies outside the box office waiting to buy some Twilight tickets. Yoink loves you all. But please grow up.

  40. @Nicoretta – lol if only that was true..

    @ohbabybaby – Ah I see.. so the French have done something worthwhile. That’s good to hear.. well my country (same as BritishHobo, who’s posts I actually enjoy reading the most) have given your country a lot :) shamefully including oil in your oceans, but let’s just forget about that one..

  41. @yelelow – so France have given the world 4 words… I’m rather impressed if i’m being honest.

  42. @R1chey1 – Did you forget, are you too young to remember, the Amoco Cadiz spill in the late 1970′s? How about the Prestige spill a few years ago? In both cases the French shores were trashed and covered in oil. God lets disasters happen to Americans, but He also lets them occur in other countries.

  43. krasivaya_devushka

    Interesting comments haha

  44. @dan_fargis – 1) I don’t believe in god so that god comment is totally stupid to me. 2) I was just saying that the UK has caused that disaster, it was not a natural disaster.. I am fully aware there are natural disasters in other countries like Haiti, and I, unlike a lot of people, actually give to charities such as Oxfam to help those countries.

  45. BP isn’t actually British Petroleum anymore so don’t blame Britain for the oil spill! Nothing to do with us!

  46. @Fuckaroonie – BP is still called British Petroleum. You are probably thinking, like most people, that they changed it to “Beyond Petroleum” but no. British Petroleum is the company, Beyond Petroleum is the slogan. So yes, it is still to do with us. Don’t see why we should blame it on any other company as at the end of the day, it was a BP rig which blew up.

  47. @ #47 I’m only entering into this debate because I saw it as the most recently posted comment. But I haven’t read the entire thing. BP is not and has not legally been British Petroleum for several years. They shortened it to BP something legally and came up with the “beyond petroleum” slogan to still give meaning to the letters.

  48. Calenthedestroyer

    I did a barely audible chuckle.
    You can’t refer to uralldumb without sounding like you’re insulting everyone. YOU’RE ALL DUMB. Don’t play the victim.
    That’s how I read it at first.

  49. Bashing Yankees? I didn’t know anyone hated people from New England so much!

  50. @uralldumb, word to the wise, it’s actually spelt “gibberish”. And to anyone else who wants to bring up the whole BP thing, it was an American crew on board the rig and does the term Exxon-Valdise ring any bells?

  51. Walter Sobchak

    Yeah you idiots, as FailedJedi said, BP’s failed safety policies and negligence were responsible for destroying the gulf and killing the AMERICAN crew. Try and top that, Osama!

  52. i anit here

  53. i dint rite 52

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